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    5,000 accelerator physics proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD can be sold, we can discuss. You will also get a 10$ bonus if you sell 20 books (e-books). This project is for 20 books sold by you. The book is called "Immortality" and you can discover the secret of immortality if you read this book. The book has been kept secret for a while but now I want it to be released to the public. The book is an essay and the reader confronts with areas of: quantum physics, psychology, dreams, relativity, philosophy, mathematics, poetry, esoteric field etc. Now the translation into Romanian: Caut un freelancer experimentat pentru a vinde o carte pentru mine. Cartea este disponibila deasemenea si in format e-book (format electronic; .pdf). Eu sunt autorul cartii (ambele versiuni). Cartea este in limba romana (momentan). Va fi disponib...

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    ...primary aim is to create designs that evoke a nostalgic feel, reminiscent of a bygone era, though the specific time period has been left open to interpretation. This allows for creativity in blending elements from various vintage aesthetics. - Artwork mus incorporate scientific elements from different areas of STEM eg: microscopes, test tubes and beakers, motherboard graphics, math diagrams, and physics diagrams. These should be artistically integrated into the design to captivate and educate. - The final designs should be scalable, maintaining clarity and impact at different sizes, ensuring they are wearable and distinctive on jumpers. we plan to use the artwork as a design for the back of the jumpers **Project Deliverables:** - High-resolution digital illustrations ready for p...

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    ...for a talented 3D designer to help create a web-based projectile motion lab simulation. This project will require advanced graphics and understanding of physics concepts. The final product should offer users the ability to adjust several aspects of the experiment: - Change launch velocity - Alter launch angle - Introduce air resistance - pop up window showing the results of the delivered ball after being launched - using Unity game engine or Unreal engine The ideal candidate for this job has substantial experience with 3D graphics as well as with integrating complex details into his or her design work. A strong understanding of physics, specifically in the area of mechanics, is a necessity. The project requires extensive knowledge of creating interactive, web-based app...

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    36 oferte seeking a skilled game developer to help port my PC racing game to the Nintendo Switch platform. With gameplay features that include realistic physics, car handling and a multiplayer online mode, the project will require a freelancer with a diverse skill set and experience in porting games. Key Tasks: - Understanding the PC game code and structure - Special emphasis on physics engine and multiplayer functionality - Fluent translation of game mechanics to Switch platform Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in programming for PC and Nintendo Switch - Experience in game porting, with focus on racing genre - Sound knowledge of game physics coding and online multiplayer systems - Strong understanding of the Nintendo Switch hardware and software capabilities. ...

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    Advanced Laser Control Program 5 zile left

    ...power modulation, speed adjustment, precise pulse control, and versatile movement options. The goal is to achieve unparalleled precision in laser operations. - **Required Skills**: - Proficiency in programming languages suitable for hardware control, such as C++ or Python. - Experience in developing software with hardware interaction, especially lasers. - In-depth understanding of laser physics to accurately implement power, speed, pulse, and movement controls. - Ability to design and implement a user-friendly interface, although the specific type (CLI, GUI, or Web-based) has not been determined, flexibility and suggestions in this area are welcome. - **Preferred Experience**: - Previous projects involving laser machines or similar hardware control software. - Famil...

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    ...**Different Driving Environments:** To include a range of scenarios (urban, rural, etc.) that require players to adapt their driving style. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in game development, specifically for PC. - Strong background in graphics design and optimization for realistic visuals. - Experience in creating diverse environments within a game to enhance gameplay. - Knowledge of physics engines to simulate authentic driving dynamics. - Familiarity with the latest gaming technology and trends in car simulators. I am looking for someone who is creative, driven, and passionate about gaming software development. Your expertise will be crucial in bringing this vivid driving experience to life. If you have a portfolio that includes similar projects, or if you ca...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an advanced game engine tailored for first-person shooter (FPS) games, with compatibility specifically for the Windows platform. T...Windows. - Engine must support high-quality graphics and complex game mechanics. - Experience in game development, particularly in FPS. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficient in C++/C# and DirectX/OpenGL. - Strong background in 3D graphics programming. - Familiarity with Windows platform development. - Previous experience developing game engines, preferably for FPS games. - Understanding of physics, AI, and network code for multiplayer games is a plus. I aim to collaborate closely with the developer to ensure that the engine meets the specific needs of my project, offering players an immersive gam...

