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    5,000 battery charging proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD specific needs. Key Requirements: - Length: The cable should be about 5 inches long. - Connectors: The cable should have two male Type-C connectors. One must be 90-degrees to the cable connector and the other will need a 180-degree bend with a small radius of approximately 1 inch. - Color: The cable should be black. Purpose: The primary use of this cable will be for both data transfer and charging between USB 3.1 devices. I'm looking for someone to create the design, and help me to locate a source for the component, in the range of 100-200 units per order, and for each unit to be < $5.00 each. Ideal Skills: - Cable design and manufacturing - Proficiency in working with USB-C connectors - Understanding of USB 3.1 standards - Experience in developing custom cables ...

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    ...female to USB-C female connector - The male connector needs to be mounted at 90 degrees to the board - One female connector needs to be mounted at 90 degrees to the board - Both boards should support data transfer and device charging - Both boards when oriented should connect to each other with the 90 degree connectors forming a Z shape. - No additional components or features are required. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PCB design and layout - Experience with USB-C connectors and associated protocols - Ability to design for both data transfer and charging - Knowledge of mounting connectors at angles on PCBs The final deliverables for this project should be the design files for both PCBs, ready for fabrication through pcbway or other suggested mfg. Please ...

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    The project is to create Inverter automation to start export, stop export and charge the battery automatically using a microcontroller that can subscribe to the server to get spot prices to run the automation. Objectives: 1. Modbus read and write 2. ESP32 Webserver 3. Spot price subscribe 4. Calculation / rules 5. MQTT Service (Server) 6. Price Service (Server) 7. Device Dashboard (Server) Project scope and system architecture are referred to the project brief documentation "Inverter Automation Project "

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    ...developer to revamp and add functionalities to an existing quote calculator on my website. - The project involves modifying the design of the current calculator. This will include updating the color scheme, enhancing typography, and improving the layout for a more user-friendly experience. - You will also be required to add new features to the calculator. This will involve incorporating additional charging features, specifically variable pricing based on quantity. The goal is to allow for more flexibility and real-time adjustments to the quotes generated. - Moreover, the existing functionality of the calculator needs to be improved. I'm looking for a seamless, efficient, and accurate calculator that can be easily integrated into the current system. The calculator needs to...

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    ...drone should have an extensive flight range. - **Maneuverability**: Advanced maneuvering abilities are crucial for competitive advantage. - **Hover Capability**: The drone should be able to hover in place when needed. - **Battery Life**: A long-lasting battery is essential to minimize downtime. - **Drop Mechanism**: The drone should be equipped with a drop mechanism for competition-specific functions. - ** Hi res Camera Experience: - Proven expertise in designing and constructing aerial drones, especially those intended for competitive use. - Strong grasp of aerodynamics, battery management systems, and remote control technology. - Familiarity with competition drone requirements will be highly beneficial. If you're an innovative drone maker who can deliver a ...

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    In need of a graphic designer who can create engaging product mockups for our battery brand. This would call for skills in graphic design. - You will produce designs showcasing our batteries in a striking and appealing light. - Ideal for someone with a background in creating graphics for electronics / electrical instruments. - Experience in creating detailed and accurate product mockups is essential. Your creative insight will be crucial in enhancing our brand image through visual content.

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    ...theme I purchased to fit my business needs: I am looking to create a freelance marketplace for gig workers and local services providers based in the USA. My goal is to create a site similar to where visitors can search for services in their local area. monetizes their services listings by charging $5/post. The post stays up for 30 days. Sellers post frequently to keep pushing their listing up to the top of search results. I want to do something similar, and also include the option to subscribe to more frequent monthly postings for a better price-per-post. This would mean I need 2 paths to purchase - one where anyone can post for $5/each and another where a user can create an account with

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    Swedish speaking applicants ONLY! In need of an astute individual well-versed in criminal law to assist with a case involving assault and battery. The main tasks are: - Researching national case law relevant to the case - Analyzing precedents that could influence our strategy It's critical to have experience in Swedish criminal law, and a proven ability to research and analyze case laws and precedents. Being well-knowledgeable about Swedish national jurisdiction will be a significant advantage. Specifics: The German attorney needs case law regarding and in accordance with Chapter 59, Section 1, first point of the Code of Judicial Procedure (1942:740): Gross miscarriage of justice, for an appeal to the Swedish court. You need to be an active Swedish lawyer or attorney.

