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    Doresc un site de socializare care sa cuprinda: - scripturi CGI,newsleter permanent,programul de afiliate,plati online,folosirea ferestrelor pop-up,creare cont,verificare e-mail,login,administrare cont,mesaje de la si catre utilizatori, analiza traficului.

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    Munin & Nginx S-a încheiat left

    Salut, am nevose sa instalez munin 2.x in modalitate fast-cgi (ca in acest tutorial) pe nginx 1.5.6 (deja instalat si configurat de mine) pe un server ubuntu 12.04 curat (am instalat si compilat nginx si atat). Am adaugat si repository ppa:tuxpoldo/munin (pentru a avea ultima verione de munin). Lucrul important este ca trebuie sa mearga bine. Inclusiv zoom-ul pe grafic, ca in aceasta demo: Ai cum sa ma ajuti? Numai bine, Ionut

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    I'm seeking a skilled freelancer for agency CGI video creation. This project primarily revolves around 3D modeling and texturing, captured with moderate detail level. While the specific services required include: - Visualizing agency's products and services - Architectural walkthroughs reflecting agency's establishments - Creating animated characters to interact with these environments The ideal candidate should have solid experience in CGI, 3D modeling and texturing, and medium poly detailing. Expertise in product visualization, architectural walkthroughs, and character animations is a must. Please share your portfolio demonstrating similar projects. Creativity is encouraged!

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    ...professional to create a CGI reel, highlighting my skills in animation and 3D modeling. This reel will primarily be used as a powerful tool to attract potential clients for CGI projects within the advertising and marketing industry. Key objectives: * Showcase my skills in Animation and 3D Modeling * Attract potential clients from the advertising and marketing industry for future CGI projects The ideal freelancer for this job would have: * Strong command in CGI, particularly in animation and 3D modeling * Understanding of the advertising and marketing industry * Experience creating engaging and compelling reels that effectively showcase skills and attract clients. * Impeccable attention to detail and creativity to make works stand out. A background in mar...

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    I need a skilled animator to create a concise, eye-catching reel featuring both character and product animations. This project requires: - The reel to be less than 1 minute in length - The animations to be highly realistic rather than cartoon-style or abstract Ideal Experience and Skills: - Strong CGI animation skills - Experience with character and product animation - Understanding and execution of realistic animation styles - Strong sense of timing and visual storytelling within a very short format. A portfolio showcasing similar work would be highly beneficial for this project.

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    I'm looking for an experienced CGI specialist who can create highly realistic and visually captivating ads for my brand. The main focus will be on product visualization, with a strong emphasis on photorealism to make the viewer feel like they're looking at a real-life image. Key requirements for this project: - Create visually stunning CGI ads for use on various social media platforms - Achieve a high level of photorealism in product visualization - Deliver engaging and memorable visual content that aligns with my brand's aesthetics and target audience The ideal freelancer for this project will have experience in: - CGI, particularly in product visualization - Creating photorealistic visual content - Working on social media ad campaigns - Understandin...

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    I am looking for a talented CGI artist to create a photorealistic advertisement. This ad, which centers on a composite sink, will be utilized on various online platforms. Key objectives include: - Highlighting the durability and resistance of the product - Providing a photo-real visual representation of the sink While there is no specific colour scheme to adhere to, your interpretation should be in line with the product and its narrative. The ideal freelancer for this job should have: - Extensive CGI experience, particularly in creating photorealistic images - A portfolio of previous works that resonates with this project - Understanding of storytelling in advertisements - Broad understanding of online advertising and its best practices. Looking forward to seeing your...

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    I'm in need of a talented CGI artist to create a 3D modeling video that will be used to promote our restaurant. The video should captivate viewers and make them eager to dine at our location. Ideal skills and experience for this job would include: - Proficiency in 3D modeling - Previous experience in creating CGI videos - Ability to bring creativity and originality to the project - Understanding of marketing and advertising The final product should be visually stunning and effectively convey the essence and atmosphere of our restaurant.

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    I am in need of a talented expert who can create a brand enhancing, realistic VFX/CGI video for advertising purposes. As a guide, the details needed for the project include: Key Objectives: - Our priority is to increase brand awareness. - The video should primarily highlight the unique selling point of our product. Preferred Style: - The visual style should be realistic, creating an immersive and believable context that our target audience can relate to. Required Skills: - Proven experience in developing VFX/CGI video advertisements. - An understanding of brand strategy and product marketing. - Ability to interpret a brief and translate it into engaging visuals. - Expertise in creating realistic video graphics. This project is perfect for someone who c...

