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  • Imaginea de profil a lui ominfowave
    Freelancer în Rajkot, India
    207 Recenzii

    Greetings from Om Infowave. Om infowave has technologies to serve businesses across all verticals into many domains like retail, healthcare, insurance, education, real estate, entertainment, media, social network and governments. The solutions are always on demand and can be delivered at highly competitive rates and...

  • Imaginea de profil a lui vasundhara19
    Expert in Mobile Applications
    102 Recenzii

    Experienced mobile application and website developer specializing in social networking, radio, and lifestyle applications. Adept in JSON/XML parsing and photo editing applications.

  • Imaginea de profil a lui kantisuthar
    Skilled Mobile Developers
    260 Recenzii

    Excellent mobile developer with a vast experience in software development. Knowledgeable in creating applications for Android, iOS, and Google Store. 30-day warranty is assured.

  • Imaginea de profil a lui needman
    Freelancer în JILIN, China
    130 Recenzii

    I am a developer in china. After I graduated from university, I worked in the IT industry for 8 years. I like to develop my own programs. My main skills are Java programming, Mobile App Development and Web programming. My experience with different technologies enables me to develop various programs. If you have any...

  • Imaginea de profil a lui kongxiangjia
    Senior Mobile App Expert
    114 Recenzii

    Mobile expert who specializes in Android and iphone app development, and 7 years experience in web service managements with backend. Has delivered 100+ apps for various fields.

  • Imaginea de profil a lui TechnoAppMaster
    Expert Mobile Developer
    111 Recenzii

    5 years worth of experience in developing mobile applications for Android. Expert in mobile UI, memory optimization, third party library integration and Google Play services.


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Mobile phone ownership and usage have exploded over the past five years. Smartphone adoption, in particular, has dramatically accelerated, providing the platform for a phenomenal rate of application development on handheld devices.  

The importance of a business presence on mobile phones cannot be overstated. In 2015 Google search traffic on mobile phones exceeded desktop search for the first time. Over half of Facebook users (54%) only ever access their platform on mobile devices, and 79% of Facebook's ad revenue comes directly from mobile advertising. If your business is yet to take advantage of the mobile phone boom, you are missing a golden opportunity to increase visibility and revenue.

Mobile application development refers to the process of creating application software for mobile phones, tablets, and related devices. Commonly, consumers access these applications within a web browser using server-side, or client-side processing tools such as Javascript. Increasingly, handset manufacturers pre-install popular or strategically important applications on devices during the manufacturing process.   

Proficiency in several key components of mobile phone development is essential for a practiced developer. Mobile UI/UX, or user interface design, incorporates consumer’s interaction with an application or device, incorporating a mix of hardware and software considerations. Mobile application developers must consider nuances such as screen size, hardware and software distinctions, cross-platform mobile development, for example switching from Google's Open Source Android to the more ‘closed’ iOS operating system and also app design elements that should be avoided.

Mobile application developers leverage and master a range of tools to code, test and deploy applications to their chosen platform. These typically include UI design software, SDKs, and cross-platform mobile development tools. The mobile UI, or front end, is bolstered by a range of back-end functions including data routing, security, authentication, authorization and service orchestration. A working knowledge of every aspect of mobile UI is essential when selecting your mobile developer team. Equally critical is a working knowledge of supporting middleware, which typically enables communication between different applications to native hardware through the provision of messaging services. Middleware also enables the reuse of back-end logic avoiding unnecessary duplication across separate mobile devices. The varied nature of platforms and devices in the mobile space has rendered middleware an increasingly important component for application developers.

Emulators enable comprehensive yet inexpensive testing across a range of mobile environments even in the absence of specific devices. A strong testing and bug fixing workflow are of great importance before application deployment. Ensure your agreed development process includes rigorous testing before going live.

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