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    first semester test

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    Am nevoie de un economics paper. Toate detaliile sunt in documentul atasat. E un introductory core class la care am 91% dar de care nu am timp sa ma ocup. Am double major si am alte proiecte finale de care trebuie sa ma ocup. Pretul l-am pus ca trebuie. Astept oferta ta.

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    I urgently require an expert in pricing analysis, focusing specifically on the Ramsey Pricing model. The main purpose of this project is to determine optimal prices. However, candidate should also have a detailed understanding and experience in: - Evaluating demand elasticity - Knowledge in economics and regulations This project needs to be completed ASAP, hence a dedicated and committed freelancer is essential. Your approach towards meeting tight deadlines, without compromising the quality of work, will be a fundamental factor in the selection process.

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    Job Title: Python/Django Developer Introduction: Join an innovative project aimed at revolutionizing the health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) field. We are developing an advanced AI-driven platform to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of cost-effectiveness analyses in the pharmaceutical industry. Job Description: We are seeking a skilled Python/Django Developer with 3-5 years of experience to join our team as a full-time freelancer. This role involves working closely with our technical lead to develop and refine an AI-powered tool that automates health economic modeling and analysis. Responsibilities: - Develop and maintain web applications using Django, Python, and other technologies - Collaborate with cross-functional teams to define, design, and ship new features - ...

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    ...Invested Capital (MOIC Metric) - Gross Total Value to Paid in Capital (Gross TVPI Metric) - Net Total Value to Paid in Capital (net TVPI Metric) - Residula Value Per Paid In Capital (RVPI Metric) - Distributions per Paid In Capital (DPI Metric) - Gross IRR Metric - Gross Realized IRR Metric - Net IRR Metric - Net Realized IRR Metric - Revenue - Lifetime Value of a Customer (LTV) - Unit Economics - These metrics should be calculated on a quarterly basis. - Ideal Candidate: - Experience in financial analysis and venture capital. - Proficiency in calculating complex financial metrics. - Attention to detail and understanding of the significance of accurate metrics in the venture capital sector. This is a critical project for our firm, and it requires someone with a high l...

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    ...dashboard should offer insightful analyses highlighting trends, challenges, or opportunities within the selected field. You will conclude this project by creating a video presentation that explains your dashboard and its insights. Details of Assignment 1. Dataset and Topic Selection: Choose any publicly available dataset that interests you, whether related to environmental issues, public health, economics, sports, finance, real estate, or any other field. The key is to select a topic that allows for insightful data analysis and storytelling. 2. Tool Selection: You can use any data visualization tool you are comfortable with, such as Microsoft Excel, Power BI, Tableau, or others. 3. Dashboard Creation: Design a dashboard to be informative and visually engaging, using a variety of ...

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    I'm looking for a professional writer with expertise in business, economics and finance sector. You will be tasked with drafting a comprehensive research paper or academic paper. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct and collate relevant research on current trends and in line with requirements. - Draft a well-structured research paper/academic paper based on findings. Ideal Skills: - Excellent writing and research skills - A strong understanding of concept - Familiarity and competence with various writing style - Proven experience in drafting similar research papers.

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    I urgently need a proficient statistics specialist to put together a detailed report focused on economics. Unfortunately, I did not specify the economic topics; however, a well-rounded knowledge in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and international economics will be beneficial for this task. Key Requirements: 1. Delivery in a PDF format 2. Classical research skills 3. A degree in economics or a related field could be a plus 4. Ability to complete the project ASAP Given the urgency of this project, I'd appreciate timely delivery and frequent updates about your progress.

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    I am looking for a skilled professional in data analytics to help me compile a salary benchmark for pharmacists in UAE and GCC. The ideal candidate should have a background in statistics, economics or a related field, and experience in the healthcare sector is definitely a bonus. Key Requirements: - Compile and analyze salary data from various sources: government reports, industry surveys, and trusted resources. - The benchmark should be focused on the past 1-3 years' data. - The aim is to provide accurate and up-to-date information on salary trends and patterns for pharmacists, clinical pharmacists and specialized clinical pharmacist and pharmacist technician. - The successful candidate is also expected to deliver the data in an understandable and engaging format, ...

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    I am looking for a proficient writer with a solid understanding of economics and history who can craft a comprehensive article of 1000+ words exploring "Why was sustained economic growth so rare before the later 18th century & why did this change?". This piece should primarily focus on: - Technological advancements - Trade and commerce - Social and political factors Additionally, the spotlight should shine on pre-18th century Europe and the Middle Ages, but also offer a global perspective. Experience in historical and economic research is ideal for this task, and the ability to articulate complex concepts in an accessible and engaging manner is crucial. AI should not be used. Can use AI to get an idea of how to format the article. But AI should not be detected when ...

