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    Project for georgianabigea S-a încheiat left

    Hey Georgiana! Am vazut ca ai un proiect "Analyze some Data with SPSS" - nu voi participa in concurs pentru ca nu stiu sa folosesc SPSS. Dar poate te pot ajuta mai mult in alt fel. Cred ca ai auzit de Watson Analytics. Daca nu trebuie sa stii ca este un sistem computational bazat pe inteligenta artificiala - reteaua neuronala e asemanatoare cu a creierului uman deci gandeste la fel ca...

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    i am looking for algorithams and theory on my work

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    Directions: Using the passage below, analyze Mrs. Richardson. She communicates strong opinions about Mia’s lifestyle and choices that give us a clear impression of what her values are. Identify what her values are throughout this passage and communicate what thematic ideas the author is revealing here. You can also consider the symbolism of sparks and flames. Try to comment on 5-7 key phrase...

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    I want to build the 2D and 3D convex hull in C++ using openGL. I am attaching the details in images.

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    I have 5000 Japanese surnames (with Japanese and English spelling). I need someone with linguistic knowledge to phonetically transcribe them using the IPA standard. (IPA is international phonetic alphabet.) For example: 高橋 (takahashi) -> takahaɕi 鈴木 (suzuki) -> sɯzɯki Please do not bid if you are not a native Japanese speaker. A degree in literature or linguistics can be an asset. Look at...

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    Hello, I need a graphic created with our logo (attached CHaos) and I need one of these trophies cropped (diecut out). I need it to say STATE CHAMPIONS Colors: Red/black/grey You can add some fireworks or some fun design to make it stand out.

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    Estoy buscando un redactor o copywriter que escriba una guía instructiva y artística sobre un grupo de Hackers de los 90, explicar algunas de sus acciones y hacer una reflexión en contra del capitalismo. Se puede documentar en internet todo lo que necesite, pero EL CONTENIDO HA DE SER 100% ORIGINAL, aportar información de valor y no dar demasiados rodeos, sin nada de re...

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    Hello, we're an upcoming server working on an SCP RP project. We are in need of a developer, a map maker, and a designer. We need a developer who's capable of working with GLua and Lua to code and create addons for us, such as sweps, as well as potentially working with either the Dark RP framework, or the helix framework. The developer is priority one. We're searching for a map mak...

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    Please check the attached word document and ZIP file before bidding. Need it done by the 14th of October (17:00 GMT).

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    Linguistics project: I am an ESOL teacher who has to put together a continuing education in-service project for work where I need a sample lesson plan that includes/incorporates a variety of activities and instructional models or techniques that take into account learner differences in terms of cognitive style, personality and learning strategies. Would do it myself but stretched for time with wor...

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    Three or more years of experience with teaching French. Able to work remotely and in-person in Casablanca, Morocco Native-level proficiency in French. A bachelor's degree, preferably in linguistics or French Experience with teaching French for non-native speakers Fluent in English Candidates will only be contacted if selected to move forward in the hiring process. Follow us on LinkedIn to s...

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    company logo S-a încheiat left

    Looking for a logo design for my business name- Chaos Crashers LLC. Chaos Crashers business provides clients homes or businesses with organizing, decluttering, packing/unpacking, cleaning, design and restaging services. Looking for a simple yet funky design.

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    We are looking for a talented person who thinks globally, conceptually and with a soul. It is necessary to create variants of the brand name for a new international community and real estate project with certain values. Task: Come up with a unique and great name for the international eco-village of the future. Provide options for the name of the eco-village and a description of the meaning of ...

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    Develop computer based computational model to project vibrational state of solid plate stimulate by rotating eccentric flywheels

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    I'm looking for help in designing an attractive Powerpoint presentation for my Master's dissertation in linguistics. I intend to include most of the text, but I'd need a good "skeleton" to just have to include the text myself, since I have very little experience with this tool but a decent idea about what I want. This is for a 15-min presentation, so definitely below 50 sl...

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    I’m looking for an expert in creative writing/rewriting to give a proper "shape", "sound" and narrative form to short texts written in (poor/intermediate) English. Natives in English with a degree in Linguistics, Philology, Translation will be given preference. A selected expert will have to make the “raw” texts distinguish, catch attention, provoke, entice, i...

