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    ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK FOR AUD 60 FIXED PRICE. I have created a solution using Blazor .net 8 (): The solution contains two projects : 1. Authentication (Razor Class Library) 2. Admin app (Blazor .net 8) I have moved all authentication code and pages from Admin app to ProjectWithLibrary.rar. I want the issues to be fixed and implementation to be completed as shown in gif attached. I have attached project which has authentication code and is working as per gif. I want the to work same as the code is all copied. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK FOR AUD 60 FIXED PRICE. ALSO ONLY BID IF YOU READ AND CAN COMPLETE THIS.

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    ...quality of trails and contributions. 15. **Collaboration with Travel Companies:** - Capability to collaborate with travel companies to incorporate the app into their services. ### Technology Stack: ### Frontend Development: 1. **Blazor WebAssembly:** - For building the web application using C# and .NET directly in the browser. 2. **Blazor Mobile Bindings:** - For building cross-platform mobile applications using Blazor. 3. **State Management:** - **Blazor State Management Libraries:** Choose a suitable library for managing state in Blazor. 4. **Mobile Maps Integration:** - **Azure Maps SDK for Web:** Integration of maps for displaying trails and waypoints in the web application. - **Azure Maps SDK for Android/iOS (optional):*...

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    I have created a solution using Blazor .net 8 (): The solution contains two projects : 1. Authentication (Razor Class Library) 2. Admin app (Blazor .net 8) I have moved all authentication code and pages from Admin app to ProjectWithLibrary.rar. I want the issues to be fixed and implementation to be completed as shown in gif attached. I have attached project which has authentication code and is working as per gif. I want the to work same as the code is all copied. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK FOR AUD 60 FIXED PRICE. ALSO ONLY BID IF YOU READ AND CAN COMPLETE THIS.

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    I am in urgent need of a highly-skilled development team, proficient in .NET MAUI 8.0 and Blazor, to craft a groundbreaking solution for controlling laboratory robotics. This project is set against a tight deadline and necessitates dedicated resources ready to operate under significant pressure. Over the course of up to six months, we will collaborate closely to deliver an app that fundamentally transforms how we interface with laboratory robotics, emphasizing intuitive control, real-time data handling, and robust machine management. **Required Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in .NET MAUI 8.0 for developing hybrid applications - Extensive experience in Blazor for creating rich user interfaces and smooth integrations - Familiarity with API integration for interfacing ...

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    51 oferte life. This project aims to streamline operations and enhance productivity within various business processes. The ideal candidate should possess a profound understanding and experience in developing with .NET Core with SQL specifically for web applications. **Essential Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in .NET Core development - Experience in web application development - Working with blazor server app with SQL. - Knowledge in creating workflow or project management tools (preferred) - Ability to integrate various APIs and databases for a seamless user experience - Strong problem-solving skills and attention to detail **Project Requirements:** - Develop a web application focused on tracking and managing workflows - Ensure the application is responsive and user-friendly ...

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    I'm seeking a full-stack developer proficient in .NET 8, known for expertise in Blazor and a solid understanding of MudBlazor framework. Have a good command over Layouts and Navigation, Forms and Validation, and Data table implementation, crucial for successful project fulfillment. A deep understanding and proficiency with .NET Core Entity Framework and SQL Server is required. If you're a tech-savvy problem solver ready to dive in immediately, this project is for you. Key Requirements: - Expertise in .NET 8 - Proven skills in Blazor, strong understanding of MudBlazor Framework - Solid experience with .NET Core Entity Framework and SQL Server - Ability to start immediately on the project Desired Skills: - Full-stack development - Proficiency in Layouts and Navigat...

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    Hi Yogesh S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I have created a solution using Blazor .net 8 (POSFlow_Authentication): The solution contains two projects : 1. Authentication (Razor Class Library) 2. Admin app (Blazor .net 8) I have moved all authentication code and pages from Admin app to Authentication Razor class library. I want the login, signup and profile to work as shown in gif attached. I have attached default working project which has authentication code and is working as I per gif. I want the POSFlow_Authentication to work same as the code is all copied. ONLY BID IF YOU CAN MAKE THIS WORK FOR AUD 50 FIXED PRICE. ALSO ONLY BID IF YOU READ AND CAN COMPLETE THIS............