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    I'm seeking a knowled...logistics - Market dynamics and trends This analysis should cover past, present and future projections, providing me with a clear representation of the evolution over time. An understanding of international economics, supply chain management, and comparative analysis will be crucial for this project. Your findings will form the foundation of my thesis, so accuracy and attention to detail are key. Please note that the timeline of this thesis encompasses the past 5 years, the current year, and also includes future projections. Skills & Experience: - Knowledge in International Economics and Supply Chain Management - Strong analytical skills - Experience in comparative analysis - Understanding of India-Europe's trade relations - Familiar...

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    The freelancer needs to visit the location and get the form filled, stamped and signed from the HR department. The following requirements are mandatory: We want the questionnaire to be filled and clear the Photographs. 1. Photographs of the Inside and Outside of the facility ( Signboard with IA name on it, Departments). 2. Photographs of the registration document of the facility. 3. Photographs of any other supporting document that is present there. In case, they refuse to provide the information make sure to take refusal in writing. Otherwise, manage to take the name, contact and designation of the person who refused and visiting card if possible

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    I am in need of a research assistant who can help me with a literature review. Proficiency in Brazilian Portuguese and English is required. Key Requirements: - Expertise in conducting academic research: The ideal candidate should have a strong background in one of the following fields: economics, political science, or other related social sciences. - Literature Review: The main part of this project involves conducting a review, mostly about anecdotal evidence (i.e. from internet, newspaper, and even life experience), but evidence from academic journals will be helpful. Hence, the candidate should be well-versed in academic research methodology and literature review techniques. - Topic: The research is to be focused on the infrastructure investment in Brazil. - Timeline: This ...

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    I'm seeking an academic writer with a strong understanding of economics, market structures, and legal disputes. This project requires: - Writing an economics paper focused on antitrust lawsuits against Apple. - Analysis and discussion should center on the economic impacts of these lawsuits. - The paper should delve into the potential macro and microeconomic consequences, including market effects, influenced by these legal actions. - Familiarity with economic principles and legal jargon is beneficial. - An objective perspective, academic referencing, and evidence-backed arguments should be adhered to. Please use 3 sources and cite them here are the requirements Apple Lawsuit Paper (Due 4/29) 4-5 Paragraphs 3+ Sources Topic: US Government vs. Apple lawsuit I...

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    ...those numbers." The numbers can come first - I need these urgently - charts can come later. Time is critical - ideally 24 hours. - Sector-wise breakdown: I am particularly interested in the finance/investment sector. Hence, your role will be to provide in-depth insights into the investment figures within this sector. Ideal candidate should have: - Strong research experience - Experience in economics or finance - Ability to analyze & interpret data - Proficient in Excel or data analysis tools - Access and experience with databases including Office for National Statistics (ONS) in the UK /EUROSTAT and STATISTA (paid) for the EU and Investment Association (UK) This project requires a detail-oriented, problem-solving researcher. The figures/charts should all be referen...

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    I'm seeking a skilled microeconomics tutor to assist me weekly with an intermediate-level economics course. The ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of microeconomic theory and the mathematical concepts involved. The goal is to help me understand the mathematical concepts involved in microeconomic theory so that I am able to apply it correctly to economic models to achieve success in my given courses. The tutoring sessions should be conducted through video calls and should involve breaking down the concepts and applying them to various practice questions (provided by you). This will help ensure clear communication and provide a more engaging learning experience. The concepts that will need to be addressed are attached. If you have prior experience teaching or tutorin...

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    I'm seeking a skilled put together a comprehensive report on the topic of Economic growth and development in the realm of Development Economics. Key tasks for the project include: - Conducting in-depth research on the topic of Economic growth and development. - Using Stata to analyze data. - Providing a detailed discussion of the subject matter. Please bear in mind that the report is to be a detailed and thorough exploration of Economic growth and development. The report should not only cover the theoretical aspects of the topic but also the practical application of these theories. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong background in Economics and Development Economics. - Proficiency in using Stata for data analysis. - Excellent...

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    I'm looking for a talented writer who can create an informative article on world news for the general public, including political events, environmental issues, and economic trends. Skills and experience needed: - Proven experience in journalism or news writing - Strong understanding of global politics, economics, and environmental issues - Ability to translate complicated issues into accessible language for the general reader. The ideal candidate will be able to deliver a well-structured, engaging piece that informs and educates the reader about current global issues.

