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I need to get vector illustration drawings from photographs. Illustrations should NOT look cartoony. They should look like illustrations.
I provide example illustrations and your drawings should have a similar style.
A dimension of the illustrations you provide is 1,200 x 628 pixels in jpg or png format

I’m looking for an illustrator who can create redo, improve, modify and restyle.

Generally, I want to keep the style simple, a lice based vector image with clean lines, mostly blacks, and grays.
So you can better understand, here are a few ideas I’m trying to get across in my image using a little creativity:
1. I would like to allude to the idea that maybe some secret thing going on inside this person’s body causing to be overweight. The idea here is to raise a lot of curiosity and make the viewer question and wonder what this secret thing might be.

2. I am trying to create a pattern interrupt…so when the viewer looks at the image, immediately something grabs them and makes their subconscious mind think: “Hmm, I wonder what this is about…?!?!”

3. I wish to create some kind of incongruity in the viewer’s mind, make them feel like there is something about this image that doesn’t quite make sense… i.e. IT could hint something sexual (but not explicit) or weird or scary that maybe their subconscious mind notices but their conscious mind convinced maybe they’re just reading into too much (plausible deniability) …with the purpose of confusing them or making them feel even more curious about the image!

4. Make it feel there is some story behind the image…like it’s hinting at a story without revealing too much of the whole story.

5. Sometimes I like including u highlight – possibly using arrows, something circled or highlight with color or some other highlighting method to draw attention, create contrast, challenge, create conflict, curiosity, INCONGRUITY, pattern interrupt, etc. within the image.

The all-around main idea here is to make a viewer curious like there is some unknown factor going on in your body that has been recently discovered in a lab or something, and it is important to the viewer and they need to know more about it.

Is that make sense?
As far as the highlights are concerned, the idea here is to draw attention and generate more curiosity to a single area of the illustration in order to imply that there is something hidden or important that we are pointing to, or highlighting that is relevant to the viewer, and that they need to learn more about!
I would like to explore other ways of highlighting some parts of the body using arrows or any other method you can think of. Just be creative. Make it viewer want to learn more about what’s going on in the illustration using your favorite highlight technique.
Also, it might be smart to make some real basic adjustment to the illustrations from the original sketch…like, change body position, clothes, illustration style, etc.
Maybe change the overall position of the body, and also the type of shorts the image using.
Please emulate the atmosphere in the sample illustrations. Grey background with gray shadows.
Normal female body…not fat not skinny just normal
The idea is to make it look like this is an ORIGINAL WORK and AVOID COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT. I think you understand what I mean.
I just like something about this illustration (images) and want to preserve the overall feeling while changing a few things to make it an ORIGINAL WORK.

A BIG hint here: DO NOT represent physical attributes in a way that may make some viewers upset. This is the crucial point to consider when working on the image (fat or thin legs or body, obesity, to sexual, etc.)

I’d like the final work to be a transparent vector image if possible so it will show up perfectly on any color background.



P.S. I would also like to have a copy of the source file in case I need to make any edits later.

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“It was a great experience. Actually, we hire him again in 15 minutes after we finish the contest. He already working on our next project. Double the size of the first one! He is professional and very good at writing in English. Now we hire him directly because he is a great choice for us. You can try to do business with him and you will be impressed.”

Imagine de profil yzcizncmlw, Serbia.

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