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    ...techno-economic analysis. The core aspects of this project that I require assistance with include: - Aspen Plus Modeling: Proficiency in using Aspen Plus is necessary to assist in creating the bioprocess model. - Techno-economic analysis: The main objective of this project is to provide an in-depth techno-economic analysis of the bioprocess model. This will involve cost analysis, revenue projections, and other relevant financial metrics. - Anaerobic Digestion Modeling: Experience in creating models for anaerobic digestion processes is crucial for this project. Ideally, you should have previous experience in bioprocess modeling and techno-economic analysis. A background in utilizing Aspen Plus and experience with anaerobic digestion modeling would be a significant ...

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    ...done in AutoCAD. Files must be delivered in DWG and PDF (monochrome) format and adhere to best drafting practices for P&IDs. Please do not bid if you lack direct experience with P&ID drawings for industrial processes. We will provide the PFD. Additionally, the process must be simulated using HYSYS, with the simulation results included as part of the project output. The project must be completed in 5 days. Project Details: - Create a standard P&ID from the provided PFD. - Simulate the process using HYSYS and include the simulation results. - Use of layers is required and should be consistent throughout all drawings. Layer groups should be logical. - All drawings must be in 11 X 17 scale. - Best drafting practices for P&IDs are required. If you do not unders...

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    As part of this project, I need a freelancer with Chemical or Mechanical engineering background to do a model using Aspen HYSYS for CO2 capture from a flue gas stream using Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) process (using either zeolite 13X or Activated carbon as the adsorbent).

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    I am seeking a proficient designer skilled in HTRI, Aspen, PV Elite, STAD Pro, and Creo or 3D. The primary focus of this project is designing & Estimation of heat exchangers, Pressure Vessel, API 650, AWWA D 100, Tanks, Boiler,. However, there are other aspects as well including: - Developing process simulations using ASPEN & HTRI. - Creating pressure vessel designs using PV Elite. - Generating structural analysis using STAD PRO. - Designing 3D models using CREO / Solid Work. An ideal candidate for this project would have prior experience in all these areas, but most importantly, in designing heat exchangers using HTRI. I expect high-quality work and timely delivery.

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    ...seeking a Chemical Engineer with proficiency in Aspen Plus software. The main aim of this project is to optimize the process design of our facility. Your task will involve working with our existing process models and coming up with enhancements to improve the efficiency of our operations. Key responsibilities will include: - Analyzing our current process design and identifying areas for optimization. - Implementing new design strategies using Aspen Plus software. - Conducting simulation studies to predict the performance of the proposed design changes. - Providing a detailed report with recommendations for process improvements. The ideal candidate will have: - A strong background in Chemical Engineering. - Substantial experience with Aspen Plus software, partic...

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    Necesito que simule una plataforma de producción de fluido (crudo agua) y una planta de separación y tratamiento de crudo. La oferta debe incluir el uso o alquiler de software.

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    I am in need of a highly skilled and experienced freelancer who can help me implement a new component in Aspen Plus simulation software. The specific component to be implemented is a thermodynamic property package. I have chosen the NRTL RK package. Key Requirements: - Expertise in Aspen Plus simulation software - Proficiency in implementing thermodynamic properties - Experience with the NRTL RL package and equations - Strong understanding of component property This project is focused on the Co2 capture process. The successful implementation of the EEPMA is crucial in achieving the desired outcome. The ideal freelancer for this project would have a background in chemical engineering, process optimization, or environmental studies. the graphs and data have already been tran...

