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    urgent AWS developer needed 3 zile left

    I'm in need of an AWS developer who specializes in MySQL RDS database management. The project is time-sensitive and requires immediate action. Key Responsibilities: - Ensuring the MySQL RDS database is well-maintained. - Implementing necessary updates and patches. - Monitoring and optimizing database performance. - Troubleshooting any database-related issues. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in AWS, especially RDS. - Strong experience with MySQL. - Proven track record in database maintenance. - Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills. Your prompt assistance in managing our database will be greatly valued. Please highlight your relevant experience when you apply.

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    I need a professional who can utilize AWS for the extraction and analysis of data from PDF documents. - The primary aim is to convert the extracted data into a structured format. - The documents contain textual data (reports, articles). - The ideal candidate should be experienced in AWS and have a strong background in data extraction and analysis. - Attention to detail is crucial, as the extracted data needs to be accurately identified, extracted, and validated. - It would be highly beneficial if the freelancer is proficient in creating and managing containers. The project involves: 1. Automated Data Extraction: Implement a robust process to extract data from PDFs automatically. 2. Identification of Key Identifiers: Accurately identify and extract key data points fro...

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    54 oferte project. The primary focus of this job is on API development and its integration with cloud storage services. Key Responsibilities: - Develop, test, and maintain APIs for the MAUI application. - Integrate these APIs with cloud storage services, ensuring smooth and efficient data management. Ideal Candidate: As the ideal candidate, you should have a strong background in back-end development, specifically in API development. Experience in MAUI is a must. Knowledge of cloud storage services and their integration is highly desirable. Skills and Experience Needed: - Proven experience in API development - Proficient in backend development - MAUI development experience is a plus - Familiarity with cloud storage services If you're a detail-oriented and e...

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    I require a highly skilled AWS data engineer who can provide on-demand consultation for my data processing needs. The project involves helping me manage large volumes of data in AWS using Python, SQL, Pyspark, Glue, and Lambda. This is a long-term hourly consulting job, where I will reach out to you when I need guidance on any of the following areas: - Data Ingestion: The initial process of collecting and importing large volumes of data into AWS. - Data Transformation: The process of converting and reformatting data to make it suitable for analysis and reporting. - Data Warehousing: The ongoing management and storage of transformed data for analysis purposes. Your role will be to assist me in making critical decisions about data architecture and processing, using the...

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    Overview: RCUG Consultancy Private Limited is seeking an experienced IT Consultant to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a broad understanding of information technology, including systems integration, cloud computing, cybersecurity, and IT infrastructure. The consultant will be responsible for advising our clients on how to use IT to meet their business objectives effectively. Responsibilities: Assessing client IT needs and developing strategic plans to address them Implementing IT systems and solutions, including cloud services and cybersecurity measures Providing guidance on IT infrastructure, software, and hardware selection Troubleshooting IT issues and providing technical support Ensuring data security and compliance with relevant regulations Training client ...

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    Please, develop the TankYou bi-lingual cross-platform app and a landing for that. App functionalities can be found in the XD shared before. After ...password, type of fuel for your car, Ts&Cs consent. Optional marketing consents: push notification, e-mail, offer from 3rd parties. Landing design and content is coming soon. We would like to integrate some Google Display Ad placeholders into the one pager landing. No need to provide login function and fuel price info on landing. Soon I will share and credentials. + AWS credentials for VM and DB. Please, let me know if you have any questions. Minimal GA events should be integrated into the app and landing. App: first_view, page-view for each page, clicks of all buttons Landing: visits, redirections to app stores

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    We need a expert for databse upgrade from V16 enterprise edition to V17 edition on cloud server.

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    I'm looking for a talented professional who can assist with a range of services for our iDeaThings Studio Agency. Key Responsibil...candidate should have experience in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites, with a focus on Wordpress. - **Copywriting**: Ability to write compelling, creative, and SEO-friendly copy for our website and other materials. - **Software Tester**: Someone with experience in manual testing of software products to ensure they meet the necessary quality standards. - **Cloud Services**: Knowledge and experience with cloud-based services for optimal maintenance and storage. It's essential that the professional we hire has a deep understanding of, and experience in, all these areas to deliver a holistic service that meets the hi...

