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    5,000 cooking recipes proiecte găsite, la prețul de USD me promote my online cooking classes primarily targeted at home cooks. My website needs to: - Have a clean, professional and creative design that stands out and grabs attention. - Provide easy to navigate sections which highlight my classes, teaching style, and unique selling propositions. - Be SEO optimized to bring my website to more potential students. No specific user interactivity was requested, the primary goal is to make the site as captivating and informative as possible. Ideal skills for this job would include web design, SEO skills, and a keen aesthetic sense. Experience in creating websites for online classes or cooking industry will be highly valued. I’d love to see samples of your past work if possible. Let's create a great digital platform for...

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    Trophy icon Animated Logo Wizard with Natural Movements S-a încheiat left

    I need a captivating 10-second animation for my logo that brings the wizard to life. I am inspired by this example: Here's my vision: - The wizard is moving his hands and staff as though he's cooking, with sparks flying out. - I want the wizard to also make some natural movements to add weight to the logo. - The above natural movement should include the wizard "walking in place" i.e., appearing to walk but not moving forward. Skills and Expertise: - Experience with logo animation - Strong understanding of motion and weight in animation - Proficiency in capturing the unique character attributes in animated movements - Ability to work within a specified 10-second duration Company Info - The company is a software development, digital

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    I'm seeking a creative and experienced landscape designer to craft a blueprint for my backyard, transforming it into a cozy entertainment space. The design must include: - A strategic barbecue setup ideal for cooking and showcasing culinary skills - A seating arrangement that comfortably hosts up to five people The designer should consider the flow and aesthetics of these elements while maintaining a modern feel to the space. A strong background in landscape design and a portfolio of similar projects are essential. Knowledge of outdoor entertaining components, such as barbecue setups, would be a bonus. The ideal freelancer should be able to recommend suitable materials and decorations to enhance the overall ambiance. Looking forward to an impressive and functional design.

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    24 oferte a blueprint designed for a small-scale food-processing factory that would be producing up to 500 units per day. The factory needs to process fresh fruits and vegetables, roast vegetables and cook chicken. - Factory Requirements: An integral part of the blueprint must be facilities for washing and sorting fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as separate sections for roasting vegetables and cooking chicken. - Knowledge Requirements: A freelancer with a background in food processing, industrial design or architecture, preferably with experience in designing similar production lines, would be an ideal match for this project. - Deliverable: The final product should be an informative, easy-to-understand and practical blueprint for constructing a small-scale food processing facto...

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    ...the food from spoiling prematurely. We know that when we expose nitrates and nitrites to high heat in the presence of amino acids, they can transform into nitrosamines. Most nitrosamines are known carcinogens, which can lead to adverse health impacts. For example, when cooking processed meats over high heat, such as grilling or high heat frying, many of the nitrites are transformed into these nitrosamines. Over the years, we've made great strides in lowering the number of nitrosamines that can form during the cooking process by adding other ingredients such as Vitamin C, which inhibits the formation of nitrosamines. Additionally, the FDA regulates the number of nitrates and nitrites in processed foods, to ensure our exposure to these ingredients remains well wit...

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    ...proficient developer to create a camping gear rental website with a modern, clean design aesthetic. The name of the company is Camp Ready based out of Stratford, Prince Edward Island, Canada Key Features required include: - Shopping cart system for versatile gear rental process - Secure credit card payment integration - Distinct feature sections for camping essentials (tents, sleeping bags), cooking gear (stoves, coolers), and seating/comfort gear (chairs, hammocks) The ideal candidate will have experience in eCommerce website development, a keen eye for modern web design, and proficiency in payment gateway integration. Understanding the outdoor/camping market would be a plus. Efficiency, accuracy, and a user-friendly approach are paramount. Preference will be given to those...

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    I'm seeking a should be in PDF format. - It should include recipes with complete nutritional information, particularly macro breakdowns for each one. - Should include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options. - The ingredients should be Australian based- things that are sold in Australia Ideal Skills: - A strong understanding of nutrition, specifically macronutrients. - Experience in ebook writing and formatting, preferably with a focus on recipe or health books. - Ability to create engaging and informative content. - Precise, clear, and concise writing style. Please note, additional sections beyond the recipes and their nutritional information are not required for this project. Your focus should be on creating high-quality, nutritional recipes...

