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    ...remotely. A.I. Interaction: - Voice Commands: It's important that the system can be controlled using voice commands, to enhance the user experience and safety. - Gesture Recognition: I'm looking for a controller that can recognize and respond to specific gestures for added convenience and functionality. - Predictive Maintenance Alerts: The A.I. should be capable of predicting potential issues and alerting the user in advance for proactive maintenance. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in circuit design and implementation. - Experienced in Raspberry Pi and A.I. technology. - Skilled in mobile app integration. - Strong understanding of E-bike functionalities and battery management. If you feel you have the technical expertise and creative flair needed for this project, I&#...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to design and build an iOS and Android app. I'm envisioning an app that functions somewhat like Bark, focusing on service providers. The main features I need are: - **Push Notifications**: These are crucial for alerting service providers about new messages or booking requests. They need to be tailored and relevant to the service provider's offerings and availability. - **Profile Creation and Management**: Service providers need to be able to create and manage their profiles easily. This should include uploading photos, writing descriptions, setting service areas, and adjusting availability. The app is primarily targeting service providers, so the design and user experience should reflect this. Prior experience in developing similar a...

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    165 oferte some rules in object detection and tracking 3 cameras at restaurants. Your task will be creating AI models with some rules: In the restaurant, there are three areas with cameras: 1) kitchen: staffs must wear hat, food drop on the floor, and food dropped on the floor and pick up for customers 2) cashier: stuff cash into pocket 3) at the door: customers walk in and the time they are seated. - Alerting staff when any tasks compliance aboved (ex: people with no hat, food is dropped, dropped food is put back on dishes to serve customers. Each AI model should provide an immediate visual notification, aiming for rapid response times. Additionally, the system should automatically notify the manager to ensure immediate action. For this project, proficiency in AI programming, particul...

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    ...particularly with Kubernetes. Your main focus will be on optimizing our current infrastructure, implementing best practices, and ensuring high availability for an application that serves less than 10 tenants. Key responsibilities: - Evaluate our current infrastructure and provide recommendations for improvements - Implement Kubernetes to scale our application efficiently - Set up monitoring and alerting systems to ensure high availability and performance - Work on automating deployment process and optimizing the CI/CD pipeline Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Node.js - Strong experience with Kubernetes and other container orchestration tools - Background in DevOps and infrastructure management - Experience with Huawei Cloud would be highly beneficial - Knowledge of best practices...

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    ...will need to take images of overspeeding vehicles, store the data in a public cloud, and send it to clients via email and WhatsApp. Key requirements include: - Compatibility: The system must be compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android. - Speed Detection: The system should use image recognition to determine vehicle speed. - Data Storage: The captured data should be stored in a public cloud. - Alerting: Notifications for speeding vehicles should be sent to clients through email and WhatsApp. Prior experience with CCTV camera integration and image recognition is crucial for this project. Experience working with public cloud services is also a plus. The successful candidate will be able to demonstrate a high level of proficiency in developing similar monitoring systems and poss...

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    I'm in need of a professional well-versed in EC...tasks would involve: - Upgrading the Elastic Cloud Enterprise to the latest version - Upgrading Elasticsearch to the latest version - Implementing improved performance measures - Enhancing security features - Introducing new monitoring and alerting capabilities You should have: - Prior experience with Elastic Cloud Enterprise - Proficiency in upgrading versions of Elasticsearch - A strong understanding of system performance improvements - Knowledge of implementing security features in Elasticsearch - Familiarity with setting up monitoring and alerting systems This project would be ideal for someone who is proactive, detail-oriented, and able to deliver solid outcomes. Please provide examples of similar projects you...

