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Super Car Drive Day Flyer

Considerations for the Qld Luxury Logo: Style: The poster uses a bold and modern style. The logo should complement this style and feel luxurious. Color: The logo could incorporate red to tie in with the background color of the poster. However, it could also use gold, silver, or black to convey a sense of luxury. Elements: The logo could feature the letters "Qld" in a stylish font. It could also incorporate imagery that reflects luxury cars, such as a steering wheel, a checkered flag, or a silhouette of a high-end car. There are also images of three luxury cars in the background. The Ferrari Portofino in the foreground is red, which complements the background color. The other two cars in the background are difficult to discern, but they appear to be a white or silver Lamborghini and a black Jaguar. Iam a Fresher give me a chance to work with you (If have any changes from the above design just let me know iam always ready to statisfy you) Please come to private chat Have a Good Day!

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