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    ...need of a full-stack developer proficient in Python and Django. The project, originally divided between a team focusing on physics and IT aspects, has taken an unexpected turn. My expertise lies in the physics domain, thus coding, specifically the IT component that was initially assigned as a team effort, now rests solely on my shoulders. Unfortunately, my coding skills are nowhere near the level required to complete this task. Here's a brief about what I'm looking for: - **Full-Stack Development**: The IT part I need help with requires building from ground up involving both frontend and backend work. The final product must be fully functional and integrated with the physics part I've already completed. - **Technology Stack**: The application shoul...

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    I need help with an upcoming physics quiz. This 90-minute quiz will consist of 17 multiple-choice questions on intermediate-level physics, covering widely across the field. Ideal assistance will come from freelancers with: - A strong background in Physics - Experience or knowledge in multiple domains of physics - Familiarity with multiple-choice quiz formats and common question styles - Capability to work within a tight 90-minute deadline Responses will be appreciated as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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    I need help with an upcoming physics quiz. This 90-minute quiz will consist of 17 multiple-choice questions on intermediate-level physics, covering widely across the field. Ideal assistance will come from freelancers with: - A strong background in Physics - Experience or knowledge in multiple domains of physics - Familiarity with multiple-choice quiz formats and common question styles - Capability to work within a tight 90-minute deadline Responses will be appreciated as quickly as possible. Thank you!

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    ...within the premises. The study's purposes are as follows: - Analyze temperature distribution across various zones - Spot areas suffering from excessive heat - Gauge the efficacy of our current cooling systems As the situation demands urgent correction, I need this project initiated and completed as soon as possible, ideally, within the span of one week. Freelancers with a strong background in physics or environmental science, along with previous experience conducting similar studies, would be ideally suited. Proficiency in Autodesk AutoCAD 2024 and a deep understanding of CFD simulations will also be advantageous to this project. The ability to work under tight deadlines while maintaining accuracy will be greatly appreciated. I have attached a 3D model of the working spa...

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    game design 1 zi left

    I am seeking a seasoned game developer to create an engaging and e...exhilarating action game for the PC platform. The intended art style for this project is 3D realistic graphics. Key responsibilities will include: - Transforming concepts into detailed 3D graphics - Creating captivating effects and character interactions - Crafting immersive game environments - Implementing game physics and mechanics The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in PC game development - Expertise in creating 3D realistic graphics - Strong proficiency in physics and creating 3D game environments By applying, your portfolio should showcase your capabilities and previous projects relating to 3D graphics and PC games. Game developers with a strong foothold in action games will be favo...

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    ...simulator project. The application is compatible with the Windows platform. The ideal candidate should have: - In-depth knowledge of Unity3D software. - C# programming skills - Integrating third party plugins - Able to understand code written by other people, customize / improve the existing code to implement the required functionality. - Experience in debugging - Working knowledge of vehicle physics and traffic systems is preferred. Project Details: We have a traffic system implemented for our project and it needs to be improved. The traffic system is based on customized Unity Plugin iTS - Intelligent Traffic System (Source code version). Link: Please refer to the attached document for project

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    ...and Gameplay Benchmark: Comparable to Halo 4 Engine: Unreal Engine 5 Setting: Singular, dynamically adjusted difficulty Narrative Theme: Emotionally intense, graphic storytelling focusing on deep emotional experiences stemming from trauma, resilience, and discovery. Technical Requirements 1. Game Engine Engine Version: Unreal Engine 5 Core Features: Advanced lighting, real-time rendering, physics-based dynamics, Niagra VFX system for complex visual effects, MetaHuman for high-fidelity character models. 2. Art and Design 3D Models: All assets to be custom-made except for MegaScans assets for environmental details. High detail and realism are key. Textures: High-resolution, PBR (Physically Based Rendering) textures. Animation: Advanced rigging and animation for realistic...