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    I'm looking for a procurement consultant with expertise in identifying the best software solution that can support variou...operations with over 500 items. - Purchase Order Processing: A system that efficiently manages purchase orders is essential. - Supplier Management: The capability to maintain a streamlined process of handling multiple suppliers is critical. - Integrated Shipping Tracking: I need the solution to feature shipping tracking, ideally integrated with a real-time dashboard. My preference is for a cloud-based platform, with no specific operating system requirement. If you have a robust background in procurement, business operations, and software recommendations, you're the expert I need for this project. A proven track record in these areas will give you ...

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    I need a cloud-based web application that will allow me to monitor real-time statuses and energy consumptions of my industrial machinery. Key Functionalities: - Real-time equipment status monitoring: I need to be able to log into the application and see the current status of all the machinery in my facility. This could include things like whether a machine is turned on, idle or in use. - Energy consumption tracking: It's important for me to monitor the energy consumption of each machine as well. This could help me identify inefficiencies or even predict maintenance needs based on usage patterns. Experience and Skills Needed: - Proficiency with AWS (Amazon Web Services): Since I prefer AWS as the cloud platform for this project, it's crucial that th...

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    ...custom Generative Pretrained Transformer (GPT) and make it ready for deployment and then help me get it on to a cloud based server ready for use so people can access it. Primary Responsibility: - Enhance the GPT's features, including Natural Language Processing, Text Generation, and Sentiment Analysis. - Deploy the optimised GPT on a cloud-based platform, ensuring smooth user experience even during peak usage times. Who's Best Fit: - You should have a solid understanding of GPTs and a proven track record in developing and optimizing such systems. - The project expects a low usage of up to 10-1000 users and experience managing solutions for such volume. - Familiarity with cloud deployment is a must. Take on this challenge and help perfect a system ...

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    I'm looking for an expert in social media and packaging design to create distinctive graphics for my new cloud kitchen brand. We serve North Indian and Chinese cuisine, and our branding should reflect these flavors. Kindly include a detailed proposal covering your ideas and how you plan to bring our vision to life. I value creativity and attention to detail. Experience in culinary or food packaging design will be highly beneficial. Your bid should include: - Detailed project proposal - Showcase of previous work similar to my needs - Your process and estimated delivery time I can't wait to see your innovative ideas that will make our brand stand out!

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    ...and deploy it on AWS. TO GET STARTED: STEP 1: sign this NDA- and share the signed NDA PDF. STEP 2: Share the github id to be added to the project repos also with to AWS account. STEP 3: Setup the old code frontend and backend on your local environment, built it, deploy it on aws account and share the link to the app. STEP 4: After step 3 Project will be give to do the payment integration . Frontend code Next js Reactjs GraphQL, AWS appsync Apollo Typescript jest for test cases serverless-stack Backend code AWS lambda, Nodejs Typescript jest for typescript aws-sdk servrelss-stack apollo mongoDB mongoose This application is written 2 years ago and deployed on AWS. Now AWS has upgraded the

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    ...join our team at Cloudscribe. Our business offers three distinct cloud-based services within Australia: virtual bookkeeping (using XERO, hubdoc, TPB registered) , virtual NDIS plan management (using MYP, NDIS Registered) , and virtual delievery of training programs. The ideal candidate will create engaging, modern, and distinctly Australian content that aligns with our tagline "Access, Anytime, Anywhere." 3 Separate Business Services: - Virtual Bookkeeping Services : Provided by a registered BAS agent using Xero software. Target Audience : Small business owners and soletraders who use XERO or want to convert to XERO - Virtual NDIS Plan Management: Managed by a virtual NDIS registered plan manager using real-time cloud-based NDIS software integrated with H...

