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  • Câștigător: maryamhaiderali

Sumarul concursului

Project Description:

I am looking for a skilled animator to create a short animated video to promote our specific service. The video should be less than 1 minute in length and should be created in an animated style.

A logo will need to be made for the Kaizen Connect Service with a mixture of the Current Kaizen K and a sms icon. It can be really simple.

Skills and Experience:

- Experience in creating animated videos
- Proficiency in animation software and tools
- Creative and innovative approach to storytelling through animation
- Ability to effectively communicate and showcase the benefits of our service through animation
- Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines
- Logo Design

Voice (In case you want to modify the script or add things in)

[Opening Scene: Busy business owner looking over sales reports, appearing concerned.]

Narrator: "In today's fast-paced world, connecting with customers effectively is more crucial than ever. But how can you ensure your message is heard through the noise?"

[Scene shifts to a vibrant animation of text messages being sent and received on mobile phones.]

Narrator: "Meet 'Kaizen Connect' – the cutting-edge AI-powered SMS marketing service by Kaizen Apps, designed to transform how businesses engage with their customers."

[Cut to a user-friendly dashboard displaying AI analytics.]

Narrator: "Kaizen Connect uses advanced algorithms to analyze customer behavior, ensuring your messages are personalized, timely, and more likely to convert."

[Scene shows customers receiving SMS messages, reading them with interest.]

Narrator: "From announcing new products to offering exclusive discounts, or just staying in touch, Kaizen Connect delivers your messages directly to your customers' mobile phones."

[Shift back to the initial business owner, now smiling while looking at improved sales reports.]

Narrator: "Businesses using Kaizen Connect have seen significant increases in engagement rates, customer loyalty, and, most importantly, revenue."

[Overlay of key benefits: 'Increased Engagement', 'Personalized Messaging', 'Higher Conversion Rates']

Narrator: "It's more than just SMS marketing. It's creating a connection that resonates with every individual customer."

[Call to Action: Business owner using Kaizen Connect on a tablet, with a phone number and website address appearing on screen.]

Narrator: "Ready to elevate your business communication? Try Kaizen Connect today and watch your customer relationships and revenue soar. Visit or call us now!"

[Closing Scene: Kaizen Connect logo by Kaizen Apps / New Kaizen Connect Logo with a tagline - 'Connecting Businesses, Engaging Customers'. Below, the logos of Telegram, Instagram,, WhatsApp, and an Email icon, implying availability across these platforms.]

Narrator: "Kaizen Connect, a service offered by Kaizen Apps. Empowering connections and enhancing business growth."

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  • AmlanNil
    • acum 2 luni

    Dear contest holder, I saw your contest at the last minute, and time ran out before submission. This is a short version, I can show more detailed animations if you want. Contact if interested. thank you.

    • acum 2 luni
  • prestonzen
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 2 luni

    I like the text notification sound at the beginning and use of the iphone messaging sounds in the video

    • acum 2 luni
  • prestonzen
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 3 luni

    KaizenConnect logo added

    • acum 3 luni
  • prestonzen
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 3 luni

    I like rhythmic editing where the music beats sync to animations shown in the videos. It's an easy way to make video seems more premium while only changing the timing of the animations to match the music. Also using more catchy music or popular music (find some from TikTok) helps. Ideally cool non copyright sounds music or even AI generated edm music.

    • acum 3 luni
  • prestonzen
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 3 luni

    Make sure to add background music

    • acum 3 luni
  • prestonzen
    Titularul concursului
    • acum 3 luni

    Add in a intro sequence hook in the first 3 seconds like the sound of $ and sms notifications

    • acum 3 luni

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