Floating platform for maritime containers.

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Floating platform for maritime containers.
There is a small (smallest) maritime container on the platform that transports it. It is necessary to devise and depict in several projections and in an overall view the design that will allow delivering the container over water to a container ship. The structure should be attached to the container itself. This could be an inflatable structure, there could be buoys, or any other ideas. The structure will be transported together with the container on the platform. This structure should unfold automatically and fold back in the same manner automatically after lifting the container from the water.
The authors of the best designs will be commissioned for the detailed engineering development of the proposed variant.

Please do not suggest a simple inflatable mattress for placing the container on! This is an obvious solution, but it has many drawbacks. Firstly, such a pontoon would take up a lot of space under the container when folded. Therefore, this design would significantly increase the overall dimensions of the container. Secondly, the main issue is that it is not capable of compactly folding on its own after the container is lifted from the water! Please avoid this solution in your design.

Gentlemen performers! Either you don't read my explanations, or I didn't write them clearly enough!
Why are you wasting your time and mine on information rubbish?
Is it so difficult to read what I have written ATTENTIVELY?
There is no EASY MONEY in this contest! But there is an offer for further cooperation! And it will be paid for adequately! But in order to choose an applicant, I need to understand that you UNDERSTAND the task!

Try to recreate the idea of a catamaran. Where inflatable floats will extend from the sides of the container. The main thing that interests me is the mechanism of automatic(!) unfolding and folding!

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“Everything is super! We will continue our cooperation by concluding a contract on a large-scale design project.”

Imagine de profil bor23, Ukraine.

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    Entry #12 is human-designed, not AI. Autodesk Inventor file available

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    The maximum weight a float the size of a container could carry safely is roughly 10800kg while the max weight of a container can be up to 25000kg. Any design the same size as the container will carry less than half the maximum weight. That is unless the container is allowed to rest in the water during transport.

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