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    AWS Node Solana RPC Setup S-a încheiat left

    ...a node on AWS, specifically for Solana's RPC. Key Requirements: - Proficient in AWS: The ideal candidate should be well-versed in setting up nodes on AWS, ensuring optimal performance and security. - Blockchain Experience: Knowledge of blockchain technology is a must, and specific experience with the Solana network is highly preferred. - Monitoring and Alerting: In addition to the node setup, I require comprehensive monitoring and alerting to be put in place. This includes proactive monitoring to ensure the node is running smoothly and the ability to respond to any issues promptly. Your role will be crucial in enabling our blockchain infrastructure and ensuring its continuous operation. Your expertise will not only be in the setup itself but also in the ongoing mon...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create an API that can recognize specific objects or logos in images, and provide real-time alerts based on this recognition. To accomplish this, you should be proficient in Python, Artificial Intelligence (AI...image recognition that specifically identifies objects or logos - Enable real-time alerts triggered by the API's recognition capabilities Ideal Experience: - Proficiency in Python is a must - Previous experience with AI and machine learning for image recognition - Familiarity with Azure Vision API is highly desirable - Strong understanding of real-time alerting systems This project will be pivotal in enhancing our monitoring and alerting capabilities, and we're looking for a dedicated professional who can deliver a h...

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    As a PHP and MySQL expert, your task will be to fix a challenge I'm facing with PHPSpreadsheet. My Excel data is not being imported correctly into MySQL as tables are not being created. Despite no error messages alerting me to these issues, the hiccup persists. Below is a more detailed description. After login, the user uploads 4 required and 2 optional Excel files on the dashboard page. The files are uploaded to an “upload” folder on the server and the file names and other info are stored in the “files” table of the mysql database. All of the above works with no problems. Once the actions above are complete, a button at the bottom of the dashboard page is activated. When the button is pressed, PHPSpreadsheet is used to move the data from the Excel...

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    ...marketplace. Here, owners and tenants can interact for property rental services. For Owners, the platform should provide: - Facility to list properties with specifications and location demographics. - A secure system for managing bookings efficiently. - A dynamic platform for sign-up as a tenant or owner with verification through email and mobile SMS code systems. - Email notification system, alerting after successful property listing and routing responses to the website admin. - An interactive admin dashboard showcasing all listings and consequent requests with daily and monthly statistics. - An invoice generation system. - A comprehensive control system for the admin to manage users and finances. For Tenants: - An intelligent search system for properties. - An integrated pl...

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    I'm seeking a professional to help migrate my existing Grafana 8 alerts to Grafana 10. Your proposal shoul...based on specific metrics, thresholds and conditions. - Alert Rule Mapping: You'll be responsible for ensuring that all alert rules are correctly mapped from Grafana 8 to Grafana 10. - Alert Notifications: Set up the necessary alert notifications to ensure they are received by the relevant parties promptly and efficiently. Ideal candidates should have: - Extensive experience with Grafana and its alerting system - A proven track record of successful alert migration projects - Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to problem-solving. While not mandatory, experience with Prometheus, Elasticsearch, and MySQL would be a plus given the data sources we...

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    I'm seeking a Linux server administrator with expertise in disaster management, networking, VPN, and documentation. Key Responsibilities: - Data Backup & Recovery: Ensure robust backup mechanisms are in place and capable of quick recovery in case of data loss. - Server Monitoring & Alerting: Implement tools for real-time monitoring of server performance and immediate alerts for any issues. - Disaster Recovery Planning: Develop and maintain a comprehensive disaster recovery plan to mitigate any potential risks. Networking Tasks: - Network Configuration: Configure and optimize the server's networking settings for optimal performance. - Firewall Setup: Set up and manage firewall rules to safeguard the server from unauthorized access and potential security threats. ...

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    ...authentication using email and password. - Match the received alarm data to the user the device is linked to. - Send a push notification to the app whenever an alarm is received with the user details that the alarm is linked to. - The home screen will change with the alarm state showing the user information of the linked account to the alarm -The alarm needs to be acknowledged or it will continue alerting. -Information to be displayed when an alarm is received includes the following - Name Surname, Contact numbers, Map of where alarm is(coordinates will be included in the JSON data) - Users will be added on the app and then be linked to one or multiple devices - Edit user details - Add devices with device id, give device user friendly name Ideal skills for this project includ...

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    I'm seeking an expert in Grafana Loki/Mimir who will correctly install and configure it in our AWS environment used for multi-tenant work. This will need specialized knowledge and proven experience in: - Grafana Loki/Mimir installation and configuration - Multi-tenant environments - Cloud-based (AWS) platf...Grafana Loki/Mimir installation and configuration - Multi-tenant environments - Cloud-based (AWS) platforms The desired outcome is a successful and robust installation, optimized for our specific AWS environment. Proven experience with Grafana Loki/Mimir installs on AWS is a must, along with great problem-solving skills. Familiarity with dashboard creation, data visualization, and monitoring/alerting within a multi-tenant environment would also be highly advantageous fo...