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    I'm looking to develop a cloud-based calendar and project management system for our construction company. This software will serve as a central hub for our construction team to collaborate and stay updated on project progress in real-time. Key Features: - Task Management: The software should allow users to create, assign, and track tasks. This feature will help us ensure that everyone is clear on their responsibilities and deadlines. - Document Sharing: The system should enable the uploading, storage, and sharing of documents among team members. We need to keep our files organized and accessible to those who need them. - Team Collaboration: An essential component of this software is its ability to facilitate team collaboration. This will allow our team members to work togethe...

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    Scope Definition: I need a website that is essentially a lottery. It should be deployed on AWS for the sake of scalability. I need a website that can scale to 50k monthly users. The website should be called “” For the graphical design a boiler plate web page design will do. I will need to be able to customize the web page design, such as choosing font type and size as well as the location and size of pictures on the web page. There are core functionalities needed. - The website should support user profiles and collect the following information: Name, address, email, phone number, payment information. - It should be able to create user profiles that are accessed by the user through email and password. - Users should have the ability reset their password through a link/cod...

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    I'm in need of a logo that's a combination of text and icon - classic and traditional in style. This logo will be used both online and in print. Key Points: - I'm particularly looking for a classic and traditional design style. - The logo should be a combination of text and icon, so it's both visually appealing and easy to recognize. - The final design should be versatile enough ...recognize. - The final design should be versatile enough to work well in both online platforms (like websites and social media) and in print (like business cards or flyers). Ideal Skills and Experience: - Knowledge and skills in graphic design, especially in crafting logos. - Experience in creating classic and traditional style logos. - Understanding of the difference between logo design fo...

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    Config ISPconfig 6 zile left

    Configuration ispconfig on new dedicated server and optimization resources

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    ...environment built it and deploy on aws. This project has potential for long term opportunity to continue to add more features after completing the payment processing feature completion. To apply STEP 1: sign this NDA- and share the signed NDA PDF. STEP 2: Share the github id to be added to the project repos also with to AWS account. STEP 3: Setup the old code frontend and backend on your local environment, built it, deploy it on aws account and share the link to the app. STEP 4: After step 3 Project will be give to do the payment integration . Frontend code Next js Reactjs GraphQL, AWS appsync Apollo Typescript jest for test cases serverless-stack Backend code AWS lambda, Nodejs Typescript jest

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    ...accommodate future growth. 6. **Security:** - Robust security measures to protect user data and prevent unauthorized access. - Regular security updates and patches. **Technical Requirements:** - **Frontend:** React or a suitable frontend framework. - **Backend:** Node.js or a suitable backend framework. - **Database:** MongoDB, PostgreSQL, or any reliable database system. - **Hosting:** Cloud-based hosting solution with auto-scaling capabilities. - **APIs:** Integration with third-party APIs for extended functionality. **Deliverables:** 1. Fully functional web push notification platform. 2. Comprehensive documentation for both users and developers. 3. Ongoing support and maintenance options. **Timeline and Budget:** - Estimated project timeline: [03 Month] - Budget: ...

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    Preciso um programador nocode, para desenvolver uma aplicação de gateway e checkout no bubble... Iniciaremos o projeto imediatamente, assim que fecharmos com um freelancer. Integrações externas: AWS (EMAIL) REPORTANA SHOPIFY WOOCOMMERCE PIXEL FACEBOOK PIXEL TIKTOK PIXEL GOOGLE ADS PIXEL TABOOLA REDE IUGU EFIBANK CIELO Abaixo está o link do figma com um exemplo de como gostariamos a aplicação. Favor analisar e informar o valor e prazo.

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    I'm looking for a professional website designer ...documentation, enabling me to easily update and manage the content in the future. - Archive tools to make the published pages light as possible. - webflow theme at the landig page It's important for me to have a visually appealing website that effectively showcases my work, so I'm looking for a designer with a keen eye for design aesthetics and a solid understanding of user experience. For the config settings, Use of S3 bucket for local and static deploy to GitHub Pages for deploy via GitHub epicurrence theme Our sites

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    I'm in need of a skilled Azure Network Engineer with experience in GCC High Cloud. The project encompasses several tasks that include network configuration, security and compliance implementation, Single Sign-On, and the set-up and installation of applications. The ideal candidate will be able to work within a moderate network infrastructure, which includes both hybrid cloud and on-premises elements. Key Responsibilities: - Network Configuration: You will be responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of our network to ensure optimal performance. - Security and Compliance: Your role will include implementing security measures, ensuring regualtory compliance, and managing Single Sign-On functionality. - Application Setup and Installation: You will be taske...