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    I'm seeking a developer who can expertly integrate the Google Input Tool into my Blazor server application. This tool will create a user-friendly, multilingual environment. Key aspects of the project include: - Enabling input in all languages, as supported by Google API, to optimize the user experience. - Providing auto-suggestions for user input similar to this API: , ensuring fluid, intuitive input in any language. - Ensuring that keyboard input methods are supported for ease of access by all users. The right candidate for this project should have experience with Google APIs, Blazor server applications, ,CSS,Razor, c#, Richtext(WYSIWYG) and building multilingual support systems, with an understanding of input tool technologies. Familiarity

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    I’m in need of a proficient .Net developer with adept experience in C#, Blazor Server, and MSSQL to participate in the development of a B2B application. * Your main tasks will encompass User Management (including setting up User Roles and Permissions and User Profile Management), Payment Processing, executing CRUD Operations, and Reporting. * For reporting we’ll be expecting Data Visualization, Exporting Reports, and witty creation of Customizable Report Templates. Skills required include: - Demonstrable experience with C#, .Net, Blazor Server, and MSSQL - Background in B2B Application Development - Understanding User Roles and Permissions - Expertise in User Profile Management - Payment Processing experience - Proficiency in CRUD ope...

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    As a growing startup, we're in need of a proficient C# Fullstack Developer who can help us build a robust web application. Our primary goal is to implement significant functionalities, such as: - User account creation and management: we need a strong user interface for account setup and effortless navigation. - Online transaction capabilities: safe, secure, and easy transactions are a must. - Real-time data tracking: this will allow us to monitor user activity and business metrics seamlessly. - Oauth Integration: ensuring secure authorization is paramount. Our web application is targeted at a varied audience. We're tapping into the general public and aiming to service both B2B and B2C customers. So, an understanding of creating comprehensive and user-friendly interfaces is requ...

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    I am seeking an experienced developer with specialized skills in C#, Blazor, SQL, and the handling of OLE libraries to primarily work on manipulating OLE objects and rendering images. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Proficiency in .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Blazor, and MS SQL Server. • Solid experience in working with OLE libraries. • Demonstrated ability in displaying METAFILE, vector, and bitmap images. • Expertise in manipulating OLE Objects. • Working knowledge of MS Access 2013 or higher. This project will require the developer to receive an MS Access database (provided by me) with images stored using the OLE Object data type. Each image is a Windows clipboard image (an unknown image format, possibly of the GDI+ class) that has been captured and sto...

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    I'm in need of a proficient UX/UI designer to give current mobile and web applications an updated look. The goal is to make them not only user-friendly but intuitive, ultimately aiming to enhance user experience. This will require making the applications compatible across both iOS and Android platforms for mobile and we are using Blazor UI for our web application. While I'm unsure about a specific design style, I'm open to suggestions. We do allow customizing the mobile with customer specific logos and colors so ensuring that whatever design we come up with that it is flexible for those customers to continue to use that feature. The main task is to minimize user interaction, aiming for less clicks and more efficiency. Ideal skills and experience: - Prior experien...

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    Global Travel Hub Creation S-a încheiat left

    ...quality of trails and contributions. 15. **Collaboration with Travel Companies:** - Capability to collaborate with travel companies to incorporate the app into their services. ### Technology Stack: ### Frontend Development: 1. **Blazor WebAssembly:** - For building the web application using C# and .NET directly in the browser. 2. **Blazor Mobile Bindings:** - For building cross-platform mobile applications using Blazor. 3. **State Management:** - **Blazor State Management Libraries:** Choose a suitable library for managing state in Blazor. 4. **Mobile Maps Integration:** - **Azure Maps SDK for Web:** Integration of maps for displaying trails and waypoints in the web application. - **Azure Maps SDK for Android/iOS (optional):*...

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    I am in need of a UI design for a catalog part ordering system using .NET Blazor. Emphasizing on electrical, mechanical and electronic cabinets, with particular focus on specific components such as: - Dimensions - Materials - Color - Items that can be altered based on configuration string Furthermore, I require the design to accommodate configuration options for these cabinets including: - Size adjustment options - Various styles and their visualization - Number of shelves - Additional items depending on the specific configuration string All billable hours are when working with me during remote sessions due to the fact my server is not internet accessible. The hired professional should have an experience in UX/UI interface design, excellent knowledge about elec...