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    ...specializes in crafting engaging blog posts on healthy cooking, targeted towards everyday home cooks. Any potential freelancer should have: - A knack for healthy kitchen creations, well-versed in ways to make traditional dishes healthy - Strong writing skills and the ability to create compelling, easy-to-read content - An understanding of the needs and interests of everyday home cooks - The ability to provide detailed recipe instructions, complete with tips and tricks to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. Experience with food photography would be a plus, as I'd like the recipes to be accompanied by enticing step-by-step photos. This project calls for not just a basic overview, but an in-depth, accessible, and exciting guide to healthy home cooking...

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    ...expertise in HTML, CSS, JS, React/Angular, Node.js, and MongoDB to build an intuitive recipe platform. This platform should be responsive and user-friendly, embodying the following features: - Search Functionality: Users should be able to filter recipes by category and search for specific ones using keywords. - User Accounts: Basic user accounts (with email and password) should be implemented. No social media logins or guest accounts are required at the moment. - Save and Share Features: Users should have the ability to save their favorite recipes for later viewing and share them on various social media platforms. Having any examples of similar work you've done previously would be advantageous, as this would assist me in better understanding your skillset and approac...

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    I'm looking for a skilled Excel expert who can help me create a comprehensive food costing spreadsheet. In particular, I would like the following sections: - **Ingredients Cost**: where I can enter the prices of all the ingredients I use in my recipes. - **Recipe Costing**: a section where I can input my recipes and the spreadsheet automatically calculates the total cost of each recipe based on the ingredients. - **Menu Pricing**: a feature where I can input the recipes from my menu and the spreadsheet automatically calculates a profitable price based on the recipe costs. - Inventory management: - **Track Inventory Levels**: a feature that keeps an eye on my ingredient stock levels. - **Predict Future Inventory Needs**: an analysis that could help me fo...

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    ...develop an engaging and interactive cookbook targeted towards children aged 7-10 years old. This is not your average cookbook; it must be brimming not only with recipes but also a variety of fun and educational elements. Key Project Components: - Recipes: The cookbook should contain 10-20 kid-friendly recipes integrated throughout. I will provide these. - Interactive Games: Besides the recipes, there should be cooking-related games that will stimulate and entertain the children while they engage with the cookbook. - Colouring Pages: To add a creative outlet, include colouring-in pages throughout the book. These can be related to the recipes or have a broader food theme. Ideal Freelancer Skills: I am looking for someone with experience in ...

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    ...well-versed in the realm of cooking. My personal YouTube channel focuses on sharing culinary adventures, techniques, and recipes with fellow food enthusiasts. Your Role: • Edit, montage and enhance raw video footages that I'll provide • Highlight the flow of the culinary process and the final product • Maintain the narrative, ensuring smooth transitions and engaging content • Add complementary soundtracks if needed and fine-tune audio for clarity Ideal Skills & Experience: • Proven experience in editing cooking videos • Mastery of video editing software and techniques • Ability to translate my vision into a polished video • Creative thinking for engaging content • Basic understanding of the culinary fie...

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    I'm seeking an experienced culinary artist to help develop and write 50-100 recipes for my Italian cookbook. My project requires: - Recipe Development: Creativity and extensive cooking knowledge are essential. You'll be brainstorming and concocting unique, enticing recipes that captivate food enthusiasts. - Writing and Editing: Exceptional writing skills are a must. You'll not only be crafting each recipe but also ensuring the text is engaging, clear, and error-free. Ideal candidates would have a proven track record in both the culinary world and professional writing. Experience crafting and editing cookbooks is a major plus.

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    Belfast Apartment Tour S-a încheiat left

    I'm seeking someone to visit a rental apartment in Belfast city center on my behalf. I need them to record a video of the apartment tour and send it to me. 
I need a 1-5 minutes video that captures all areas of the apartment. The key features I'm interested in include:
 - View from windows
 - Dryer and wash...rental apartment in Belfast city center on my behalf. I need them to record a video of the apartment tour and send it to me. 
I need a 1-5 minutes video that captures all areas of the apartment. The key features I'm interested in include:
 - View from windows
 - Dryer and washer availability and condition
 - Type and efficiency of the heating system
 - Hot water functionality - Type of kitchen cooking stove and its condition Video recording must be precise and...

