Server Capacity and Performance Testing Contest for Roblox

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Sumarul concursului

Attention gamers and testers! We invite you to participate in our unique contest centered around our early-stage game, ( Your mission? Play the game, reach new heights, and aid us in testing our server's capacity and game's performance.

Contest Objectives:
1. Server Capacity Testing: We aim to understand how our servers handle multiple players, especially at peak times.
2. Performance Feedback: As the game is in its early stages, your feedback regarding lags, glitches, or any discrepancies is invaluable.

Contest Guidelines:
1. Engagement: Immerse yourself daily. Consistency will not only increase your chances of winning but will also provide us with valuable server capacity data.
2. Achievement Objective: While testing is the primary goal, there's also a competitive angle. Achieve the highest level possible!
3. Minimum Participation: At least 5 contestants are required to play and submit feedback to ensure diverse data.
4. Proof & Feedback: Submit a screenshot of your highest achieved level and include any observations or issues faced during gameplay.

The participant who achieves the highest level, combined with the quality of feedback provided, will secure the top prize of 20euro.

Submission Process:
1. Navigate to our contest
2. Click "Submit Entry" and attach your screenshot.
3. Include a brief report on your gameplay experience, especially noting any server lags, gameplay glitches, or other performance issues.
4. Clearly state your game username and any other relevant details.

This isn't just about winning; it's about helping us refine and optimize a game for thousands to enjoy in the future. Your insights can make a difference. Happy gaming and testing!

We have every day a winner !!!

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