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    I'm seeking a talented 3D artist to create a CGI rendering of a contemporary-style bathroom. The vision is to highlight the bathtub, vanity area, and shower, all presented in a sophisticated palette of neutral colors (whites, browns, grays). Key Skills and Experience: - Proficiency with 3D modeling and rendering software, preferably with a portfolio showcasing prior work in contemporary interiors. - An eye for interior design, particularly within a contemporary aesthetic. - Knowledge of modern bathroom fixtures to ensure the bathtub, vanity area, and shower are both stylish and functional in design. This project requires both technical skills in 3D rendering and a refined sense of design aesthetics. Please include samples of previous work related to contemporary-style in...

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    I am in search of a highly experienced VFX and CGI artist to work on a Tamil-language movie project. This is a 10-minute short film involving significant visual effects. Key tasks: * Creating realistic explosions and destruction scenes. * Producing environment creation and matte painting details. In addition, you'll be required to provide comprehensive scene compositing and color grading services. Important attributes: * Mastery in VFX and CGI animation. * Proven experience in creating explosions and destruction scenes. * Strong portfolio in environment creation and matte painting. * Expertise in scene compositing and color grading. Please provide a link to your portfolio and any pertinent past projects when bidding.

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    To create visibility for a social media presence, I require a CGI artist who can craft a minimalist yet engaging video that doesn't exceed one minute. With an abstract theme, the video should be a fusion of creativity and simplicity that resonates with a wide audience. Skills & Experience: - Proven CGI artistry and minimalist video creation - Ability to infuse abstract styles into videos effectively - Experience in creating compelling social media content - Quick turnaround time; delivering projects within stipulated deadlines This project is all about creativity and speed. If this combines your talent and interest, I am looking forward to reviewing your proposal.

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    I am in need of a talented professional adept at editing 3D videos and creating stunning brochures. For the video task, I need: - Specialized skill in adding a blend of motion graphics, CGI and various animation elements to enhance the visual appeal. Coming to the brochure task, it is aimed at: - Promoting a specific product/service. The design should be engaging, complementing the information included about our offering. Ideal candidates must: - Have experience in 3D video editing, specifically with creating diverse visual effects - Display strong graphic design capabilities particularly in crafting promotional material. The perfect blend of creativity and technical skills is what I seek in this collaboration.

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    I need a CGI artist to create a classic, vintage-style, nordic/ viking "coming soon" video for my barbershop and cafe/ bar. It should capture: - The unique interior design. - Showcasing our specialty barber services. - The coffee crafting process. - Alcohol mixology demonstrations to spotlight our bar service. I envision a nostalgic atmosphere, mimicking the warmth and style of the classic barbershop era. The ideal candidate should have a strong grasp of nordic/ viking aesthetics, experience with interior design representation and have an understanding of how to depict the coffee brewing and bartending processes visually appealing. Skills: - CGI Animation - Video Production - Vintage, nordic/ viking aesthetic - Understanding of barber and cafe servic...

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    CGI Animation for Cafe S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for an experienced CGI Animation expert to create an anitmation showing the possibility of a parents-children cafe to potential investors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong portfolio in CGI animation and advertising - Experience targeting middle-aged demographic - Exceptional skills in creating inspirational content. Key Objectives: - Create an inspiring CGI animation - Focus on capturing the interests of middle-aged adults - Help potential investors see what a parents-children cafe can look like A sample floor plan is attached along with the color scheme and style I would like (Sample 1). Sample 2 file shows the playhouses I would like to install in the play area. Please incorporate them using Sample 1's color scheme and style.

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    ...models. Role Overview: We're looking for a USD CGI Programmer/Tutor to help us overcome our current challenges in CGI data formats and tools. This role involves deep diving into USD, enhancing our knowledge in CGI standards and tools, and assisting in tasks like rigging, animation, and shading. Key Responsibilities: Educate and support our team in USD and its application in our workflows. Develop and optimize our processes, particularly in rigging, animation, and shading, using USD and Python. Leverage software capabilities for automation and efficiency, including familiarity with PhysX and USD physics. Qualifications: Strong proficiency in USD, with practical experience in Omniverse being a plus. Expertise in Python and its application in CGI and 3D ...