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    As a curriculum content developer, I need someone well-versed in IGCSE and IB boards to create engaging material across various subjects and languages. Key Requirements: - Develop curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Cover a wide range of subjects including Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology), Mathematics, Humanities (History, Geography, Economics), English and other languages. - Content must be engaging and suitable for a variety of educational backgrounds. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in developing curriculum content for both IGCSE and IB boards. - Strong knowledge and understanding of a range of subjects. - Ability to create engaging, diverse, and accessible educational content. This role will require a flexible and creative approach to cat...

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    ...can be daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Yahoo Finance is a popular source for getting stock prices. 1. (20 marks) Program one function that returns the range based volatility estimate proposed by Rogers and Satchell. See e.g., Rogers, L. C., Satchell, S. E., & Yoon, Y. (1994). Estimating the volatility of stock prices: a comparison of methods that use high and low prices. Applied Financial Economics, 4(3), 241 247, if you wish to learn about the formula’s motivation. The Rogers-Satchell range based volatility formula is given by � �??(?)=(1 ?) 1 2(∑{ln(?? ?? )ln(?? ?? )−ln(?? ?? )ln(?? ?? )} ? ?=1 ) 1 2 2. (30 marks) The p-th percentile of a set of n observations of a given variable is defined as the observa...

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    The goal of this project is to create a striking, attention-grabbing advertisement for Facebook that reaches the right audience for my tutoring service. By targeting school and college ...and college students, I aim to boost enrollment in our specialized tutoring classes. Skills and experience required: - Expertise in creating effective Facebook ads - Understanding of social media marketing towards college students - Experience in promoting educational or tutoring services The ad content should highlight our specialization in the following subjects: - Accountancy - Commerce - Economics - English - Tamil - Computer Science I envision an eye-catching and engaging design and need clever use of words that will appeal to college students looking for academic assistance. Show me what y...

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    I require assistan...trends in economic information and interpret it competently. Your responsibilities will entail: - Thoroughly reviewing and extracting insights from financial reports and documents relevant to the health industry. - Recognizing, understanding, and managing complex patterns in the data. Ideal skills for this task should consist of: - Strong background knowledge in financial analysis and health economics. - Excellent data interpretation capabilities. - Familiarity with statistical data software (like SPSS, SAS) is preferred. You'll be working with sensitive information, thus compliance to privacy regulations and ethical guidelines is essential. I am open to both individuals and teams with adequate experience in financial data analysis, particularly in the...

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    ...technical feasibility. Advocate for user-centric design principles throughout the product development lifecycle. · Assist in the creation of prototypes and wireframes to visualize product concepts and gather user feedback. Iterate on designs based on usability testing results and incorporate user preferences into the final product. Requirements: · Bachelor's or Master's degree in Business, Economics, Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Design, Psychology, or a related field. · Experience in user research, UX/UI design, or product management within the FinTech industry is highly desirable. · Proficiency in research methodologies, data analysis tools, and prototyping software. · Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a keen e...

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    I need an economist to assist with my online exam. The exam has a duration of 2 hours and will cover macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics. The exam will be conducted in the form of essay questions as well as calculations. I require a professional who is well-versed in economic theories, principles, and calculations to help me prepare for the exam. Key Requirements: - Expertise in macroeconomics, microeconomics, and econometrics - Ability to tackle essay questions and calculations - Previous experience in assisting with online exams would be beneficial Your application should showcase your understanding of these economic disciplines, your experience in similar tasks, and how you can help me succeed in this online exam.

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    39 oferte'll be researching will be at the heart of the project, so it's pivotal that you are efficient, detailed, and reliable. Key Duties: - Methodically research and compile comprehensive data from government databases - Focus on economic indicator data - Ensure accuracy of collected data Ideal Skills & Experience: - Strong research skills, particularly in government databases - Background in economics, with a solid understanding of economic indicators - Keen attention to detail, ability to interpret and organize complex information effectively - Previous experience in data collection or analysis roles is a huge advantage. Perfect for those who prefer working with data and have a knack for uncovering insights from data clusters. Your work will directly contribute t...

