Graphic design of a female dog character, with a royalty theme, which will be used as a large graphic on a t-shirt.

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Sumarul concursului

Create a high-quality graphic, cartoon, caricature, or some type of artistic rendering of a dog character (specific example photos provided), that will be used as a large graphic on the front of a shirt. The theme of the dog character is royalty/diva. While she is female, and a diva/queen, the actual graphic should not be too feminine in nature, as the t-shirt will be unisex.

The rendered dog graphic should be large and detailed enough to look good enlarged on a shirt. She can be sitting or standing, in some sort of pose. The color scheme used should not imply an old dog, no grey fur. The dog breed is Pomeranian.

The graphic should match the dog in the photos, exactly.

The emotions of the dog character should convey some or all of the following:

Diva / Queen
The dog has an attitude of “being better than you.”

While it is important to convey the above information, and have it be cartoon/graphical in nature, it should not be too over the top, and should come off as high quality or classy. She can still be cute or funny, just not too cartoony or over the top.

I have included some files titled “inspiration #”. They are just some general ideas of vibe or feeling, and are just there for a rough idea of a theme. Overall I am looking for something that would look really cool on a t-shirt. I don’t know exactly what it will be, but will know it when I see it. It want it to be something cool like Notorious B.I.G. in a crown, but also something diva like a Paris Hilton, or a dog she might own. But still classy like a royal queen, but with the attitude of Beyonce. Some sort of badass sassy queen diva dog. I know this is an odd mix of references, but do your best to make something awesome that would really catch eyes on a t-shirt.

Feel free to incorporate any attire or props which correspond with royalty or being a diva/queen, if that works with the pose you are creating. But that is not required. The final shirt will be unisex, so please keep that in mind during your design. Be creative and have fun!

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Feedback de la Angajator

“Violet was eager to make as many revisions as it took to make sure I was satisfied with the final result. Very good artist, and seems like a nice person. Would use again.”

Imagine de profil evan3737, United States.

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