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Hello everyone. please refer to the pdf. Thanks a lot

1. Modern and Sleek Design: Use clean lines, smooth curves, and contemporary fonts to convey a modern and up-to-date image. This reflects the company's growth and adaptability over the years.

2. Color Palette: Incorporate a balanced color palette that includes professional and trustworthy colors like deep blues, rich blacks, and subtle grays, with a pop of color that represents creativity and innovation. This pop of color could be used in elements like icons or accents.

3. Icon or Symbol: Create a unique and recognizable icon or symbol that represents the various media production solutions offered by the company. It could be a combination of design elements, printing tools, signage, or media-related symbols to visually represent the company's diverse services.

4. Typography: Choose a modern and elegant font for the company name that is easily readable and reflects professionalism. Consider using a bold typeface for "Q&R" to make it stand out.

5. Tagline: Include a concise and meaningful tagline that emphasizes the company's commitment to meeting clients' demands and building trust through quality services.

6. Simplicity: Keep the logo design simple and not overly complex to ensure it remains memorable and versatile for various branding purposes.

7. Balance: Maintain a balanced composition to represent the company's comprehensive range of services under one roof.

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