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    Programme EIC Accelerator Short proposal Application Form -Revisión y Mejora del formulario -Video explicativo del funcionamiento de la empresa.

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    ...of a bus. - The interior needs the same level of attention; detailed seats, controls, and perhaps even visible engine components. - Textures and colors should be realistic, contributing to the immersion in the game. - **Functionality Needs:** - The model must support interaction, allowing game characters to enter, exit, and use the bus as part of the gameplay. - Compatibility with game physics, enabling realistic movement and interaction within the game world. - **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in Blender, with a portfolio showcasing similar projects. - Experience in creating vehicles or similar complex models with interactive elements. - Understanding of game development basics, specifically how models integrate and function within game engines. -...

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    I am currently in search of seasoned scientists holding Ph.D. degrees in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The essence of this project is to leverage your profound scientific knowledge and analytical prowess, underpinned by the scientific method, to scrutinize scientific arguments or statements. This scrutiny is crucial as your insights will directly assist U.S. lawyers by providing them with the accurate, objective perspective necessary for their cases. ### Ideal Candidate Profile: - **Educational Background**: Must possess a Ph.D. in Physics, Chemistry, or Biology. - **Experience Level**: Looking for individuals with advanced experience in their respective fields. This implies a deep understanding of complex scientific concepts and significant professional exposure. - **Ski...

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    Only bid if you are skilled in unity and c#.
 1. We have an exact video reference and document for the kart controller, will share it via chat.
 2. The task includes a. Making the car physics using Character controller b. Sound Setup (I will share a sounds asset pack) c. Adding VFX (I will share a VFX asset pack) Screening: Basic 2 question screening via chatbox.

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    ...- Balanced analysis of their roles and applications in current technology landscapes. Though the focus on future trends was skipped, a brief mention or speculative insight would be appreciated. - Emphasis on scholarly research, integrating a wide range of sources including scholarly articles, patents, books, and reputable technology reports. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in physics, engineering, or a related field, with specific expertise in magnetometers and accelerometers. - Proven experience in academic writing, particularly at the PhD level, with the ability to employ a formal, nuanced, and precise academic style. - Ability to research comprehensively, critically analyze sources, and synthesize complex information into clear, concise arguments. - Proficien...

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    ...and Experience: - Proficiency in Lua scripting, specifically for Roblox - Experience with Roblox Studio - A strong understanding of game physics and character mechanics - Previous projects involving character animation - Ability to implement responsive and smooth character controls - Knowledge of animation blending for seamless transitions between movements Project Requirements: - Implement key-triggered movements (walking, running, jumping) for a custom character in a Roblox game. - Ensure character animations are fluid and natural, reflecting an intermediate level of detail. - Collaborate closely to fine-tune character responsiveness and in-game physics. The freelancer I choose will have the opportunity to work on a creative, engaging project with the possibility of fu...

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    As the client, my Unity-based pool game requires targeted improvements to deliver a more realistic, 8BallPool-like experience. Frequent users of Unity and Photon would be, and fine-tune the ball trajectory for increased accuracy. - Collision Detection: Currently, the game needs improvements in collision accuracy, enhanced ball interaction for an authentic feel, and fixes on clipping issues that disrupt gameplay integrity. Skills & Experience Required: - Extensive experience with Unity 3D and Photon - A deep understanding of physics in gaming - Past projects involving pool games or similar physics-based games - Strong problem-solving skills, particularly clipping issues and collision detection - Familiarity with adjusting game play elements like ball movem...