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    ...simulations, finalizing Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs), and determining the essential equipment list for a LNG project. Key Responsibilities included: - Developing accurate and detailed PFDs - Creating a comprehensive equipment list - Conducting rigorous simulations Experience & Skills: - Extensive experience in the oil & gas industry, with prior work on LNG projects - Proficient in using Aspen HYSYS, ChemCAD, ProMax for running simulations and other relevant tasks - Strong knowledge in evaluating complex systems in the industry Timeline: Although project timeline may vary according to the scope, I expect consistent professionalism and commitment throughout the project lifecycle. Candidates demonstrating a strong track record in similar roles in the oil...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Aspen Plus to assist with the simulation setup of a new chemical process. Key tasks: - Design a new chemical process within Aspen Plus - Assist with the overall simulation setup Ideal skills: - In-depth knowledge of Aspen Plus - Strong background in chemical engineering and process design The objective of this project is to construct a detailed, successful chemical process design. The ideal candidate will effectively utilize Aspen Plus and their engineering expertise to achieve this.

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    For this project, I am seeking a professional experienced in using Aspen Plus and who has strong knowledge in modeling chemical processes. The primary goal is to model distillation processes. However, the nature of the distillation process is undefined at this time, and may require flexibility. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Aspen Plus - Strong understanding of chemical process modeling - Proficient in modeling distillation processes - Flexible and able to accommodate undefined variables This project holds potential for ongoing work upon successful completion. If you possess the above skills and are looking for a challenging project, please submit a bid.

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    I'm seeking expert assistance in troubleshooting a physical separation process, specifically a distillation simulation, within Aspen Plus. Your primary task will involve identifying and resolving issues to optimize the distillation process simulation. Skills and Experience: - Proficient with Aspen Plus software - Strong knowledge of chemical engineering principles, especially in physical separation processes - Proven experience in modeling and troubleshooting Aspen Plus simulations - Comprehensive knowledge in distillation process optimization - Excellent problem-solving skills

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    ...expertise will guide me through real-world scenarios and best practices. - Aspen HYSYS: I'm particularly interested in developing plant models and performing dynamic simulations. Any foundational and advanced training on these topics will be highly appreciated. - Line and valve sizing: Your mentorship will help me understand the principles and applications of line sizing, valve sizing, and high-integrity pressure protection systems (HIPPS). - OLGA software: If you have experience with OLGA software for vessel sizing, line sizing, and valve sizing, even better. I'm particularly interested in how it compares and contrast with Aspen HYSYS. The ideal candidate will have strong skills in process engineering, familiarity with Aspen HYSYS, O...

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    As a personal project, I am seeking for a Analysis of 4E (Energy, Exergy, Economic, and Environmental) for hydrogen production via Conventional Gasification method. Initially, this system is modeled in Aspen Plus software, and then the desired outputs are analyzed using 4E analysis in the computational software EES. The schematic cycle is attached. The ideal candidate for this project would have experience in chemical engineering or Mechanical engineering, particularly with hydrogen production and its processes. Using Aspen Plus and EES for analysis is also required. Potential freelancers should be detail-oriented, thorough, and able to deliver high-level analysis.

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    Fluidized bed coal combustion in aspen plus softwaer

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    I am seeking an experienced freelancer to conduct an Aspen Plus simulation for the reduction of iron ore using synthesis gas (syn gas). The primary objective is to analyze the efficacy and outputs of the process under specific operational parameters, which are pivotal for my research and future scale-up plans. ### Key Parameters & Conditions: - **Temperature:** The simulation should explore the process within the medium temperature range of 600-800°C, which is critical for optimal iron ore reduction. - **Pressure:** The process should also be simulated at a medium pressure range of 5-15 bar to evaluate its impact on the reduction efficiency and gas dynamics. - **Flow Rate:** While not explicitly highlighted, understanding how the flow rate interacts with temperature and pre...

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    I am looking for a skilled and experienced WordPress developer to install and customize the Aspen theme for my brand's website. My goal is to create a minimalist, professional online presence that effectively communicates our brand ethos and values. **Project Requirements:** - **Theme Installation:** Install the Aspen WordPress theme on our hosting. - **Customization:** Customize the theme to align with a minimalist aesthetic, reflecting our brand's vision. Incorporation of brand colors and logo. - **Key Functionalities:** - **Contact Form:** Design and implement a user-friendly contact form. - **Product Catalog:** Even though we are focusing on the brand, include a sleek section for future product listings. - **Customer Testimonials:** Integrate a segment f...