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    I'm looking for a proficient CGI artist, specialized in Blender, to conduct an asset swap in a pre-designed room set. Specifically, the objective is to replace the existing furniture items with models that I will provide. Thus, your skill set should include: - Proficiency in Blender. Brief The brief is to change the bed assets within the room. The rooms have already been created. The bed assets have already been created. Each bed is made up of around 8 - 10 assets (i.e Headboard, base, feet, front cushion, back cushion etc ps again he assets are all created) therefore 8-10 changes to create the new bed. For each room shot there will be 3 angles (these are already set up) and 2 new angles required. This is 5 images per bed. We need each of these 5 in a square frame and a rec...

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    I'm looking for a proficient CGI artist, specialized in Blender, to conduct an asset swap in a pre-designed room set. Specifically, the objective is to replace the existing furniture items with models that I will provide. Thus, your skill set should include: - Proficiency in Blender for CGI tasks, especially asset swapping - Ability to work with provided 3D furniture models - Understanding of visual composition within virtual environments to ensure natural integration of new assets Experience in similar projects, particularly those involving furniture or interior design elements, would be beneficial. Please present relevant portfolio pieces in your bid. Brief The brief is to change the bed assets within the room. The rooms have already been created. The bed assets ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced video effects specialist who can add effects to my videos

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    ...seeking a web developer to create an informational website with landing pages targeting individuals and businesses. A primary focus of the site will be to indicate that the actual website coming soon, and to showcase some basics on what, to meet the web expectations of today's audience. Key features should include: 1. Understand the basics on marketing. 2. Present a few options to me to display the CGI images on a page that capture's the audience's attention. 3. Some ideas on web features to impress the audience - a countdown timer ? Phase in Phase out ? etc. The ideal candidate would have: - Experience with creating websites. - Strong understanding of user interface design, but with a good graphic design mindset. - To deploy on Ionos - domain to come soon. H...

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    ...romantic music video. Expert help is required to meticulously infuse several techniques into the footage. These techniques include: -Color Correction: The ideal freelancer should have an eye for color, playing with contrasts and hues to capture the raw essence of romance. -Special Effects: I'm looking to add an enchanting twist to the video. If you have experience with light leaks, lens flares or CGI, you could be the one I'm looking for. -Transition Effects: The flow of scenes is central to the narrative. Good experience with blending scenes together smoothly is required. Ideal candidates for this project are those who have previous experience working on music videos, particularly those of a romantic genre. I'm looking for someone who can interpret the rhythm...

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    As the project initiator, I'm in search of a talented CGI artist to create a hyper-realistic video with the primary goal of increasing brand awareness. This isn't about a specific product, rather it's about engraving our brand identity and values in the minds of our target audience - young adults. Key Project Requirements: - Expertise in hyper-realistic CGI video production - Experience in creating branding videos - Understanding marketing trends and preferences of young adults - Ability to work with a creative brief and produce work that encapsulates the brand's identity The ideal candidate will have the ability to bring to life a compelling storytelling with high definition visual effects that reflect the vision of our brand and resonate with our tar...

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    I am seeking a skilled Cinema 4D artist to assist with a movie project. - Skills: You should have considerable experience in Cinema 4D software with a solid understanding of creating basic objects and effects. - The Project: This project is based around the movie industry. It doesn't requi...around the movie industry. It doesn't require detailed environments or complex character creation – our focus lies primarily in the production of simple objects and effects. - Experience: Previous experience in animation or similar projects within the film industry will be highly valued. Please provide a portfolio or examples of your previous work. Any additional skills and experience related to CGI in filmmaking will be seen as an advantage. Let's bring our ideas to lif...

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    Hi, I am a restaurant consultant based in lucknow, uttar pradesh and we are opening up a client's cafe here next week at an area known as parivartan chowk. Parivartan chowk is an area where there is a big round crossway and its a very iconic location of the city. I want that i shall reveal our coming soon through a CGI graphic where a giant size logo of ours is dropped from the sky on that chowk/ crossroad, and then there is a huge bubble of dust that is blown up and when it settles it reveals, "coming soon to parivartan chowk, lucknow." I already have a video ready, a version of which is attached, can provide you more shots if required....The video has props/actors who act to make the video look realistic.. The length of the video would be 10-12 secs....and i have p...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned anime illustrator who can work with me in creating an engaging, epic and action-packed short trailer animation. I am uncertain if the style will be traditional hand-drawn, 2D digital, or CGI animation and am open to suggestions. We'll be focusing on 1 main character for this project and the overall atmosphere needs to be fast-paced and thrilling. Ideal experience and skills for this project would be: - Expertise in multiple styles of animation - A strong portfolio displaying a talent for creating action-intensive scenes - An understanding of character development, particularly for solo protagonists. Paid trial runs would be provided to see if our creative visions align. Excited to see the creativity and talent out there, and I can't wait...

