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    1 of the files Data needs Data augmentation to increase number of images from 24 to 240 Code rom keras import regularizers IMG_SIZE = 224 input_shape = (IMG_SIZE, IMG_SIZE, 3) model4 = () (Conv2D(32, kernel_size=(3, 3),activation='LeakyReLU',padding = 'Same',input_shape=input_shape,kernel_regularizer=(l1=1e-5, l2=1e-4),bias_regularizer=(1e-4),activity_regularizer=(1e-5))) (Conv2D(32,kernel_size=(3, 3), activation='LeakyReLU',padding = 'Same',kernel_regularizer=(l1=1e-5, l2=1e-4),bias_regularizer=(1e-4),activity_regularizer=(1e-5))) (Conv2D(filters=64, kernel_size=(3, 3), activation='relu')) (Flatten()) (Dense(64, activation='LeakyReLU'))

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    Videografer & Editor S-a încheiat left

    Hallo saya sedang mencari tim untuk channel youtube saya. Saya berlokasi di depok, jawa barat, indonesia. Saya mencari seseorang yang ingin bekerja sama dengan saya dari nol. Bekerja harus ke lokasi saya seminggu 2 kali. Hari nya bebas. Gaji awal selama probation 500rb sebulan setelah 3 bulan akan naik karena sistem gaji progresif. Saya mencari seorang yang bekerja keras, jujur, tidak mudah mengeluh, dapat mengoperasikan software editor video, kalau bisa berdomisili depok.

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    papers collection someone expert in Deep learning, machine learning, Keras, TensorFlow, python

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    Saliency Map S-a încheiat left

    I need someone to convert Keras code that creates saliency maps for 1D data to PyTorch witch a specific dimension in mind. Attached are the images that it should create

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    minor projecrt S-a încheiat left

    ...Name: Artificial Intelligence June Minor Project • Project Description: The goal of this project is to create a model that will be able to recognize and determine the handwritten digits from its image by using the concepts of Artificial Neural Network. Perform a digit classification to correctly identify digits from a dataset of tens of thousands of handwritten images from the MNIST dataset from keras. MNIST database of handwritten digits is used as dataset. It consists of a training set of 60,000 examples, and a test set of 10,000 examples. The digits have been size-normalized and centered in a fixed-size image of 28*28 pixels (784 pixels). also create a .hdf5 model Share your project as a .ipynb file (colab notebook)...

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    I need python developer, who are good with Keras/Tensorflow. Based on i need following python script: 1. Python script takes one video file 2. Script use generator from keras-video, and generate randomly 100 new videos from one. 3. Must be documented how to use script for passing this task you need to take any sample video and generate 100 new videos from one, every video must be unique

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    I have U-net model preduce results with over fitting, it is learning very well at training and very bad on validation. I need to do change on data generation. details will be given in chat code is in python keras and Tensorflow

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    machine leaning , keras , tensorflow

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    I have two custom layers to correct. Please write if you have enought experience with Custom Layers in Keras / Tensorflow. I will pay one hour if you can fix my problems. Thank you

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    Hello, i need to feed my Keras model with timeseries data. Im using tf.experimental.make_csv_dataset to generate my dataset from many csv files. I need to generate timeseries from the dataset to feed the lstm model. Thank you for your help

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    Is necesary make prototype using P4D-Data-Sciences, specify PyTorch Vision PyTorch OpenCV Keras TensorFlow Thank you.

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    ...server, the plugin needs to send the following information to the server application: a) the path of the currently opened file in the IDE (e.g. "/home/Projects/lol/"). b) the position of the caret in the file (e.g. line 30, character: 45). 2. When requested by the server application, the plugin needs to open a file requested by the server application and set the position of the caret to a requested position. In other words, what we need to be able to do is: 1. Open a given file and set the position of the caret to a given place. 2. Get the currently opened file and the current position of the caret and send it to the server. 3. The above needs to be done when receiving some message from the server (so for example some kind of websocket connection ...

