Infographic about enterpreurship in Poland

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I need cachy infographic about enterpreurship in Poland. Infographic should be very evocative and should show that people in Poland want to run business but goverment makes obstacles. Below you can find data which I want to have on infographic. Infographic should be in colours: red, blue, black and white.

Survey in 38 countries including Poland

80% of people below 35 years old are positive to enterpreurship
51% can imagine that they run their own business
In Poland it is 83 and 56%

70% of young people think enterpreurship is something what everybody can learn
in Poland they are more optimistic and it is 77%. Even more people think so in China and Mexico 84% both. In Japan only 45% think so.

Every year you can see that Polish people are more enthusiastic for running their own business

The biggest motivations to run own business are:
- being own boss (59% in Poland - 50% globally)
- realisation of ideas (52% Poland - 50% globally)
- possibility of additional earnings (42% Poland - 36% globally)

What are the bigest obstacles to run business in Poland
- obligatory social insurance 1095,37 zł (ZUS)
- bureaucracy (30 days takes to open business; 286 hours in year takes to make all bureaucracy with taxes)
- very high costs of employment (obligatory insurance for workers, taxes, employer must pay almost twice that what he pays to worker)

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    I am working on it. Hope I'll send you soon. Thanks.

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