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    40 oferte translate scientific concepts into engaging visuals - Experience in educational content creation is preferable - Strong communication skills to collaborate on content Videos in the style of **Project Outline:** - Create a series of 2D animated videos that range from 7 to 20 minutes - Each video will cover a different science topics, from IB physics, IB chemistry, and IB biology - Incorporate engaging narratives that resonate with high school students - script is provided by me, and voiceover is done by me also. Just make the animation based on the script, incorporating all the correct elements **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - A portfolio showcasing relevant 2D animation work of the style similar to the Kenhub video linked. - Previous

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    ...paper should include references to existing literature, a thorough explanation of the underlying scientific principles of combustion, and a detailed description of the algorithm and methodology used. The purpose is to not only create a functional program but also to ensure that the scientific basis and the programming logic are well understood. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in physics or engineering, with a specific focus on thermodynamics or combustion, is highly desirable. - Prior experience in creating simulation software, particularly with a focus on combustion or fluid dynamics. - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a proven ability to work on complex scientific programming tasks. - Excellent written communication skills, for producing clear, c...

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    I am seeking someone with a strong background in quantum mecha...discussions about these topics. The aim is to not only entertain but also potentially inspire curiosity in my clients about the world of bizarre physics. Ideal candidates should: - Have a deep understanding of quantum mechanics, relativity, and fresh proven theories in the field of physics. - Ability to explain complex topics in an accessible and engaging way, adequate for beginners in physics. - Be skilled in stimulating conversations, with a knack for storytelling and making physics relatable. - Have great interpersonal communication skills with an interest in promoting scientific curiosity. This opportunity is perfect for someone passionate about physics and keen on spreading knowledge...

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    I'm currently on the lookout for a freelancer who possesses a deep understanding of physics to help me create detailed summaries of several scientific books. These summaries are primarily intended for educational purposes, aiming to simplify complex subjects for easier understanding and teaching. **Key Requirements:** - **Strong Background in Physics:** The ideal candidate will have a solid foundation in physics, able to comprehend and condense high-level material. - **Detail-Oriented:** Summaries should capture key concepts, explaining them with clarity and precision. - **Ability to Simplify Complex Ideas:** Skills in breaking down sophisticated topics for educational use are crucial. - **Experience with Educational Content:** Prior experience creating or contri...

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    I'm looking for an exceptional professional with expertise in marketing photography artwork. My primary target market, real estate managers, architects. Ideal Candidate will have: - Proven experience in art sales, particularly in the fine art photography niche. - Strong network within the interior design market - Exceptional skills in direct contact and email marketing - Proficient in networking and relationship building - Great communication and sales skills. - Understanding about spirituality, quantum physics, energy work. Ideal candidates will create a system of sales processes and then duplicate that by training other salesperson in different parts of the globe in different native languages. You get paid a commission of a successful sale based on your connect...

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    ...particles in a pre-existing code. - **Focus on Accuracy**: The most critical aspect of this project is ensuring that the forces implemented into the code are as accurate as possible. A thorough understanding of force fields and their application within LAMMPS is essential. - **Requirements**: - Proficiency in using and modifying LAMMPS software - Strong background in computational chemistry or physics, especially in molecular dynamics simulations - Ability to write clean, efficient, and accurate code - Detail-oriented approach to ensure the accuracy of the forces applied - **Ideal Experience**: - Previous experience in modifying LAMMPS codes with a focus on force implementation - Solid understanding of particle dynamics and how to accurately simulate these within L...

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    As a project leader, I require calculations of water weight flowing through a 6mm hose under pressure to determine the flow rate. The hose lengths will range from 10 to 50 meters. Candidate specifications: - Proficient in physics, specifically fluid dynamics and pressure calculations - Experience in working with similar projects - Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills - Detail-oriented and high precision in calculations Your responsibility: - Calculate the precise water weight flowing through the hose under pressure - Perform multiple calculations for hose lengths within the mentioned range - Ensure all calculations are accurate to determine a reliable flow rate.

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to create me a ue project to output 3D videos using the Unreal Engine. The main goal of this project is to simulate a ball bouncing with the possibility to adap... The main goal of this project is to simulate a ball bouncing with the possibility to adapt the trajectory. **Requirements:** - Proficiency in Unreal Engine for 3D video creation - Experience in physics simulation to accurately depict ball bouncing dynamics **Objective:** The created videos are not meant for educational, marketing, or entertainment purposes. Instead, they serve a critical role in a larger project focused on data analysis and research. The successful implementation of this task requires a combination of technical Unreal Engine skills and a fundamental understand...

