Short Video Ad for Instagram based on 48 pictures

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our product is a convertible washbag. The converible washbag, is used to store liquids when flying with hand luggage. At the airport, you have to present the liquids in a transparent bag. The convertible washbag is a stylish bag to keep your liquids in a high quality bag and with one pick, you can present the transparent bag (as seen in the photos 9102-9106). For the product we need a compelling ad for Instagram/Facebook.

The focus of the video should be on the pictures 9102-9112 (maybe in a slower motion than the other pictures?

Texts in the ad could be (just as guidance, you are free to edit): Looking for a stylish washbag, which you can use in you cabin luggage? With the only convertible washbag you travel stylish, safe and convenient.

The logo of the band is attached.

Thank you very much for your time!

All the best,

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  • adityasubhakti
    • acum 1 lună

    Check my new entry at #49 ;)
    Hope you like my best edit!

    • acum 1 lună
  • juniorwije
    • acum 1 lună

    Check #46 for a PREMIUM QUALITY Advertiesment.

    • acum 1 lună
  • MarcoWaheed
    • acum 1 lună

    • acum 1 lună
  • dinfinites
    • acum 1 lună

    Please see #35 .

    • acum 1 lună
  • ahmsalah1998
    • acum 1 lună

    please wait until to end of the time .. I will submit an amazing one

    • acum 1 lună
  • maretproject
    • acum 1 lună

    start working...

    • acum 1 lună
  • RadwansTwins
    • acum 1 lună

    How long do you want the video? 15 sec??

    • acum 1 lună
  • digol
    • acum 1 lună

    can you tell the duration?

    • acum 1 lună
  • AfroditiK
    • acum 1 lună

    Hi! I have edited a video for you, but can't upload it in mp4 form, would it be possible to change the settings of the entries so I can upload it?

    • acum 1 lună
    • acum 1 lună

    Hello, can you put all files to one folder/archive and drop in somwhere like google drive?
    Some of this fotos are not suitable for advertising because they are cut off. Regards.

    • acum 1 lună
  • wikproductions
    • acum 1 lună

    I am working

    • acum 1 lună

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