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    Design Banners S-a încheiat left

    I need some banners for a website ( an classified ads site ): Size: 728x90, 300x250, 160x600 Classified ads site adress url: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Text: - Anunturi de tot felul - Anunturi imobiliare din toata Romania - Adauga anuntul tau gratuit pe [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    We need a database of companies in Germany (name, web adress, e-mail, phone number) that are anyhow conected or active involved in mechanical design as well as civil engineering design as well as statics in the civil engineering.

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    Hi all, I need a team of seniors designers and webflow experts to build, daily, busness websites for restaurants only. The mission will be to build simple but with great design restaurant busness, ONLY WITH webflow, that include: - a navbar with a very simple logo - an homepage with really basic slide text animation see here [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] - an "about" se...

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    The project includes the following: 1. Two GKE clusters in two different regions 2. Static IP adress. 3. Kubernetes Ingress that handles HTTPS (Google Managed Certificate) 4. HTTP to HTTPS direction rule We will set up a few pods running nginx only for test purposes. IMPORTANT: I will be the one doing the setup while sharing my screen and you will guide me through the process as I set everythin...

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    Hi this is Kaushik. I have a very simple requirement for my personal use as follows. Requirement: I receive an email with a link. When I click it, it opens a new email with “subject” and “to” adress populated. I just press send button to send the email. I need this process to be automated in my gmail. In a nutshell, when i receive an email with the link. It needs to click t...

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    Send Automated replies in email 4 zile left

    Hi this is Kaushik. I have a very simple requirement for my personal use as follows. Requirement: I receive an email with a link. When I click it, it opens a new email with “subject” and “to” adress populated. I just press send button to send the email. I need this process to be automated in my gmail. In a nutshell, when i receive an email with the link. It needs to click t...

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    2 paged. Draw up a plan for better team functioning to Adress Absence of trust—unwilling to be vulnerable within the group Fear of conflict—seeking artificial harmony over constructive passionate debate Lack of commitment—feigning buy-in for group decisions creates ambiguity throughout the organization Avoidance of accountability—ducking the...

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    Please see the enclosed .xls file We need to extract Country information from column X with a specific formula (must be replicated as more data will be loaded) and populate column Y with standard country code 2 digits. As you may see there are 2 most frequent countries Italy and United Kingdom (sometimes written in Italian Italia Regno Unito or Gran Bretagna). And other countries like USA France...

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    I need someone to read and analyse my research and write the “ Experimental design” Chapter , it should shows the data set and specifies the hypothesis the research will adress.

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    I would like to request the domain name (www.) * [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] <[conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] /> * (with and without www.) refer to the ip adress NB: this only applies to the website. Records for mail, ftp and others should NOT be modified and should continue to refer to the original server. Please pay extra attention to MX records: these must th...

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    Hi RWaltz Software Pvt. Ltd., I noticed your profile and would like to ask if you can create a smart contract similar to primablock where we can pool funds then use that adress for access to [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] ido's, let me know what you think cheers

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    2 pages. Pionet Form builder Forms, paypal (with stripe) and submit. Sending to specific mail-adress. Should be easy to replicate.

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    Hello, i need a Promo Image for Booster Opening on Twitch. The Promo Image gone posted at Facebook so i need the Resolution 2400x1.256 with high dpi. You have my Logo and the Internet adress is [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] . i send you some Booster Pictures later. The Opening is on the 01.05.2021. The Image must be reusable and changeable in direction of the Date an Booster Picture...

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    OK so im trying to build a water flow notifier that can connect via WIFI to a IP address (Or anything via WIFI) that can advice the user that the water flow is going on. This project is using 3 devices: 1.- MEGA Arduino 2560 (WIFI ESP82 66Built in) 2.- yf-s201 3.- Oled Screen And the Main Objective is: 1.- IF the YF- S201 has been turnin for more than one hour then the MEGA 2560 has to send ...

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    Find email adress S-a încheiat left

    I have a list of one thousand contact, I already have they names and Linkedin and I want their email adress.

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    The link from google search to our company website is not working: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] We need to: 1- add www 2- check all SEO related to the website 3- speed up the website

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    We need to build a microservice to qualify customer base. This microservice will ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Upload basic tables -these may be updated with a tradidional DB admin tool ATECO codes ADRESS Country, Region, Province ROLES CATEGORY INDUSTRIES ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- FLOW 1: INGEST COMPA...