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    ...about to be turned into massive solar farms, destroying habitats of thousands of species of wildlife, I don’t think the local community will be able to see the true scale of devastation so I have attached photos of the fields in the plan and would love it if someone would be kind enough to photoshop solar farm onto it. I am looking for a highly skilled Photoshop artist who can realistically ( or CGI, I’m happy with whatever anyone can do to help) integrate a solar farm into a field landscape image for a marketing campaign. Key requirements: - Ability to work with solar panel images and incorporate them seamlessly into landscape shots. - Create an accurate and highly realistic depiction of a solar farm on a field, showing surrounding landscapes. - It's crucial...

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    I am in need of an AI professional capable of generating highly detailed, richly layered futuristic settings. The focus is on creating realistic ...The focus is on creating realistic virtual environments that push the boundaries of what's achievable with today’s AI possibilities. Key job responsibilities would include: - Creating AI-driven futuristic environments with high detail and numerous complex elements. - Using cutting edge technology to deliver photorealistic results. Ideal candidate would have: - Proven experience in AI-generated CGI, specifically in developing complex virtual environments. - Mastery of AI tools and practices to construct highly futuristic settings. Should you satisfy these requirements, I look forward to working with you on bringing these futur...

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    Are you a skilled animator with a passion for creating lively and enchantful videos for children to enjoy? Look no further, this is the job for you. I am in need of an artist with expertise in 3D CGI animation to create an animation video that tells a story captivating to children. Project Scope: - Creation of a 10-15 min long 3D CGI video. - Animation must be appealing and engaging for children. - Storyline will be provided. Ideal Skills: - Proven experience in 3D CGI Animation - Ability to design child-friendly characters and environments - Strong storytelling skills - Experience in creating longer-form content Bring your creativity, storytelling know-how, and technical skill to this project, and let's create a beautiful animation together. Please attach pre...

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    Trophy icon 3D CGI Logo Animation S-a încheiat left

    I'm on the lookout for a skilled animator that specializes in 3D Computer Generated Imagery. I aim to create a logo intro - Strong experience in 3D animation. - Creative and innovative design approach. - Must be detail-oriented and capable of delivering a high-quality output.

    $35 (Avg Bid)

    ...ability to trigger Python scripts from FileMaker and enable bidirectional communication between FileMaker and Python. Knowledge of CGI scripting as a method for this integration is a plus. Project Deliverables: 1. FileMaker Example File: • A FileMaker file that incorporates Python script integration through various methods, demonstrating how to activate and interact with Python scripts from within FileMaker. 2. Sample Python Script: • A simple yet illustrative Python script that interacts with the FileMaker file, showcasing data exchange and command execution between the two platforms. 3. Integration Method Demonstrations: • At least one method should involve CGI scripting, alongside other viable integration techniques. • A guide or documentati...

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    26 oferte need of a CGI professional who can help me create realistic visual effects, especially focusing on green screen compositing. - The role requires someone with any of the following: - Expertise in CGI visual effects - Strong skill in green screen compositing - Ability to create realistic environments and objects - Specific requirements consist of: - Creating convincing green screen backdrops - Adjusting and refining effects based on feedback - Ideal Skills and Experience: An experienced user of CGI visual effects tools such as After Effects, Cinema 4D, or Blender. Particularly, I am interested in those who possess a keen eye for realism and have prior experience in green screen compositing. Your portfolio or samples of your previous work in re...

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    I am in urgent need of a skilled CGI animator to create a realistic animation. Unwrapped details regarding the scenario or theme of the animation will be shared with the chosen candidate. Urgency is paramount as I require the final product ASAP. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in CGI animation, preferably with a focus on realistic styles - Ability to work under pressure and adhere to short deadlines - Flexibility and adaptability as the scenario or theme are unraveled - Strong attention to detail and commitment to realism in animations Although this is a rush job, quality will not be compromised. I'm looking for professionals who can assure accuracy and realism, while working at a brisk pace. Apply if you believe you're up to the task.