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    I am looking for a C programmer to develop a simple keylogger detector specifically for Windows and Linux operating systems. The primary use of this tool will be on my personal computer. Key Features and Tasks: - The detector should be capable of detecting and alerting keyloggers' presence on the computer. - The detector can have minimal ui. - the detector can only have manula scanning. Ideal Candidate: - Knowledgable in C programming with significant experience in system security programming. - Familiarity with keylogger behaviors and effective detection methods. - Prior experience in developing security software for Windows and Linux operating systems. The end goal of this project is to ensure my personal computer is fairly safe from keyloggers. Looking forward to worki...

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    ...recommendations. Requirements: - Develop a Python program capable of converting video to images and image enhancement through filter and noise reduction. - It should capable of labeling of images and recognizing various surface defects including cracks, wear, corrosion, fractures, head-checks, wheel burns, rolling contact fatigue (RCF) defects, spells, squats, shelling, and flaking. - Implement real-time alerting mechanisms for identified defects to promptly inform maintenance teams. - Provide detailed analysis of detected defects, including type, severity (defect length/ area), and specific location along the track. - Generate track maintenance recommendations based on defect analysis to guide repair prioritization and scheduling. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in...

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    ...obstacles up to a distance of 2 or 3 meters. Adjustable distance is mandatory when object is closer than distance set, then alarm beeps a few times. Minimum distance for alerts 2 inches-can discuss. So if I set for let's say 2 inches and am (my car) closer than 2 inches, buzzer goes off. Only measuring if something is closer than limit set. The sensor should come with a buzzer/beep feature for alerting upon the detection of obstacles in this case my car pulling up too close to garage. **Bugs, weather, rain, changes in lighting should not set tge buzzer off. Should he a solid object that lingers for one second or so.. If I am too close need it to beep. This is so I do not hit the front corner of car on garage trim frame. **Be nice if the most up to date affordable s...

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    Hi, I want somebody to build an alerting solution that will send me an email instantly each time a crypto project creates contracts on more than one of the following chains. With the same contract address. BnB ETH Sol Arb Avax Base Optimism I also want the data to output to a spreadsheet also in real time. In addition I want alerts and emails sent when; 1. liquidity is added to one of the contract addresses that meets the above criteria 2. Liquidity is removed from one of the contract addresses that meets the above criteria. I would like the routine to run regularly.

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    ...various GPS tracker APIs to fetch necessary data for fleet tracking. Integration with multiple tracker APIs to accommodate different fleets and tracking requirements. - Email Scheduler for Reports: Implementation of an email scheduler within the system to automate the generation and delivery of reports to designated recipients at specified intervals. - Alerts and Notifications: Integration of alerting mechanisms to communicate events, notifications, and alerts via email or other media channels such as WhatsApp or Telegram. - Hosting setup on an on-premises server. A well-versed expertise in software development, web, and mobile development, database management, API integration, and data analytics. Additionally, proficiency in UX/UI design, network and communication protocols, s...

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    I am looking for an expert in Grafana and Prometheus who can assist with monitoring and alerting system health. The specific focus is on the development of squid proxy dashboards, visualizing and analyzing the relevant metrics. Further, I count on your expertise to guide me on setting up the appropriate performance thresholds for effective monitoring. Ideal Skills: - Extensive knowledge of Grafana and Prometheus - Prior experience with squid proxy dashboards - Proficiency in defining performance thresholds - Strong problem-solving skills and proficiency in monitoring and alerting on system health.

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    I am in need of proactive and persuasive Telegram raiders who can shill and promote my meme coin group. Your primary role will be to generate interest and excitement in different Telegram groups. The key objectives will be: I dentify other rapidly growing groups these are generally rug pulls. We want to fight the rug pulls by alerting people. to the warning signs by reminding people they should sell out befor the dev dumps or drains the liquidity or walks away. There are 1000s of these on the solana system We do want people to buy our coin as we are a safer option and wont rug pull - Promote the various activities happening inside our meme coin group, this will be the main information shared. Skills and Experience Required: - Experience in promotional activities, specif...