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    Hi. I used to use the old Google Firebase Cloud Messaging API (Legacy) to setup and send Push Notifications, but it's now deprecated and disabled in Firebase. I don't know how to get pushes working any more or the APN Tokens generating in iOS Apps. 1. I need to know what to do to get this back working with the new Firebase Cloud Messaging V1 - how do I get a Key now? Firebase used to generate the Web API Key instantly. Then I guess once this is done correctly, the Google PList will work when I add it to XCode for an app 2. I need to get my AppDelegate generating APN/Firebase Tokens again. I used to get one for every user/device. Then I would store those via API in my database. 3. I used to use an FCM CURL function to send Push Notifications from a php file (s...

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    Audiometry Test App Development 3 zile left

    ...definite frequency and definite volume in one of the headphone sides at a time. - Changing the frequency and volume multiple times during the test based on the customer's response. - Then the application needs to create a profile for each user using their personal information and save the result against it securely in the cloud somewhere. - Provide admin access for us to see the hearing test results and report it. - Then That report gets emailed to the customer and stored in the cloud for their hearing test a year later for comparison. It will need a nice user interface. If you could take a look at shoebox interface, we can probably copy theirs with some changes This App provides a concise overview of the current mobile audiometry options and offers empirical eviden...

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    ...real-time monitoring of agricultural parameters and weather conditions, as well as advanced analytics for decision-making. System architecture Main components : - IoT sensors: Measure temperature, humidity, soil pH, light, CO2. - Meteorological Station: Collection of meteorological data. - Drones: Aerial surveillance, mapping, spraying. - IoT Gateway: Collection and transmission of sensor data. - Cloud platform: Data storage and analysis. - User interface (Frontend): Data visualization and dashboards. - Backend: Data management, API and AI integration. . Platform design Frontend (React.js) : - Pages : o Dashboard o Data visualization (graphs, maps) o Sensor management o Drone management o Reports and alerts o Authentication and user management - Libraries and tools : o React o Re...

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    I'm looking for a Terraform expert to develop a module that can provision a Windows Server 2019 Virtual Machine on the Azure cloud platform. Key Requirements: - Version: The VM should run on Windows Server 2019. - Performance: The VM should be of 'Basic' size and performance level. - I will provide you with the tags to be associated with the VM. Please note that the user skipped the section regarding specific configurations for the VM. Ideal Skills: - Strong proficiency in Terraform and Azure cloud services. - Excellent understanding of Windows Server 2019. - Prior experience in provisioning VMs in the Azure environment. Your role will primarily involve setting up the Terraform module in a way that ensures the correct version of Windows Server is deployed w...

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    ...Collaborate closely with our team to refine features based on user feedback Maintain clean, efficient, and well-documented codebase Requirements: Proven experience in developing SaaS products, particularly in time tracking or project management domains Strong proficiency in modern programming languages and frameworks (e.g., JavaScript, Python, Ruby on Rails) Experience with cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud) is advantageous Knowledge of UI/UX principles and best practices Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work independently Additional Information: This project requires signing an NDA before full project details are disclosed. The ideal candidate will have a portfolio showcasing relevant projects and experience. Long-term collaboration oppor...

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    ...background in deploying GENAI projects on AWS, espcially Project 1, Project 2 and Project 3, and creating efficient e-commerce websites. The ideal partner has the following: • Proven experience with GENAI projects and AWS deployment. • Strong record of designing user-friendly e-commerce websites. Tasks at hand: • To effectively deploy all three GENAI projects on AWS. • Develop an e-commerce website to showcase these projects. Website Requirements: • It ought to be structured to support e-commerce transactions. • It should have an integrated payment gateway. • A product display segment for detailed project information. • Inclusion of a section for customer reviews and ratings. This opportunity is perfect for a professi...