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    I am interested in Kindle books that specialize in Asian International Cuisine. Knowledge of Asian cooking is helpful Ideal Skills and Experience: - Authoring or ghostwriting cooking books, especially in international cuisine - Familiarity with eBook format, specifically Kindle publishing processes -software used to create kindle books and upload them to amazon The freelancer should be able to provide sample work related to this field. I'm looking for content that is not only informative but also engaging and easy to follow for both experienced and novice cooks. Looking. to convert. 3 books into kindle design. freelancer needs to format and upload to kindle Looking to have one cookbook ghostwritten. materials will be supplied

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    I am in need of a skilled food and beverages engineer who specializes in food processing to work on an exciting project in Saudi Arabia. The primary goal of the project is to assist in expanding our business by opening new branches. To do this, I need a professional who can help in the following areas: - Developing standardized recipes: The freelancer should be skilled in creating standardized recipes that can be replicated across multiple locations. These recipes should be not only delicious but also cost-effective and scalable. - Scaling up production capacity: The selected individual should have experience in increasing production capacity without compromising on the quality of the food. They should be able to design and implement production processes that can meet...

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    ...defined. Open to seeing the first revision in Black and white - The design should reflect the identity and values of the brand: A high end culinary/ or cooking retreat in the caribean attracting people who wish to enrich their knowledge of cuisine an cooking and have tailor made week long retreat where they are not just staying in an all inclusive but experiencing the beauty of local culture and integrating with other like minded people. - create a logo that can be reduced to one iconic letter for smaller logo placement - possibly the P - the Logo should contain 1 tropical element - like ocean or palm or leaf, and 1 element that refers to cooking (I like the idea of making the 'a's into plates as it is more subtle than a knife or a fork which I think i...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned SAP expert with a specific focus on the EHS module. The project entails both creating new recipes and optimizing existing ones to enhance product safety. Key Project Details: - Develop new and enhance existing recipes: I need a professional who can both develop new product recipes and enhance the existing ones within the SAP EHS module. The goal here is to improve product safety significantly. - SAP EHS expertise: Your expertise in the SAP EHS module is crucial. You should be well-versed and experienced in using this module for recipe development and enhancement. - Strong understanding of product safety: A deep understanding of product safety standards and best practices is essential. Your work should significantly improve the overal...

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    I require a diligent online data entry specialist to assist in transferring data from one app to another. The specific task involves transferring data from Trainarize to Kahunas, a fitness application. As well are pdf/word files to the kahunas app. The data varies from training programs to nutrition meal plans and recipes. The ideal candidate for the job should: - Be proficient in handling online data entry tasks. - Possess a high level of attention to detail to ensure accurate data transfer. - Have a good understanding of fitness and training terminology. - Be reliable, responsible, and able to work diligently to meet the project deadline. Please note that the work is time-sensitive, so promptness and accuracy are essential. Thank you for considering this opportunity.

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    ...simplifying deployment. Build Docker images for your , Node.js, and React-based applications and deploy them using container orchestration tools like Docker Swarm or Kubernetes. Server Configuration Management Tools (e.g., Puppet, Chef): Use server configuration management tools to automate server provisioning and configuration. Define infrastructure as code using Puppet manifests, Chef recipes, or similar tools to ensure consistent server configurations. the server need to be setup for multi-tenant so it required the basic tool like virtualadmin or something to manage and deploy the entire system and interface to manage and control all the stuff over server. the setup will be done on single server for now and it can required a feature to get expanded with single click, so that...

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    I'm in need of a developer who can create a cookie generator application for desktop (Windows/Mac) use. The main requirement is to develop a program that generates: - Custom cookie recipes - Randomized cookie names - Cookie ingredient lists Further, the generator must have user profiles capabilities where users could save their favourite recipes or choices. Ideal Skills: - Proficient in desktop coding for both Windows and Mac - Experience in developing recipe-based programs - UX/UI experience for user-friendly profile features. Your objective will be delivering a seamless experience for users to interact with their saved favourites. I'm looking forward to collaborating with a professional who shares the same enthusiasm for innovative kitchen technology as I d...

