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    I'm looking for an individual with expertise in Altium Designer. This project involves replacing an obsolete Xilinx FPGA with an Altera part. The initial project has been done in Altium Designer. ECAD would need to be done in Altium 19.

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    ...freelancer with expertise in FPGA coding to bring a custom logic design project to life in Noida (Delhi/NCR). **Project Objectives:** - Development and implementation of custom logic designs using FPGA. - Ensuring designs are efficient, reliable, and meet project requirements. **Skills and Experience:** - Strong background in FPGA programming and design, with specific experience in either Xilinx, Altera, or Lattice platforms preferred. - Proven ability to develop and optimize custom logic designs. - Excellent problem-solving skills and creativity in designing unique solutions. - Ability to work independently and deliver project milestones on time. **Application Requirements:** - convert LVDS signals to MIPI CSI2. - preferably using Lattice crosslink. This project offers an ex...

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    FPGA UART Interface Expert S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking a talented individual with a strong background in VHDL and FPGA design, specifically with Altera products, who can successfully implement communication interfaces within my project. The ideal candidate will possess a deep understanding of UART protocol and be capable of integrating it with other interfaces. Requirements: - Proficiency in VHDL programming for FPGA - Experience with Altera FPGA design tools - Successful implementation of UART interfaces - Knowledge in LAN and USB communication The scope of the project includes: - Implementing a low-speed UART interface (up to 115200 bps) - Integrating UART with LAN and USB interfaces on the FPGA The right freelancer will have a strong portfolio demonstrating their expertise in FPGA interface design and commu...

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    RainbowLED VHDL QuestaSim S-a încheiat left

    i am looking for an individual who can do perform the project on Quartus in VHDL formate. We are looking for only experts.

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    Verilog/Quartus II S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for an expert in Verilog/Quartus II I will share the details of my task in chat

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    KP4-FEC ENCODER DECODER RS (544,514) including documentation and explanation. Verilog files and simple testbench to prove the run on Quartus II. 514 data symbols per codeword 544 data plus parity symbols per codeword Codeword size = 10 * 544 = 5440 bits Correcting capability up to 15 symbols within a codeword PAM4 modulation

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    FPGA Function Generator S-a încheiat left

    I am looking to hire a freelancer to design an FPGA function generator using a Altera MAX 10 FPGA, 10M08SAE144C8G that produces a frequency of 10 MHz and above. The desired waveforms are sine, square, and triangle. This function generator should also have a single channel. If you think you have the skills to help me with this project, feel free to bid on it. Thank you!

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    support with quartus prime S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for someone to provide support with a Quartus Prime project. Specifically, I need help troubleshooting and debugging a basic project, and it needs to be completed within a week. The person I'm looking for should be knowledgeable and experienced with Quartus Prime, as well as troubleshooting and debugging. If you think you have the qualifications to help, please get in touch - I'm ready to get started!

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    c# developer S-a încheiat left

    Possuo um projetto em c# simples, que realiza algumas ações no computador da pessoa que executa. São elas: - Abre navegador de internet em uma pagina especifica - Abre 20 janelas de CMD com uma mensagem especifica - Altera o papel de parede O executável funciona perfeitamente, mas quando compartilhado com outros usuários, o google chrome está identificando como ameaça e não permite o download. Preciso corrigir isto até amanhã de manha.

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    fpga programming S-a încheiat left

    My project is about FPGA programming for control systems. I'm using the Altera Cyclone V board and the preferred programming language is Verilog. This project requires someone with experience in FPGA programming and the design of embedded systems. The programmer should be able to develop design flows for FPGA devices, debug them and modify existing designs for better performance. The knowledge of hardware description languages such as VHDL and Verilog is crucial, as they will be used for implementation and testing of the designs. Additionally, some knowledge of microcontrollers and communication protocols will be required. The right person for this job should have strong problem-solving skills, excellent coding and debugging capabilities, and a deep understanding of hardware in...

