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Marketing and Business Strategist.

I would love to consult more! From experience, I believe every industry has different marketing strategies. For your occupation, there is a demand so you will have more competition. Your online presence does matter. Slow down on dumping money on ads for now and work on your online presence and marketing strategies. Your website can use a creative update. I would suggest to think of what separates you from everyone else as a genealogist. Think along those lines when adding content/copy to your websites/social media platforms. Remember people love people content! Throw some people on your website. Email marketing will help build your clientele. Volunteering on the GenWeb can also be rewarding. Alternatively, joining genealogy specific social media sites, such as GenealogyWise, where connecting to others with your research interest. LinkedIn is number one for your industry. If you create a facebook and instagram account, the groups will benefit via the communities.

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