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    I'm searching for an experienced software developer to build a desktop software titled Resse84 Cookie Generator. The purpose is to generate personalized cookie recipes based on user inputs. Features to be incorporated into the software are: - Dietary restrictions tailoring: The software should be able to adjust and personalize recipes according to specified dietary needs. - Ingredient substitution suggestions: It should be able to provide alternatives for the ingredients that may not be readily available or those the user may want to substitute. - Recipe sharing: It should allow users to share their personalized cookie recipes with others easily. The ideal candidate will have a proven track record of successful desktop software development and an understandin...

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    9 oferte perfectly baked brownies are getting moldy. They're baked for over 30 minutes and made from canned or packaged ingredients. I usually store them at room temperature in a sealed container after baking. I'm looking for a professional food scientist, biochemist, or someone similar with the following skills and experience: - Extensive knowledge in food biology or chemistry - Understanding of cooking temperatures and times - Awareness of food storage practices - Previous experience in food analysis or relevant fields For this project: - Analyze my recipe and baking process - Identify potential factors causing the mold - Propose changes (if necessary) to the baking process or food storage techniques to prevent this issue. This bid will ultimately help me prevent ...

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    Hello! I need you to write 1 article for my Amazon client and post them on relevant news platforms. IMPORTANT**Please provide me with "the estimated duration of the project", and "examples of your past work",and "how many platforms will you post" for reference** Requirements: 1 artic...the platform if needed a report detailing which news platforms you posted to and which performed the best. us to quote your article for use on our social media,website and Amazon posts. if you meet those requirements please leave the information i need, Thank you. (article: Highlighting the importance of healthy cooking and introducing a pot without artificial coating. Product Link: [] Post on: Health, cooking, vegetarian, yoga blogs, and news platforms.

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    Trophy icon Residential Landscape Design Assistance S-a încheiat left

    I NEED TO KNOW WHERE TO ADD A COOKING SECTION MOST IMPORTANTLY!!! More photos of current landscape available upon request I'm working on a residential landscape design project that's about 80% complete. I'm looking for a skilled landscape designer who can assist me with the remaining 20% of the project The main items I need : 1) Do I add a space for the cooking off the patio or is that in a separate area ( grill gazebo, smoke shack , etc) 2) where can I place extra storage on the property for small 3X5 or 4x6 sheds 3) what plants and lighting am I missing ? I'd like to use solar lights Key Responsibilities: - place for barbecues and grills ( near the patio or a separate grill shack?) - fire pit on the opposite side of the yard where Adirondack ...

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    Trophy icon Logo and Banner - Munch S-a încheiat left

    I urgently require creative assistant We're launching Munch & Quench, a new mobile app that connects food enthusiasts with local restaurants, recipes, and cooking inspiration. We need a talented designer to create a mouth-watering logo and website/app banner that reflects our brand's passion for food and community. *Deliverables:* 1. *Logo Design:* - A unique, scalable logo that represents FoodieFrenzy's brand identity - Vector files (AI, EPS, SVG) and raster files (JPEG, PNG) - Color and black & white versions 2. *Website/App Banner:* - A visually appealing banner that showcases FoodieFrenzy's features and benefits - Dimensions: 1500 x 500 pixels (website), 1080 x 1080 pixels (app) - File formats: JPEG, PNG, and PSD (lay...

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    I'm seeking an experienced recipe developer with a deep understanding of Mexican and Jamaican cuisine. They should be able to accurately capture the essence and flavors of these diverse cultures. The exact recipes I'd like to focus on include: - Tacos - Jerk Chicken - Mexican Bowls - Loaded Fries - Loaded Nachos I have a preference for medium spiciness for all dishes. The final dishes are expected to be delicious, wholesome, and full of authentic flavors. Ideal strengths for this project: - Expertise in Mexican and Jamaican cuisine - Experience in recipe development - Ability to adjust spiciness levels while maintaining authenticity and flavor balance.