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    I'm looking for an experienced SEO specialist to optimize my Google My Business (GMB) page at a city level, focusing primarily on keyword optimization. The ideal candidate would be someone who can confidently assure guarantied positive results, as success is key for our project. Our company o have retail store of Battery Operated three Wheeler. Therefore, knowledge and hands-on experience in this sector would be advantageous, particularly when pinpointing the most effective keywords to use. This project does not have a hard deadline and I am open to a flexible timeline. However, I would appreciate someone who can deliver guarantee results within a reasonable timeframe. We are into multiple business, will hire the person for other projects too. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in...

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    ...acceptable alternatives. - The projector should be able to display content like a standard projector, including the ability to project onto walls. The projected image can be smaller than typical; alternatively, a design similar to children's toys that use a magnifier for viewing could also work. - I would prefer an entirely analog design for the mini projector, eliminating the need for a battery. However, if a battery is necessary, it should have a long lifespan, similar to that of older Nokia phones, lasting 3-4 weeks. - All components must be of high quality and the entire device should be waterproof. - Optionally, a touchscreen might be integrated on the spherical silicone casing to allow document navigation (PDF or text) or similar interactive features, such as ge...

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    12 oferte model a battery energy storage system using MATLAB/Simulink. The system is intended to serve as a backup power supply for a large industrial facility. Key Project Details: - Intended Use: The primary function of the battery energy storage system is to serve as a reliable backup power source. - Scale: I'm looking for a model that's specifically tailored for a large industrial facility. This involves understanding the energy consumption patterns of such an environment and designing a system that adequately meets the facility's energy needs during power outages. - Software Preference: Due to the complexity of the project, the ideal candidate should have a strong background in MATLAB/Simulink. This tool is essential for the accurate simulation and modeling...

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    ...individual to develop a sophisticated sentiment analysis and recommendation system that can analyze aspects of customer reviews for a product. The primary goal of this system is to: - Identify positive aspects - Identify negative aspects - Provide recommendations based on customer reviews Key Requirements: - The system should be able to analyze multiple aspects of a customer review, specifically battery, camera, price, display, and performance. - For each aspect, the analysis should include both positive and negative sentiment. - The system will need to provide insights on the reviews based on the sentiments detected for each aspect. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Sentiment Analysis - Experience in developing recommendation systems - Str...

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    Hi, I have an electrical installation project for #54 EV charging points on a new build residential scheme that requires drawing up. I have the design details but need the drawings completed. - Overall Layout Drawing – I will provide a layout .DWG and locations - Overall Single Line Diagram - I will send design details, it just needs putting into a drawing - Cable Schedule Is this something you can help with? Thanks, Mike

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    AirPods 1 Battery Replacement 4 zile left

    I'm in need of a freelancer to replace the battery in my AirPods 1. I have the replacement battery already, so the requirement is primarily for the technical expertise and tools to undertake the battery replacement. Key Requirements: - Experience with AirPods 1: Given the delicate nature of these devices, experience working with AirPods 1 would be highly beneficial. - Proficiency in Battery Replacement: Ideal candidates should have prior experience with battery replacements in small electronic devices. Please note that there's no immediate rush for this task, so it can be completed at your convenience.

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    I'm in need of an expert in battery storage system design for commercial applications. The primary goal of the system would be to maximize its lifetime. Using simulink Key Elements: - **Commercial Use**: The system will be utilized in a commercial setting, therefore, it needs to be capable of handling higher energy demands. - **Maximize Lifetime**: The primary goal is to ensure the system is designed for optimal longevity. This involves both initial design considerations and ongoing maintenance recommendations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in designing battery storage systems for commercial applications. - In-depth understanding of battery technology and the factors affecting battery life. - Ability to optimize a system for extended ...

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    ...All socket outlets are to be UK standard 3-pin sockets with USB type C ports, all lights to be led, all heating is to be done by electrical heaters and AC, main entrance should have a led chandelier. Property to get power from battery 2x battery packs that can individually be turned off in an emergency or when under maintenance, solar panels to be installed on the roof for power for the whole property and to charge the batteries, battery packs to be stored to the rear of the property with 2 doors one to gain entrance from inside the property and one externally, battery pack to charge enough electricity for 7 days usage. Ground Floor Should have a large garage to hold a minimum of 8 large 4x4 cars, a laundry/Pantry room with slots for 4 washing machines a...