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    Acord de confidenţialitate
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    ...paper should include references to existing literature, a thorough explanation of the underlying scientific principles of combustion, and a detailed description of the algorithm and methodology used. The purpose is to not only create a functional program but also to ensure that the scientific basis and the programming logic are well understood. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in physics or engineering, with a specific focus on thermodynamics or combustion, is highly desirable. - Prior experience in creating simulation software, particularly with a focus on combustion or fluid dynamics. - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a proven ability to work on complex scientific programming tasks. - Excellent written communication skills, for producing clear, c...

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    I am looking for a freelancer with expertise in MATLAB and a strong background in engineering or physics, particularly in hydraulic systems and wave energy conversion, to develop a comprehensive optimization problem. This project aims to optimize wave power output from a hydraulic Power Take-Off (PTO) system. The objective is multi-fold: 1. **Optimization Development:** - Create an optimization problem to maximize total wave power output from a hydraulic PTO system subject to the following constraints: wave-to-wire energy balance, wave point absorber WEC power, PTO power, generator output limits, and overall power balance. The optimization problem seeks an optimal configuration that maximizes wave energy conversion while satisfying these constraints. 2. **MATLAB Coding:** - ...

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    ...individual differences and assigning individuals to latent groups for time series data. The focus lies on identifying latent groups in time series data, such as eye-tracking data. we hav 12 texts from physics and biology 6 texts each.. We hav 75 readers who are experts in physics and biology We need to use clustering algorithm to cluster the patterns..for example: get the similarity matrix generation using needle man wunsch...and apply unsupervised techniques like clustering algorithm like ward's, DBSCAN etc., on top of the matrix To find how are the readers who are experts and amateur in physics and biology are clustered or how are the users clustered does the domain knowledge or the expertise make sense in the clustering Like how the clusters formed fo...

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    I need to translate this app from ThreeJS to BabylonJS. The code is pretty old and uses ThreeJS + can...need to translate this app from ThreeJS to BabylonJS. The code is pretty old and uses ThreeJS + cannon for physics. The idea is to move to BabylonJS (last version 6.37) + cannon-es probably (maintained version of cannon) and cleanup the code since its pretty messy (this code will be integrated in other project later). Need to use vite react-ts. (React + typescript + vite). If you are interested and want more information ask me for a detailed Tasklist. Project to migrate to Babylon: If everything looks good at the end, we might have an additional contract (more money) to migrate to Rapier or Havok for physics.

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    ...fluid, lifelike animations that match the high-quality visuals of our game. Requirements: - Create high-quality realistic character animations. - Collaborate with the game development team. - Rigging and skinning experience is a must. - Familiarity with 3D software (e.g., Maya, Blender). - Portfolio showcasing previous character animations. Desired Skills: - Strong understanding of motion and physics. - Experience with video game animation workflows. - Ability to interpret concept art and storyboards. - Creativity in developing unique character movements. The perfect candidate will have a passion for animation and video games, plus a portfolio demonstrating experience in producing realistic character motion. If that's you, I'm excited to see your bid and discuss how ...

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    ...and object physics, focusing primarily on humanoid characters. Here's what I'm looking for: Teacher who can teach how to control "Spring effect" in iclone Please see the attached image on my problem. - **Expertise in iClone 8**: A freelancer experienced with the latest version. - **Spring Effect Mastery**: Ability to teach the fine-tuning of spring effects. - **Humanoid Animation Focus**: Strategies for realistic humanoid character movements. **Skills Needed**: - Proficiency in iClone 8, including updates and advanced features. - Understanding of animation principles, particularly for humanoid characters. - Ability to communicate complex concepts simply and effectively for educational purposes. **Experience Required**: - Proven track record with iClone ani...

