Graphic Design for Quadrant Ingeniería

  • Stare: Closed
  • Premiu: $150
  • Intrări primite: 5
  • Câștigător: EhabSherif

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  • fariste
    Titular Concurs
    • 5 years ago

    I can't see the animations. Just I see a picture.

    • 5 years ago
    1. EhabSherif
      • 5 years ago

      We've been trying to contact you to get the exact size of the animation you wanted.. Please provide details so I can upload the appropriate files.. I won't accept the prize just yet until further information is given so you are completely satisfied.. Thank You..

      • 5 years ago
    2. EhabSherif
      • 5 years ago

      By the way just so you know I will be providing SWF or SWI "Swish" files since I don't own Adobe Flash, It's almost the same thing you'll just need to have Swish instead of Flash to edit the files.. Thank You..

      • 5 years ago
  • smartGFD
    • 5 years ago

    can u plz extend the contest for a day ....i'll give u original and creative artwork for sure

    • 5 years ago
  • EhabSherif
    • 5 years ago

    Sir can you please provide more details..
    Time, FPS, Looping or not, Provide samples of something you like..
    Thank You..

    • 5 years ago
  • debdas0278
    • 5 years ago

    what the dimension (size) for the animation..

    • 5 years ago
  • SarthakTandon
    • 5 years ago

    how long do the animations have to be? and do they have to be looping or no?

    • 5 years ago

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