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Dear Developer,
This is a logo designing assignment for a firm. Logo can be image,number,doodle,vector,name of firm, whichever suits intended purpose of reflecting vision of the organization.
Please be innovative while designing logo. Not just simply add lion image and put name in different fonts. I expect from you basic understanding of brand image and goal of the organization.
Name of the firm is "Curious cubs " .The theme is Curiosity. Its Main drive for innovation and cognitive development. The logo is Curious cubs. This is for an innovation driven firm which is in the food design field and wanted to give most innovative food with well designed scientific and technical features .You can consider as a Food Innovation consultant/Business partner /Innovators in food product development filed. kinda Research and development labs .
Drivers for thought process:
1. Ethos : Ethical Appeal , Curiosity which drives innovation is part of our job . We all are instinct driven individual. One of the magnificent instinct ,man kind is gifted with is Curiosity. So ethically we are with basic human instinct which drive each of us every day. We are highly technical in Food [login to view URL] Food Product development just like you as a logo developer . We develop food on nutrition,equipment machinery,process innovation, ingredient innovation. We are technically very strong which should also reflect on logos
[login to view URL] : Emotional appeal ,innocent eyes of lion cubs ,finding solution of curiosity strike in sudden moment in mind and awe from an unexpected result with moment of eureka
[login to view URL] : We being a curiosity driven firm will definitely take every case so deeply that almost all aspects of client solution will be covered by us and they will get best innovation in the market as we follow natural instinct of curiosity to solve our problem. We develop solution by observing deeply, analyzing situation and giving best of product to consumer.
We are open for your suggestion and innovation on logo design part. End goal is the image we wanted to build when someone see the logo ,they should feel the same as what I wanted you to feel giving this description.
apart from this if you wanted to know anything about this assignment please contact me on : curiouscub2019@[login to view URL]

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