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    I am in need of a committed science tutor to facilitate online education in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology for a GCSE student. Key Responsibilities: - Provide clear, engaging online lessons in the mentioned subjects - Utilise digital teaching resources to provide thorough and stimulating lessons - Monitor student performance and adapt lesson plans as necessary The ideal candidate will possess: - Comprehensive knowledge and teaching experience in Chemistry, Physics, and Biology - Intermediate Level teaching experience, preferably with GCSE students - Ability to effectively communicate complex scientific concepts - Strong technical skills for seamless online teaching If you have the requisite skills and experience, I look forward to discussing this opportunity further.

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    I'm in need of a talented developer to bring my vision for a unique and engrossing puz...responsibilities include: - Development of a puzzle-based game that stands out in a crowded market with its engaging gameplay and smart design. - Integration of in-app purchases, a vital component for monetising the game. You should ideally have previous experience in implementing and testing this feature successfully. In terms of skills and experience, knowledge of mobile platform Android SDK, game physics, and animation are desirable. A strong portfolio showcasing similar projects would make for an impressive application. Familiarity with the puzzle gaming genre would also be a huge asset in understanding and realizing my vision. Let's create something that will captivate and chal...

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    ...aim is to craft a visually compelling and interactive experience that will captivate players who enjoy fast-paced gameplay within a believable setting. Key Project Requirements: - Develop a PC action game with realistic graphics and physics - Create an immersive and interactive game environment - Program gameplay mechanics such as combat, movement, and progression Ideal Candidate Skills: - Expertise in a well-known game engine (Unreal, Unity, etc.) - Strong background in 3D modeling, animation, and texturing - Proficiency in coding for game mechanics and physics - A portfolio showcasing relevant past work - Ability to collaborate and take direction well My project deadline is flexible, and I'm looking for a balance between quality and budget efficiency. Please prov...

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    More details: What specific topics or concepts within quantum physics and quantum computing are your questions related to? Quantum mechanics,Quantum algorithms,Quantum states What is the level of difficulty or complexity of the theoretical questions you need to solve? Intermediate Would you prefer the answers to include detailed explanations or concise solutions? A balance of both detail and conciseness.

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    I have an A.I generated logo that I'm aiming to officially use for my brand. This logo is readily available in a high-resolution JPG format. The focus is on creating a NEW Icon Graphic - Take the existing graphic and simplify/minimalize it. Then you can come up with a new...- Solid graphic design skills - Proficiency in using design software - Previous experience taking rough concepts and turning them into polished visual designs - Great creativity and problem-solving abilities - Ability to take brief and transform it into appealing designs I look forward to seeing your unique takes and interpretation of this logo design. Also need to have a variation for an accelerator Here's a bit our our main brands:

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    STEM Exam Creators Needed S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking talented individuals to craft educational exam papers tailored to UK students aged 15-16 in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. These exams will align with AQA and Edexcel standard curriculums and should be accessible to students with content that covers a range of levels of difficulty. Ideal Skills and Experiences: - Proficiency in Biology, Chemistry, or Physics content relevant to AQA and Edexcel specifications - Previous experience in educational content creation, particularly exams - Familiarity with UK's secondary education standards - Excellent written English and a meticulous attention to detail Task Overview: - Develop multiple-choice and short-answer exam papers that reflect the knowledge expected of 15-16 year-old students - Ensure the difficu...

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    I'm seeking an expert in tensor calculations for a General Relativity context. The project hinges on proficient manipulation of tensor differential equations. Ideal skills and experience include: - Strong backgrou...relativity equations, hence a robust understanding of General Relativity concepts and mathematical approaches is crucial. Insights into the visualization and other potential applications of tensors would also be beneficial. The project requires meticulous, accurate work with the potential for challenging mathematical landscapes, making it suitable for driven individuals who can navigate theoretical physics terrain and solve complex problems. If you consider yourself a whiz in differential tensor equations and General Relativity, I would love to connect with you fo...