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    6 oferte The app must include features for the police, fire department, and ambulance, covering three key areas: - GPS location tracking: Articulating the precise location of an emergency with utmost accuracy is crucial. - Messaging capability: Develop an in-app messaging system for urgent communication with emergency services. - Advanced Alert System: A highlight feature would be a system of alerting first aiders who are within a 10-minute radius of an emergency. IDEAL CANDIDATE: Should have explicit experience in developing productivity apps, with a deep knowledge of GPS and messaging systems. Prior experience developing emergency-related or public safety applications would be a significant plus. Candidates must be able to display strong communication skills and have the ab...

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    ...dashboard development, along with proficiency in Node.js API development. Responsibilities: Design, develop, and maintain Grafana dashboards to visualize data from our Node.js API. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather requirements and translate them into effective Grafana dashboards. Optimize dashboard performance and ensure data accuracy. Implement monitoring and alerting solutions using Grafana. Stay updated with the latest Grafana features and best practices. Troubleshoot and resolve issues related to Grafana dashboards and data visualization. Contribute to the improvement of our Node.js API for better integration with Grafana. Experience please provide reference project details of implementation using these data sources (1) Plesk se...

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    ...nodes of the artificial intelligence model, such as demographic data, description of the need, date of birth. On the other hand, we will have information on the purchases made, their amount, the products quoted, the connection time, among others. When the chatbot has a high percentage of uncertainty, based on the established parameters, the conversation will move to the human interface without alerting the customer so that the conversation can be answered by an agent. Human interface: Interface where a human agent will speak with customers via WhatsApp leading to a good evaluation of support and attention and increasing online sales. Supervised learning: An interface is required where the sales supervisor can evaluate the conversations without knowing whether the response wa...

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    ...Cloud Platform (GCP). The main features of the plugin should include: - Access Control Management: The plugin should have a robust role-based access control system. Users should only be able to access features and data that are relevant to their roles. - Audit Log Tracking: I require a system that can track and log all activities within the plugin. This feature should have a strong emphasis on alerting for suspicious activities. Your ideal skills and experience for this job should include: - Proficiency in GCP and its backstage plugin development - Strong experience in designing role-based access control systems - Prior experience in developing audit log tracking systems, especially with a focus on detecting suspicious activities Please provide examples of similar projects yo...

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    ...algorithms. Model Development and Validation: Design and implement risk scoring algorithms tailored to the specific requirements of our mobile wallet platform. Train and validate the models using historical transaction data to ensure accuracy and reliability in predicting fraudulent activities. Real-Time Monitoring and Alerting: Integrate the risk scoring system into our mobile wallet platform to enable real-time monitoring of credit card cash-in transactions. Develop alerting mechanisms to notify users and administrators of suspicious activities and potential security breaches. Documentation and Reporting: Document the entire process of risk score definition, including data preprocessing steps, feature selection methodologies, model development techniques, and validati...

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    I'm in need of a script that is capable of performing two functions: 1. Monitoring the careers page of a specific company 2. Alerting me whenever a new job posting is added. The script is intended to run on an hourly basis, with alerts emailed directly to me each time a new listing is identified. To ensure the script is functioning as expected, it must be able to identify new postings, however the criteria for recognizing 'new' postings has not been defined yet and may be discussed upon hiring. Ideal candidates should possess: - Strong script-writing skills - Web scraping techniques understanding - Experience with automation and email systems When pitching to me, freelancers should include: - A brief outline of their plan to meet the project's requi...

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    92 oferte create a pet-tracking app with a monthly subscription model. The app will use a Bluetooth tracker to track the live location of pets in real-time. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking: Users should be able to see their pet's live location. - History of pet's location: The app should keep a history of pets' previous locations. - Geo-fencing: The option for users to set up Geo-fencing, alerting them if their pet goes beyond a certain range. Ideal skills include: - Cross-platform app development (iOS & Android) - Familiarity with Bluetooth technology - Geo-fencing development experience - Experience with subscription-based app development. Candidates with previous experience or existing projects related to pet tracking or similar geotracking applicati...