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    I'm looking for a skilled Italian food chef to help me develop a range of pasta dishes and pizza recipes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in traditional Italian cuisine, particularly in pasta and pizza. - Comprehensive knowledge of various regional Italian cuisines to create a diverse range of recipes. - Past experience in developing recipes for a wider audience. - Creative and able to think outside the box to create unique recipes. - Strong communication skills to understand and interpret my needs effectively.

    $1500 - $3000
    $1500 - $3000
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    Initial Web Design Concept S-a încheiat left

    I would like to design a health care website consisting of a main page with 9 bottoms. Each page takes you to a secondary page with some information. Like the following: Website for health and fitness track 1. Homepage 2. Services 3. Exercise Library 4. Healthy Recipes 5. Schedule Planner 6. Tips & Tricks 7. Success Stories 8. FAQ 9. Contact Us programming using HTML PHP Java script only, And Database ُTime frame 4 Days

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    Trophy icon Holistic Wellness Symposium S-a încheiat left

    ...attract wellness enthusiasts and consumers interested in personal growth and wellbeing. As such, the ideal professionals for this venture are those who resonate with holistic principles and practices. The expo will host the following activities: - Yoga and meditation classes, which require an experienced instructor with sound knowledge of various yoga styles and techniques. - Nutrition and healthy cooking workshops; a seasoned nutritionist or health conscious cook would be perfect to conduct these sessions. - Demonstrations of energy healing and alternative therapies, thus needing experts proficient in these healing techniques. Freelancers with a consistency in the health and wellness field, excellent communication skills, and the ability to engage and inspire a large audience...

    $50 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a WordPress developer to enhance my recipe website with additional functionality. PLEASE SUBMIT YOUR FINAL BID, I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO NEGOTIATE -Ability for recipe creators to post content and choose which content is free and what is paid. -Ability to choose food interests on sign up by selecting tabs with icons -Ability for chefs to post recipes and choose which ones are free and which require membership -Membership subscription function when signing up with a free option -Recipe feed page that filters loggen in users content preferences which they choose when signing up -COntent preference page in user profile where they can change their content feed interest Check link below before you bid

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    ...planning application that generates weekly menus with recipes based on user-specific data including age, weight, height, fitness goals, and calories burned per day. The app would utilize AI to suggest meals that meet nutritional needs and fitness goals, automatically generate shopping lists, and estimate costs. Key Features: Personalized Meal Plans: Automatically generate weekly meal plans that align with user-entered health metrics and goals. User can also enter specialized suggestions such as vegan, high protein, no dairy. Nutritional Information: Each recipe comes with detailed nutritional facts, helping users track macros, calories, and other dietary needs. Grocery List Generation: Compile grocery lists based on the week’s recipes, optimizing for cost, and minim...

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    ...logo. This caricature should be styled to represent a 'King of Fire'. Alongside this image, I'd like the words "King of Fire" in english and Turkish to be incorporated as part of the design. The color scheme I'm looking for is warm tones including red, orange, and yellow. The objective here is to create a logo that's bold and vibrant, in line with the theme of fire. Specific elements related to cooking that I'd like incorporated in the logo include a chef's hat, flames or fire, turkish flag on the t-shirt or top, tongs and a charcoal bbq. Your ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in creating character-based designs, specifically caricatures - Strong understanding of color theory, particularly the use of wa...

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    I'm looking for a freelancer who is well-experienced in cooking, particularly in Indian cuisine, to provide a comprehensive photo guide with captions on how to prepare a delicious Shahi Paneer dish. Key Requirements: - Proficient in cooking techniques, particularly Indian cuisine - Able to provide a clear, step-by-step photo guide with captions - Previous work or experience in the cooking domain Your application should include: - Examples of your past work in cooking, especially if you have created guides or recipes - An overview of your experience in cooking, particularly in Indian cuisine - A brief proposal on how you plan to approach this project and the tools or resources you plan to use

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    ...integration. The overall design style of preference is Classic. Moreover, the core of this project is the integration of advanced AI features. These features are specifically: - A recommendation engine to suggest relevant content - Customer behavior analysis to understand users better - Accurate predictive cooking times - A user feedback analysis mechanism to address customer grievances - Food image recognition to classify food items accurately - Recipe Generation for unique cooking ideas - Predictive inventory management to avoid food wastage - Nutritional analysis for healthier meal choices - Personalized recommendations to provide a unique user experience. Freelancers bidding on this project should excel in WordPress, PHP development and AI programming, wit...