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    I'm looking for a skilled blockchain developer to integrate WalletConnect into my project using Web3modal for blazor OR pure html+js, enabling users to transact with Ethereum. Here's what I need: Requirements: - Use - Code should not contain any additional frameworks like react, angular or others - Support ethereum transactions with amount and address to other wallets - Final result should be either html + js OR blazor wasm project - Create very simple UI for using walletConnect with two user inputs one for address(public) and amount - Implement Web3modal with WalletConnect support - Facilitate Ethereum transactions for sending cryptocurrency - Ensure secure and efficient transaction handling Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Web3 and Ethereum standards

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    Hola, desarrolle una Web App (Blazor WebAssembly - VS Community 2022), dicha web app consume una Api (Asp .Net 7.0 - VS Community 2022) y dicha api utiliza una base de datos MS SQL. Tengo todo funcionando al 100% desde localhost en mi pc. Necesito : 1) Asesoramiento de cual sera el hosting que mas se adecua para mis necesidades (1 asp .net 7.0 + 1 Blazor WebAssembly + 1 MS SQL), tener en cuenta costos y que la base de datos va a ser inmensa. 2) Subir todo al hosting para un optimo funcionamiento (explicando todo los procedimientos detalladamente). 3) Respecto a la Api, hay que hacer los cambios necesarios para la comunicacion con la base de datos, modificar el archivo "" ya que la api no estara mas en localhost y evitar problemas de origenes core ya que la api tambi...

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    I have an application (windows desktop) developed on windows and visual studio using .net frame work, winforms. Plan to convert the application to a web based application. The conversion in multiple stages. First part is to convert the main and entry form to web page gui using Razor or Blazor techniques. Since the application is developed using Visual studio, prefer to stick with MS technology. Interests candidates may post their experience of work and experience and required cost.

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    I am looking for .NET MAUI Blazor Hybrid developer. I have completed Back-End application and now I am looking for developer for Front-End project. I have already created project but it need revision or complete recode. We have designs of application here: We will also share our source code to chosen freelancer.

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    Hello, We have a large scale solution written mostly in .net MVC5, that we need updated to .net 8. Also need new features added to the system, preferably with Blazor, or any updated web solution. Required Skills: - Proficiency with MVC5 and .Net Core. - Experience with Blazor for web development. - Strong background in API integrations. - Git and bitBucket - 3rd party API consumption and creating new API endpoints. - SQL Server - React 17, this is for ongoing maint of an small feature we have to host. Project Specifics: - Initial tasks will be to update existing library from .net 4.8 to 8 if we can and still have a functioning solution - Add new features/controllers to the system for on going dev. - Maintain existing features that need refactoring Ideal candid...

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    I'm dealing with a persistent issue in my Blazor application, the data retrieval function is not performing as expected. Specifically, the problem occurs when trying to fetch data from a local database. I need a professional with an in-depth understanding of Blazor who can identify and quickly fix this bug. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in Blazor application development. - Strong database management skills. - A deep understanding of data retrieval mechanisms. - A keen eye for detail and problem-solving skills. I'm looking forward to your knowledgeable assistance in troubleshooting and rectifying this matter to ensure smooth data retrieval within the application.

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    I'm in need of an experienced .Net developer with specific proficiency in MVC and Core Web API. Angular , blazor if have experienced its good Experience required - 2 to 5 years Payment - As per task or hourly that will discussed later. Budget is not high so please bid if you agree to work on lower price. However, I believe even complex tasks can be executed within reasonable timelines, and I value developers who respect deadlines. Looking forward to your bids!

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    "Design a Blazor WebAssembly application using MudBlazor to display Azure App Configurations side by side with different visual indicators for different conditions" Objectives: 1. Implement a Blazor WebAssembly application using MudBlazor to securely retrieve and display Azure App Configurations. 2. Incorporate Azure authorization in the application to access each of the Azure App Configuration stores. 3. Design visual indicators for different conditions using colors and iconography. Acceptance Criteria: 1. Application can securely access and retrieve Azure App Configurations after successful Azure authorization. 2. Data visualizer can display less than 100 configurations side by side without requiring pagination. 3. Different conditions for Azure App Configuratio...