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    I am seeking a skilled Shopify developer to create an e-commerce platform akin to Essential features include: - Inventory Management: You should be able to smartly handle the product inventory, alerting for low-stock, managing out-of-stock items and seamless integration with the shop front. Skills and experience needed: - Expertise in Shopify and its comprehensive functionality - Proficiency in e-commerce website development and inventory management - A good understanding of online business operations - Previous work creating similar e-commerce platforms will be a significant advantage.

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    I’m looking for an experienced developer to automate my online store selling physical products. In this project, three crucial features need to be expertly implemented: - Inventory Management: The system needs to monitor our stock closely, alerting us when inventory levels are low. Additionally, it should initiate automatic reordering of stock items running low to ensure consistent supply and customer satisfaction. - Order Tracking: I'd like seamless tracking of all orders, which will enhance customer trust and boost our reputation for reliability. - Payment Gateway Integration: A secure, user-friendly payment gateway needs to be integrated, offering customers varied and convenient payment options. Ideal candidates should be well versed in E-commerce platforms, invent...

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    More details: I have an account on where I put the beers I tap at my pub. I need to alert my customers every time I tap a new beer and update my ...last update of the menu, then perform a serie of actions in Telegram, Whatsapp, Instagram (post + story) and Facebook. If possible I need: 1) through a Telegram bot I'd like to alert my telegram channel of the new beer 2) send a WhatsApp message to my broadcast 3) post a Facebook message with an image + custom text alerting the new beer 4) post an Instagram message with an image + custom text alerting the new beer 5) post an Instagram story with an image + custom text alerting the new beer. I have No time limit for the development, and I can host PHP scripts on my website. provides a serie of Apis.

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    ...pipelines to collect, process, and store large volumes of data from diverse sources. - Collaborate with data scientists and analysts to understand data requirements and implement solutions to meet their needs. - Optimize and troubleshoot existing data pipelines to improve performance and reliability. - Ensure data quality and integrity throughout the data lifecycle. - Implement monitoring and alerting systems to proactively identify and address issues. - Stay up-to-date with emerging technologies and best practices in data engineering. *Requirements:* - Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field. - Proven experience as a data engineer or similar role, with a strong understanding of data modeling, ETL processes, and database technologies. - Profic...

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    I require a proficiency in Datadog engineering, specifically in the area of monitoring and alerting for interview support. This gig is targeted at freelancers who have an excellent understanding of Datadog and are rated experts in the field. • The specialist is expected to have profound understanding and experience in: - Configuring Datadog monitors - Managing and interpreting alerts • Handling different levels of severity for alerts • Proper management of alert thresholds and escalation policies • A proven track record in problem-solving through Datadog metrics. Please ensure your portfolio showcases relevant project completion and the high level of expertise required for this position.

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    ...detailed in an attached document, but to enable interested developers to make an informed bid, here's an overview: - The program should be capable of making specific database queries to extract, to a MySql DB. - The queried data will need to be presented in a visually clean and engaging format, with different types of visualizations such as charts, graphs, and tables. - The program should include an alerting system through email for important updates or changes. - Data exports in a PDF format should be possible. - The program will need a customizable configuration file for adjusting db queries. Additionally, the project includes writing comprehensive documentation to explain its functionality and procedures to users. Ideal Skills: 1. Experience in Database Management (My...

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    ...Lithuania, VFS Turkey as well as all other countries in the VFS database. - A crucial feature of this software would be integration with the VFS Global API allowing for smooth interaction with the VFS systems. - The software should also have automatic form-filling capabilities and generate appointments. - A real-time availability check and notification system needs to be built into the software, alerting me of confirmed appointments. ### Functional Requirements: 1. User Authentication: - The software should support user authentication to ensure security and restrict unauthorized access. - Users should be able to log in with their VFS Global credentials. 2. Appointment Search: - Provide a search functionality to find available visa appointment slots based on specific criteria s...

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    ...- Upon pressing the button, the application initiates location tracking and starts the process of sending help requests to nearby users. 4. SOS Message Functionality: - The SOS message feature ensures that in times of danger, the victim themselves can send an emergency message. - Upon triggering the SOS button, the application sends a distress signal to predefined emergency contacts, alerting them to the user's situation. - This message includes vital information such as the user's current location, name, and any additional details they may have provided during registration. 5. “Ready to Help” Feature: - By default, users are positioned in the "getting help" mode, indicating they are in need of assistance in case of emergencies. ...

