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    I need assistance with automating input into a web page using VB.Net (or C# with Visual Studio 2017 or higher). I have a mostly working sample in VB.Net, but I am struggling with automating the entry of an antenna type, which is facilitated by a dropdown menu. The specifics of my requirements are as follows: - Web Browser: The automation should be compatible with either Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge. - Handling Dynamic Elements: I am not positive about the need for the automation to handle dynamic web page elements. This will require some assessment or flexibility in the solution. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in VB.Net or C# with Visual Studio 2017 or higher. - Experience with web page automation. - Knowledge of automating input through dropdo...

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    I'm looking for an expert in antenna simulation, specifically for a LPDA 470MHz - 700MHz system using MathWorks Antenna Toolbox. Your role would involve: - Crucial simulating of LPDA antenna system accurately - Checking and analyzing the Return Loss versus Size You should have experience with the Mathworks Antenna Toolbox and knowledge in LPDA antenna systems. A clear understanding of Return Loss vs Size in antenna system simulations is a must. Make your bid and let's get started!

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    I'm looking for an experienced electrical engineer to help design an UHF (Ultra-High Frequency) LPDA antenna. About The Project: - The primary purpose of this antenna will be to work in tandem with wireless microphones, of which I plan to operate between 1-5 at a time. The Ideal Candidate: - Has experience in RF engineering and antenna design - Is familiar with antennas operating in UHF frequencies - Has the ability to optimize antenna design for usage with wireless microphones Please only apply to this project if you meet the above criteria and feel confident you can successfully design an effective LPDA antenna in the UHF range.

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    ...seeking an experienced RF design engineer to partner for lab project involving: Design of discrete circuit transmitter with specific RF performance requirement that shall be provided as needed. From the DAC output to RF frequency 5GHz. One stage up-conversion. modeling and simulation of the transmitter signal chain that provides performance details related to link budget RF chain analysis, inter modulation and harmonic distortion using RF/microwave circuit synthesis and simulation software for circuit board and subsystem designers called "Genesys" Desirable Skills and Experiences: - Proven experience in the field of electronics. - Expertise in RF circuit and antenna designing. - Knowledge of medium frequency range (1 GHz - 10 GHz) in RF circuit and a...

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    RF Antenna Design Expert S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for an experienced RF antenna designer to integrate an RF antenna into a mobile handheld device Ideal skills and experience: - Proven expertise in RF antenna design - Experience with wireless communication systems - Ability to work independently and deliver results promptly

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    Hi Tahir A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I am seeking an expert in radio frequencies and telecommunication engineering to conduct an analysis of the line of sight for an RF antenna. The antenna will be positioned in a challenging mountainous terrain and is intended to have a range of more than 10 miles. Potential obstructions in this environment include trees, vegetation, built structures, and naturally occurring topographical features. The successful freelancer will be expected to: - Create detailed simulations or models of the projected RF signal propagation. - Identify any likely signal obstruction or degradation due to the identified features of the mountainous terrain. - Propose optimum positioning or other recommendations to maximize the antenna's functionality. Skills and Experience: - Telecommunicat...

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    I'm seeking an experienced technician to design an external antenna for PN532 to extend the wireless range. The antenna project should also meet NFC connectivity requirements. Technical Requirements: - Develop a custom printed circuit board for the antenna - Enhance the wireless range of a PN532 with the new antenna - Update the NFC feature accordingly Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in hardware and software design - Proven experience in PCB design and implementation - Extensive knowledge in NFC and wireless communication systems.

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    27 oferte in antenna design, Matlab programming, and Comsol simulation. Your primary tasks will include: - Creating and simulating an antenna design - Performing necessary Matlab programming - Conducting Comsol simulation. - Calculating every step of the design I need a professional who knows antennas, Matlab and Comsol to do the following: The slotted waveguide array antenna (SWA) is renowned for its high-power radiation and is commonly utilized in space applications. It achieves a significantly high antenna gain by leveraging radiations through multiple slots placed at half-wavelength distances. The effects of slot placement, position, and configuration on the waveguide play a critical role in optimizing antenna radiation at a ...