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    I'm looking for a MATLAB expert who will develop a simulation model for both Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Grid-to-Vehicle (G2V) technologies. The core aspect of your work should emphasize on the scheduling of charging and discharging within the system. Key Tasks: - Simulate both V2G and G2V technologies accurately - Focus the simulation model primarily on scheduling of charging and discharge cycles - Ensure the model is flexible enough for future tweaks and adaptations Skills and Experience: - Proficient in MATLAB, especially signal processing module - Strong knowledge and experience in energy systems simulation - Good understanding of V2G and G2V technologies - Familiar with energy scheduling and management

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    ...text is also ok or worst case images)
- This minimalistic videoprojector must have an option to project this pdf/text/img in any way (like a normal projector on walls, it's ok if will be smaller projecting final image; or like kids toys, where you are looking into a magnifier and see images)
- I preffer this mini projector to be full analogic, and to not need a battery. But if this is not possible, i prefer to have a long life battery (like nokia, 3-4 weeks)   Optional {extra options - extra payment}: - Touchscreen on the exerior sferical case, for scrolling in the document (pdf or text) or similar ways of scrolling (gesture or something). - Waterproof...

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    New renders and design of the accessories for the smart band (HUB, charging holder, etc...). Carmelo

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    I am looking for an experienced 3D designer to create a highly detailed, actual-size lightsaber model that can be 3D printed in plastic. The design should be intricate and visually appealing, capturing the essence of Vildar Mac's lightsaber from the High Republic comic series. Key Req... Key Requirements: - 3D Design: Experience in creating high-quality, detailed 3D models is essential. Familiarity with 3D printing and PLA is a plus. - Design Aesthetics: Ability to design a visually stunning lightsaber model with intricate textures and features. - Electronics Integration: The lightsaber should have functional elements; it must be designed so that it can hold a neopixel core, battery and blade If you have experience with similar projects and the required skills, please submit...

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    I'm in the market for a skilled and experienced developer who can craft a cutting-edge multivendor E-commerce platform designed to cater to the electric vehicle (EV) market. The platform will be offering a wide array of products including electric vehicles, charging equipment, and various EV accessories. Essential features for the project include: - User Registration and Login: The platform should allow for seamless and secure user registration and login processes. - Product Search and Filtering: A robust search functionality combined with effective product filtering capabilities to help customers easily find what they are looking for. - Secure Payment Gateway: The platform should integrate a reliable and secure payment gateway to facilitate smooth transactions and protect us...

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    ...signals. Ensure compatibility with both 3V and 5V fan types. 7. WiFi 5: - Integrate the WiFi module into the schematic, connecting it to the appropriate interfaces on the RK3588 SoC and providing necessary power and antenna connections. 8. Power Connection via USB Type-C and Portable Battery Powerbank: - Connect the USB Type-C power connector(s) to the power input circuitry, ensuring proper power delivery and protection. - Include circuitry to switch between power sources (USB Type-C and battery power bank) as needed, with appropriate voltage regulation and power management. 9. RGB LEDs: - Integrate the RGB LEDs into the schematic, providing connections for power, ground, and control signals. - Include circuitry for programmable control of the LEDs, possi...

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    I'm looking to develop a scheduling strategy that optimizes battery usage, with an aim to increase efficiency. While the specifics of the battery system haven't been provided, the freelancer should be prepared to create a versatile solution that could be adjusted if needed. Key aspects for the project: - Development of a method to optimize battery usage for unknown battery systems. Experience in deterministic model formulation would be ideal. - Ability to incorporate constraints or limitations in the future. This could be the maximum battery capacity, available charging/discharging rates, time-of-use electricity rates, and renewable energy generation. If you have expertise in Matlab and experience in battery scheduling or simila...