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled and experienced pastry consultant or chef for my business. The ideal candidate should be well-versed in recipe improvement and development, operational efficiency, and kitchen equipment selection. Key Responsibilities: - Recipe Improvements: Enhance the existing recipes in my pastry shop to help elevate the quality of the products offered to my customers. - New Recipe Development: Create new and innovative recipes that align with the brand and are both appealing and profitable. - Operations Optimization: Analyze and enhance new operational processes in my kitchen to make it more efficient and productive. - Kitchen Equipment Selection: Help in selecting the best-suited kitchen equipment that will improve the overall productivity and qual...

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    ...hygiene at a high level. The video's primary goal is to attract more customers, specifically fine dining lovers and local residents, by showcasing the overall experience and feel of the restaurant. Key Details: - The video should embody the luxury and sophistication of the restaurant - Highlight the exceptional dining experience and the ambiance of the restaurant - Also involve glove use whilst cooking and making drinks Ideal Candidate: - Experienced in creating promotional videos for upscale dining establishments - Proficient in capturing the essence of a high-end restaurant - Skilled in storytelling and engaging the audience - Understanding of the fine dining industry and customer preferences If you believe you can create a compelling promotional video that will entice...

    $250 - $750
    $250 - $750
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    ...healthy lunch menu for a school. You will focus on nut-free recipes to accommodate allergies and also provide daily vegan as well as meat options. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Deep knowledge of meal planning catering to multiple dietary restrictions - Experience with british cuisine - Proven expertise in school meal preparation and a strong understanding of balanced diet for kids - Highly knowledgeable on cost-effective recipe development and kitchen budget planning Responsibilities: - Design a varied, 3 week-long lunch menu with dessert options daily - Creation of nut-free recipes - Providing daily vegan options - Detailed costing of each meal - Ensure meals are compliant with school food regulations Your menu and recipes should be original, varied, healthy...

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    Project for Rupali P. -- 3 S-a încheiat left

    For the 30 recipes

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    1 oferte analyst to support me in deriving meaningful insights from my meal reservation app. The main aim of this analysis is to understand customer preferences and effectively optimize ingredient usage. Ultimately, I aim to drive production and increase efficiency. Key Tasks: - Perform Trend Analysis: I'd like to understand the current trends in meal reservations. This includes identifying popular recipes and potential changes over time. - Customer Segmentation: I need support in segmenting my customers based on their preferences. This is crucial in tailoring our services and offerings. - Ingredient Correlation Analysis: I'm interested in exploring the relationship between ingredients. This will help us in optimizing ingredient usage and potentially reducing waste. Ideal...

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to custom fit a troopcarrier, primed for camping and outdoor activities. My vision involves: - A custom camping kitchen, tailored to facilitate easy and enjoyable outdoor cooking. - Built-in storage drawers for an optimized organization and accessibility of camping equipment and essentials. The modified troopcarrier should comfortably accommodate 2 people. Practical experience in customizing vehicles for camping and outdoor activities would be a significant advantage for this project. Your creativity and efficiency are paramount to transforming my basic troopcarrier into an ultimate outdoor adventure vehicle. The design will then be processed into a cnc machine to be cut out of timber. The design must be compatible with CNC programs

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    I'm looking for a skilled web designer to create a sociable ...share their thoughts, ideas or experiences, building engagement on the site. - Social sharing: Other than commenting, I want each blog to be easily shared across various social media platforms. - Subscription: A featured function for visitors to subscribe to a newsletter which will let them keep up to date with the latest posts. - Recipe Posting: A unique functionality that permits me to share my recipes, and viewers can easily follow along. The perfect candidate for this project should have prior experience designing similar platforms and be familiar with user experience best practices, social sharing capabilities and newsletter incorporation. They should be efficient and attention to detail is key to making this ...