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    Only prestashop developer S-a încheiat left

    Hi! I have a group of user and would like to complete some information from them so I need to send them a link to go a this form so the user fill with his info and save Field in the registration: 1. date from the current registration day (automatic) 2. Name of the ONG (input text) 2.1 ID of the ONG (input text) 3. Ojectives of the foundation (input textarea) 4. CIF (input text) 5. Complete addre...

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    Hi there - For actual task and previous task and a small part of coming task which is a page with form and dropdown button + images and files entry from customers - then send all data to a mail adress or store to shopify memory.

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    I have a server running ubuntu 20.04 with 2 public ip adresses. The installation is working fine and openvpn client connects to server perfectly, but the client gets the public ipv4 adress 1 when surfing the internet through vpn. I want the client to get the second ipv4 adress when surfing the web. This is probably a pretty easy fix, but since i dont have knowledge with routing or linux i need ...

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    Change buyer info on pdf S-a încheiat left

    Change buyer: Refocus BV adress: Riddersstraat 181, 3000 LEUVEN to: Darwin, SIA Ganu iela 3-2, Riga, LV-1010 Reg. No.: 40203236042

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    List of 3000 Companies S-a încheiat left

    I want a list with the following details : - Name of Company - Name of the Boss or Hr Manager - Location - Telephone Number - E-mail Adress (This one is Particulary Important) The Industries of the Companies : - Construction - Cleaning - Fishing The cities of the companies : 1st - Bodø , Norway 2nd - Trondheim , Norway 3rd - Stavanger , Norway 4th - Bergen, Norway 5th - Oslo, No...

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    samsung, lg iptv app S-a încheiat left

    Hello everybody, i need an app for lg webos and samsung tizen smart tva also it should uploaded on bitj webos and samsung appstore. The app should work like smart iotv. where i can load the list via mac adress. i should add m3u playlist and url too the app should take the epgs and logos from channels too. it should categorised the countries. and should show the images of vods. and series of the ...

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    We are running Odoo12 community edition over AWS EC2 just 1 DB multicompanies/multisite - We need are building an external microservice to qualify leads and contacts (companies and individuals) - This microservice needs to be alligned with Odoo then it must have same fields and above all primary keys Therfore we need to: - map, download, upload (to update) following fields: - Companies all in...

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    Hey Amarildo, I need someone to find me as many voice-over-agencies as possible which are looking for German voice-over artists. I prefer at least 100, if that is possible with that budget :) Create a excel or .csv file please with the following things there: - Name - URL - eMail adress Can you do this job? I am looking forward to hear from you!

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    Project for Nikita M. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Nikita M., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. My name is Mikael Bramstedt skype adress kingston bramis and we are a global IT company need help with blockchain development in gaming and livestreaming area

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    Searching person who Can fix simple c++ / assambler x32 code i have 2 adress in of program i need call it , change value , and jump back to another adress

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    I am using myself browser. I have a problem. I am using windows 10 pro. Windows is blocking my system. I need to remove '' AppData / Local / Microsoft / Windows / Explorer '' all files. How can I remove this all files from this adress.

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    build a flutter 2 app S-a încheiat left

    build a flutter 2 app with firebase admin panel and web adress

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    We want to receive a complete brand kit that will includes the following 1. Shipping Boxes design ( red with our logo and some icons maybe from our website or ecommerce icons) 2. Courier Bags (customer carry bags same design as boxes) 3. Stickers (Verify stickers for products authenticity that was checked by us for example Verified by Autoplanet) 4. Envelopes 5. Business Card 6. Business Catalog ...

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    Data scrapping S-a încheiat left

    I need to obtain email adress from sectors of business in specific countries. As example: 1- List of all travel agencies located in uk; 2- List of all real estate companies located in Sweden

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    WordPress Geo Redirect S-a încheiat left

    What we have. A backery network what to begin make a delivery. Wtah we need. We need redirect website user according to the assignesed to the bakery delivery area or make possible choose o type delivery adress. Delivery arias assigned in GloriaFood menu for every backery individually. So I need a plugin witch can connect Google Maps data from GloriaFood and Geo data of the customers or provided de...

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    Hello everyone. I am searching for a solution to populate a mysql users table databese with random content. A user have forms like user,email,adress,password,etc. I want to be able to generate 100,200 and more users, with defined password and with random email/user like userid1,userid2 . The platform it is a biolink script, buyed from envato. I can explain more with examples if you can handle it.