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    **Project Overview:** We log chicken laying patterns and transmit the data to an online platform for storage and analysis. A 12V power supply is available for system operation. **System Overview:** The integrated control system should manage lighting, electric fences, and actuators, through relays, for optimal conditions inside the chicken houses. It should also collect and transmit various data points, including battery voltages, lighting conditions, and readings from 10 separate RFID sensors, for remote monitoring and analysis. Data transmission should occur via either 4G or LoRaWAN connectivity, with seamless integration with cloud storage for real-time data access. Provision for customized alerts and notifications to alert farm managers of critical events or deviations is...

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    Requirments: 1. Overall change in sized reduced from 1800 to 1780 2. Change of internal frame to 40mm with ends of canopy reduced in size for 40mm frame not 50mm. Layout of unistrut stays the same. 3. New electrical panel to unistrut frame (this it just one sheet with two bends in it. 4. Edit to fridge surround frame 5. New roof strut 6. Solar panel bracket 7. New front and rear frame...2. Change of internal frame to 40mm with ends of canopy reduced in size for 40mm frame not 50mm. Layout of unistrut stays the same. 3. New electrical panel to unistrut frame (this it just one sheet with two bends in it. 4. Edit to fridge surround frame 5. New roof strut 6. Solar panel bracket 7. New front and rear frame layout with 40x40 tube and strut 8. Change depth 9. Door update 10. Batter...

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    I'm looking for an experienced app developer to create a battery management system for electric vehicles. The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms and include several key features: - Real-time battery status - Charging history - Battery health monitoring - QR code scanner - Alerts tailored to a set list of parameters - Be able to collect data from the real-time platform and reflect the same on the app These alerts should be implemented as in-app notifications. Comprehensive knowledge in mobile app development and a good grasp of user interface design are paramount for this project. Familiarity with electric vehicles and their battery management systems would be a considerable advantage.

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    For this project, we're looking for experts with comprehensive understanding and working experience in integrating Blockchain with web/mobile applications for heightened data security. Our primary objective is to enhance the security of user authentication in our application, therefore expertise in securing login details, password management and multi-factor authentication on platforms via Blockchain technology is imperative. As we've chosen to secure user authentication with a public Blockchain, ideal candidates should present steep knowledge in various public Blockchain technologies, skill in dealing with third party audits of user identities, and the seamless integration of these technologies with web/mobile applications for superior security. Key skills: - Extensive exper...

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    ...requirements include: DC fast charger - Focus on high efficiency and fast charging: The key goal of this project is to create a charger that can rapidly and effectively charge electric vehicles, catering to the needs of public use. The design should prioritize efficiency and speed without compromising on quality. - Additional features: While the primary goal is efficiency, I'm also interested in exploring additional features. This could include solar power integration to promote sustainability, and smart charging capabilities such as app control and usage tracking to enhance user experience. The ideal candidate should have: - A strong background in designing public EV chargers - Experience in creating high-efficiency charging solutions - Proficiency in integ...

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    I'm a student currently diving into app development and I need some guidance in coding a productivity application using Kotlin in Android Studio. The aim is to develop an app that can cater to the general public. While I don't have a clear idea on the functionalities yet, I am open to suggestions. Ideal freelancer should: - Have in-depth knowledge and experience in coding with Kotlin and using Android Studio - Be able to guide and advise on the best practices in mobile app development - Understand the principles of designing productivity applications - Have experience in UI/UX design and creating interactive interfaces, considering this might be a route we take. - Have patience in explaining complex coding concepts to a beginner.

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    We are refining our Falcon race timing system for accuracy in the desert, specifically to tracking falcons over a tracking falcons over a 400-meter course. This system must detect objects (falcon) around 10cm x 10cm, in the outdoor desert environment Key Specifications: - LiDAR Sensors: - Range: Up to 20m. - Aperture: 180 degrees. - Frequency: 100Hz. - Resolution: 0.32 degrees. - Power: 3W. - Connectivity: Visual display timer and device connectivity for real-time tracking, supported by a battery life of at least 4 hours. -Signal Synchronization: Transmitter at the endpoint and receiver at the start for accurate timing. Operational Environment: The design must withstand the desert’s outdoor conditions, howeverwe dont run the race when there is wind or hig...

