Industrial Design for Hybrid Container Complex

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Sumarul concursului

I'm looking for a creative and experienced designer to conceptualize an industrial themed shipping container complex. The complex needs to serve both commercial and residential purposes. As the aesthetic appeal is paramount, I am interested in a design that intricately merges form and function while still maintaining the industrial theme.

Skills and Experience:
- Proven experience in architectural design, particularly with commercial and residential structures.
- Strong understanding and experience with industrial-style designs.
- Exceptional ability to balance aesthetic considerations with practical usage needs.
- Previous experience designing multi-purpose structures or shipping container residences will be a significant advantage.

- Detailed blueprint of the shipping container complex
- 3D design renderings
- A plan for interior and exterior design maintaining the aesthetic appeal.

Your input will be crucial in the successful execution of this uniquely challenging project. I welcome innovative and artistic approaches to embody the industrial style in a modern context.

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  • zaidzerobrine
    • acum 1 lună

    Question : How many families or people are gonna live in this complex ?

    • acum 1 lună
  • visibilizar
    • acum 1 lună

    Good morning, just participating in your contest requires time and effort.

    you order three specific products:
    a floor plan, 3D renderings and also an interior design plan.

    Just one of those products can cost $100 USD (depending on quality, details, etc.) and you are also asking us to risk our time and effort by doing all of this in a contest that we don't know if we will win.

    I think you are not measuring the real scope of everything you ask for for the price you offer. #increaseprize

    • acum 1 lună
    • acum 1 lună


    • acum 1 lună
  • osunajesus78
    • acum 1 lună

    #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize #increaseprize

    • acum 1 lună
  • hadisehsafari
    • acum 1 lună


    • acum 1 lună
  • Morrty31
    • acum 1 lună

    only high quality for valuable persons like you if uou want any updates message me for more!

    • acum 1 lună
  • shahabmes
    • acum 1 lună


    • acum 1 lună
  • abdullahvidinlio
    • acum 1 lună


    • acum 1 lună
    1. siriusone1913
      Titularul concursului
      • acum 1 lună


      • acum 1 lună

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