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    Task is very simple there are two datasets 1. Image 2. Numerical First of all process with keras In addition of process with pytorch Prior experience is required. Document is also needed for your code

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    Hello sir, I have a project related to instance segmentation. I have done Mask RCNN for the dental dataset ( panoramic x-ray images to segment the teeth). I have two classes for the labels ( permanent and primary teeth). I want to apply the knowledge distillation to my problem. The teacher model has been done but I need to do the student model and see how to evaluate the outputs of the two models. Anyone can help and have knowledge or experience about KD ( teacher student model)? Thanks

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    I have started some code for tensor flow and need someone with experience to make some changes so it can run properly. Includes testing the model and then more to be built. Quick job initially.

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    Pytorch model change S-a încheiat left

    I want to concat a new Model (Keras code) with present model (Maybe It will be easy)

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    using the LJSpeech dataset, it’s from the Keras website powerful GPU to run it on need the trained model and to predict. need to expert on GPU

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    $7 - $21
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    The project concerns the classification of the music instrument data: " kaggle datasets download -d aayushme/music-instruments-classification " using ResNet-50 from scratch (no transfer learning). I need codes written for CPU and GPU with Keras (no Pytorch).

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    We need a guy with an idea of a project of Data Science, using phython, R, Keras or Open CV, Open to ideas. The complete report, implementation, codes, project file, details, and a brief explanation, of how everything is working is require. Only reply if you can provide all the work, explanation, reports, implementation. Feel free to discuss in chat. The maximum budget is $450 but less amount bidders with great knowledge will be selected. Payment will release only after all the files, reports, implementation has been done from your end. Only apply if you can do the work in mentioned budget.

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    The goal of the project is the reimplementation in Google Colab environment in Tensorflow + Keras of existing code but with different inference database, with image text to be changed by keyboard input. The code is at the link: The database to be used and augmented will be provided only in case of interest. The source paper is this:

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    We are looking for a machine learning engineer who must have the following experience: 1. python coding: +7 years of experience 2. Machine Leaning: +5 years of experience (Scikit-Learn, TensorFlow, Caffe, MXNet, Keras, XGBoost) 3. AI/Deep Learning: +5 years of experience 4. Cloud computing: AWS, S3, EC2, EMR, SageMaker, ECS, Lambda, IAM 5. distributed computing technology: Hadoop, Spark, HBase, Hive / Impala, or any similar technology Should be an independent developer, NO CONSULTING COMPANY There will be series of technical interview about python coding, machine learning, AI , cloud computing. Candidate must have an excellent skill in python coding and be able to answer challenging python questions during the interview

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    I have a simple python/keras/resnet50 script to train an image classification model. The resnet50 part is like 40 lines of code. I need someone to port it to pytorch. Below is the heart of the script that needs to change. If you know pytorch, this should be easy to do. This is not the whole script, but if you can show me reason to believe you can do this, I will share the script with you. A successfully completed project will run an entire script with the resnet50 model. The script as it exists with keras does this: load the training and validation data and labels build and compile model train (fit) model build accuracy matrix input_layer=(shape=(nrows,ncolumns,channels)) resnet_model=(weights='imagenet',input_tensor=input_layer,include_top=False)

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    $30 - $250
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    Hemos extraído información histórica de un perfil de Twitter y deseamos analizarla. Esta información está en formato JSON y contiene comentarios y opiniones de usuarios en español principalmente. Alcances del proyecto: ◉ Clasificación de la los comentarios y su intensidad (%)(Ejm: positivo, negativo, neutro). ◉ Clasificación de los comentarios por motivo (Ejm: Atencion al cliente, Tarjetas, Deudas, Abonos, etc) ◉ Clasificación de las emociones de los comentarios (Ejm: Alegría, enojo, miedo, repulsión, sorpresa, tristeza). Herramientas y algoritmos a utilizar: ◉ Google Colab. ◉ Python (pandas, nltk, tensorflow, numpy, sklearn, keras, etc ) ◉ Word Embeddings en español. ◉ Red Neuronal Recurren...

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    I have CSV file i want to pick out and predict failures I want to use neural network. You must use R studio and in Library must include neuralnet & caret I will provide CSV file data I need this presented and an analysis completed the R studio completed file posted so i can open on my R studio

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    Hello! I am doing some personal researches in artificial intelligence for fun and for learning. To do so I create (more or less) simple deep learning networks to find solutions for self-made problems. Often with computer generated data as input. I am using Tensorflow/Keras as my framework. What I want is to transform my simple DL model of my current project code (flatten layers, categorical_crossentropy, relu, softmax) to use the OneFlow framework for improving the training speed for my project drastically. Also it is very obvious that in my project the data processing is a bottleneck. The GPU has an utilization of just 30% while the CPU is not the limiting factor. My graphic card is a Geforce 2070. Letting the training process run on a Geforce 3090 the GPU utilization has just ...

