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Potential song lyrics

Hi, here is another song (words) called "potential". I don't know about music, but the lyrics sound nice. Say what you think. All the best- Ted G

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  • greenequail
    • acum 4 luni

    Hi, I'm not sure how music works. Perhaps run a contest looking for melody for words?

    • acum 4 luni
  • dngvw
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    • acum 4 luni

    i like the general theme...particularly the rock on a mountain that's ready to roll (that is literally the definition of potential energy--so that's really good). But the idea of "kinetic" which is when you are in motion is also good (the rolling). The ideas of building your skills, taking training, step by step...achieving the goal. Take a listen to mp3 I loaded...

    I'm trying to imagine your words to music--how would we make that transition?

    • acum 4 luni