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Hello, I'm Aqshal, I'm a UI/UX Designer who has 5+ years of experience in building various services for my clients. I've seen the problem you're having, it's low impressions (especially for purchases). If you are starting a business, in my opinion using Ads is not quite right it will bring losses if it is not on target. For this problem, you can use SEO by doing keyword research that suits your target market. Focus on developing SEO, it will bring traffic by itself and your sales will increase. The second problem is your website. When I opened your website I was a bit confused... "What should I do here?" Maybe if a user accesses your website from the Ads service, they will know their purpose for entering your website. The most important advice is to improve it from the design side of your website. I can make improvements to your website. If you need it you can contact me via email at

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