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    I am looking for expert assistance in crafting a convincing and robust funding proposal for my upcoming agro project. The focus of the project is plantation farming specializing in timber and forestry products. The ideal candidate will have a s...agriculture sector. Key responsibilities: • Performing detailed research to underline the feasibility and profitability of the project. • Developing a compelling narrative to articulate project's potential, benefits, and overall impact. • Financial modeling to project revenue growth, expenses, and ROI. This is a great opportunity for anyone with a background in agribusiness, environmental economics, and funding proposal writing. Your strong persuasive writing skills along with deep industry insights will be highly v...

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    I am seeking an experienced writer with a strong understanding of economics and political insurance to pen an insightful thought leadership piece. This is for my existing business, the targeted audience are industry professionals. The writer should focus on: - Risk Management Strategies: Simplify complex concepts, inform the audience about different approaches to managing risks in the political insurance sector. - Current Trends and Forecasts: Inform on the evolving landscape, highlighting the most compelling trends and forecasts. Ideal candidates will have an extensive background in economics, risk management, political insurance, and excellent writing skills. This project not only requires critical analysis but exceptional ability to present complex information in a cle...

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can swiftly gather, analyze and present a comprehensive s...the state of Ohio - specifically north east Ohio and central Ohio - fastest growing jobs and skill sets needed to fill these jobs - list of vocational programs near Barberton Ohio who are training employees on the skills of the future - list of employers who are growing in the city The ideal freelancer for this task would have: - Proven experience in research and analysis, preferably on economics or demographics. - Excellent command for parsing datasets. - The ability to work under tight deadlines and deliver quality outputs. Please note, immediate availability is required, with 2-3 hours worth of work needed right away. Commitment to quick turnaround times will likely result in follo...

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    I am in need of a freelancer who can provide a book review on "Animal Spirits." While I don't have any specific sections laid out, I'm specifically writing. All applications need to consist of detailed information about your past experience. Prior experience with similar projects would be a bonus. Please apply only if you meet these criteria. Your understanding of the book's content and ability to provide a deep and insightful analysis are paramount. Skills and Experience: - Economic Analysis - Book Review Writing - Experience with Economics Oriented Literature - Strong Written English Skills - Critical Thinking and Analytical Skills Please provide details about your experience and how it's relevant to this project in your applicat...

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    24 oferte cost functions affect monopolist behavior Applicants shouldn't feel compelled to furnish details on past work or project proposals - I'm mainly interested in a freelancer who is ready for a challenging exploration. The primary objectives are understanding the power dynamics within markets monopolised by single entities and the effects on consumer welfare. Like I said, your background in economics or a related field will matter a lot. Your fluency in English, and your ability to communicate complex ideas in clear ways will be advantageous. Although I did not provide specific answers to the questions above, I leave you with enough flexibility to come up with an approach you believe best suits the project. Ready to dig deep into the monopolist market? I look forwa...

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    As a respected tutoring business, I'm seeking the services of a skilled and knowledgeable marketing professional who can help increase awareness for the subjects I offer - Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science, English and Tamil. Key Responsibilities: - Target high school students effectively through savvy and persuasive social media strategies. - Implement email marketing initiatives to reach a wide, yet targeted audience. Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating engaging and audience specific content for social media and email marketing platforms. - Knowledge and understanding of the high school student market. - Ability to promote educational services persuasively and impactfully. - Strong skills in creating educational content are a plus. Y...

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    I am looking for a skilled researcher to help update some forms. The information is state specifc and will need to be updated to reflect 2024 changes,. The successful candidate will provide in-depth, current and accurate details based on a provided template. Skills and Experience Required: • High-quality research abilities • Familiarity with using research templates • A background in Economics, Law, or a related field is beneficial Please only apply if you can deliver comprehensive, detailed, and up-to-date research.

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    ...Design and development of a new cryptocurrency token. Website Development: The website should be modern, user-friendly, and fully responsive, with the following key sections: Banner: Eye-catching banner that encapsulates the essence of the new cryptocurrency. About: Detailed information about the cryptocurrency, including its purpose, vision, and team. Tokenomics: Clear explanation of the coin's economics, including supply details, distribution, and any unique features. Roadmap: Visual and descriptive roadmap showcasing past milestones and future plans. How to Buy?: Step-by-step guide for purchasing the coin, including any wallets and exchanges where it can be bought. DEX Integration: Integration with a decentralized exchange platform to allow direct trading from the websit...

