Facebook and Instagram Ad Image/creatives targeting Business Litigation clients - 03/02/2023 14:37 EST

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Looking for 10 Facebook and Instagram ad images that represents a law firm that is targeting Business Dispute between partners / Business Litigation clients. This is one of the many projects that I'll need a creative for, so there is huge opportunity to do more creatives together if you provide solid creatives.

The ads should be creative and non-generic. Creative ideas example: If we wanted to use the following text:

"Don't let a falling out with your business partner sink your ship. Contact us for expert legal guidance. Contact us to stay afloat."

Showcase this text next to a ship that's about to sink.

Something along those lines. Please make sure they are standard fit for facebook/Instagram.

Here are some other titles that can be used or come up with something similar/more creative ways:

1. Business partnership disputes can be stressful. Trust us to handle the legal aspect and get you back on track.
2. Unresolved business partner disputes can be costly. Let us help you resolve them quickly and efficiently.
3. Business disputes can be draining for you, your family, and the business. Sadly, disputes won't resolve themselves. Let us help!
4. Resolve business partner conflicts with our expert litigation team. Contact Us Now!
5. Assert control over your partnership conflict. Initiate action now.
6. Take control of your partnership dispute. Contact Us Today!
7. Don't compromise your business. Resolve partner disputes with us.
8. Mitigate your partnership conflict promptly. Engage our services now.
9. Partnership disputes impacting your success? We have the expertise to help.
10. Avoid detrimental effects of partnership conflict. Contact us now!
11. Preserve the integrity of your business. Resolve partnership conflict with us.
12. Take charge of your partnership dispute. Start the process today.
13. Partnership disputes hindering your business empire? Allow us to help.

These are general ideas. Looking for modern, clean, readable, converting ad creatives. As mentioned, I'll need more creatives for other areas very soon so there is a good chance to work together on other projects. The more creative, the better chance of winning. $25 for 10 total images.

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