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    um pequeno software em WP S-a încheiat left

    SISTEMA MANUAL DE CARGOS LANÇAR / CONSULTAR / ALTERAR FORMULÁRIO DE DESCRIÇÃO DE CARGO CONSULTAR SETOR E DEPOIS O CARGO DESEJADO DADOS DO FORMULÁRIO DE DESCRIÇÃO DE CARGOS CARGO CBO DEPTO SETOR Grade Pleno: MISSÃO RESPONSABILIDADES - PELO MENOS 30 LINHAS PARA DESCREVER ESCOLARIDADE EXPERIÊNCIA I...os dados dos colaboradores e aprovar a descrição ou não RH tem acesso o a tudo Administrador tem acesso a tudo seria interessante ter um botão de aprovação para ele apertar e se ainda não apertou ficar com status de em aprovação. Login / Senha com alçadas (3 tipos de alçadas) 1 - só cadastrar ao finalizar não ter poder de alterar nem excl...

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    Project Title: Altera DE0 Board Programming Assistance Description: I am seeking a freelancer who can provide programming assistance for my Altera DE0 board project. I require expertise in VHDL programming language and the ability to modify existing code as well as start from scratch. Skills and Experience: The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proficiency in VHDL programming language - Experience with Altera DE0 board - Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills - Knowledge of hardware design consultation Specific requirements: - Provide programming assistance for the Altera DE0 board - Modify existing code and develop new code from scratch - Troubleshoot and debug any issues that arise during the programming process - Provide hardware design ...

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    Buenas tardes, tengo algunos script a corregir como el que adjuntare, el error en ese script es básicamente un desface que tiene, la función es del script es llenar un formato de citación en ghseets, se encarga de copiar las notas de una hoja a la hoja citación, desde la primer citación a la quinta, lo hace muy bien, después de la quinta citación he agregado una fila en blanco, la cual altera los rangos a la sexta citación y siguientes, pegando los valores una fila mas abajo de donde debería. tambien tengo otros script con algunos detalles, lo podriamos hablar en privado.

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    fpga development S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for an experienced FPGA developer to help me with a project. The desired application for this project is Embedded Systems and the software preference is Telecom, which I need to be completed within 1 month. The expertise of the developer should be suitable for this type of development, and must have experience with Xilinx Vivado, Intel Quartus or Lattice Diamond. Time is of the essence, so I’m looking for someone who can hit the ground running and begin the project as soon as possible. If you feel you have the necessary skills and experience for this project, I look forward to hearing from you.

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    Hello,I am looking for devs who has experience and knowledge in FPGA to interface RF AFE chip from analogue device(exact part number via chat) Desired FPGA- xilinx Zynq/ equivalent series, Cyclone/equivalent from altera. The FPGA will be interfaced with the AFE and will act as an DSP. Apart from the AFE the FPGA is expected t be interfaced with: 1) Display module 2) Keypad 3) Memory 4) Microphone 5) ESP32C3 and GNSS module. Additional MCU/processor can be added to reduce the burden on FPGA. It can be decided after discussing. The FPGA will perform the DSP task and will be used to transmit RF waveforms. It will be used to perform frequency hopping and encryption (AES-256/SHA) task for the waveform. More detailed information via chat. Eligibility: The freelancer must have...

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    I'm looking for an experienced programmer to work on an LAB project for a traffic light controller. The controller should have basic functionality as well as advanced features such as pedestrian crossings and timers for different traffic scenarios, customizable options included. i use Quartus in school so it needs to be done on Quartus. If you cant then just give me all the codes and block diagrams and the report. The lab project requires my last three digits of student number which is 378. so my counter number is 18. dont worry about DE0-CV board. The completion of the project is needed within a day, so I am looking for someone who can dedicate their time and energy to complete this task promptly.

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    I am looking for a person who can work with Quartus Prime to help me with designing a digital circuit. I will provide detailed instructions for the specific tasks that need to be done. The project will require documentation for all tasks. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in designing digital circuits using Quartus Prime - Proficiency in programming FPGA - Knowledge of simulating designs using Quartus Prime - Strong attention to detail for documenting tasks

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    ...format instruction has the following fields: 15 14..12 11..9 8..7 6..4 3..0 Funct7 rs2 rs1 Funct3 rd opcode R-type Note that Funct3 and Funct7 fields are not used and should be set to zeros. Modify the pipelined data path to allow the correct execution of the ubl instruction in addition to the existing instructions. The branch address is determined in the instruction decode (ID) stage. Use the Quartus block editor tools to highlight your modification on the block/schematic diagram. Testing and Simulation Given the following RISC-V assembly program. Note that the code does not have any data hazards. Complete the following steps to test and simulate your design: 1. Encode the instructions in the given program and create the memory initialization file to initialize your instruc...