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    Trophy icon Psyke Ward 1 zi left

    War’N Paradise is my clothing brand in which I would like for the craziest, darkest most chaotic states of minds to come to life in the most beautiful art forms one can perceive. Open to all forms of authentic raw emotional art for logos, fonts, graphic designs. * state of chaos in the mind -Ideologies -Perception -Illusions - Scattered - euphoric/trippin - unethical - m...

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    Garantat Concurs de top
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    There is an existing multi-threaded server and now we need to build a computational server using RPC based on the details mentioned in the document

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    We need a content creator for LinkedIn profile management with the following skills - English mother tongue, - Degrees in linguistics or Journalist etc. are preferred - Preferably from Canada or South Africa If you meet these requirements then start your bid with the word "linkedin", happy bidding.

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    Hi! Important: Link to similar projects of name and describe. We are looking for a talented person who thinks globally and conceptually. It is necessary to develop a naming and a logo concept for a new nation with the same values. Task: Come up with a unique name for the international eco-village of the future. It is important that it evokes emotions and people want to become a part of this mo...

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    Write an R program to simulate from the Cauchy distribution using the inversion method. Now consider using a Cauchy envelope to generate the N(0,1) random variable using the rejection method. Find the values for α and the scaling constant k that minimize the probability of rejection.

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    Chinese Translator S-a încheiat left

    .: Freelance Chinese Translators Are Needed :. REQUIREMENTS - Native speaker of Chinese traditional or simplified - 3+ years of experience as professional translator - Solid translation experience in any of these fields: Technical, Software, Marketing, Transcreation, IT, Engineering, gaming or Medical Device - Bachelor's degree or higher, preferably, in translation or linguistics - Preferabl...

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    A written report that covers the application of chosen mathematical topics to the real world (A tech company – cloud computing). With a special emphasis on mathematical solutions in IT and computing. • Set Theory – Can be used to model scenarios, organise things into groups and perform operations on those things. • Algorithms and Pseudo Code – Can be used to model the...

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    Academic Writing (Finance) S-a încheiat left

    We are expanding our team and looking for a skilled and experienced academic researcher (writer) to join our diverse team of researchers. We require a strong mathematical background and excellent English along with knowledge or experience with statistics and statistical software such as MatLab, R, Stata and Eviews. If you have past experience in programming and want to apply your skills in a new f...

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    The forest productivity and carbon balance model CABALA has been written over a 20 year period by multiple developers. While is is a world leading forest model, adoption is hampered by the ad-hoc development history. The model runs in visual studio and the main computational code is in Visual Basic with a C++ shell. We want recode this model in python and make it available (via GitHub or similar) ...

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    Advanced Algorithm project S-a încheiat left

    Hello, there are 3 projects, i just need to have one, so check the options and see which one you can do the best and as fast as possible, please note i don't accept stolen codes from the internet. Please include a report file with a discription of your solution. Attach the report as well as any data and source code files. - "Me spell rite" The Evil Lord Wladimir has cast the Spell...

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    We are looking for someone who lives, eats, and sleeps memes. This job, the purpose of our businesses & projects [ie: our livelihoods] are for the lulz. We are not your typical 9-5 work culture –– We enjoy having meetings on weekends, have no scheduled work hours, and thrive on chaos and uncertainty in our work. Are you into social media? A blockchain developer [probably not, but...

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    Build code using Matlab to provide output data of the Ashworth Spasticity Scale from computational model of a Kuka LBR Med.

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    Building computational models of upper limb spasticity in OpenSim to use in research of the reliability of a Kuka LBR Med to identify and classify spasticity. OpenSim: [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    C++ Project -- 2 S-a încheiat left

    Select an algorithm you have already coded that is moderately complex. Pick code that has several lines and uses more than one computations resource (RAM, IO devices, Networks, Processor, GPU, etc...), but don't pick code so large or complex that it will take you a week to analyze it (Hello World does not qualify as moderately complex, but anything over a couple pages of code is probably too ...

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    I need a Physics expert who is extremely confident in basic/elementary levels of physics. Requirements: - Must be very comfortable with simple computational problems - Must be available on September 13th at 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time Please message me for details

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    I am looking for this image to be completely edited. I would like this player (img_5924) to be walking up BRICK stairs. On the face (front) of the stair I would like the other teams LOGO. As she is stepping on the stair she is "crushing" or cracking the brick and the logo (as we have defeated those team). I need a bottom stair added to the photo, as I need her to be stepped onto the ...