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    I am in need of a programmer who can convert a Vue project into a Blazor project. The original project is available on GitHub, with a demo available online. I prefer the use of Blazor for the conversion process, if possible. The existing project requires the current modules (vue >= 3, element-plus >= 2.3.1, vant >= 4.1.1) in the Vue project. Ideal Skills/Experience: - Proficient in Blazor and Vue and C# >NET - Experience in project conversion between different frameworks - Attention to detail, as the functionality of the converted project needs to closely match the original. GOAL: Initially, I just need to see the project run from a Blazor project (Can be Server, or WASM ...) GITHUB: <--- PROJECT TO CONVERT DEMO: https://everright

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to build a straightforward .Net Blazor Server application with a single page. The primary feature is a rich textbox, expected to show suggestions as keys are typed in. Here's an outline of the project specifics: - Programming Languages: The application should be built using C#, Javascript, Blazor Server, and Razor. Basic expertise in these languages is essential. - Rich Text Editor: Zeroing down to TinyMCE or Quill for implementing the rich textbox. However, I'm open to alternatives, as long as it works seamlessly with the Blazor Server. - API Requirement: The system should implement Google's API to enable the suggestions feature in the textbox. Experience with Google API will be an added advantage. Your pro...

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    We are looking for a experience on Publishing Blazor web application in IIS Web Server ,GoDaddy using VPS? It's essential for the site to have the following: Blazor web application publishing expert IIS Expert Web Hosting and Domain name "GoDaddy " expert Microsoft SQLServer expert So, if you can exactly deliver what we are looking for, reach out to us .

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    I'm in need of a professional who can conduct security testing for my web application. * The system to test is a progressive web application built with Visual Studio (Blazor & C#), paired with SQL Server. * You are expected to perform comprehensive security tests, identifying potential vulnerabilities and suggesting robust solutions. * Ideal candidates should have extensive experience in security testing, preferably with a background in testing applications in similar tech stacks. * Familiarity with Blazor, C#, SQL Server and a deep understanding of security principles are crucial for this role.

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    I am searching for a skilled Blazor UI developer who will assist in the development web-based tab content and search bar. Specific requirements: - must work via anydesk in my project - must know how to use tab content and search bar functionality to search through data

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    I'm looking for a professional with expertise in C#, specifically focused on core and blazor development. The goal is to clear some pending tasks in exist project - Strong knowledge of C# - Extensive experience with core and blazor - Understanding of send and recieve data from api

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    We are currently seeking proposals for the development of a comprehensive system (MCP). Subsequently, the MCP will undergo sanding, finishing, assembly, and eventually be prepared for shipment. To ensure the success of this project, we are looking for a skilled and experienced development team with expertise in the following areas: C# Programming Language: Proficiency in C# is essential for the development of robust and efficient software components. Blazor Framework: Experience with Blazor, a framework for building interactive web applications, is crucial for creating a user-friendly and responsive interface for our fabrication system. API Integration: The ability to seamlessly integrate APIs is important for establishing connectivity between different modules ...

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    ...improve and modernize my system by converting to a Blazor Client. This move, amongst many things, aims to update technologies and transition to cloud hosting from a shared one. My website has six pages; Home, Contact, FAQ, Game, Info, and Policy. Most of the website is static text and images. However, it does support multi-language offering dynamic content. And a contact form to send an e-mail. I'm hoping to find a C#/web developer proficient in migrating websites from ASP.NET .NET 4.8 to a Blazor client with .NET 6/8. You should ideally have experience operating with Azure static websites, ensuring the transition is seamless, and the site remains user-friendly. ##Ideal Skills and Experience - Proficient in C# - Experience with Blazor Client - .NET 6/8 - Fa...

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    Install Custom Tailwind template on Blazor Web App Project , I will provide the Custom template & you will need to do 1 example where the form submits with the Custom Template. Make sure the template works exactly like the custom template (Hamburger menu etc).

