Story board for a luxury consumer food brand

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Sumarul concursului

We have a brand and product idea for which we need to design a brand story.

This is step 1 in a multistage process. The end-game final deliverable of that larger process is a set of digital and conventional marketing materials including the brand story, communications with brand promoters, website, facebook, etc. This is the end-game, right now for this contest we need to complete step 1: STORY BOARD FOR OUR BRAND.

We are looking for 2-3 original minds to continue our work with for later steps as well, this is a 'get-to-know-ya' project. Again, we are after the content and story ideas more than design or copywriting at this stage. It is not important if you are strong in graphics design or not a native English speaker.

We will pay AU$130 for originality and re-iterative engagement as we may ask for some board refinement. I.e. ideally you would spend a bulk of the time conceptualizing rather than writing.

The brand description is attached as a document.

Our customer base:
- Affluent (top 1% of the market)
- Shops in specialized outlets (e.g. premium supermarkets, organic stores, specialty online)
- Status buyer (say, 70% of the market), taste buyer (20%) and health/nutrition buyer (10%)
- 80% Female
- Higher consumption with older age, however, some millennials particularly affluent ones need to be captured
- Uses: baking (75%), direct consumption (15%), cooking (10%)

A few story parameters:
- Status, taste, heritage is the key messages of the story. You decide on the order and prominence.
- Avoid *direct* referencing of any health benefits
- However, and it is *very important*, we need a health/nutrition oriented customer to be able to perceive it as ultimately the best/ultimate choice available and infer this quick upon glancing on packaging/website

Here's are the board/deliverables requirements:
- Two boards: one for the dynamic story (for online content), one for static content (for packaging, and static marketing media)
- The boards are not to be done in color, all text/drawings to be black and white
- Only handwritten sketches (easiest to scan paper-written sketches)
- Feel free to come up with your own brandname if it's easier for you (we have already selected one)
- If possible, minimize textual annotations to summarizing and connecting ideas
- Each board is two A4 pages maximum
- Share links to your own portfolio
- Share links of some excellent existing brands you know we could template together

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“A fantastic knowledgeable professional. This is a repeat hire, so would highly recommend to anyone. ”

Imagine de profil heritagesociety, Australia.

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