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    Data input in website S-a încheiat left

    I have a list of data that you need to put in my website. my website is You have to create 200 organism. I already have all the data Your job, will be to create an organism in my website by adding the logo , the adress, the web site, the email, an a short description. I have all the data. you only have to do copy and paste. i figure 10 hours of labors

    $86 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello. What I want is a service that uses the gmail API to transfer gmail data to JSON (by using the gmail API)., and saves it to mySQL. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY!!! I will not respond to offers that don't include: - estimation of hours needed for this project - which technology you want to use - which tech stack - where you want to host it - how much the hosting costs will be per month I...

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    Hello, I am countering a problem with my website that i am not able to upload pictures into a specific program. The inspection shows that it is showing error "Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error) [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]" The website adress will be provided in chat... I am looking some one who knows the issue and...

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    We need to have unique IP adress for every single Users/Anonymous (proxy list) , so we also neeed Anonymous users and Registred Users ( we can provide you a user list with already Registred users with the same Password !) First time we can do 100 users for the test ! Can you after upgrade the list and add more Regitred users by us ?? that will be very helpful if you understand the idea. I will att...

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    I’d like to build a tiny product to generate greeting cards with a minimum amount of code thanks to Retool(interface to add text input), Airtable (to store the datas), Google Slide and Zapier to send them. Node.js experience is needed to connect Retool with Airtable REST API. Here the expected features: Generate greeting card • Add a message and a signature in the Retool interfac...

    $20 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We need: Java Developers in NDK and Website Developers with YII Skills. A Team for both!!!! Very Important!!!! We want Mutli Vendor Platform with interactive Apps. Hi PMs, I will just kick it off with explaining all in a row.. We got a multi vendor Restaurant system, which we will extend here with you. The website is existing already and only needs some extendings. We got a requirements Docum...

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    We want to read out adress data from an online Hotel Plattform. Total aprox 2000 set of data. Fields to read: 1. Category 2. Name 3. Street 4. Postcode 5. City

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    Hello For one project we connect to the raspberry pi by setting manually a local wifi ssid and key. After we connect to it using an ip adress with a web browser. The idea here is, an easy way to the customer to connect to it with following way: (see also files in project): 1: for the first connection, user open wifi settings and connect to the wifi id (id must be "name of the project "...

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    Build a forwarding delivery service website - login for customers / business - every customer that registered will be assigned a unique address for the deleviery that he should enter when he try to purchase goods from (aliexpress/ amazon./ ebay / ex.....) - business should enter there own adress so whem a package arrive to one of the address of the website owner he then can forward it to the clo...

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    I want to prevent those who query, control and ban the mac address and ip address from accessing the page. Only the ip and mac addresses that I allow can enter the page I appear.

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    Hi, i'm searching for someone that can tansform my contact form into a multistep form [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] It needs to be smartphone friendly and use bootstrap that I already use. All the submit server is working, form validation also. I just need to improve it's design. using my css color sheme. I'd like something with big pictures, that can be touche...

    $89 (Avg Bid)
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    I want make smart contract project with roi system... You can see sample SC adress on tron : TUMatgmcCgc3q6XS4iECadPB3upb1wZwpQ and TQKCF8YFzs9gMRoLAmYgmz2AUUb4htX2Ao But I will make modificated rules or flow... Similiar like that...

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    I need an VBA expert S-a încheiat left

    Send mail from Outlook 2016 via VBA automatically, every time, when a certain mail is received. Substract e-mail adress from body or header and use it to send the new e-mail to this adress. New e-mail should be generated from an .oft template.

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    Trophy icon Visit card needed & vectorize logo S-a încheiat left

    Hello! Visit card needed & Logo vectorizing! In the attachement you will find a logo, please turn this into JPG, PNG, PDF, SVG, EPS. With this logo and following informations i will need a visit card that is related to the company. Name: " D Generalunternehmer" Adress: Schanzerweg 18, 85049, Ingolstadt. Phone: +49 1516 6224666. 1st side of the card should contain just the logo 2...

    $23 (Avg Bid)
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    I am searching for someone that is able to transform an AI image (a large image containing a custom map) in a map that is responsive. Something like googlemaps with a custom image instead of the actual map. There ia no need for geolocation as it would not be used as a proper map , just as an info map. The icons need to have a popup that contain an adress. Something similar to this [conectează-...

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    I need in an Excel file all the automotive workshops in USA this is the information i need - Adress - State - Phone number - E-mail Adress - Linkedin adress to company - Contact persons with: e-mail, position, phone number, Linkedin person

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