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    ...highly skilled electrical engineer who can design an industrial-grade, slow-trickle charging circuit for lead-acid batteries. This device will be used primarily for powering backup systems. Key Responsibilities: - Design a charging circuit compatible with lead-acid battery chemistry. - Prioritize circuit efficiency to enable slow-trickle, long-term charging without overcharging or damaging batteries. - Draft detailed documentation on the design, including technical specifications (voltage, current, etc.) and assembly instructions. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Solid understanding of lead-acid battery charging dynamics. - Demonstrated experience in industrial circuit design. - Knowledge in handling charging circuits for backup power sys...

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    BESS Design Expert Needed S-a încheiat left

    I am searching for a proficient expert in the field of Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), particularly as connected to PV. Your main responsibility will be: - System Sizing - System Design The ideal candidate should: - Hold notable experience in BESS. - Submit a portfolio of previous system designs to demonstrate competence. As active Solar Consultant I have projects all over the world, mostly commercial and utility size, but also residential, and more and more of these now require storage. I am lacking in the Electrical Engineering aspects of these jobs and am looking for regular help.

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    STEP 2 Adding your Custom Payment Gateway STEP 3 Preparation on your Server STEP 4 Set the Gateway URL STEP 5 Testing the Integration so far Additional Variables sent to the Payment Page STEP 6 Charging the Customer / Sub-Reseller on your Payment Gateway STEP 7 Sending the Customer / Sub-Reseller back to our Server STEP 8 Finishing Steps STEP 9 Final Testing STEP 10 Managing your Transactions

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    HELLO :) We are already running on Espcode, that can pull/change modbus on solar inverters(mostly growatt) We need to expand this code, and make it able to take energy (Spot prices) into relation. We use ESP32 1. Be better grapchal looking (Web interface) 2. Access to the to choose between DK1 or DK2 (This is price regions in denmark) (Also we need to expand to other countries later on) 4. Add tax/vat/tarifs 5. Code needs to be stand alone, meaning it should be able to run without home assistant, but also should be compatible with home assistant. 5. Allow Simple automations, like: Stop exporting electricity if spot price falls below X. or like Start charing battery if prices go lower than X Potentially we i will need you to work with us on this project, and do all futur...

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    The market research report should cover the following information. Curr...share ) 3. The main distribution channels for E-bike. 4. The demographic characters of the buyers . 5. Market trend. Product: 1. The photos and specifications of the main branded e-bike. 2. The main features of E-bike in the market. Which features are the most popular and which are the surprise. And the specific preferences on the E-bike. 3. Type and brand of Battery used and cyclic life of the battery ( say five years and times of charging and discharging ) and the associated major parameters. 4. The mainstream type and brand of motor used for the E-bike. 5. Derailleur type . 6. Specification of tires. Note: The project will close on or before the end of April, 2024. The freelancer...

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    ...5000mAh LiPo battery. To ensure safe and efficient charging of the LiPo battery, we require a skilled electronic engineer (if you've already worked on similiar project) to create a LiPo charger circuit with comprehensive protection features, including low and high voltage charging protection. I've tried with TP4056 but the charging time is too big. **Key Features:** 1. Overvoltage protection to prevent damage to the battery during charging. 2. Overcurrent protection to safeguard against excessive current flow. 3. Low voltage charging protection to prevent the battery from reaching dangerously low levels. 4. Charging status indication for the microcontroller **Key Responsibilities:** 1. Design a LiPo char...

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    GPS Tracker S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for a proficient electronic and industrial designer to help create a unique piece of consumer electronics with a primary focus being a GPS. The GPS will be housed inside a dummy power tool battery that also needs to be designed. The GPS battery should be rechargeable and have a battery life of 3 months minimum. Scope of works: Design a GPS tracker Design the housing for the GPS. Something similar to the attachment Include a schematic diagram. Bill of materials (BOM) 3d modelling Fabrication ready Prototyping Source file Delivery of product Key skills • Strong background in electronic design • Experience in consumer electronics • Proficiency in integrating GPS functionality into electronic devices Your bid should reflect your under...

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    I require a detailed and thorough market research analysis covering consumer preferences, market trends and a comprehensive evaluation of competition. The research will focus specifically on the automotive, solar, EV and battery storage - packs sector. I'm interested in: - Understanding consumer purchasing behavior: What are the current buying trends? What factors influence consumer decisions? - Competitor analysis: Who are the key players in the market? What are their strengths? How can we outperform them? - Market size and growth potential: What is the current market size? What is the potential for growth? My Company details - We are into laser source manufacturing, this source is applicable in different application in different industries. Application for automotive - ...

