Arclight Logo Design for Vinyl LP Record

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Hello we are a band called "Arclight". We have our first record coming out soon and it will be released on 12" LP Vinyl. We want the front cover to mainly be a stylised logo of our name Arclight.

We will provide constant feedback as the logos come in and we will be driven by the design.

Some points to mention

- the background will be Black so the logo should be a lighter colour to contrast with this
- We probably dont want a logo with a lot of colour in it. If there is colour then the logo must also work in Mono-one colour as in the multi colour
- Google "great band logos". Ones that are one word that encapsulate the band and are SO interesting that they can be the cover themselves are the most appealing. E.g. Metalica, ACDC, Led Zeplin, The Doors, Bastille, Kiss, The Stokes, Testament (note pls dont copy any of these... these are just strinking band logos as an example)
- The music is Electronic and 80s. Slightly dark. Like Depeche Mode
- Bear in mind the 12 inch by 12inch size of a record cover.
- Arclight is one word. Not two.
- You can play with the idea of Light. But nothing obvious like a Pink Floyd rainbow prism. Remember mono aswell as colour.
- A logo that looks like is just a font / type face put on a page is probably not goign to excite us. One that has unique features and is drawn / custom made will.

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