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    I'm seeking an antenna engineer with strong experience in UHF RFID applications to design a Circularly Polarized Modified Minkowski Fractal Based Antenna. Key details: - The antenna should be capable of long-range (5+ meters) readability. - The antenna is needed for both indoor and outdoor UHF RFID reader applications. Ideal Skills: - Expertise in antenna design - Strong knowledge of UHF RFID systems - Proven experience with indoor and outdoor application of antenna technology In your proposal, be sure to discuss: - Your experience with similar projects - Your approach to the challenge this project presents.

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    radar designer S-a încheiat left

    ...Responsibilities: Design and develop RF components and subsystems for radar systems. Conduct system-level analysis and simulations to optimize radar performance. Perform RF testing and validation to ensure compliance with specifications. Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including hardware, software, and systems engineers. Stay abreast of emerging technologies and industry trends in radar systems. Requirements: Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering, RF Engineering, or a related field. Master's degree preferred. Proven experience in designing and developing radar systems, preferably in automotive industries. Proficiency in RF simulation tools such as ADS, CST, HFSS, or similar. Strong understanding of radar principles, including waveform design, si...

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    Design of four legged tower according TIA-222G code in MS Tower software. Available material list, tower geometry, location for wind loading, antenna configuration is already provided. After analysis and design the tower structural members will be finalized. Based on reaction anchor bolt, base plate will be design. A design report, anchor bolt, base plate drawings and line diagram (member sizes and Connection bolt) will be provided. This is the milestone one. After completing the first milestone we will proceed for detailed drawings. At this stage we will model this tower for drawing generation. Detailed tower fabrication and erection drawings will be provided. This is the second and final milestone.

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    Help us to create an innovative cargo container that redefines functionality and sustainability. This project entails crafting the exterior and interior of a cutting-edg...stations on one of the battery sides, Solar panels on top, 4 7-feet sunbrella units in-front which has charging ports and where people can sit and work too. It will also have a Starlink wifi antenna on one top corner, and CCTV camera on another. Will have flood lights infront. Going forward, we will also design the 10-feet and 20-feet design if we like your design with some downgrades. We need a very realistic output and renderings, along with the 3D CAD model for our use to implement it. Need professional architect and industrial designer who is well versed with technology use also and not ...

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    I'm in need of a professional to model and analyze cellular networks specifically focusing on coverage, signal strength, and performance analysis. My project primarily involves the simulation of figure 3 (a) from a certain academic paper. Key project details include: 1. Modelling Aspects: - Antenna locations - Coverage area boundaries - Signal strength variations 2. Analysis Aspects: - Coverage and signal strength - Interference and performance analysis 3. Measurement Metrics: - Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) - Path loss and fading effects The ideal candidate will bring an understanding of signal propagation, network modeling, and have experience in cellular network simulation. An understanding of the mathematics and physics behind signal strength variat...

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    The project consist in the design of a CM4 carrier board whit specific requirements. All connections with ended with JST connectors, (except the antenna of the AIS, to be decided). The idea is starting from a existing CM4 carrier board ‘open source’, and modify it to add/remove elements, also ‘open source’. Most of the requirements can be found in any CM4 carrier board available with a public license. Description of the elements, interfaces and other requirements follows • Maximum board size 100mmx200mm • Power souce 12v • USB-C • Ethernet • CANBUS (Can provide design sources) • PCIe • SD card slot • LVDS signal + backlight (Can provide design sources) • M...

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    ...designer to prepare drawings for a 10-20 meter high inflatable tower antenna. The purpose of the antenna is for radio communications, broadcasting, and surveillance. - Requirements & Conditions The drawing must showcase the tower's resilience, ensuring functionality despite not having specific conditions it needs to withstand. Inventiveness and creativity in design are highly valued, and your expertise in interpreting technical specifications is vital. - Skills and Experience Ideal candidates should have a background in engineering or a relevant design discipline. Product design experience is a bonus, particularly with inflatable or antenna-based products. Understanding of materials selection in relation to product design w...

