German License Plate Registration and State Seal Artwork

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UPDATE 12/17/16:
I'd like to use the security pattern in the background of this Thuringen seal. This should be created as its own layer, with the coat of arms, border, and text in separate layers on top of it.

This is a contest for 1 German License Plate State Seal design. This is to recreate an existing license plate sticker state seal for novelty print reproductions. While this will be for novelty use only, attention to detail and quality are very important.

Here's what I need:

1. 1 German License Plate State Seal artwork, print quality. Winning entry must be handed over in 300dpi+, print quality, in raster and vector formats.
2. Must be state seal - not an inspection or emissions sticker.
3. Quality and attention to detail are import.

Here's what I'll do:

1. I will pick the winner based upon which one I feel will reproduce into the best quality print reproduction.
2. I will take the winning entry and do a test printing of it.
3. If I am impressed and satisfied with the winner's quality of work, I will extend an offer for them to complete the full German License Plate registration sticker design set. There are about 19 states, 2 emissions / safety stickers, export stickers, temporary stickers, and a few more. I am treating this contest as an audition.

Here's what you'll do:

UPDATED 12/17/16:
1. Multi-Later Photoshop file will be needed. 1-2 layers should be Security pattern background - most common is Securasta (R) Perfect. Next - we can overlay coat of arms and text / font for each region in other layers.
2. Submit 1 print quality design of one German License plate state registration seal. Attention to detail is very important. Quality is important. Your entry should not simply be a hi-resolution picture of a seal. It needs to be converted to artwork so that I can reproduce these seals for novelty license plates.
3. The winner will submit the winning entry in 300+dpi in the handover, in both raster and vector formats suitable for high quality printing.

Attached is a photo of a real German License Plate seal. There are about 19 different state seals.

Ideally, I need a graphic file that can replicate the brightness / sheen change with the angle of light. This may mean a unique color or layer for these elements that will be more reflective in the print process. This is where someone with similar security / printing experience can excel in this contest.

Let me know if you have any questions. Those with print-quality, security feature print / artwork experience are encouraged to participate. Thank you.

Attachments: Some are actual pictures of real Seals, some are low quality graphic files.

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“Amazing, fast work. Best quality. Will hire again.”

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  • derartawalbeh
    • acum 2 ani

    Hi , can you please provide me with a feedback ? .. if you want i can make another one !

    • acum 2 ani
  • automatedservice
    Titular Concurs
    • acum 2 ani

    I don't know which fonts are used. It appears there are a few different fonts used.

    • acum 2 ani
    1. derartawalbeh
      • acum 2 ani

      Yep i can provide any size and 300 DPI

      • acum 2 ani
  • ganjarelex
    • acum 2 ani

    Can you tell what fonts used?

    • acum 2 ani

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