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    The client has an issue with snow being sucked into the air intake of a newly renovated HVAC system (40k CFM to 80k CFM). They doubled the airflow and "doubled" the intake louver area but are still having problems. The effective area was not really doubled. The inlet to the pre-heat system remained the same size (approx. 8' x 10'). We would like to model the existing system flow vs. what we are suggesting as a solution to validate the concept. Key Responsibilities: * Utilising advanced technologies to monitor and track airflow patterns. * Analyzing collected data and reporting on identified patterns. * Developing strategies to improve data collection and analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Extensive experience in airflow analysis. * Skilled in data col...

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    C#/Python AWS lambda function Changes as per req.

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    Completed 6 zile left

    AWS setup, CICD pipline Python/c# program

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    I'm in need of an AWS expert who can assist me in cloning my own server on AWS. The main objective is to retrieve the PHP source code for a Laravel backend project, if possible. Copy EC2 as the current EC2 is in use and can not be taken down. Try get into the new server and get the source code for the PHP Laravel backend. Please only reply if you you think it is possible and reply with your solution. We will be doing this over Zoom Remote Access as I will not be sharing AWS login details. Fast internet connection is required. Kind regards, Conor

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    I am seeking a proficient AWS Lambda expert with experience in both Python and C# to help me deploy and configure Lambda functions for backend purposes. Key Deliverables: - Deployment of a Python-based Lambda function on AWS - Code help and deployment for a C# Lambda function Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in both Python and C# - Demonstrable experience with AWS Lambda - Prior experience in backend development using Lambda - Strong understanding of AWS services, particularly Lambda, and how they can interact with each other The primary objective of this project is to set up efficient, well-structured Lambda functions that can handle backend tasks effectively. If you have a background in backend development, particularly with Lambda functions, and can deliver o...

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    I'm seeking a dedicated freelancer proficient in Power Automate cloud flows and Power Apps for work support purposes. My needs lie in various areas, including: 1. Troubleshooting And Error Resolution: The ideal candidate must be capable of swiftly identifying and rectifying issues impeding optimal workflow or app function. 2. Creation Of New Workflows And Apps: You will design and implement new, innovative workflows and apps to augment my operating processes. 3. Enhancement Of Existing Workflows And Apps: Existing systems need refinement for better productivity, and your input here would be vital. The main objective for this project is to streamline business processes, increase productivity, and improve data accuracy. Therefore, anyone with experience in data entry and proces...

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    I'm seeking an individual with a versatile skill-set encompassing administrative work, customer service, and sales, backed by at least 9 years of experience....will be crucial and beneficial to the success of the project. While I've not strictly outlined the projects or tasks to delegate, it will potentially include areas such as data entry, graphic design, and content writing. Familiarity with these areas and ability to deliver high-quality work will be viewed favorably. Necessary Skills/Experience: - Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and Google Suite. - Strong administrative capabilities. - Outstanding customer service qualities. - Exceptional sales ability. Please place your bid taking into account the diverse skills and extensive experience req...

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    AWS DevOps Engineer Needed -- 2 2 zile left

    I need a need DevOps person to manage and maintain our Application on Amazon Web Service. 1) Load Balancer 2) CI-CD pipeline 3) Domains and SSL 4) backups 5) Securities 6) Access etc..