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    I am an EE engineer. I have lots of experience designi...Assembly language and C/C++ (both procedural and OOP). *for STM and nrf controllers Mbed OS could be one of the choices for programming the MCU. I have done lots of projects in the field of wireless communication and IoT using different wireless communication protocols like BLE, RF, WiFi (Cloud), etc. In the field of bit streaming, high-speed processing and ML, I am able to program both Xilinx and Altera in VHDL or C/C++ for Microblaze or NIOS II processors. For manufacturing purposes, I can provide component selection and BOM which suits your needs for a durable, efficient, and effective design. ABOUT YOUR PROJECT, I have done lots of similar projects before and can handle your project easily. We may discuss it more over cha...

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    ...developing co-design projects. There are many possible solutions to the design problems depending on the way in which you choose to partition each problem. HW/SW Specs: The target embedded systems platform can be either the AlteraDE0 FPGA platform or the PSOC. Both devices/boards provide the opportunity to implement low-level, interrupt driven, device drivers along with the custom hardware. Altera DE0 Board: This board has a Cyclone III FPGA fitted. This supports a ’soft-core’ processor integrated with custom hardware. Using the Nios2 softcore CPU as a base you will implement a system to control a robot arm. There is the potential to use a small embedded O/S, FreeRTOS, uCLinux, or to write your own scheduler for this solution. PSoC: PSoC is industry&rsqu...

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    I'm looking for an expert in VHDL and Quartus II from Pakistan to design a specific digital system of intermediate complexity. The ideal freelancer will have experience in designing digital systems using VHDL and Quartus II.

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    analysis and synthesis of HDL designs, compile designs, perform timing analysis, examine RTL diagrams, simulate a design's reaction to different stimuli, and configure the target device with the programmer.

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    Project for Sunil P. S-a încheiat left

    Hi Sunil P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. my project is create AWGN generator by PRBs and using box muller, So i did prbs generator already and now i'm stucking on Box muller method it's always error about real type the process of box muller is receive value from prbs 4 bits and do operating that must use real then transmit output by 8 bit **i'm us...P., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. my project is create AWGN generator by PRBs and using box muller, So i did prbs generator already and now i'm stucking on Box muller method it's always error about real type the process of box muller is receive value from prbs 4 bits and do operating that must use real then transmit output by 8 bit **i'm usin...

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    I want someone to debug my code and that code must run on Quartus II 13.1 **i'm using cyclone IV and Quartus II 13.1 my project is create AWGN generator by PRBs and using box muller, So i did prbs generator already and now i'm stucking on Box muller method it's always error about real type the process of box muller is receive value from prbs 4 bits and do operating that must use real then transmit output by 8 bit MY BUDGET IS 20$ cause i did it already 70% of my project. reply me and then i'm gonna show my code.

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    I have a board i need to fix for an equipment in my store. Looking for an FPGA expert that can debug the program files i got from the manufacturer. I was told this should be simple for someone that knows what they are doing.

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    i need you to build me the project followed by the instructions at the files , the dead line is February 6th, 2023

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    ...filters (like hq2x) 4. output from scaler is passed through optional scaline generator, where scanline parameters are passed as input wires : scanline color, scanline thickness, scanline interval 5. output is overlayed by the bitmap OSD with the same resolution as output format Requirements : aside from the DDR memory interface, or PLL no vendor or encrypted IP blocks can be used, for example no Altera/Intel video pipeline. Everything must be in written verilog source code. Must include verilog testbench that will accept input picture(in any format) and produce resulting picture(in any format). suggested pipeline i/o ports: Sysclk, [23:0] RGBin, HSin,VSin,DEin, Clkin [23:0] RGBout, HSout, VSout, DEout, Clkout [31:0] parameters[0:...] (whatever count is required). all needed m...