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a solution integrating a WPF project with a WebView2 control and a Blazor server app. The goal is to facilitate seamless two-way communication between the apps, especially for real-time updates. These real-time updates will fulfil several functionalities, such as: • Display of data instantaneously • Immediate processing of user input • Tracking status in real-time • Enabling printing directly from the Blazor app • Passing JSON constructs The printing capability should be executed via Windows. Candidates with robust experience in WPF, WebView2, Blazor Server and JSON are highly preferred for this task. Familiarity with implementing real-time updates within these platforms will be critical for the ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelance...for a skilled freelancer to bring my website to life. The website will be built using Blazor and should have a professional and innovative design. - **Skills & Experience** - *Website Development Experience*: The ideal candidate should have a background in creating unique and functional Blazor websites. A knowledge base of the latest website development trends is essential to this project. - **Application** - In your application, please showcase your experience in website development. Feel free to provide examples of the Blazor websites you've built. This will allow me to fully grasp your capabilities and enables me to make an informed decision. Prefer solid competency to compliment blazor. If it...

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    The application is developed using Visual Studio with Blazor (C#) and utilizes a SQL Server database. The server infrastructure is already set up on AWS. Now, I am looking for an experienced professional to host my application on the AWS server and take care of all the necessary configurations. This includes setting up IIS, publishing the application, configuring the domain with SSL, and handling other related tasks.

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    I am looking for a freelancer to develop a Blazor Radzen component-based application. The project requires the following functionality: - CRUD operations: The application should be able to perform create, read, update, and delete operations on data. - Authentication and authorization: The application should have user authentication and authorization capabilities. - Integration with external APIs: The application should be able to integrate with external APIs for data retrieval and processing. The client has a specific design in mind for the application and will provide a mockup or design file. However, they are open to input and suggestions from the freelancer. The preferred deadline for the project is more than 4 weeks, allowing for a reasonable timeframe to complete the develop...

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    Website / Portal for Bank focused, and access financial resources and educational materials. - The target audience for the website is business customers (Brokers), so the design and functionality should cater to their specific needs and preferences. - Ideal skills and experience for this job include proficiency in web design and development specifically Blazor, a strong understanding of user experience and user interface design. - The freelancer should have experience in creating websites using Blazor for financial institutions or similar industries, and be able to provide examples of their previous work. - Attention to detail, strong communication skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with the client to meet their specific requirements are also important ...

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    We are looking for a reproduction of our existing WordPress website including all existing links, buttons and menus, but coded using .NET MVC with C# (Razor or Blazor front end). Functionality for this website includes: Responsive template replicating existing layout, graphics, and animations. Contact us page which sends an email (credentials will not be provided, but functionality must exist and you must provide a place to enter SMTP information) Deliverables are all source code including: .NET Solution / project files all MVC files (.cshtml, .cs, etc.) assets folder with any images, videos, or graphics javascript / css files jQuery and Bootstrap are okay as long as dependencies are included Third party libraries are okay as long as they are approved in advance.

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    I am looking for a skilled web developer to create a public transport bus service website. The main purpose of the website is to provide information about routes and schedules. Key requirements for the project include: -Use Blazor. -Build for a Windows environment - Mobile responsiveness: The website should be optimized for mobile devices to ensure a seamless user experience. - High level of user interaction: The website should have features such as user accounts and personalized features to enhance user experience and provide a tailored service. - Ticket purchasing: Users should be able to purchase tickets online through the website. - Service updates: The website should provide regular updates on service disruptions and delays to keep users informed. - Easy navigation: The webs...

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    ...itself. The ideal person for this project would be someone with experience in WPF, .NET, and who understands Instagram APIs. Familiarity with developing widgets or similar functionalities would be an added value. The purpose of this project is to enable a sleek, user-friendly approach of bringing Instagram data to WPF-driven applications. The deliverable will be the webpage / portal - / blazor server / c# and the WPF app will use c#...

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    Blazor static pages S-a încheiat left

    Blazor static pages currently using mudblazor but open to suggestions.. Most of them are simple. Please be able to speak English on a call and know about blazor! Will pay initially for 2 hours of work, there is a lot more of work if its good.

