Black History Showcase Videos - John Lewis, Maya Angelou, Shirley Chisholm, Angela Davis

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This project is going to be part of an ongoing effort to build a video library of black history facts that will be shared on [login to view URL] website.

Here are 3 samples of past videos on YouTube:

[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]
[login to view URL]


This Project is for you to create 4 Showcase Videos. 1 for each of these People:

1 - John Lewis,
2 - Maya Angelou,
3 - Shirley Chisholm,
4 - Angela Davis

These Videos are ALL intended to be LONG - Minimum of 3 Minutes (preferably longer).

1 - Videos must be at least 3 Minutes long
2 - Videos must cover the Life (Early Years and Adulthood) of the Individual
3 - Must discuss the political philosophy and Individual
4 - Must discuss the Impact of the individual on Social Movements

Submit ALL 4 videos as part of 1 Submission (not multiple)


COVER: Each Video must have Cover Image (for use on YouTube).

THEME: BlackFacts Historical Figure Showcase for: {Name of Person}

BRANDING: (Using attached Logo/ICON files where appropriate)
1 - We want our ICON to be in the Upper Right Corner (small) throughout the Video.
2 - The COVER of the Video should include 3 Items:
2a - The Title/Subject of the Video
2b - Some relevant Image as the background
2c - Our LOGO (small and at the bottom of the page)

Note: The Cover is important because this is going to be posted on social media and so people seeing the cover with know right away WHAT the video is about based on the Title and background image (our logo does not need to be prevalent)

3 - The BACK COVER (last image) should be Our Logo (large) and Call to action "Learn More at [login to view URL]"

1 - Readability is VERY important for these videos.
2 - This is intended for a Social Media Campaign
2a - Remember they will be viewed on a Smartphone primarily.
2b - Eye catching images and transitions with callouts that are easy to read is more important than a lengthy message.
3 - Larger Text Size without too many words and with color or clouded grey/white (50% transparent) background for the text so the text is EASY to read even when overlapping the images.
4 - Even if you Start with the image and they transition the text over the image, the text must be large enough without too much information to be overwhelming to the viewer.
5 - Better to do multiple images with short messages on each than 1 image with a long paragraph of text.
6 - The idea is to share the IMPORTANT points and then go to the next concept.. They can get the details by going to the site.

GRAMMAR and SPELL CHECK - Make sure you CHECK Spelling and Grammar because it just makes for more work when we have to fix these after the videos are submitted

Create Videos/Animations for ALL 4 Figures in Black History:
1 - John Lewis,
2 - Maya Angelou,
3 - Shirley Chisholm,
4 - Angela Davis

You can find content for your videos or animations on our website - [login to view URL] or elsewhere on the internet.

The contestant MUST deliver 3 LONG Videos or ANIMATIONS above to be considered.

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