Make a cool concept for Space Based Solar Power

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You may google this word and find cool concepts, and come up with an idea that has great design but also shows:

1- Gathers sun / solar energy and translates it to beams
2- sends that back to earth using laser / microwave
PS make sure the energy being sent to earth looks like beams
3- Make many of them around earth in a secondar pictue

4- show receivers or antennas (like starlink Receiver Type but like a dish) on earth that receive the power

Be creative. attached picture for input

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Panoul public de clarificare

  • boskomp
    • acum 3 săptămâni

    Hello, may I know why did you rejected my design after giving me 5 stars?

    • acum 3 săptămâni
  • boskomp
    • acum 1 lună

    Please, make a #guaranteed and #sealed contest

    • acum 1 lună
  • jaalil3
    • acum 1 lună

    Can you give me more information?

    • acum 1 lună
  • gleydercaceres07
    • acum 1 lună

    Hello friend organizer, I am ready to start working on your project. If you want to contact me, I would like to talk with you about every detail of this great project, happy day

    • acum 1 lună

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