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    Aplicatie java S-a încheiat left

    Am nevoie de o aplicație în limbajul Java. Aplicația va conține: clase simple cu atribute private / protected și metode de acces cel puțin 2 colecții diferite capabile să gestioneze obiectele definite anterior (eg: List, Set, Map, etc.) dintre care cel puțin una sa fie sortata – se vor folosi array-uri uni- /bidimensionale în cazul în care nu se parcurg colectiile pana la d...

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    realizare fisier csv S-a încheiat left

    Doresc importarea produseleor a 2 situri intr-un singur fisier csv. Exemplu cod pentru a genera fisierul csv: <?php $f = fopen('php://output', 'wb'); if($f) { foreach(toate_produsele_active() as $produs) { $coloane = array( $produs['id'], $produs['titlu'], $produs['categorie'], ...

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    Game Developer S-a încheiat left

    • Actionscript 3, Flash, AIR, OOP, FLEX, JAVASCRIPT ; • Experience in game developement ; FLASH and HTML5;

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    Trophy icon Design A Kitsune Character 13 zile left

    Hi Everyone, I’m looking for someone to design a Kitsune character. Both in fox form and in human form, the character will be female, have dark brown hair and will have a wide array of different emotions. Your submission would be a character sheet showing the character, their dress, their emotions in both human and fox form. The art style is slightly cartoonish manga. Submissions will nee...

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    Android POS 6 zile left

    I need an app that can read a debit/credit card with NFC and put that info (name, date, and any data that could be read) into an associative array. Also this app should have a camera barcode scanner for usual bar codes and QR codes.

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    Hi. I am setting up some klaviyo/woocommerce flows for a client. I don't need the flows or the whole email template designed as I have already done these. What I don't know how to do is create a dynamic block table with event variable arrays for multiple products in one order. This table will go in the order placed (order confirmation) email which needs the actual order info in it, incl...

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    I need to read the inputs from a Mitsubishi PLC using the MC Protocol. I want to write the data to memory in an array. The inputs are written to D501 in the PLC program. There are 5 words of inputs IP address is unknown

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    Create array file that customers can enter data and texts on their Word so that they are automatically correct on their homepage.

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    hi, i have this code i am using this mathod without file is fech record but if i want to fetch file that is not working ## Fetch records $empQuery = "select * from cmt_attachment WHERE 1 ".$searchQuery." order by ".$columnName." ".$columnSortOrder." limit ".$row.",".$rowperpage; $empRecords = mysqli_query($con, $empQuery); $data = array(); whil...

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    Write a java code to accept an integer array of user-defined length from the user. Then write methods to take care of the following tasks. Check your methods in the main method of your program (3 points). A method that finds the sum of the maximum value and the minimum value among all the elements of the array. (3 points) Example: 10 15 4 19 2 12 The maximum value is 19 and the minimum value is ...

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    I need a simple php script that will recursively scan files in folders and find all unique strings in the function call {{Helper::trans("<string>")}} and output them as an array.

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    We need a PHP script for publishing posts in diferent Facebook Pages we manage. The script must be written in PHP and compatible with versions 5.3+ Must contain functions to: - Access to FB Pages with the necessary permisions - Check if an URL is published in a PAGE and return all the available data including title, text, image url, likes, shares, comments - PUBLISH articles from a given PHP...

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    Q1) Write an array class that implements the search and sort methods discussed in the classroom. Then write a program to test your class. 1. Create an int Array of Size 100,000 (main method) 2. Generate random values between 1 and 10000 and store them in the array. (main) 3. Implement the sort method discussed in class and use it to sort the array. (array class) 5. Implement se...

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    Xcode, Swift Fitting 8 images into a circle. - 8 images should fill the circle as much as possible. - the diameter of the circle is as a parameter - distance between images controlled by parameter - the position of the images is completely random inside the circle (center x, y of the photo, scale, rotation). - image proportions preserved - non-blank pixels from different images should not overlap....

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    Input: ./script email password url Output: Cookies after login A script is to be made in nodejs/python for ex. puppeteer or bs4 to automate login based on css selectors. The script should look for all css selectors on a website and input username and password into input fields. If a cookie is generated on successful login, it should be returned back via [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL...

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    Hey, This is Iconic Media a boutique digital marketing agency that specializes in paid advertising and website creation. Looking for experts, hiring soon. Web Designer & Web development A graphic artist who is responsible for designing the layout, usability, and visual appearance of a website. A successful web designer must possess an array of creative, graphic, and technical skills. Also be...

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    We are looking for someone who will use a template from Motion Array to adjust it to our corporate identity!

