Architect Advice for Existing Floorplan of a B&B Accommodation

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Hello, I have a ready made floorplan of a Bed & Breakfast Accommodation and am looking for advice on ways to improve it.

You need to be experienced (preferably with an architectural background) who can advise about possible changes (and tell me why).

I just need advice at this point, to facilitate the sharing of ideas you can sketch over my siteplan with Photoshop etc according to your advice. (I don’t need actual cad drawings at this point)

I'm after Ideas to improve the floorplan in general. I'm open to anything, the quality of the units/bedrooms are very important. While one could have probably added a couple of additional bedrooms this would have made the existing rooms smaller, thus lowering their overall quality.

Better utilization of space,improvement of rooms layout, placement of rooms etc to give you some ideas of what im after..

The Light/utility shafts in particular im not too happy about (maybe one can move things around to reduce the amount of light shafts and/or utilize the same light shaft for multiple rooms, particularly between different floors). In an ideal world, a light shaft should start from the top floor and goes down to the ground, and multiple bathrooms have windows to the same shaft. (Bathrooms needs ventilation hence they must need to have windows into a shaft, also they need a location for plumbing work which would be placed in the shaft too)

But sometimes this is not possible or easily so (as you can see from the floorplans thats what i came up with)

Its important to note that im calling them light shafts but they are very small compared to a typical light shaft because their main aim is to be used as a place for plumbing and air circulation, while at the same time allow some natural light too. Obviously one can maybe make the light shafts bigger if it will make a noticeable improvement and if its worth doing this in exchange of having a smaller bathroom.

Also note that the layout outline is the way it is because locally buildings are build touching the neighboring building, thus the outline cannot be change.

happy bidding


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    I had a few questions regarding the project 1) How much of the building is built 2) How much of the building can be altered 3) What is the context of the building, interms of its surroundings or site boundaries 4) Kindly provide a plan with dimensions other than the areas

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    #guaranteed - to consider proposal

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    Will think about it.

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