24-06-101 Control System for Vehicles

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Please gather product information on vehicles that are equipped with the technology described in the section "2: Technology Description ".
*Note: Do not limit your information gathering to only the details mentioned in "1. Background" and "3: Reference Technology " (sections 【1】 and 【3】 are for reference only).

This technology relates to vehicles, specifically those that can charge a storage battery installed in the vehicle from an external power source. In conventional technology, an electric vehicle equipped with a storage battery and a display device has been disclosed. In this electric vehicle, the storage battery is charged from an external power source, and the content of the display device changes according to the charge level. Users can check the charge level by looking at the display device. The display device of a vehicle capable of external charging needs to show information such as the charge level and the estimated completion time of the charge. However, when multiple pieces of information are displayed simultaneously, some information may not be displayed, or the information may become less noticeable. This can make it difficult for users to receive charge-related information in situations where external charging is being conducted.

【2:Technology Description】
The purpose of this technology is to provide a vehicle control system that can issue appropriate warnings based on the location of the person who should receive the warning. Specifically, the system has the following features:
1. A power storage device
2. A charging port for receiving power from an external source.
3. An openable and closable lid for the charging port mentioned in item 2.
4. A display device capable of displaying charging-related information.
5. A control device that prioritizes the display of charging-related information over other information on the display device when the lid is open.
Please search for this technology.

【3:Reference Technology】
Nothing in particular

<<NOTICE>> The target car brands in this search are limited to US, European, Chinese, and South Korean brands.

<Requirements for Payment>
・Submit documentary evidence that clearly states the details of the subject product, the name of the company selling the product, and the company that plans to sell the product. Documentary evidence includes websites, YouTube videos, repair manuals, photos of the actual product, vehicle owner's manuals etc.

★Clearly indicate the URL of the website or YouTube site as the basis for the evidence.
★Please clearly indicate where the above technology is disclosed.

[example 1]★Technical Details
YouTube: “youtube.com/watch/v=OEczSq”
Time: 2:30-3:15
Product name: “MODEL S” Company name: “TESLA”

[example 2]★Technical Details
URL: https://OEczSq
Written section: Second paragraph
Product name: “MODEL S” Company name: “TESLA”

・The term "plan to sell" includes products under development.
・If the name of the company developing the product is clearly stated in the evidence, the payment requirements are satisfied.
・List information in order of your confidence.

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