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    Raspberry Pi Expert Needed 2 zile left

    Work Details Are you familiar with Raspberry Pi? Also With ReSpeaker projects audio microphone array? First is to have the basic visualization of sound levels over time: graph, and the direction of sound. The idea for example you have 3 units outdoor separated by whatever distance in meters (50 or 500 meters....etc.) and you have a sound that is captured by all 3 units. Also to monitor noise level...

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    We are using Groovy for many of our Apache Nifi flows. Based on the below article I would like to create a Nifi flow using a GroovyScript processor. The flow / processor would be used to take a (template) XLSX file and a configuration to fill cells in the Excel sheet with data. [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] I would like to create the following processor: - the groovy processor recei...

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    A server is required for messages from a GPS device. Using the device protocol the server parses all incoming message & store them in a mysql - created using python - server multithreaded - store devices messages in dB in tables named as the device id a Rest API should be created to interface messages. - created using Django - The API will count with auth module - A security token will be i...

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    I want to amend and insert the following into the attached cpp file so that a two dimension array is created from the attached [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] file using the number of rows and columns identified in the cpp file : istream inputStream; int myArray[3][5]; for(int i = 0; i < 3; i++) for(int j = 0; j < 5; j++) istream >> myArray[i][j];

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    I have a program that uses Flash to plot an array of values over the course of a week and displays it in graphic form. Now that flash is no longer supported, need to change this over to HTML5. The job is to convert the Flash program (in a javascript envelope) to HTML5.

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    I am trying to migrate my contacts from office to mailchimp using (an heavily modified version) of the script in this article [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] However, i am facing some errors while using a powershell script to do it . I'll be able to provide the script here is the error message Invoke-RestMethod : {"type":"[conectează-te pentru a consulta linku...

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    The task is to integrate a payment gateway in python (odoo erp solution) Write code to post the required set of parameters to a given url, after saving the same to the transaction table. Parameters are merchant_id, username, password, api_key, order_id, total_price, CurrencyCode, success_url, error_url, test_mode, CstFName, CstEmail, CstMobile, payment_gateway, whitelabled, ProductTitle, Produc...

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    Fix website 20 ore left

    Fix website error In this case, WordPress caught an error with your theme, Contemporary Pieces - Child. First, visit your website ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) and check for any visible issues. Next, visit the page where the error was caught ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) and check for any visible issues. Please contact your host for assistance with investigating...

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    We need an experienced PCB developer to build a wifi enabled IoT LED array controller suited to pass UL testing. The PCB must use only surface mount components on the top surface only - no through hole components. The PCB must measure a maximum 12mm wide. Preferred length is 150mm or less. Input voltage from a UL class 2 power supply is 24V DC. There are two output channels for the LEDs, 12V DC...

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    Wir haben auf unserer Seite ein Filebase-Plugin, welches unter PHP8 Fehler auswirft. Als Beispiel eine Fehlermeldung: Ein Fehler vom Typ E_COMPILE_ERROR wurde in der Zeile 711 der Datei /home/ebnother/www/[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] verursacht. Fehlermeldung: Array and string offset access syntax with curly braces is no longer supported Solche Fehler gibt es einige. Wir suchen j...

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    1. We need to right simple and effective python programming which runs as cloud function (aws lambda , GCP function) (mean just a individual program on AWS cloud, this function will be invoked by the AWS API gateway. In other words, we will have REST API which will take JSON object as a input and call the Python function by sending the JSON object as a input.) 2. JSON object will have name, URL, d...

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    Trophy icon Logo Design S-a încheiat left

    ***EDIT! You all have such great designs that I love, however I won't be able to accept anything that looks like a TRUMP or BIDEN campaign logo. Thank you!! *** I need a logo design. This is for our company that sells online products online. We would like for this to be a logo that is very versatile as it will be used an array of different products. The company name is Made in 2004. I will ...

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    Hi! I'm wanting a blender script/addon made. I want to be able to add custom data to mesh faces, then export that data as a json file to be used in a custom program. - I want to be able to add json data to each mesh face, by selecting a single face and assigning a value aswell selecting multiple faces and assigning a value. - I would like a export button to be able to export that custom m...

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    Code a stack in c++ S-a încheiat left

    Code a Stack data structure using an array utilizing the Test Driven Development process. For simplicity and to help maintain focus on the Test Driven Development process, your stack only needs to be designed to store integers. A Versioning Control system such as git must be used, and your Versioning Control logs should show you applying the Test Driven Development process. (Remember to commit oft...

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    Need help with a php array formula

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    quick php array formula S-a încheiat left

    Need help with a php array formula

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    On this site: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Selecting "Carder" returns 0 results where it should return 4. The issue is the filter works for people with either null values or multiple values for "Occupation" or "Location" but does NOT work when the individual only has a single value for the filter in question. An example record is "John Hern (b. 1...