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    ...wage gap analysis Specifically, I'm seeking an expert who can comfortably delve into the above themes, focusing on the recent advancements in the field, and summarize the latest works and findings in a succinct yet comprehensive manner. The research gap is to be determined in the context of already done work in India for wage gap analysis. The freelancer must be well-versed in economics, especially labor economics, and have experience in research. Proficiency in quantile regression and strong research and analytical skills are crucial. The work should be in thematic form, using Times New Roman 12, 1.5 line spacing, and APA7 referencing, spanning 20–25 pages, with a Turnitin Similarity Score below 10. Please feel free to message me for further details regardin...

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    I run a tutoring business that caters to school-aged children and college students. The subjects we specialize in are Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, English and Tamil and Computer science. I'm looking for a freelancer who can help me advertise my business effectively, using both online methods and word-of-mouth referrals. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in creating successful online advertising campaigns - Experience in implementing offline marketing strategies, particularly word-of-mouth referrals - Familiarity with the education sector and the specific subjects we teach is a bonus Please provide examples of previous work when submitting your bid. Thank you.

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    I'm looking to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency on Solana Network and need help in creating an engaging ICO page on my Wix website. The core requirements of this project include: - Designing the token economics, with a focus on creating a strong and viable financial infrastructure for the new cryptocurrency. - Implementing a token sale countdown timer on the ICO page. This imperative feature should build urgency and engage potential investors. Ideal candidates for the project should have previous experience in creating ICO pages, with a good understanding of token economics and coding in Wix. A background in both blockchain technology and web development is highly appreciated.

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    I'm seeking a meticulous freelancer in South Africa, well-versed in economics or finance for a data collection project. Specifically, you will help gather information about sovereign debt, which includes debt amounts, debt maturity dates, and debt interest rates. Key tasks and responsibilities include: - Sourcing data from reliable resources like government websites, central bank reports, and international finance institutions publications. - Ensuring the data is accurate and up-to-date. - Collating the collected data into an organized, easily navigable Excel spreadsheet. Ideal candidates will possess: - Proven experience in data collection or research. - Knowledge or interest in sovereign debt/finance/economics. - Proficiency in using Microsoft Excel. - Languages are ...

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    Medicine Research Support S-a încheiat left

    ...Summarize and synthesize findings from included studies, highlighting key results and trends. • Participate in team meetings, providing updates on progress, challenges, and insights gained during the review process. • Perform other duties as assigned by the research supervisor or principal investigator. Qualifications: • A graduate degree (MS or MPH) preferably in the field of public health, health economics, or a related discipline. • Strong academic record in research methods, statistics, and quantitative data analysis preferred with SAS or STATA • Excellent written and verbal communication skills. • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and research software/tools. • Ability to work independently and collaboratively...

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    I urgently need a skillful copywriter, who possesses a deep understanding of business and economics. The task at hand is not clearly outlined yet but it will demand the creation of engaging content with more than 1000 words. Requirements: - A deep knowledge of business concepts and economic principles. - The ability to swiftly deliver high quality work. - Exhibits excellent writing skills. - The capacity to meticulously follow instructions when they are given. Ideal applications should contain the following: - Details about past work relating to copywriting, especially in the field of business and economics. - Your available working hours. - Preliminary ideas or plans on how you would approach the task (in layman's terms, a 'brief'). I greatly value punctua...

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    ...skills * Very good English commands The categorization should not be too tight or too narrow. For example, we will not have one category for accounting, but instead, we will have categories like [Managerial Accounting, Principles of accounting, Intermediate accounting ... etc]. Another example: for Economics, we will not have one single category contains hundreds of books, instead we will divide it into multiple categories ( Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, managerial economics ..... etc) How will you provide the work? For each category you will create .txt or .xls file (ie: file for Microbiology, file for biology, file for history file for nutrition .... etc and list the books for each file) Price is fixed, if you bid higher than the specified budget ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced freelance researcher to help me with a project. Ideal Skills: - Research experience in a related field - Strong analytical and critical thinking skills - Excellent written and verbal communication - Pr...will require data analysis, literature review, and potential experimentation. The successful candidate will be responsible for providing accurate information and insights based on the research findings. I expect the freelancer to provide me with regular updates on the progress of the research project and to be open to feedback and revisions. If you have a background in biology, history, or economics, that would be a plus, but it's not a strict requirement. Please include relevant work experience and a brief project proposal ...

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    I'm looking for someone analytical and experienced to dissect and provide a detailed breakdown of the NSW health budget, along with o...analytical and experienced to dissect and provide a detailed breakdown of the NSW health budget, along with other health policies. Here's what you will be focusing on: - Allocation for hospitals and clinics - Funding for research and development - The overall allocation for health - The allocation for elective surgery This task will require excellent financial acumen, a solid grasp of health economics, and the ability to analyse and interpret complex data. If you're familiar with local government policies that could be helpful. Your report should help understand how resources are distributed and possibly uncover opportunities for ef...