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    Trophy icon Luxury Brand Logo Creation S-a încheiat left

    This is a logo for a realtor group that is based in Aspen, Colorado. The realtor is part of Sotheby's Aspen Snowmass International Realty. The brokerage name is The Team. We would like to play with the typography of the two capital T's. Do not include the following: - Mountains - Houses We are seeking a talented designer to create a logo that's primarily geared toward brand recognition. The logo should incorporate the specific color code #002B5C or CMYK: C100; M64; Y0: K60. It must evoke emotions of trust, sophistication, and luxury. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Adobe Illustrator - Proven experience in Branding & Logo Design - Ability to portray complex ideas with a minimalist approach - Understanding of color psychology - Imagination ...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to aid in fine tuning the communication in my Xamarin Forms...dealing with a consistent issue of receiving duplicate messages and events firing more than once and would appreciate help in resolving this. I am currently working with: - Xamarin Forms targeting iOS and Android platforms - SignalR for real-time chat and push notifications The ideal freelancer will have comprehensive skills and experience in these areas. A deep understanding of SignalR under the Aspen framework is crucial. My backend server is already set up to handle the SignalR communication. I require expert assistance in effectively managing the SignalR client nugget package to eradicate the issue of duplicity. Skills in troubleshooting and problem-solving are essential fo...

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    I require a skilled individual for my project focusing on the design and optimization of chemical process equipment using HYSYS. The central aim is to enhance efficiency and performance within specific areas: - Distillation column design: Shape a highly effective distillation process, minimizing energy consumption while maximizing output. - Reactor kinetics and dynamics: Model the behavior of chemical reactors, ensuring optimal conversion rates and safe operation. - Heat exchanger design and analysis: Develop heat transfer systems that maximize thermal efficiency and reliability under various operating conditions. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in HYSYS simulation software. - Strong background in chemical engineering principles. - Prior experience with equipment design optimiz...

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    Please Accept the quote asap... Thanks For working with me, I hope I'll meet your standards successfully. Thanks

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    GAMS Expert in Hysys S-a încheiat left

    I am in need for your support in develop a linear programming model using GAMS,I need you to define HEN super structure and HYSYS Energy is basically a process develop part for the heat exchanger network (HEN).Budget is 50$

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    heat exchanger network S-a încheiat left

    hi there. can you do GAMS, HEN superstructure and report writing. i need do a section in my report about HEN. i can provide u the tables of energies, the hysys file and whatever u need. thanks

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    In my quest to continuously push the boundaries of chemical engineering, I urgently need knowledgeable assistance in the area of advanced process design, specifically process simulation and optimization. The focus of this project is leveraging Aspen HYSYS and reactive distillation methods to refine and perfect the functionalities of the processes I'm working with. Skills and Experience: - Proven expertise in Aspen HYSYS software, a fundamental tool in the realm of process design. - Practical experience with reactive distillation methods, crucial for efficient process development. - Comprehensive understanding of advanced process design, demonstrating the ability to enhance existing systems and invent new approaches. - Sound knowledge in chemical enginee...

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    I am looking for an expert in Oxy Fuel gasification of bio mass in Aspen Plus. The project requires the following: Feedstock: - Low ranking Coal Syngas Composition: - H2/CO 1.3-1.6 - CH4 2-4% Gasification Temperature Range: - 1200-1300°C Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge and experience in Oxy Fuel gasification of bio mass - Proficiency in using Aspen Plus software - Understanding of low ranking coal and its gasification process - Ability to optimize syngas composition and gasification temperature Please provide examples of previous projects and expertise in this area.