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    Simple HTML5 page with 4 buttons (Beta) and some user interaction Anyone skilled in HTML5 should be able to flick this together in pure HTML5 within an hour or two. The app needs to be able to display images Able to read variables into list/array Able to change what image is displayed based on variables set based on lists arrays as explained below. The 3 lists that the site needs to be able ...

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    Hello, Need to enforce my server security because it attacks. PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type PHP Warning: mysqli::__construct(): (HY000/1040): Too many connections in /home/..... PHP Warning: mysqli::real_escape_string(): Couldn't fetch mysqli in /public_html/.......

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    write python code for vowpal wabbit multilabel classifier with option --multilabel_oaa data find by yourself with many rows and features features are both categorical and continues >>> import numpy as np >>> X = [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]([ [10, 10], [8, 10], [-5, 5.5], [-5.4, 5.5], [-20, -20], [-15, -20] ]) >>> y = [conectează-te pentru a c...

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    Token ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]): The implementation of game pieces. This class is provided to you and you should NOT change the file. • Column ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]): The implementation of a dynamic array list. We use this as columns of the game board. You will implement this class as a generic class to practice that concept. • PowerConnectFou...

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    square lattice S-a încheiat left

    it's a matlab program that should implement a half filled square lattice of variable size L (the total filling is L²/2, the sites of the lattice are alternatively filled-1-and empty-0-) with an array named [l,i,j] where l is the state label. i, the horizontal axis and j the vertical axis. the code is a for loop for i and for j that return for each selected i and j a state label=0 or 1 (t...

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    I am looking to create an excel sheet (as initial proof of concept) and then google sheet (to increase functionality) to co-ordinate the capture and reporting of values in a medical (ophthalmic) examination of patients. There are multiple parameters (input heading) recorded for each patient such as Intra-ocular pressure Tear production Comfort levels Fundic clarity globe movements blinking ...

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    Hello, I am looking for a RAID expect, who can help me in inserting a drive into RAID. Must know storcli commands. I am trying this command: Storcli /c0/e20/s0 insert dg=0 array=0 row=0 and I am getting error Description = Insert Drive Failed. Detailed Status : =============== ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Drive Status ErrCd ErrMsg -----------...

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    MS Access Query and VBA Custom Function Call with Array as parameter Remark:- The query should display first three rank holders as 1, 2 , 3 and other records should have blank in the Rank column. Name Total Rank: Rank(Total, SELECT TOTAL FROM QUERY1) ali 435 2 john 490 1 sameer 41...

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    Need Training on Apache Flink with Scala. Need complete training on below topics. Object Oriented and Functional Programming Object oriented programming Oops concepts Constructor, getter, setter, singleton, overloading and overridingType Inference, Implicit Parameters, Closures Lists, Maps and Map Operations Nested Classes, Visibility Rules Functional Structures Functional programming constructs...

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    Firestore Aggregation S-a încheiat left

    Here is a micro task; Create a Firestore collection with some dummy data. For example create 20 dummy documents that has A string, A number, A date, An array that has at least 3 keywords. Aggregate this collection with a cloud function into documents of keywords. Use same keywords for some of the documents to show the aggregation. Lets say 3 documents in this collection has banana keyword in...

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    We want an Appium script to run in HeadSpin to do the following: 1. Take a screenshot when a call comes in 2. Hangup the call after taking the screenshot 3. Read the call logs as a JSON Array or any Text format 4. Go to the call logs app and take a screenshot 5. Upload both the screenshots and the call logs data to an HTTP API This should work across iOS and Android.

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    LOCAL DATA CACHE 1. Create a Firestore collection. Documents can have some simple dummy data like; -UID -name -image -lastUpdated (a full date) -array (contains 10 to 40 keywords or IDs from a pre defined list) Define a dummy keyword / ID list and put some of them to each document. Random dummy data. Nothing fancy. 2. Create a flutter app, show an empty loading page with a simple loader. 3. Cr...

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    This is an extremely easy job which requires very little expertise. What I need done is an array populated with all family bit codes of the one-wire devices. It will be an array of the following structure. typedef struct { const uint8_t family_code; const char* description; }device_code_t; The array should be filled in like this: device_code_t device_codes[] = { {0x01, "Part...

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    Hi, Please don't bid if you don't read the requirements or your estimation is above my budget! I need a frontend app with Shopify (NodeJS) stack (shopify node create cli) for an invoicing app. Necessary skills: Shopify, NodeJS, Grapqhl, Polaris, Github, NextJS, I need the frontend part for an invoice app that has the following section: - Dashboard (a list with cards that point to pag...

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    Copy Writer S-a încheiat left

    Need someone that can write copy on an array of projects - Websites, Youtube Descriptions, Email, etc. Must be proficient in English writing.

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