Logo for a forest monitoring project (environmental protection)

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Hello, Designers,

I need an authentic logo design based on the following requirements:

- The logo is intended for a forest monitoring project by satellite images;
- The logo text is OLHOS DA MATA ("forest eyes"). The logo aims to convey the idea of ​​a mission to monitor tropical forests and protect them from illegal deforestation;
- There is a double meaning that could be worked out here: "forest eyes" refers to both the eyes of the forest animals (sentient beings to be protected) and the eyes (the lens) of the satellites that watch the forest. Then the image could be similar to the patch of a space flight mission, with a circle representing a forest with some eyes from animals (jaguar, sloth, harpy, lion tamarin, etc.) and, orbiting this circle, a satellite recording images of the forest.
- The logo should be creative and fun.

Please do not copy the sample images, which may have copyright (the image with the harpy you can use, because it is ours)

Thank you for your designs!

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