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    ...Lithuania, VFS Turkey as well as all other countries in the VFS database. - A crucial feature of this software would be integration with the VFS Global API allowing for smooth interaction with the VFS systems. - The software should also have automatic form-filling capabilities and generate appointments. - A real-time availability check and notification system needs to be built into the software, alerting me of confirmed appointments. ### Functional Requirements: 1. User Authentication: - The software should support user authentication to ensure security and restrict unauthorized access. - Users should be able to log in with their VFS Global credentials. 2. Appointment Search: - Provide a search functionality to find available visa appointment slots based on specific criteria s...

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    ...Digital Loyalty Cards: To encourage repeat customers and promote customer retention. - Menu and Specials Updates: Capability to update users on the latest offerings and deals. - Reservations: Allowing customers to book a table swiftly and efficiently. - Questionnaire: For gathering essential customer feedback. - Game Scratchy: A fun interactive feature to keep customers engaged. - Notifications: Alerting customers of new updates, special deals, and important info. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proven experience in Android app development. - Proficient in implementing reservation systems, digital loyalty features, and push notifications. - Previous work experience in developing apps for clubs or comparable establishments is advantageous. - Strong UI/UX skills to ensure an engaging a...

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    I'm looking for an animator skilled in 2D animation to create a promotional piece with a professional tone. Here's what I need: - You'll create a professional 2D animated video that...when bidding, preferably those of a promotional nature. I'm excited to see your talent in action. I need an animation to promote my BoilerWatch product. BoilerWatch is a system that alerts user when their furnace had a malfunction. The BoilerWatch is a device that receives an error signal from the furnace. It then sends the signal via wifi to a server which sends an email and SMS text message alerting the owner that the furnace has unexpectedly shut down. The animation should be maybe 10 seconds long somehow showing that the furnace stopped and the BoilerWatch sending a signal and...

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    I am seeking a professional with strong cybersecurity skills to assist with a serious incident that has occurred. I have fallen victim to a cyber attack and require expert assistance to ensure my system is secure and potentially trace the hacker who has infiltrated my system. Key Responsibilities Involved: - Providing real-time monitoring and alerting solutions. - Implementing effective firewall and antivirus protection. - Conducting thorough log analysis and tracking activities. The hacker has compromised various sorts of my personal, financial, and confidential business data. Not only has my name, address, and phone number been accessed, but my financial details, including credit card and bank account information, have also been breached. In addition, confidential business data...

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    I'm looking for a skilled app developer to create a mobile app compatible with both iOS and Android systems. The primary features of this app include: - Group chat capabilities, providing a platform for multiple users to communicate simultaneously. - File sharing options, allowing users to seamlessly share and receive different types of files. - Push notifications, alerting users of new messages, file shares and other app-related updates. The app development should be completed within a month. Ideal candidates should have proven experience in app development across both iOS and Android platforms, with a portfolio demonstrating similar projects. Any knowledge of push notification systems and file sharing protocols will be a bonus.

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    ...development and operations teams Implement security best practices throughout the SDLC Optimize system performance through capacity planning and tuning Respond to incidents and troubleshoot issues to minimize downtime Continuously learn and improve processes, tools, and methodologies Automate deployment processes to achieve faster and more reliable releases Implement infrastructure monitoring and alerting to proactively identify and address issues Collaborate with development teams to optimize application performance and scalability Conduct regular security assessments and implement security controls to protect systems and data Coordinate with cloud providers to optimize cloud infrastructure usage and costs Manage service-level agreements (SLAs) and ensure service uptime and reli...

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    I need a program written to interact Coinbase with Google Sheets that can: 1) Pull prices for specified crypto, display the current price while saving to a spreadsheet to keep historical track 3) View tracked cryptos "All" graph and store all interact Coinbase with Google Sheets that can: 1) Pull prices for specified crypto, display the current price while saving to a spreadsheet to keep historical track 3) View tracked cryptos "All" graph and store all previous price points in a sheet while adding new prices as they get pulled 2) Analyze crypto prices, current and past, to determine probability of profitable sell times 3) Price alerting 4) View my wallet balance per cash and coin This is an ongoing project to keep open as additional features will be r...