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    Alinhamento de fotos Criar botão de "ver mais" em texto home page criar botão "ver mais na descrição do produto e altera-lo de posição Banner de comunicado e menu moveis Seria estas as tarefas, é algo simples mas preciso com alguma urgência

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    In this project students are asked to implement a an XTEA Encryption/Decryption VHDL Engine, implemented in both C code and VHDL code. It supposed to be built as a cus...such as multiplication and addition must consider this conversion process as well. It is required from the group to do the following 1- Develop the C and the VHDL code, to be run both in NIOS II. 2- Test the VHDL code in ModelSim using testbench. The student is required to develop the testbench VHDL code. Also, to generate a run with arbitrary values for inputs for testing purpose. 3- Use the Quartus beside the Platform (Qsys) applications to develop the Nios II processor and the custom XTEA hardware accelerator interfaced together. 4- Measure comparatively the time it takes to compute a 32rounds of XTEA encryption ...

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    FPGA, Quartus , VHDL S-a încheiat left

    Using the fixed point arithmetic measure current according to the following circuit

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    Quartus expert needed S-a încheiat left

    need code and report. it should be own work . no copy paste from internet

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    HW digital system design S-a încheiat left

    Implement a 4-bit full adder using four instances of a 1-bit full adder using both ModelSim and Quartus Prime. Design a 2-to-1 multiplexer using Gate level modeling, and write a test bench for it using ModelSim. Implement a 4-to-16 decoder using 2-to-4 decoders, and write a test bench for it using ModelSim.

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    Need to Convert MATLAB code to VHDL code. I Have a MATLAB code i want someone who can convert that code to a sytnthesizable VHDL code for ALtera FPGA.

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    vhdl expert S-a încheiat left

    I want Signal processing and VHDL(Quartus Application) expert.

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    code for SPI master to send data to a GPU. 2.Quartus project setup for the customer's terasic FPGA board. assignment. demonstration of contents via zoom meeting. I will try to complete the project before the specified end date.

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    A complete color sorter Machine Firmware needs to be converted into Intel Quartus Project, The project contains IP Cores as well as softcore processor and the verilog coding part, All these to be integrated as a single bit file and to be implemented it on a Cyclone V FPGA Board.

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    ...faça todas essas funções abaixo. 1. Função de cadastrar contas .sessions na ferramenta. 2. Função que extraía os usuários de um grupo público no telegram que estejam com o status "Visto Recentemente" ou "Online". 3. Após Extrair os usuários do grupo do telegram cria um arquivo com todos esses usuários listados. 4. Analisa o arquivo dos usuários extraídos e inicia o envio de mensagens, e também altera de contas automaticamente quando bater certa quantidade de envios, além de ter a função Spintax, onde a ferramenta vai substituir uma palavra por outras automaticamente, por exemplo: Olá me chamo {Guilherme|Lucas|Pedro|Jo&...

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    STM32 toolchain and also vhdl design with report describing the procedures

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    FPGA Altera implementation S-a încheiat left

    Implement the circuit design in the FPGA, and read input /write output to the file. Including timing analysis, power consumption and pin planner etc... Using Quartus prime

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    quartus and modulsim S-a încheiat left

    i want some vhdl coding simulating with test bench on modulsim and a report

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    I m looking for a fpga design for an BPSK demodulator, the fpga ill be using is altera, i ll also require an simulink file illustrating the functionality of the demodulator, i provide the input file for the demodulator.

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    Write VHDL code and testbench for the given question and simulate them using Quartus and Modelsim Altera

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    VHDL (Quartus II) Expert S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for an VHDL coding expert having good background in Quartus II simulator

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    Quartus Software expert is needed for question and answer task related to electronic system,

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    Quartus Project -- 3 S-a încheiat left

    I have the Verilog code and I just need the code in C to display 7- segments

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    Quartus ALTERA project S-a încheiat left

    Design a fully digital, hardware-based direction discrimination and counting system for use with quadrature encoder-based rotatory incremental encoders.

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    quartus project S-a încheiat left

    quartus project (7 segments )

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    Project for Miguel B. S-a încheiat left

    Hola Miguel estoy interesado en contratarte para un pequeño proyecto. Según vi tu manejas Quartus Prime y necesito que me revises un deber de la U que tengo desarrollado pero no me simula el Diagrama de tiempo.

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