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    ...картинок на webp Сейчас у нас на сайте все картинки в PNG, JPEG, JPG, Часть картинок сконвертивовалась в WEBP, и теперь гугл клауд просит за них больше денег Но на сайте webp толком не юзается (не проставился) В общем платим мы больше, а эффекта ноль ТЗ: 1.) Перевести все существующие картинки с PNG/JPEG/JPG в WEBP (только в блоге) 2.) Удалить все Google cloud картинки, которые сконвертировались но не используются на сайте (чтобы не жрало деньги за их хранение) 3.) Чтобы картинки на других урлах (например или ) не конвертировались в WEBP - то есть нужно чтобы в ВЕБП был только блог страницы 4.) В идеале - сделать так чтобы автоматически все новые статьи которые писались именно

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    ...history and a proven track record of creating high-tech platforms for managing online payments, massive networks of users, data and internet traffic. It is a leader in providing services in the field of Software development, Technical Compliance and Managed IT services for regulated institutions, auditing and certification according to PCI-DSS and ISO27001 and ISO/IEC20000-1 standards. It also offers Cloud and hosting solutions for corporate customers as well as Managed DevOps services for customers in Europe and North America. The company has over 200 experts and its office locations in: Sofia - Bulgaria, Kiel - Germany, London - United Kingdom, Barcelona - Spain, Vilnius - Lithuania, Warsaw - Poland, Bratislava - Slovakia and Tirana - Albania. ROLE OVERVIEW: Our customer &quo...

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    I'm looking for a Node.js developer to assist with some route changes and JSON file looping within my existing application. More specifically, I require: - The addition of a new route in the application - Modification of an existing route to implement query parameters - Implementation of a data retrieval functionality in the new route The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Strong proficiency with Node.js and its frameworks - Experience in working with JSON files - Proven track record in modifying and adding routes in Node.js applications - Understanding of query parameters and how to implement them effectively - Ability to work independently and communicate effectively on the progress of the project. Looking forward to your bids and expertise!

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    We are seeking an experienced AWS expert to configure and optimize our server infrastructure. The project involves setting up and fine-tuning multiple instances to support our delivery platform. The AWS expert will need to coordinate closely with our in-house technician to ensure the project is completed and fully operational. Project Requirements: AWS Expertise: Proficient in setting up and managing AWS infrastructure, including EC2 instances, S3, RDS, and other relevant AWS services. Server Optimization: Ability to optimize server performance, ensuring high availability, scalability, and security. Collaboration: Work closely with our technician to integrate the server setup seamlessly with our platform. Project Completion: Ensure that the infrastructu...

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    Hi. I used to be able to send push notifications using Firebase and a PHP Class for years, but Google/Firebase changed the old method to the new Firebase Cloud Messaging API (V1). I just need to know how to send pushes the same way I used to with this new method. I used to basically copy my class into a folder then from a php file I could send the push fields + the user's device token and it would send the push. Here are a couple of the files from my original stuff... attached. Ideally, I want to be able to copy some files into a folder on my hosting and send push notifications from a php file. Thanks!

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    ...Experience implementing open-source ML libraries (Tensorflow, XGBoost, LightGBM, etc) - Experience with deployment, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous training of machine learning models - Experience in model building tools like Maven, Gradle, Jenkins. - Experience with coding in programming languages including Python, Java, Scala, Spark - Experience using cloud infrastructure such as GCP, AWS, Azure - Experience developing custom models based on in-depth understanding of underlying data, data structures, and business problems to ensure analytics deliverables meet stakeholders need - Experience developing state of the art algorithms using machine learning, statistical and optimization methods to power various aspects of highly complex busines...

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    I am looking for a developer who can set up an integration between my business and the Whatsapp Cloud API. The main aim of this integration is to facilitate the sending of promotional content to our customers. Key Requirements: - The primary task will be to enable the sending of promotional content to our customers via Whatsapp Cloud API. The content will be pre-written and prepared by our marketing team. - It's critical that the set up is done efficiently and effectively. We need the integration to be reliable and robust. - The project should be completed as soon as possible. Time is of the essence for us. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience with Whatsapp Cloud API is absolutely necessary. I need a professional who has successfully completed similar int...

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    The main focus of my project, the Ray Cluster, is to leverage cloud computing, specifically Platform as a Service (PaaS). I am seeking a professional with exceptional expertise in Python to realize the goals of this project. Key Skills Required: - Strong grasp of Python programming - In-depth knowledge of PaaS cloud computing - Prior experience with cloud-based resource management The chosen freelancer will apply their understanding of Python to develop robust PaaS strategies for the Ray Cluster. Previous experience in handling cloud computing projects is absolutely necessary. So, if you have the required skills, I look forward to collaborating with you.