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    I am seeking professional help from a MikroTik expert. My primary objective is to enhance my internet speed connected through MikroTik RBLHGR&R11e-LTE6. Key Tasks to be performed: - Provide step-by-step support for the set-up of the MikroTik RBLHGR & R11e-LTE6 device physically. - Facilitate the calibration of the antenna to achieve the highest possible speed. - Set up correct port forwards and resolve the current issues related to it. Needed Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in setting up and handling MikroTik devices. - In-depth understanding of network configurations and port forwarding. - Expertise in addressing internet speed and connection related problems. My goal is to start with the software and finish with physical setup. I can spend 1-2 hours ...

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    I am seeking a knowledgeable individual who specializes in antenna theory and electromagnetism. We’re facing some challenges that need immediate attention.

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    I'm looking for an expert on Ardupilot and First-Person View (FPV) setup for a fixed-wing aircraft. **Main Tasks** - Assist in configuring an Ardupilot for a Tailsitter design fixed-wing aircraft. Your extensive knowledge of autopilot systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) is needed to ensure a successful flight control. - Helping to set up an FPV system with a focus on enhancing live video density. This includes selecting the right equipment, antenna configurations, and optimizing for the best live video feed. **Key Skills** - Proven experience with Ardupilot configuration - Knowledgeable in Tailsitter design - FPV system setup expertise - Experience in optimizing live video density Be prepared to share previous works and samples. Looking forward to wor...

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    ...of an expert in Antenna design with a focus on 5G solutions. I'm aiming to develop a compact multiband antenna that meets the following specifications: - Physical dimension: The antenna should not exceed 10 to 20 cm. - Material: The usage of Metallic materials is preferred for construction. - High gain performance: The design should offer exceptional gain performance. It should be done in Ansys software or cst studio software. Ideal candidates for this job will have significant experience in small antenna design, with a focus on those used in 5G applications. Prior experience with designing antennas using metallic materials and an understanding of size constraints in antenna designs would also be of benefit. This project will...

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    I am seeking an experienced animator who can produce an engaging 1-2 minute video, demonstrating the process of installing network repeaters in a building. Using a balanced approach, the video should equally highlight both the technical installation procedures as well as the diagrammatic representation of antenna and cable layout. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an animated video with clear visualisation of the process of network repeater installation - Illustrate the location of 11 antennas on the rooftop - Demonstrate the extension of the cable from the rooftop to the electric room on each floor. then, extend the cable from repater in Electric Room to the Offices Ideal Skills and Experience for this Project: - Proficiency in creating motion graphics - Experie...

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    Make an infographic about the distinctions between LMR-100 and RG-174 coaxial cable types. LMR-100 and RG-174 are coax types for antenna cables. This contest will have multiple winners (approximately ten winners will be chosen). Secondary winners will receive typically $20 for their entry. Each of all the winners gets their own feedback. The infographic can show some or all of the following information: 1. The differences in attenuation (signal loss) for each of the two types. 2. The bend radiuses of each of the two types 3. Diameter / thickness of each of the two types. 5. Shielding characteristics of each 6. Any other distinguishing information that you can find that makes the graphic more interesting is fine. I will choose some winners that are more complex and som...

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    I am seeking a freelancer with a strong background in Signal Generator & Radio Frequency (RF) amplification/antenna design for a project I am working on. The goal of this project is to design a signal generator and RF amplifier that can be adjusted between 42-45 kHz ±0.1kHz with adjustable output power ranging from 1-5 Watts ±0.1W. Additionally, it would require the design of a base or center-loaded antenna approximately 3 meters in length. The power supply should be able to function with 120VAC 60Hz. This project needs someone with the following skills: - Frequency generator design - Knowledge of RF amplifier design - Proficient in antenna design, specifically prioritizing compactness - Understanding of ele...

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    We offer tech products across the entire South African region. Most customers inquire about the installation of the product. We are looking for a partner who can conduct installations throughout South Africa. The product in question is a Mobile Signal Booster. Installation process: Mounting the antenna on the roof. Connecting cables to the antenna and bringing them inside the property. Connecting the cable to the head unit of the product. Connecting an additional cable and antenna for internal use. This is the basic installation scheme. Some businesses may require a more complex installation. We are ready to start working with a partner as soon as possible. All regulations, payments, and contracts will be managed through a freelance platform.