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    I am looking for an experienced marketing person to format a proposal by an architect to win a bid to design a Community Service Center in Aspen, Colorado. This public facility should reflect the vibrant and robust nature of our community and offer a functional and inviting environment. Key requirements: - Proficient in business presentations in PDF format Ideally, you have worked on designing business presentations and proposals Skills/Experience Required: - Proficiency in PDF formatting - Experience in business presentations The report is already written and it's only about 20 pages. This needs to be formatted and organized into a more attractive business presentation. Should be an easy project for someone with the proper skills.

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    Chemical Engineering Expert Needed for Detailed Analysis and Recommendations in Reaction Engineering I am seeking a highly skilled and experienced chemical engineering expert to provide a detailed analysis and recommendations for a real-world application in the field of reaction engineering. Specifi...process improvement - Clear and concise report summarizing the analysis and recommendations, including supporting data and references Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced degree in chemical engineering, with a specialization in reaction engineering - Proven track record of successfully consulting on real-world applications in reaction engineering - Proficiency in using software tools such as Aspen Plus, COMSOL, or similar for simulation and analysis - Strong analytical and probl...

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    Chemical engineering S-a încheiat left

    ...written. Do not use Chegg/ChatGPT or any kind of service. I need question 1, 3, and 4 done. Problem 2 will help you for 3 and 4. I am seeking a skilled chemical engineer with expertise in ASPEN and Process Separations to assist me with a project. The specific focus of this project is on Process Separations calculations. The deliverable for this project is a set of accurate and comprehensive calculations related to Process Separations. The ideal candidate should have a strong background in chemical engineering principles, with a particular emphasis on Process Separations and ASPEN. They should possess the necessary skills to perform complex mathematical modeling and calculations, as well as the ability to interpret and analyze the obtained results. The desired timeline ...

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    SEO Service for Aspen S-a încheiat left

    SEO Service for Aspen.........

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    ...:3d93e3fd,vid:ReHR2SHdUss,st:285 Go to the third listed item on the right which reads 3. Aspen (Andantino, 1914) Click on that, wait for the

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    ASPEN PLUS S-a încheiat left

    I am in need of an experienced freelancer to create a simulation model using ASPEN PLUS. This model should be highly detailed and require advanced knowledge of the program. The purpose for the model is for process simulation, so all components of the system should be accurately represented. I have specific requirements for the simulation model, so experienced use of ASPEN PLUS is a must.

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    I am looking for a chemical engineer who can simulate absorption and distillation process using Aspen Plus and create a detailed process flow diagram. The simulation requires advanced, in-depth analysis and should include specific process parameters provided by me. You will need to meet the design spec. Skills and experience required: - Strong background in chemical engineering - Proficiency in Aspen Plus simulation software - Knowledge of distillation processes and equipment - Ability to analyze and interpret simulation results - Attention to detail in creating process flow diagrams.

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    I am looking for a chemical engineer who can simulate absorption and distillation process using Aspen Plus and create a detailed process flow diagram. The simulation requires advanced, in-depth analysis and should include specific process parameters provided by me. You will need to meet the design spec. Skills and experience required: - Strong background in chemical engineering - Proficiency in Aspen Plus simulation software - Knowledge of distillation processes and equipment - Ability to analyze and interpret simulation results - Attention to detail in creating process flow diagrams.

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    Necesito que simule una planta de producción de biodiésel con recirculación de metanol usando componentes de aceite vegetal procedente de semillas oleaginosas

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    co2 hydrate dynamic simulation

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me with the modeling of adsorption column of air using Aspen Adsorption. The purpose of the modeling is parameter estimation, specifically for accurate prediction of adsorption capacity. To estimate the mol% of CO2 in the retentate. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using Aspen Adsorption or Plus for modeling - Strong understanding of adsorption processes and models, such as Langmuir, Freundlich, and BET - Experience with parameter estimation and accurate prediction of adsorption capacity - Ability to analyze and interpret modeling results to provide insights and recommendations

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    We need to simulate and size Multi pressure distillation column in order to concentrate ethanol feed (8% by wt) to 92% (by wt). Next simulation will be VPSA for dehydration upto 99.8wt% . Energy optimiztion needs to be done in Aspen Hysys V10. Necessary heat exchangers needs to be sized and rated.