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    I'm looking for a crypto developer with experience in writing smart contracts on the Ethereum platform. This task has two main aspects: 1. Implement a 1% tax on token transfers - As users move tokens, a 1% fee should be deducted automatically. 2. Inclusion of preset har...Inclusion of preset hard cap for the $HUGO token presale - The presale feature should have a predetermined hard cap, stopping any further participation once reached. 3. Add progress bar to my wordpress website how many HUGO tokens have been sold. It would be most desirable if your experience includes solid expertise in Solidity and the Ethereum platform, along with a good understanding of token economics. A track record working on similar projects is highly appreciated. Be prepared to show examples of ...

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    ...Investment Analysis. This assignment is of a personal nature and the ideal candidate would be able to manage disparate financial assets efficiently. Key qualities and skills sought: - Experience in handling personal financial matters - Proficiency in Finance, specifically Investment Analysis - Ability to manage and effectively track multiple assets - Strong field knowledge in accounting, finance, and economics - Excellent communicative skills with a clear understanding of my financial goals and risk tolerance. Your responsibilities will include: - Providing strategic advice on investment analysis - Assessing risks and returns on different investment options - Efficient management of personal finance matters - Creating a comprehensive financial plan and strategy. Practical kn...

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    As an author looking for a comprehensive review paper, I need a professional freelancer with experience in scholarly writing particularly in the field of economics. This study will revolve around the economic dominance of plant-based milk specifically focusing on almond, soy and oat milk. Key Subtasks to concentrate on will be: - Analyzing the production and consumption trends of these plant-based milks, going in-depth to determine the factors fueling these trends. - Evaluating the market dynamics and competition within the plant-based milk sector. A keen eye on past and current competitions and the forces driving them will be vital. - Composition of sections: introduction, literary review, analysis, results, conclusion, future scope, and identification of research gaps with relev...

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    In need of a proficient writer to craft two essays—one on economics and the other on business. I'm operating on a tight schedule and require both essays within a few hours. - The first one should delve into an economics-related topic. - The second essay should focus on a business subject. Both essays should be between 500-1000 words each. Ideal candidates should have: - Great knowledge of economics and business. - Exceptional writing skills. - Proven ability to deliver quality content under tight deadlines. - Mastery in English language and grammar.

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    Looking to hire a proficient and highly competent expert in finance and economics for a comprehensive individual report on the management of foreign exchange risks that Multi-National Corporations (MNCs) face in their global operations. The report will be expected to: - Detail the risks faced by MNCs during foreign exchange. - Explore the role of foreign currency management and risk mitigation strategies. - Should be informed by practical examples and case studies where possible. KEY AREAS OF FOCUS: - Forex market operations and its potential risks to MNCs. - Techniques and methods for managing these risks effectively. Other project specifications include: - The report must adhere to the Harvard citation style. - The task should be completed within a timeframe of 1-2 weeks. ...

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    ...-Monthly Sales Projections - Revenue Projections - Expense Projections - Profit Projections -cash flow statement -Income projections (profit and loss statement) - Break Even Analysis Utilize spreadsheet software like Excel, which allows for the use of formulas to adjust projections easily. The ideal freelancer for this task should have a substantial background in finance and understand the economics of a subscription-based business. Your skill set should include financial forecasting and profitability analysis. You will work with the following content, as this is what my website provides: - Products and Services Please note, the content needs to be considered when making the projections. With your analytical skills, provide an in-depth financial outlook that would aide in ...

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    You are required to produce a detailed engineering design of an integrated water treatment, hydrogen electrolysis and magnesium recovery plant considering feeddstock logistics, customer base, location factors, plant objective and product final use, plant and product safety and economics. Please read the attached document for complete detail.

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    I'm looking for an experienced professional to assist with various Stata and Economics project about the effect of Covid-19 on parental labour force outcome. You’ll be responsible for data analysis, statistical modeling, and data interpretation. These tasks are crucial to achieving the project's unstated objectives. Key Responsibilities: - Conduct comprehensive data analysis - Create insightful statistical models - Interpret complex data Skills & Experience: - Proficient in Stata - Extensive Economics background - Strong analytical skills - Excellent forecasting abilities - Efficient in data visualization and policy analysis As part of your application, please include examples of past work and any relevant experience relating to this project. Detailed ...

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