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Project Overview:

Design a monogram logo for "Bagel Joint," a bagel shop, to be used on hats and other merchandise. The logo should evoke the classic aesthetics of a traditional baseball team logo, suitable for placement on a baseball-style cap. Incorporating a bagel element into the design is highly encouraged.

Design Requirements:

Monogram Style: Create a monogram that prominently features the initials "BJ" for "Bagel Joint." The monogram should be distinctive and easily recognizable.

Baseball Aesthetics: Emulate the timeless style of baseball team logos, particularly drawing inspiration from the New York Yankees logo as a reference. Pay attention to the use of classic fonts, bold lines, and a circular or shield-like shape.

Bagel Element: If possible, incorporate a bagel or bagel-related imagery into the monogram. This could include a stylized bagel, bagel slices, or a bagel-like texture within the design.

Versatility: Ensure that the monogram logo works well when scaled down for merchandise, especially on hats. It should maintain clarity and impact even at smaller sizes.

I have attached the store's main logo for reference.
Examples of classic baseball team logos, with a particular focus on the New York Yankees logo.

Please provide high-resolution digital files of the monogram logo in various formats (e.g., vector, PNG, JPG) suitable for use on merchandise and marketing materials. Include both color and black-and-white versions of the design.

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“Very happy with the results. I would recommend Kevin to anyone! ”

Imagine de profil AV Productions, United States.

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