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    I'm seeking top-of-the-line engineers who are fervently skilled in antenna design, particularly in the mm-wave frequency band (24–31 GHz). My primary aim is to create a semi-flexible two-port (MIMO) antenna with dual (CP) specifically tailored for wearable applications in biotechnology. Key Features Required: - Small size: The antenna must be compact to be comfortably worn and integrated into the biotechnology devices. - High efficiency: Without compromising its size, the antenna should powerfully perform its functions. - Wide bandwidth: To ensure the seamless connection and representation of data, the antenna should are capable of covering a broad frequency range. Transmission Distance: - The designed antenna's transmission dis...

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    I am seeking to develop a flexible printed antenna design optimized for long-range analog video transmission, in the shape of a shuttlecock. Details: - The antenna must be designed to operate effectively within the 5.8G frequency range. - Must be in the shape and dimensions of my 2D drawings. It will then fold into a 3D shuttlecock shape. - It should have a medium gain to ensure balance between signal strength and coverage area. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proficiency in antenna design engineering - Experience in designing printed antennas for 5.8G frequency - Ability to consider flexibility for design The project will require both the theoretical design and the physical blueprint of the antenna. I want i...

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    I am looking to design a tilt mechanism for an aluminum tower that is 48 feet tall. The antenna and rotating motor would weigh approx 55 lbs. The tower would either weigh 350 or 550 lbs. I would like to if it is possible to have a mechanism to lay the tower down with either a hand winch or motorized winch. I have the basic design on the picture just need to know the forces on the winch and the i beam support, no particular software I need someone with a mechanical design background or mechanical engineering background to help with this project.

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    ...begin my journey aided by a capable tutor with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in signal processing, antenna design, and RF circuit design. Emphasis on everything from spectral efficiency to signal propagation is highly preferred. To accommodate my learning preferences, I would ideally like the tutor to deliver the lessons through online video calls. This will allow a flexible learning setup and instant clarification of any problems I may encounter during the lesson. Expected skills and experience of the ideal candidate would be: * Profound knowledge and understanding of wireless systems, specifically signal processing, antenna design, and RF circuit design * Experience in providing comprehensive and engaging online lectures v...

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    I'm in need of an experienced professional with vast knowledge of both Arduino and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID). Key Duties: - Creating an advanced code for my Arduino Uno to function effectively. - Ensuring accurate collection of data from the RFID sensors. - Navigating communication with other devices smoothly. - Programing the RFID antenna for reading multiple tags with each performing specific functions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience with Arduino Uno. - Solid understanding of how RFID systems work. - Proven ability to develop complex Arduino codes. - Background in sensor data collection and device communication. Please, apply if you possess these skills and are ready for an exciting challenge!

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    I need an experienced PCB designer with proficiency in handling ESP32 modules to help design for a control system. This project entails the design and development of a custom ESP32 based PCB that's equipped with multiple input-output features, including analog inputs that ranges from 0 - 10vdc as well as analog outputs from 0 - 10dc. It also necessitates the integration of MODBUS, WIFI antenna extender connector, and battery backup components. Ideal Qualifications & Skills: - Robust knowledge of PCB design and layout - Experience with ESP32 modules - Proficiency in interfacing with analog inputs/outputs - Familiarity with MODBUS and WIFI antenna connector - Experience working with projects that require battery backup designs Environment: Th...

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    Hi, I am looking for an expert in Antenna design to work on a project in HFSS Software. I will share work details in chat. Place your bid if you have prior expertise in HFSS software.

