Create the graphic design/illustration for a 7x10" rolling tray [MULTIPLE WINNERS]

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We are looking for great designs & illustrations to use for print on a 7x10" metal rolling tray (for joints, blunts, cigarettes, general smoking). LANDSCAPE FORMAT PREFERRED, but portrait is acceptable if the design really requires it.

We will end up purchasing any designs that we like, so multiple entries & designers will be awarded!

Here's what some design themes looking for:

* Culturally relevant themes (memes, trends, etc.)
* Cyberpunk (style, not the game) themes
* Pop Culture
* Funny
* 420-Related
* 420 Parody Brands (like Shaggy & Scooby Doo smoking, "Adoobie" instead of Adobe, "Chronic" the Hedgehog, etc.)
* Cute/Funny Animals
* Sexy (Photos or Illustrations)
* Informational/Educational (Periodic table of cannabis, how to roll joints guide, etc.)
* Cool Designs

If you use any 3rd-party photos or elements, the commercial rights MUST be provided and awarded with your entry!

I've attached the print template for the rolling tray as well as some images of what the finished product looks like.

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  • thehermit13
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 3 săptămâni

    Hello everyone, I am about to start awarding entries - please remember that we are going to pick many entries so please DO NOT WITHDRAW if your entry is still active. After we pick the 1 winner, we will "buy" the others (maybe not immediately).

    • acum 3 săptămâni
  • thehermit13
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 1 lună

    Seeing a lot of portrait orientations. While this is okay, we generally prefer landscape/horizontal designs unless the design absolutely requires a vertical portrait orientation.

    • acum 1 lună
    1. keypio
      • acum 1 lună

      Yes, he had understood that. But I had this one from a personal design for a project that didn't happen. I'll do a horizontal test while improving certain things. I wanted to take advantage if you had another change or detail that you would like before starting to work hard.

      • acum 1 lună
  • keypio
    • acum 1 lună

    Please check my entry #70. Let me know what you think.

    • acum 1 lună

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