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    5 oferte, Blender. - Experience in creating high-resolution 3D models and realistic rendering. - Wide portfolio of product, character, and architectural modelling. - Capability to work meticulously and replicate designs with attention to minute details. A fundamental understanding of textures, lighting, animation, and rendering in Blender, paired with a strong grasp of principles of art, design, and CGI will enhance the project. Expect an engagement that challenges your creativity and technical skills in equal measure. Your adaptability in 3D modeling, coupled with a willingness to meet strict deadlines will be pivotal in fulfilling this project's requirements seamlessly. Ultimately, your ability to create a realistic, high-definition representation of various models wil...

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    In this role, you'll help me bring life to my 3D cartoon project. The main tasks include: - Adding sophisticated CGI effects - Video editing to sharpen and enhance the overall visuals As the purpose of this project is for marketing, the output should be engaging and compelling—a video that doesn't only catch attention, but draws viewers in. The ideal candidate will have experience with: - 3D Cartoon CGI effects - Advanced video editing techniques The perfect candidate must be efficient, detail-oriented, and must understand how to make a promotional video stand out in today's competitive market.

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    I'm looking to create a 30-second, realistic-styled CGI video exclusively refined for social media advertising for Lipstick. Key Features: - Duration: 30 seconds - Style: Realistic - View platform: Social media It is crucial that the freelancer has profound skills and experience on: - Realistic CGI animation creation - Advertising video production Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of the social media platform and its demographic would be a bonus. My expectations include a high-quality video that is engaging and encapsulates the essence of our brand to effectively capture the attention of social media users.

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    PROJECT: RED CAR I seek a highly skilled CGI artist or studio to create a feature length film , which includes elements of a realistic CGI components, i.e. a cat, a train, in selected scenes only. The genre is a unique fusion, combining elements of drama, comedy, romance, science fiction, and spirituality, to convey a powerful "save the planet" message. The number 317 is found throughout the screenplay in various forms. It's a riddle to be solved given clues in the story. - Genre: Drama/comedy/romance/sci-fi/spiritual - Theme: Ecological conservation and anew type of transportation system. - Style: Realistic CGI Expected skills and experience include: - Profound knowledge in CGI and 3D animation - Proven experience in developing realist...

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    I'm in need of an engaging, 20-second CGI video that effectively promotes a perfume product, creating a sense of excitement. The main idea is to show the perfume bottle running in the street next to normal people .

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    I'm in need of an engaging, 20-second CGI video that effectively promotes a perfume product, creating a sense of excitement. The main idea is to show the perfume bottle running in the street next to normal people .

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to assist with a Google Earth project, focusing on user interface design. Main Tasks: - Designing the user interfac...Google Earth project, focusing on user interface design. Main Tasks: - Designing the user interface Features Required: I would like a Google Maps web based application. Where the users are able to click features on a map using terrene view(for example trees) JavaScript to pick up the location and address of the property that’s been selected, and the address to be saved into a database using perl CGI in my SQL database. The perl component is optional. Areas that have previously been selected should be highlighted in a yellow highlight or similar The code should work on windows and a Unix platform. I will provide a ...

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    I'm on the lookout for an experienced and creative CGI artist who can bring my advertising vision to life. - The purpose of this CGI video is for advertising. The end product should be engaging enough to capture the attention of my target audience - young adults. - I want the overall tone of the CGI video to be humorous. As the viewer demographic is young adults, a fun and entertaining approach would be more captivating and relatable. - The ideal freelancer should have prior experience in creating humorous advertising videos with CGI. They should also be knowledgeable about current popular culture and trends among young adults to ensure the content remains relevant and engaging. - Exceptional skills in 3D modelling, animation, and rendering are required...

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    I'm seeking a skilled CGI, VFX, or Animation professional to blend 3d animation into lifestyle videos. The individual will need to create an engaging yet fluid environment where animations and real-life material coexist naturally. Requirements: - Proficiency in Houdini, ZBrush, or Substance software tools. Experience using all three would be a significant asset. - Acquire an understanding of our aesthetic to create cartoonish animation that simultaneously stands out and fits seamlessly into the lifestyle video scenes. - Emphasis on realistic interaction between animation and lifestyle video content. The goal is to build a world where the created animations engage naturally with the real-life aspects of the video. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in CGI...