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    I am searching for a skilled app developer to build a learning application associated with my existing website. This application should feature: - Instant Messaging: This will enable interactive communication between users. - Alerts: An alert system is required, specifically for alerting users about new content on the platform. - Video Tutorials: The app should be capable of hosting and managing free and paid video tutorials. The application will serve as an extension of my website, offering both free and paid content. You should have ample experience in building communication apps, working with alert systems, and creating platforms for video content. A background in educational or learning application development will be highly advantageous.

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    ...signed electronically, and custom workflow defined on a WhatsApp script. - **WhatsApp Integration**: The app should be able to send requests for signatures via WhatsApp, receiving the recipient's name and cellphone number. Basic integration is needed, with capabilities for sending and receiving messages. - **Real-time Notifications**: A key feature of this app will be real-time notifications, alerting users when a signature has been requested, received, or a document has been signed. - **Secure & Accessible**: Having a secure storage solution for all signed documents is a must. Accessibility and ease of retrieval for these documents are just as crucial. - **UI/UX Design**: The user interface should be intuitive and simple, ensuring a seamless experience for both senders ...

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    ...recommendations. Requirements: - Develop a Python program capable of converting video to images and image enhancement through filter and noise reduction. - It should capable of labeling of images and recognizing various surface defects including cracks, wear, corrosion, fractures, head-checks, wheel burns, rolling contact fatigue (RCF) defects, spells, squats, shelling, and flaking. - Implement real-time alerting mechanisms for identified defects to promptly inform maintenance teams. - Provide detailed analysis of detected defects, including type, severity (defect length/ area), and specific location along the track. - Generate track maintenance recommendations based on defect analysis to guide repair prioritization and scheduling. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer familiar with AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Helm charts, Grafana, and security best practices to create a comprehensive alerting system highlighting specific vulnerabilities within our environment. This project aims to enhance our cloud security posture by identifying and alerting on potential threats in real-time. **Requirements:** - **Experience with Cloud Services**: Proficiency in Amazon Web Services (AWS) is non-negotiable. You should be comfortable navigating and leveraging AWS services that integrate with Docker and Kubernetes. - **Kubernetes Expertise**: Knowledge in managing and securing Kubernetes clusters is essential. While admin access can be negotiated, demonstrating an ability to work with customized roles is preferred. -...

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    I'm looking to develop a comprehensive and user-friendly MERN stack application for my Kirana shop, that doesn't currently have an existing website. The aim is to automate, manage, and streamline multiple areas of my business operation. Key Features Required: - Inventory Tracking: Accurate, real-time stock levels, alerting for low stocks and predictive ordering. - Product Management: Easy addition and removal of products, with detailed product information. - Sales Management: Dynamic reporting and visualizations of sales, with trends and predictive analytics. - User Authentication: Secure sign-in for admins and users, with dynamic roles and permissions. - Billing and Invoicing: Hassle-free billing system, with automatic invoice generation. - Product Search and Filters: ...

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    ...functionality must include the ability to create geo-fenced areas and define custom geo-routes for monitoring and management purposes. Additionally, the system needs to support real-time alerts for both entry and exit events within these geo-fenced areas. **Key Requirements:** - Expertise in Google Maps API for creating and managing geo-fences and geo-routes. - Ability to implement real-time alerting mechanisms for entry/exit events. - Experience in developing secure applications for surveillance purposes. - Strong understanding of location-based services and their implications on privacy and security. 1. KML, MGRS, UTM,DTED maps formats must be supported. These can be overlaid/underlaid over each other. 2. Multiple Geo-fences can drawn in radius, or with area within a polygon...

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    I'm seeking the expertise of a coder with experience in video analytics for implementing an abnormal event detection system. This system should be designed to identify and alert users about any unauthorized entry in outdoor public areas like parks and streets. Requirements: - outdoor public areas like parks and streets. Requirements: - Functionality to recognize unauthorized entries. - Capability to handle video feeds from outdoor environments. Ideal Skill Sets: - Strong background in image analysis or video analytics. - Proficiency in developing algorithms for pattern recognition, machine learning and artificial intelligence. - Prior experience in creating alerting systems would be beneficial. - Familiarity with security and surveillance systems is hi...

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