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Hi, we have a company that mainly sells functional clothing for ambitious dog handlers. The owner is current world champion in a sport called IGP (tracking, obedience and protection work). In the past, we sold most of our products to people in our sport.
However, just recently we started marketing the brand and products in social media; concentrating on dog handlers from other Dogsport; in particular obedience and agility.

We sell T-shirts (non-functional) because people request them. I will upload pictures of the previous designs.

I am looking for a design that shows the determination and strength and work that comes with these sports.
In IGP you will have many German Shepherds (working line; the show lines look very different. You most likely will have to google the breed: "German Shepherd working lines)". The sport ist about strength, speed, dominance, ability to concentrate under extreme conditions ..

Agility most people know. They mainly use Border Collies (extremely fast dogs) for this sport.

We need a T-shirt that fits both worlds. Possibilities are:
- have both a dog doing agility and a dog doing protection in one print.
- use a dog that is abstracted enough to be generic.
Only design a T-shirt on the basis of our logo and maybe a slogan.

For my taste, the previous logo was too friendly and nice. As I said, the print should be about extremes.

I hope you will come up with some good ideas :-)

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    the logo is in the brief ? did you have slogan that you prefered sir

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