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    I need a proficient C# developer to work on developing a large-scale e-commerce web application for a small hotel. The main functionality I'm striving for involves an online booking management system. The project involves: - Developing the web application on Blazor Full Stack Web UI in .NET 8 (this is an essential requirement) - Building an advanced-level e-commerce system The ideal candidate should possess: - Expertise in C# for web applications - Proficiency in .NET 8 - Experience in designing and implementing complex e-commerce systems - Experience in developing customer-friendly online booking systems for the hospitality industry. I look forward to working with someone who can deliver this project efficiently and successfully.

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    ASP.NET Web Forms to Blazor Conversion This payment/project is for a 1 hour working session with me! if you prove you know you will be given more work. Please be ready for a call. I am looking for an ASP.NET developer to convert my static website into a Blazor project. Ideal Key Skills and Experience: - Intermediate experience in ASP.NET Web Forms and Blazor. - Proven experience in converting Web Forms to Blazor. - Commitment to enhancing website performance and user experience.

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    We are currently seeking one or two senior developers with proven experience in Blazor, demonstrating a solid understanding and proficiency in utilizing the new features of Blazor .NET 8. Additionally, familiarity with .NET MAUI is highly valued. Our goal is to completely rewrite our web platform, currently developed in Laravel. We are looking for two key roles: - A high-level consultant capable of guiding us in the selection and optimization of the Blazor .NET 8 architecture specific to our case. - A developer capable of building the web platform from scratch using Blazor. These two roles can be fulfilled by the same individual. The work is fully remote, and we offer maximum flexibility regarding the number of weekly hours you can dedicate to the project.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to convert my existing WebForm website into a mobile app using Blazor 8. The app should be compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. Features and functionalities for the mobile app are yet to be determined, and I would need assistance in defining them. I am open to suggestions and ideas from the developer. The expected timeline for the project is within 1-3 months. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in and Blazor 8 - Experience in mobile app development for both iOS and Android platforms - Strong problem-solving and communication skills - Ability to work within a specified timeline and deliver high-quality results.

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    I'm currently working on a web development project and I'm seeking an experienced technical leader well-versed in C#, Blazor, HTML, and SQL Server. • Primary Role: Your main task will involve code programming and guidance on hour-basis. I'm looking for someone who can provide support in Spanish and follow COT time zone. • Sprint Planning Assistance: Your input during our sprint planning will be critical to ensure efficient and effective execution of tasks. • Demonstrated Blazor Experience: A hands-on experience with Blazor from previous projects is mandatory, to handle the challenges we may encounter with proficiency and aplomb. Let your portfolio testify your excellence.

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    I want someone who can develop cloud based web front end. you will be working closely to our backend dev to to get APIs. - you must have skills working with tailwind CSS and Blazor and willingly to work with latest technologies in both of them specifically Blazor with .net8. - speed delivery is highly considered. - if per feature rate is not working we will discuss monthly salary rate. - more about project will be discussed in the details after.

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to help me create a user-friendly construction plans submission web application using Azure Blazor. The main goal of this project is to create a new Blazor web application that is efficient and takes advantage of what .NET Core has to offer. Other components of the system include SQL Server backend serviced by a WebAPI application that utilized a Generic Repository CRUD pattern Specifically, I want to integrate the following features and functionalities into the application: - Ability for customers/users to upload and submit construction plans (PDFs) review requests - Allow the Plan Reviewer to see the pending requests and begin the review process. - Collaboration and communication between the customer and the Plan Reviewer - Tracking...

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    List of checkable columns S-a încheiat left

    We have a SyncFusion Datagrid with some visible columns, we want to have an other list with all the other columns where we can check the column to be shown on the datagrid or not. - List of checkable columns - possibility to save the list (checked and unchecked) - ordering of rows (standard function in Syncfusion datagrid) This all should work with Blazor Web APP and Syncfusion Thx

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    .NET Fullstack Developer S-a încheiat left

    ...and deliver informative, well-organized project updates. Provides on-call support for applications if needed. Perform other related duties as assigned. What we seek in you: 8 years of professional full-stack .NET Software development experience. 6 years experience in developing web-based solutions using technologies such as .NET Core and C#. Strong experience with JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Blazor and Razor. Strong knowledge in SQL Server or equivalent development experience RDBMS. Experience with build automation, continuous integration, and source code branching strategies. Experience with TDD and Continuous Integration techniques is required. Experience working on a Scrum or Agile team. Excellent communication and team-building skills....

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