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    ...revolutionize my JEE/NEET Physics MCQs by adding hints and subtopic names to them, primarily aiming to assist learners' understanding. I'm particularly interested in integrating conceptual facts into the questions. This move is meant to provide the students with a prompt that would stimulate deeper thinking, hence provoking prolonged engagement with each question. The incorporation of these hints will not only enrich the learning experience but also solidify comprehension. The hints need to be presented in a prescribed format, which I will provide. The format works to create an easy-to-follow guide, breaking down complex Physics concepts into easily digestible pieces. The ideal freelancer for this task would be an individual well-versed in Physics, be...

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    Math Tutor Needed ASAP S-a încheiat left

    NO ARTICLE WRITERS OR PAPER WRITERS. I'm in immediate need of a skilled tutor who excels in university-level maths and physics. The ideal freelancer will assist me in comprehending complex concepts and guide me to a stronger grasp of these subjects. Requirements: - Expert in advanced mathematics and physics - Familiarity with university curriculum - Ability to explain complicated topics clearly - Immediate availability The tutoring may involve various subjects as the exact needs were not specified, so flexibility is crucial. I'd love to hear from you if you can adapt and cover topics such as Calculus, Quantum Mechanics, or Thermodynamics. Let's conquer these challenges together! This will be ongoing, so prepare for further work. Skills Required

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    I'm in urgent need of a multi-disciplinary science expert who can seamlessly blend knowledge across various fields for an upcoming project. Key Requirements: - Profound knowledge in Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Maths. - Capacity to apply scientific principles in a practical context. - Ability to communicate complex concepts clearly and effectively. Ideal Candidate Traits: - Extensive educational or professional background in the sciences. - Previous experience in cross-disciplinary scientific projects. - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Logistics: - The project timeline is within one month from commencement. - I'm looking for someone who can start immediately and commit to a tight schedule. To sum up, I need a science polymath ready for a fast-paced, ...

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    I'm seeking to hire a skilled JavaScript developer with expertise in game development. The project is to create ...that we can use and just change the assets/look/feel - will also work. Quick turnaround is required. I require: - Proficiency with JavaScript game development - Familiarity with adventure-style gameplay mechanics - Strong abilities to produce and integrate 8-bit retro-style graphics Experience working on similar 2D web-based games is desirable. You should have a sound understanding of game physics and should be able to replicate the fun and immersive experience that the Mario series is known for. The aim of the gameplay is to create an engaging and enjoyable user experience so a discerning taste in game design would be helpful. Please include sample works in yo...

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    Physics Numerical Issue S-a încheiat left

    I need expert suggestion to understand the problem mentioned here:

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    I'm seeking a talented developer specializing in creating engaging and complex puzzle games primarily for the Android platform. The ideal candidate should have: • Expertise in mobile game development, specifically Android. • Fluency in relevant programming languages. • A strong portfolio of puzzle games. • A good understanding of game physics and mechanics. This developer will be responsible for turning my vision into a fully functional mobile game that provides challenging and captivating puzzles for players to solve. Can't wait to see your portfolios and begin this exciting project.

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    ...both aspects to guide me and teach me how I can enhance my website. I'm open to creative ideas and am willing to learn, so patience and excellent communication skills are a must. • E-commerce Focus: The main goal of the website is to sell products and services. I am using the ClickBank Accelerator platform, therefore, expertise in this platform is a non-negotiable requirement. • Skills & Experience: Experience in e-commerce web design and development, with a particular emphasis on the clickbank accelerator platform is highly desired. If you have a knack for balancing functionality and aesthetics, and a track record of creating websites that drive sales, then you are the freelancer I am looking for. Your role will be to walk me through the process, equ...

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    ...professional help to guide me in the design and construction of my network marketing website. This will be hosted on ClickBank/Accelerator and is aimed at providing information and education. Your Main Tasks will be: - Design: I aspire to have a minimalistic and clean design. Your role will be ensuring the layout is just this, impressively clean yet impactful. - Functionality and Features: I require the website to provide customized features and functions that enhance the user experience. I'm counting on your expertise to suggest what features would be the best fit and how to actualize them. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience with ClickBank/Accelerator is preferred. - Proven record in creating minimalistic, informative websites. - Expertise in u...

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