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    I would like to simulate the co2-hydrate refrigeration system in Matlab.

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    Hola Ronald, Como discutimos anteriormente, este es el proyecto en el que me gustaría contratarte. Descripción del proyecto: Modificación de una simulación existente de un proceso de gasificación de biomasa lignocelulósica en lecho fijo para la producción de hidrógeno con fines energéticos. utilizando Aspen Plus Dynamics V11. Actualmente, la simulación cuenta con una única entrada de alimentación (biomasa lignocelulósica).

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    I am looking for an expert in simulations to assist me with a project. The simulation required is a MATLAB / ASPEN HYSYS / UNISEM simulation. - I need assistance in determining the specific parameters or conditions for the simulation. - The expected timeline for this project is short term, ranging from 4-9 days. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in MATLAB / ASPEN HYSYS / UNISEM and simulation techniques - Ability to assist in determining simulation parameters - Strong problem-solving and analytical skills - Excellent attention to detail and ability to meet tight deadlines.

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    I have a code in Matlab and I am going to connect the aspen plus to the Matlab

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help with a simulation of a heat recovery system from a methanol distillation column using a plate type heat exchanger. The goal is to optimize the energy efficiency of the system. The goal is to complete a comprehensive report that provides an analysis of the data collected with detailed recommendations for potential improvements. No specific industry standards or guidelines to follow are applicable or unsure at this time.

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    Ethanol Production from...Production from Sugarcane Juice for Fuel Use I am looking for a freelancer to help me produce ethanol from sugarcane juice for fuel use. The ideal candidate should have experience in fermentation and be able to achieve a yield of more than 10% per unit of sugarcane juice. It needs dehydration upto 96% purity using pressurised distillation and then through zeolite absorption. I need simulation in Aspen Hysys or Aspen plus. Specifically, I am looking for someone who can: - Use fermentation to produce ethanol from sugarcane juice - Achieve a yield of more than 10% per unit of sugarcane juice - Ensure the produced ethanol is suitable for use as fuel If you have experience in this area and can deliver high-quality results, please submit a pr...

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    Just a small simulation project using ASPEN PLUS or HYSYS for the production of hydrogen through pyrolysis of plastic waste. I am already working on it. Just need a help in the simulation. Needs to know the efficiency, energy consumption, carbon savings, cost analysis, and sensitivity analysis. Urgently required.

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    I would like to simulate the two- stage co2 refrigeration system based on CO2 hydrate using Aspen plus.

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    I am looking for a freelancer who can create a dynamic simulation using Aspen Plus. The goal of the simulation is to build a dynamic simulation for the specific refrigeration cycle, which is attached below to assess the energy efficiency. I am gonna do the cycle attached to this project first then I am going to upgrade the cycle to add co2 hydrate tank Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Aspen Plus software - Strong understanding of process optimization and energy efficiency - Experience with similar projects and ability to provide guidance and suggestions

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    I need an expert in the ASPEN software program to make a simulation to integrate CCGT with MEA carbon-capturing system

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    Trophy icon Logo for my business S-a încheiat left

    I’m providing. mock up of what I want (almost exactly). The blue portion below the bulldog face is supposed to be a dog collar. It will say Aspen in bold letters. Final version must be delivered in JPeg, PNG, and Vector file. ***Please note - I borrowed the image from Shutter Stock so I don’t know if we can use it or not. I’d be happy to pay the licensing fee if someone can help me do that, but I don’t want to get sued so I don’t think we can use the exact image. Also, I borrowed the crown from Basquiat and don’t want to get sued for that either. I love the style but it needs to be close but not exact. Thanks for all of the great submissions so far!!

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