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    i need you to fix my antenna it’s not showing the red line as in the papar here the file HFSS and the paper i want it excaly as the paper design and the radition patrren must the same do it in HFSS using null steering method with phase 0,90,90,45,45

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    ...specifications of our antenna products compared to others in the market. Here's what I need: - **Deep Dive into Antenna Specs**: I want the infographic to break down the complex technical specifications of our antennas in a way that's accessible yet informative to technical professionals. This should include frequency range, gain, types (e.g., Yagi, Dipole, Patch), and any innovative features that set our antennas apart. - **Comparative Analysis**: Part of the infographic should visually compare our antennas’ specs and features with other leading products on the market. This comparison should be clear, concise, and accurate, highlighting why our offerings are superior. - **Visual Appeal for Technical Audience**: While I'm aiming for a high level of ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled antenna designer to create a GPS array for a short-range, anti-jamming tracking solution. This project aims to deliver precise and reliable tracking capabilities within a 1-mile radius. The focus is on designing an efficient and robust antenna system that can withstand interference, ensuring consistent performance. **Key Requirements:** - Design a GPS antenna optimized for short-range tracking. - Ensure the antenna is capable of anti-jamming functionalities. - Adapt the design for compact and efficient use, considering space constraints. **Ideal Skills:** - Experience in antenna/radio frequency (RF) design, especially GPS technology. - Proficiency in simulation and modeling tools for antenna desi...

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    ...a unique baseball cap design that encapsulates the essence of the oil and gas field environment with a masculine touch. The final design will be utilized in a professional setting, worn by individuals working around oil and gas fields. **Key Requirements:** - **Color Palette:** The design should primarily use navy blue as the main color. - **Lettering Style:** For the cap's text, we're looking for a simple and clean font style that's straightforward yet impactful. - **Design Motifs:** A crucial part of this design is the inclusion of a specific gas well symbol, which I've provided in a hand-drawn format. This symbol should be a solid red color. Antenna will be in yellow and text will be in white. **Ideal Skills and Expe...

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    Trophy icon Wild West Expertise Logo S-a încheiat left

    ...Candidate Will Have:** - Proven experience in logo design - Portfolio with themed work, especially Western-style designs - Ability to translate a concept into visual storytelling **To Apply, Please Provide:** - A selection of your past work relevant to the Western theme - Detailed project proposal or pitch - Timeline and milestones for project completion Please note, while precise colors are not stipulated, expect revisions that might explore a palette that could include browns, reds, and blues to match the Western aesthetic as the project develops. I have attached a couple of rough sketches I have in mind. There is a photo featuring the style western hat. If I could use the V in the hat to sit over the “O” it might come across as TV antenna (as with the ske...

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    ...experienced structural engineer to create a durable design for a 5-meter-tall tower that will serve as a base for a communication antenna. The project entails: - Adapting the design to withstand high winds and saltwater corrosion, ensuring a robust and resilient structure for a coastal environment. - Aiming for a tower lifespan of 20-25 years, with materials and construction methods chosen for longevity and low maintenance. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Structural engineering expertise, specifically with towers or tall structures. - Knowledge of environmental impact on structures. - Experience with designs that resist corrosion and high wind conditions. - Proficiency in CAD software and structural simulation tools. Deliverables: - Detailed design plans suitabl...

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    Trophy icon Antenna Cable Explained Visually S-a încheiat left

    This project is to create an Infographic on the subject of: Low Loss Antenna cable Applications The attachments are content ideas for this infographic: These are just concepts as examples, and I do not want duplicated text from this document. [Although the title of this contest is "Antenna Cable Explained Visually" - please ignore that title and instead focus on making an infographic on the subject of: Low Loss Antenna cable Applications - and use the attached documents for ideas] Create an informative and visually engaging infographic that will cater primarily to professional installers and also be accessible to the general public. Here's what I'm envisioning: - Illustrate low loss antenna cable applications, emphasizing their importa...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned RF engineer with proven expertise in antenna design, RF circuit design, and RF testing and measurement. Your tasks will need to involve exploring and isolating components of wireless networks linked to BCI and nano radio, along with identifying and locating illegitimate implant communication signals. - Skills and Expertise: You should be at the top of your game in RF engineering, having an extensive experience dealing with niche problems in the field. - Systems Familiarity: Proficiency in cellular networks is highly desirable. Your familiarity with these networks should extend to isolating components and identifying signals within their framework. Your technical problem-solving skills will be crucial for the success of...