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    Hi I have U-net model working fine in Keras and tensor flow, I need someone to modify the way I read the images. the one I have now is reading images and mask from different directory (image folder and mask folder), my new images are in same directory saved as numpy fils and image and it is mask saved in same file with different channels, more details will provide in chat

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    Looking for AI consultants S-a încheiat left

    Greetings! We're looking for AI specialists who can provide consultation to us on how to build and train custom RNNs in Keras. Please read the requirements given below and if you feel like you're applicable, message us with your name, phone number and email address. Whom are we looking for: A person experienced in AI What are we looking for: We need to learn how to build and train custom RNNs in Keras. 2. We are not talking about the LSTM or GRU or other such already programmed RNNs. 3. We are talking about completely customized RNN with arbitrary architecture. 4. We are looking for an AI expert that can work with me for 45-60 minutes a day to teach me how things work concerning coding a custom RNN. Pay: 1000 INR Per hour This equates to 21,00,000 INR per annum if ...

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    Create basic RNN in Keras S-a încheiat left

    Here is a simple task related to building an RNN in keras. Check the attachment for detailed explanation. Pay: 5000 INR + 2 great reviews

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    ...Orders given a set of rules (essential) - Error Handling - for stability and reliability (essential) - API connection to an exchange (essential) - Using TA to create a set of rules for orders (essential) - Replacing TA with more advanced Machine Learning (Desirable) - Strategies powered by Supervised Learning (Regression/Classification) - Strategies powered by Deep Neural Network (Tensorflow & Keras) Dashboard - Display Opens Orders (essential) - Track Performance (essential) - Show Ticker and choose ticker (Desirable) - Can pick the stock for historic analysis (Desirable) - Back tested strategies showcase (Desirable) - Display analysis for a chosen security/equity using various financial models translated into Python to display graph plots (luxury) - Display information of t...

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    Greetings! We're looking for AI specialists who can provide consultation to us on how to build and train custom RNNs in Keras. Please read the requirements given below and if you feel like you're applicable, message us with your name, phone number and email address. Whom are we looking for: A person experienced in AI What are we looking for: We need to learn how to build and train custom RNNs in Keras. 2. We are not talking about the LSTM or GRU or other such already programmed RNNs. 3. We are talking about completely customized RNN with arbitrary architecture. 4. We are looking for an AI expert that can work with me for 45-60 minutes a day to teach me how things work concerning coding a custom RNN. Pay: The budget is not a problem. We can talk about the pay that...

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    I am looking for an expert in AI, Keras, Tensorflow and customized arbitrary RNNs. Please apply if you have the experience.

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    I'm looking for python expert. I have a project with image/video processing. No experience with image/ video processing that's it tensorflow& opencv&keras etc, however need deep knowledge with math and logic clearly. You must understand basically meaning of Fourier/wavlet transfromation, DWT,CWT is prefer. I'm looking for high ability resercher to work with me. I love to work with excellent expert.

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    Keras RNN AI Task S-a încheiat left

    Hi I want to discuss an AI task..

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    Create deep learning model for partial discharge detection with improving accuracy depending on tensorflow and keras.

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    I am looking for an experienced freelancer in the field of deep learning that can provide a python script in jupyter notebook. The model can use tensorflow or keras. The script must have the following features: -k-fold cross validation on train and validation sets and a test set -hyperparameter tuning (e.g. keras tuner) -explainable ai with lime, shap and tf-explain (if you have better suggestions, we can do something else) -confusion matrix -a csv export of the model output for the test set which must contain for each of the cases the id and model output for that case (THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, i will use this export later in a random forest script) In the attachment you have part of the dataset (ECG signal) and transformation from signal to image using spectrogram. You can...

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    I have a keras script that analyzes spectrogram from ECG signal. I need an interpretability module with lime, shap and tf-explain or whatever you propose. Also i need an export of the model prediction for the testing dataset.