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    ...particular, these are focused on the fundamentals of basic interface navigation. Key project requirements: • Proven experience in video editing, especially tutorial videos designed for beginners. • Proficiency in applying CGI special effects to uphold the visual quality of the tutorials. • The freelancer should be familiar with the challenges that beginners face while learning interface navigation and should be able to create content that addresses those challenges effectively. Desired skills and attributes: • Video editing and production expertise. • Strong knowledge of CGI and other special effects. • An educational mindset that can translate complex concepts into easy-to-understand lessons. This project will be perfect for a freelance...

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    I'm seeking an experienced video editor capable of advanced editing for a project with a duration of 5-10 minutes. This project requires: - Expertise in special effects and CGI - Proficiency in audio design and mixing - Skills in creating dynamic title and graphics animations This position requires not only technical efficiency but also creativity and a sharp ear for sound design. Your portfolio should showcase your high-end editing skills across a range of projects. Let's create something exceptional together!

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    I'm looking for a creative and experienced video editor for my content video. Your task will infusing creativity into the basic content and adding an interactive and engaging element to it. - Incorporating special effects such as slow motion and CGI. These will be critical in making the video more captivating and appealing to the viewers. - Finally, despite the heavy use of effects, the overall style should remain simple and minimalistic. The goal is to entertain and engage the audience without overwhelming them. Ideal freelancers for the job should be innovative, experienced with advanced video editing, and able to maintain a balanced, simple, and minimalistic style amidst the use of special effects. Prior experience in CGI and slow-motion effects would...

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    Office Pool VFX Magic S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking to transform our office space with an extraordinary visual effect that will make it appear as if there's a stunning pool inside. This project aims to mesmerize visitors and employees alike by incorporating high-fidelity CGI to create a realistic yet magical pool illusion. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in CGI and visual effects software such as Houdini, Maya, or Adobe After Effects. - Solid experience in creating water-related visual effects (e.g., water ripples, reflections). - Ability to conceptualize and execute depth illusion in a confined space. **Project Requirements:** - Create a convincing visual effect of a pool within an office environment. - The simulated pool must exhibit realistic characteristics, such as water ripples and ...

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    More details: What type of CGI project do you need assistance with? This question was skipped How complex is your CGI project? Moderate What is the desired outcome of your CGI project? This question was skipped

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    4 oferte the vmwaresxy panel (the fixed problem) :add vmwaretool :add The Let's Encrypt (on vmwaresxy) for all machines: server bind nginx server VARNICH APACH very important!!!!!creation image snashopt just ALL server working (just os) (without admin panel)!!!I want to be able to do restorations, for a fresh installation of another panel, if necessary.!!!!!! !!!!!! server bind add SSL vps ADD ALL PHP CGI AND FMP (6 latest version)PHP AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMER panel FOR THE all SERVER ADD VERSION PHP 7.9 PACHT FMMPEG add latest version change SSH22 port example check: ns1 . add IP. :add mac machine add IP.: add mac HOSTENAME add example: .................................................. ................. MACHINE 1 ubuntu server, directadmin

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    ...check list ......... //////////ALL JOB /////////////// BUDGET 80$ 1DAY///////////////////////// for all machines: server bind nginx server VARNICH APACH very important!!!!!creation image snashopt just ALL server working (just os) (without admin panel)!!!I want to be able to do restorations, for a fresh installation of another panel, if necessary.!!!!!! !!!!!! server bind add SSL vps ADD ALL PHP CGI AND FMP (6 latest version)PHP AVAILABLE FOR CUSTOMER panel FOR THE all SERVER ADD VERSION PHP 7.9 PACHT FMMPEG add latest version change SSH22 port example check: ns1 . add IP. :add mac machine add IP.: add mac HOSTENAME add example: .................................................. ................. MACHINE 1 ubuntu server, directadmin

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    ...freelancer with experience in web email integration with SMTP authentication to set up SMTP for my email account accessed via a web interface on the shared hosting. Specifically: > Outgoing mail server - see attached file "Smtp setup". These requirements are for implementing an SMTP script or plugin that would be used to send emails from my website's forms. Currently, this is done through the CGI email script called "" which has no SMTP. SpamExperts will be provided by my host. There are no specific requirements for SpamExperts, as it works on a server level and not on a script level. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in SMTP protocol and email authentication techniques. - Experience with web email setup and troubleshooting. - Ability to w...

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