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    I am on the lookout for experts in hybrid microgrid system design. My primary goal is enhancing grid resilience but with a focus on incorporating a mix of energy sources. Key Project Requirements: - Proficient in designing and implementing a Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid system - Understands and has experience in combining Solar power, Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and, Natural Gas Generator (NatGas Genset) in design - Adept at effectively integrating renewable energy into a grid for enhanced resilience - Experience using Helioscope, PVSyst, Xendee, Energy Toolbase, etc. Your knowledge and experience in renewable energy and hybrid microgrid design will be critical for this project. Ideal candidates should have worked with various types of microgrids, specially integrating differe...

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    I'm looking for a talented electrical engineer with experience in designing BLDC motor controllers. The ideal candidate with experience in designing BLDC motor controllers. The ideal candidate will be able to design a controller with the following features: - Speed Control - Torque Control - Regenerative braking - 2 Continuous Power inputs: from a generator and a battery - Efficient power management: Battery charging from the generator while running the motor when needed The power rating for the BLDC motor controller should be between 1-3 kW operating at 48v. Additionally, the controller will need to be capable of charging a lithium-ion battery when needed. If you have experience with these types of projects and can deliver a high-qua...

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    I'm looking to develop a scheduling strategy that optimizes battery usage, with an aim to increase efficiency. While the specifics of the battery system haven't been provided, the freelancer should be prepared to create a versatile solution that could be adjusted if needed. Key aspects for the project: - Development of a method to optimize battery usage for unknown battery systems. Experience in deterministic model formulation would be ideal. - Ability to incorporate constraints or limitations in the future. This could be the maximum battery capacity, available charging/discharging rates, time-of-use electricity rates, and renewable energy generation. If you have expertise in Matlab and experience in battery scheduling or simila...

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    ...Enable the definition of a radius around these coordinates to create the geofenced area. The platform should offer flexibility in setting the radius, accommodating various research needs from very local (a few meters) to broader areas (several kilometers). Geofence Precision Settings: Include options for setting the precision of the geofence to manage the balance between location accuracy and battery usage on the surveyor's device. Surveyor Location Verification: Implement real-time location verification to ensure that the surveyor is within the defined geofenced area before allowing access to the survey. This check should occur at the start of the survey and can be optionally configured to re-verify at intervals or before submission. ...

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    Simulation of Low voltage microgrid coposed od PV, Wind, battery, Loads, diesel generators and local grid, using macsim and JADE to do the optimization of energy

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    I'm seeking a highly skilled web designer to create a classified website geared towards buying, selling, and job posting within a specif...and job posting within a specific industry. I imagine the aesthetic of the site to be professional and elegant. Key functionalities should include: - User registration - Product search and filter - Secure payment system These will help to ensure an optimized and secure user experience. The site should also allow me to making posting offers, such as free or discounted posts in addition to charging for featured listings. Experience in e-commerce and job board website design is highly desirable. The successful freelancer should possess a keen eye for creating professional, elegant yet functional websites. I look forward to seeing your bids...

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    I require consultation in the fields of nutrition, health and lifestyle targeted towards individuals across all age groups. The ultimate aim of the consultation is: - Weight management: Guidance on balanced diets tailored to varied needs while promoting healthy weight control. - Energy Boost: Schemes for meals and activities delivering consistent, energy boosting, and disease prevention. IN A NUTSHELL: I need a Website where I can Post a Course of some 10-15 videos For Health,Nutrition, Lifestyle etc. Also I need an appointment section where people can book appointments for online video consultation.(I don't need a Video Call Integrator in this) I also need a Payment Gateway to be integrated in the Website as I will be charging some Fees for the Above Ment...

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    Quadcopter Expert Needed S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for a skilled quadcopter expert to design, build, program, and troubleshoot a battery-powered quadcopter for recreational use. Key responsibilities: I need you to tune the pid gain properly. Ideal skills and experience: - Proven experience in designing and building quadcopters. - Proficiency in quadcopter programming. - Excellent troubleshooting skills. - Previous experience in recreational quadcopter projects will be beneficial. - Ability to work independently and deliver high-quality work within the stipulated time frame. Looking forward to receiving your bids!

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