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    I need someone famliar with Python, R and Keras. What I have is a Python script for teaching purposes that roughly reads in a sample dataset, transforms it, trains a neural network (two variants), evaluates it and generates a set of plots. I want this script to be translated from Python to R. It is 300 lines including comments and white spaces. Comments are in German, if you understand the code you can just ignore them and copy them to the R script. The result would be needed within roughly 24 hours from now on (until 10th May 19:00 GMT).

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    The Project is basically a machine learning classification problem being solved using neural networks(LSTM). Code debugging and running of debugged code for simulating it and verifying the accuracy. Code is in Python and dataset Simulation / .../ Preparation is required in MATLAB. Single person project. Code is available, minor changes required. Need to create a data set using MATLAB and POFACETS there after need to integrate this data set into the existing project. Bidders from Hyderabad, India preferred. I shall share the project details and requirements. Expertise Required 1. Machine Learning Techniques 2. Python (with Pandas, Keras, Numpy) 3. MATLAB 4. Dataset preparation Time Constraint As soon as possible Work is urgent / priority. Please see the uploaded file for furth...

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    You need to convert a PyTorch notebook to Keras. Without errors. It comes from a prestigious book and it is 100% correct.

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    The Goal: Detect and Count number of teeth on the excavator bucket - see image attached. The Task: 1. Take video dataset (6 videos) provided by me and label it using feely available tools (LabelMe, LabelImg). 2. Build a deep neural network (semantic segmentation or object detection) to recognize excavator bucket teeth. 3. Train the network. 4. Test and show detection results as on the image attached. Deliverables: 1. Conda/Python environment specification. 2. Python script that loads labeled data, defines and trains the network 3. Labeled dataset and instructions how to label 4. Python scripts that runs and detects teeth on the new video file.

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    In Python, Keras, TF>2.4 I need a simple ResNet50-based image retrieval to be implemented. Then mean average precision based on this page: and precision-recall curve:

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    A6 Project S-a încheiat left

    Three questions to answer To learn how to use perform classification using neural networks. To appreciate the differences in neural network architectures for the same task -- image classification -- and dataset (MNIST, CIFAR-10). To learn how to implement and evaluate deep learning models in Python, using Keras and TensorFlow. This assignment is structured in 2 parts, each using their own dataset(s). As usual, there will be some Python code to be written and questions to be answered.

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    Debug Keras CNN Model S-a încheiat left

    Hi, I am trying to implement Multi-label classification in Keras and need help debugging. My image pipeline comes from a ImageDataGenerator(rescale=1/255).flow_from_dataframe() but I am getting weird error when training. It Should be a 1-hour job.

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    Hola, necesito alguien que desarrolle un modelo predictivo en python usando keras, parecido a esto para un proyecto educativo. De debe mostrar una predicción con un porcentaje de precisión. Esta predicción debe ser mostrada en una interfaz web en forma de gráfica e integrarse al sistema web que ya tengo, también se necesita generar data para simular la predicción.

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    Synthetic Data Generation S-a încheiat left

    We are working in the healthcare sector generating synthetic medical images. We are working with Generative Adversarial Networks, Markov Chain Generators and maybe Bayesian Networks. We would require support in developing the models. Languages: R, Keras/ Tensorflow

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    Time Sensitive: 4/14 11:59 PST Code a DCGAN and/or proGAN model that can take a random noise image or feature template image and generate images of dark skin conditions (Melanoma) using Keras (preferably in Google Colab too) Pricing: $150 (negotiable) Attached is the Melanoma Images (some graphic) & my current Pix2Pix GAN If you have any questions, please contact me!

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    Local Urgent
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    Digital Notepad -- 3 S-a încheiat left

    Hi , I need Python developer with ML experience (1-4Yrs), Python with OCR - Tensor flow , Keras-OCR Java Script knowledge or any JS frame would be added advantage . Whole project details should be shared in one to one discussion.

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    You can use any image retrieval using deep learning. from github etc It should work and the results should be reproducible. The project is about mAP (mean average precision). Your code should calculate mAP for arbitrary number of query images. Keras and TF.

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    It is a 75% complete project. Need some new additions in it. Need to create a data set using MATLAB and POFACETS there after need to integrate this data set into the existing project. Bidders from Hyderabad, India preferred. I shall share the project details and requirements.

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