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    I'm currently in the process of creating an engaging and detailed cookbook focused on U.S.-inspired comfort food favorites, and I am seeking ...cooks - those who enjoy recreating the warmth of familiar tastes at home. Key Responsibilities: - Leverage your culinary expertise and passion for comfort food to generate compelling recipes - Ensure written content is clear and easily understood by amateur cooks - Develop enticing food descriptions within the cookbook Skill and Experience Required: - Previous experience in writing cookbooks or culinary articles - Familiarity with U.S. comfort food - Proven ability to translate complex procedures into easy-to-follow steps. Ultimately, the end product should ignite passion for cooking and bring homely comfort...

    $1787 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm looking to create a booklet aimed at professional...experiences: - Experience in creating content for athletes, particularly sprinters. - A good understanding of nutritional science. - Ability to put together engaging and informative diet plans. - Experience in creating easy-to-follow and effective recipes. - Knowledge in designing booklets, with a keen eye for visual appeal. The booklet should: - Be 10-20 pages in length. - Include diet plans tailored for professional sprinters. - Provide in-depth explanations of nutritional science in a way that's accessible and engaging. - Include a variety of recipes that are both nutritious and suitable for the dietary needs of sprinters. The information is already there. the information just needs to be in a booklet ...

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    ...experienced Unity game developers who can help in creating a unique culinary software/app. This project involves the development of exceptional features that stand out in the market. Key Features: - Recipe Management: I envisage a system that lets users easily store, manage, and retrieve recipes. - Grocery List: This integral part of the app must be intuitive and user-friendly, allowing users to quickly add and manage their grocery items. - Cooking Timers: A built-in feature that will help users track their cooking progress is required. 3D Representation: - The app will utilize realistic 3D representations of ingredients. This visual feature should be precise, engaging, and versatile. User Interaction: - The app needs an interactive feature which would be exp...

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I'm starting a Shopify store that will focus on selling cooking oils specifically for health-conscious consumers. I need a designer who can thoughtfully lay out product pages to highlight our cooking oil's natural ingredients and health benefits. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in Shopify design, especially with e-commerce businesses - Experience in marketing food products, particularly in the health and wellness sector - Understanding of how to present information clearly to customers, such as natural ingredients and health benefits Deliverables: - An attractive, navigable Shopify store that aligns with our brand - Effective product descriptions and visuals that emphasize our cooking oil's health attributes - Recommendations on how to maintain a...

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    Hi Priyadarsani J., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    ...logo for my Indian restaurant Maison Indian Curry. I want the logo to seamlessly blend traditional Indian cuisine with a modern spin. Also Please do not send AI Generated logo I could do that myself too. Key elements of the logo: - I am envisioning the inclusion of aspects like Indian spices, traditional Indian patterns, and Indian architecture. - An idea could be a depiction of an Indian man cooking. - As for the color palette, I am open to suggestion but the colours should celebrate the heritage and vibrancy of India. Ideal skills for this job: - Extensive experience in logo design and graphic design. - A solid portfolio demonstrating a breadth of design talent. - Appreciation and understanding of Indian culture would be a plus to capture the essence of the concept. I'...

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    ...clients' products.(and put the link to the product in your articles) [Healthy cooking pots] [A new way to clean your pet's teeth] these articles to at least 10 related news platforms/forums/blogs in the US only. For example, post pet care articles to multiple USA pet care platforms. a report detailing which news platforms you posted to and which performed the best. us to quote your article for use on our social media,website and Amazon posts. if you meet those requirements please leave the information i need, Thank you. (First article: Highlighting the importance of healthy cooking and introducing a pot without artificial coating. Product Link: [] Post on: Health, cooking, vegetarian, yoga blogs, and news platforms. Second article: Presenting

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    I am launching "Rubinas Bawarchi Khana," a new food delivery service specializing in authentic Pakistani cuisine. my mission is to bring the flavors of Pakistan directly to our customers' doorsteps, offering delicious homemade dishes prepared with lov...offerings weekly. The menu should be visually appealing and easy to navigate, showcasing our diverse range of similar to the attached. I need this design within 2-3 days max **About Rubinas Bawarchi Khana:** "Rubinas Bawarchi Khana" is more than just a food delivery service – it's a celebration of Pakistani cuisine and culture. Our dishes are crafted with care using authentic recipes passed down through generations, guaranteeing a taste experience like no other. I am would only like to pay ...

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