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    I'm seeking a proficient writer to craft a compelling academic research article focused on the topic of technology. This piece is targeted towards tech I'd like to maintain should be formal and academic. Ideal skills and qualifications: - Profound knowledge in technology - Experience in academic writing - Ability to use technical jargon and concepts fluently - Strong research skills, responsible for providing accurate and updated data. - Able to provide samples of previous work in a similar tone and subject matter. Knowledge in 5g, 6g, antenna The quality of the article is very important to me as it's addressing sophisticated audience. The successful bidder should be ready to incorporate any essential revisions to meet the desired standards. I look for...

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    Project AMC antenna S-a încheiat left

    Payment for the whole project as required.

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    Need a PCB designed using the ATMEL SAM21D + SIM7020G and should have the proper resistance trace and connector for an external LTE antenna. It should use a usb connector to program the SAM21D in a similar way to the Arduino MKR Zero. The Atmel microcontroller will be connected to the SIM7020G in such a way to send data over LTE of course. Additionally, there should be 3 channels to measure voltage between 6-40v using the Atmel's onboard ADC. Cost of components should be a consideration. Designs should be submitted in Eaglecad format.

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    As a project holder, I need to install a satellite uplink 2x500W KU + 3.7 KU antenna, for broadcasting services. I'll need an expert well-versed in supervising and commissioning the installation with our team. Key Requirements: - Prior experience with satellite uplink installations - Understanding the specifics of configuring the uplink for broadcasting services - Knowledge in RF equipments and RF measurements. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Satellite installation and configuration. - Familiarity with broadcasting services setup. - Proactive problem-solving abilities. Timing: End of March 2024 - April 2024.

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    ...effectively work on USA Directv or Dish Network camping in-motion satellite antenna, utilizing currently sold auto positioning system along with my multiple satellite flat antenna. My ultimate desire is to create a sample that's suitable for demonstration purposes. Your primary focus will be on: - System Integration: You'll take on the integral role of uniting the auto positioning system and the multiple satellite flat antenna into a single, cohesive unit. Your goal is to ensure that these different systems work seamlessly together. - Ease of Use: It's imperative that the integrated system is designed with the user in mind. Specifically, I need you to make the entire system lowest profile by optimal buildup of antenna + system. This s...

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    ...are in a bag. Bluetooth Module: A Bluetooth module such as the HC-05 or HC-06, ensuring compatibility with the Arduino board for wireless communication to a computer or smartphone. Power Supply: UHF RFID readers often require more power. A robust power source is necessary, such as a higher-capacity LiPo battery or a dedicated power adapter. Antenna for UHF RFID Reader: UHF RFID operations require an appropriate antenna. The size and type of the antenna will depend on the desired reading range and the specific UHF RFID module you are using. Connecting Wires: Appropriate cables or jumper wires to connect the UHF RFID reader, Bluetooth module, and Arduino board. UHF RFID Tags: UHF RFID tags compatible with your reader, for testing and deployment purposes. Software Requ...

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    I am in search of a seasoned RF engineer with experience in 3D modeling and simulation for the design and development of an omnidirectional antenna intended for signal transmission (television, radio, etc.). Key tasks include: • Analysis of antenna requirements for signal transmission • 3D antenna design and development • Testing and troubleshooting Skills Required: • Expertise in RF engineering • Proven experience with 3D design and simulation of antennas • Comprehensive understanding of RF testing and troubleshooting methodologies • Previous experience in signal transmission- specifically for television and radio. This is not just an antenna design job, this is a chance to create something...

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    GPS Antenna Signal project S-a încheiat left

    I am seeking an experienced professional to design, and implement a setup that would allow for the display of GPS antenna signals on an oscilloscope. The aim is to conduct an experiment to measure the speed of light. Key responsibilities include: - Design and build a system capable of measuring, displaying and analyzing GPS antenna signals on the oscilloscope. - Ensure that the system is able to demonstrate a 10ns shift whenever the antenna is raised or lowered by 10’. Ideal freelance candidates will have: - Proficiency in the use of oscilloscopes and other related equipment, - A sound understanding of signal processing, - Knowledge in the physics of light and GPS technology, - Strong problem-solving abilities and the capacity to work independent...

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