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    “现在,让我向您概述一下我们的项目系统架构和我们使用的云服务。 首先,学生通过电子邮件提交作业,作业由 AWS SES(简单电子邮件服务)接收和管理。这项服务确保了对电子邮件提交和通知的可靠和高效的处理。 收到电子邮件后,将使用 AWS Lambda 解析分配。这种无服务器计算服务可自动执行任务,使该过程具有成本效益和灵活性。 接下来,对于包含图像的任务,我们使用 Amazon Rekognition 来分析和识别内容。对于基于文本的作业,我们利用 OpenAI GPT-4 API 来生成文本反馈并协助自动评分。 然后,教师对处理后的数据进行审查。如果需要,他们可以批准成绩并提供其他反馈。 而且,所有个人信息和分配数据都使用 AWS KMS(密钥管理服务)进行加密,以确保隐私和安全。然后,数据存储在 AWS DynamoDB(一种高性能 NoSQL 数据库)以及 AWS S3 和 Document DB 中,用于安全且可扩展地存储具有适当生命周期策略的图像和文件。 评分后,将再次使用 AWS SES 向学生发送通知和反馈,确保整个过程中的无缝通信。 此架构利用 AWS 云服务的强大功能来创建安全、可扩展且高效的评分系统。每个组成部分在确保评分过程的隐私、公平性和效率方面都发挥着至关重要的作用,与我们项目的目标完全一致。

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    ...include: - Enables the execution of risk assessments based on specific criteria, which I will provide. - User selects risks from a checklist. App automatically rates the risk based on criteria I will provide and produces a table and chart. - Generates an automatic report upon each assessment's conclusion. See Risk Assessor Pro for idea of level of functionality. I will want to discuss complexity vs cost and see what is achievable within my budget. Account creation requirements are currently undecided. Hence, this aspect will be transparently discussed during the development process. Potential developers should possess: - Demonstrated experience with both iOS and Android platforms. - Past work involving risk assessment tools or similar projects. - Capability to inco...

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    iOS & Web App 2 zile left

    I'm in need of a productivity app that works on iOS and through web browsers. The app will have user accounts and require email verification for registration. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Proven experience in developing productivity apps. - Strong understanding of iOS development and web-based app design. - Ability to implement user React Native, Flutter, or similar. Knowledge of integrating third-party APIs and services. Strong understanding of UI/UX design principles. Ability to write clean, maintainable, and efficient code. Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail. Strong communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively. Preferred Qualifications: Knowledge of cloud services and backend technologies (e.g., ...

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    155 oferte online Unity soccer 1 vs 1 game we need to add 2 new features. Firstly, you will implement the animation of electrifying the opponent, causing them to freeze for a specified duration. This feature will be seamlessly integrated into the gameplay and synchronized with the server-side Java script for online multiplayer functionality. Secondly, you will create the animation of lifting and releasing the opponent within the game environment. This interactive feature will add an exciting element to the gameplay experience, enhancing player engagement. Thirdly, You will need to fix small animation in the server so it will work in unity. Please check and let me know the 2 features must be synced between the UNITY & the server Java script when the players play 1 vs 1 on...

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    AWS EC2 - Database & Hosting 2 zile left

    I'm looking for an experienced AWS EC2 developer to assist me with configuring my MongoDB database and hosting my Node.js website. Key Responsibilities: - Configure MongoDB: I need the chosen freelancer to make sure MongoDB is properly set up and optimized to work well with the EC2 instance. - Host Node.js website: The freelancer should set up the hosting environment for my Node.js website, ensuring it's secure, scalable, and performs well. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient with AWS EC2: Previous experience with configuring databases and hosting websites on EC2 is a must. - MongoDB Expertise: A solid understanding of MongoDB and its configuration on AWS EC2. - Node.js Proficiency: Experience in hosting and managing Node.js websites on AWS. Your role in...

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