Movie Poster for Sci-Fi UFO film - 15/09/2023 13:26 EDT

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Sumarul concursului

Hello, I am looking for the best designers and illustrators that can create me an amazing vintage looking movie poster for my film. The film title is called Cabin of Secrets

Brief Log line of the movie
"When five friends embark on a secluded cabin getaway, their vacation takes a chilling turn when they witness a UFO crash. As they grapple with the encounter, they soon discover that their cabin's owner holds a sinister secret that could unravel the truth behind the phenomenon"

The movie has a ton of plot twists so I don't want the poster to give anything away. The movie takes place in an old cabin in the woods and there's a nearby lake. I was thinking of having the Cabin and the lake shown in the poster and something that looks like a meteor, comet, or fireball falling from the sky and some weird looking shadowy figures that you don't know if its human or not. Attached are references to the style of the poster that I want. Be creative and original but try to follow the instructions in what I'm wanting in the poster.

There's no official cast yet, so no cast credits needed or any credits for that matter. Just the title, maybe a creative line or phrase that's related, cabin, lake, comet, meteor, etc falling from sky, and shadow like figures. Must have a cool old school vintage look similar to the reference photos provided.

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Feedback de la Angajator

“Tauqeer is very talented and I love what he was able to do ”

Imagine de profil jcicone1, United States.

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    Please check #207

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    Sir, Please Check #192 , #193

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    please check #173

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    sir Please Check #167

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    dont close working

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    Added some meteors and comets falling from the sky. Please check entries #125 #126 #127 . I can give you the main PSD file. You check the originality! Thank you!

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  • Jevangood
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    Jesus. So many entries are A.I. artwork its ridiculous. Its like the contest runner could have made the design themself.

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    1. jcicone1
      Titularul concursului
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      How do you know they are AI generated? I don't want to appoint a winner who just used AI

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    2. reddmac
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      Ask for a sketch, and see if it matched the design submitted.

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    #extended #sealed

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