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    Trophy icon I need two graphics created S-a încheiat left

    I need two graphics created. I need the CHAOS logo (attached) included on each graphic I also need the Saginaw Complex sign (attached) included. You can crop the sign out of the photo, or use the entire photo Please use our color scheme on the graphics (Red/Black/White or Red/Black/Grey) I need one that says: CHAOS 06' Red MSYSA State Cup QUARTER-FINALS BOUND! and one that says: Chao...

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    Experimental Data Analysis S-a încheiat left

    This is a linguistics project! I would like to have analyzed data sets from 3 experiments: listening span task, listening comprehension task and shadowing task. The analysis should include tables/charts/graphs, but also 5-6 (or preferably more) pages of detailed textual description, since my knowledge of statistics is virtually nonexistent. Thank you.

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    The project is to develop an android application for camera with image enhancement using AI (Computational Imaging).

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    We are looking for a full-stack developer with commercial experience in Node.js and React for an ongoing project. A few words about the project: we use deep linking technology is used to build user-to-user referral programs with features, including rewarded referrals, content sharing, deep-views, download banners and personal onboarding that enable users to customize the entire app experience that...

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    Brazil Translation S-a încheiat left

    We need Someone who specializes on Linguistics. I.e someone who's an expert in translating Portuguese

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    I need a Physics expert who is extremely confident in basic/elementary levels of physics. Requirements: - Must be very comfortable with simple computational problems - Must be available on September 13th at 2:00PM Pacific Standard Time Please message me for details

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    High Level Academic Seminar paper - build as an Academic Research Propsal - English Literature and Linguistics / Total 12 pages (exclude front page and bibliography) Scientific background The rationale behind the study The purpose of the study The research method Results Summary bibliography (10 resources)

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    Good evening, I am looking for someone qualified to help us design our new project. Good at theories: Computability and complexity Efficiency of algorithms Computation modelling: automata, Turing machines Random Access Machines (RAM) Standard languages and grammars Logic for computer science Algorithms Logic algorithms for computer science Arithmetic Graph and network algorithms Text processin...

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    Shayna Melissa Stockman is a #1 International bestselling author of Overcoming Life Obstacles, a Holistic Healer, RN & a Board Certified Adult & Child Health Nurse Practitioner for three decades.  She went from failing English & left hopeless in heart failure to #1 International Bestseller Author & healing herself without meds. Her mission is to help millions that we...

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    Aims: Write a program (or programs) implementing various ensemble methods (such as bagging and boosting) together with some underlying algorithms. Early Deliverables A proof-of-concept implementation of bagging, random forests, or boosting both in the case of regression and in the case of classification. Implementing underlying algorithms, such as decision stumps or decision trees; simple proof-of...

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    Designing and developing a Web-based software: The vendor/ freelancer has to develop, test, implement and provide a web-based application software to be run on multi user/ multi-distributed environment with proper security provisions and audit trail for storage and retrieval of records. Creation of Web based software with proper validation: The vendor/ freelancer has to develop following modules...

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    IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ THE FULL CHALLENGE BRIEF THAT CONTAINS ALL THE CHALLENGE AND SUBMISSION REQUIREMENTS AND RULES ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) Improve the modeling of flow hydraulics and sediment transport by creating a fast, stable, parallel linear equation solver for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) models. Last updated: Sep. 21, 2021 Updates made:  - Allow...

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    Recomandat Garantat Sigilat Concurs de top
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    Dear applicant, I expect to find an expert in creative writing (or whatever it's called around here) to give a proper "shape", "sound" and narrative form to short biographical texts so that you can make them distinguish from the rest, catch attention, provoke, entice. Roughly speaking, you will be getting the "skeleton", and your task will be to give that "s...

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    DevOps Engineer -- 3 S-a încheiat left

    Job Description: SUMMARY: The DevOps Engineer position is responsible for being a release automation and technical excellence evangelist, working closely with dev teams to guide them in their journey towards safe, repeatable, and ideally, human-less deployments. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES: To perform this job successfully, individual must be able to perform each essential duty satisf...

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    In Computational Geometry there are several algorithms to find all line intersections. I was suggested to try to modify one of th existing algorithms through genetic algorithms. I am not sure if this can be done because i am not an expert in GA. So if you think it can be done please bid and get the job done.

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    Hello I need an expert in Computer grammer or computational linguistic and programming in Python. Please apply if you have the required expertise.

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