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    ...tutorial on how i can do this myself. I don't want you to do it for me. You will have to do it on your onw computer on Laravel 8. What you have to do: Install Laravel 8 Install When installing it you have to use: composer require mrbig00/oblio-php-client The developer made an arror on the documentation on github What i receive: Step by step instruction on how to: - install my self the GitHub wrapped on my Laravel 8 - Make migrations for clients invoices - make migrations for clients foreach invoice there is a payment (card, bank, cash) - Make controller to do all these - Make button for each client "New invoice" - page for invoices foreach client with payments foreach invoice. I don't what other files, i don't need anything else. After i recei...

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    Aplicatie Java Android S-a încheiat left faca schimb de fisiere intre ele. Un fel de chat in care sa faca schimb de mesaje text, poze, video. As vrea sa fie realizata in aplicatia Android Studio. Pasii in intocmirea aplicatiei se gasesc pe acest site: Nu doresc ca proiectul sa fie copiat de acolo sau plagiat din alte surse (video-uri de pe youtube / site-uri precum github). Am atasat site-ul doar pentru inspiratie....

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    Salutari ! Am nevoie de ajutorul vostru . Am nevoie sa extrag un document dintr-un proiect postat pe github , opensource , mai exact am nevoie de documentul in care sunt listate afecțiunile și simptomele pentru a le putea transmite mai departe unui serviciu de traduceri medicale ca mai apoi sa îl integrez înapoi in site . Acest proiect este disponibil aici : iar pentru aceasta cred ca este nevoie sa obtineți o licența gratuită UMLS in numele meu . Caut o colaborare mai amplă pentru acest proiect , însă acesta este doar primul pas pe care va trebui sa îl fac , ulterior după ce primesc traducerea documentului voi reveni la dumneavoastră , dacă totul decurge bine pentru a putea lucra împreuna in continuare . Mulțumesc !

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    Am nevoie de un programator care sa lucreze la modificarea si optimizarea unui site construit in laravel. Cunostinte necesare: - php / html - mysql - laravel framework - utilizare Github

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    Am nevoie de un programator care sa lucreze la modificarea si optimizarea unui site construit in laravel. Cunostinte necesare: - php / html - mysql - laravel framework - utilizare Github

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    Cautam programator profesionist LARAVEL pe termen lung. Cunostinte necesare: - framework laravel - php - html - css - mysql - utilizare github

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    Am o lucrare în curs de desfășurare, care are legătură cu proiectul nostru anterior 'Need a person to assist me with Git and Github'

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    Procuro um desenvolvedor para construir u...cross-platform. Back-end: Node.js, para a API do servidor. Front-end Web: React, Angular, ou Vue.js. Banco de Dados: Relacional: PostgreSQL ou MySQL para armazenamento de dados estruturados. NoSQL: MongoDB ou Firebase Firestore para dados semiestruturados e escalabilidade horizontal Ferramentas de Desenvolvimento e Colaboração: Git para controle de versão, com GitHub para repositórios. Docker para containerização e Jenkins ou GitHub Actions para ci/cd (integração contínua e entrega contínua). - Monetização: Vendas de Dados Analíticos (com Consentimento): Oferecer insights de mercado e análises de comportamento do consumidor para estabe...

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    I have the following i need WIRING DIAGRAM to that connects ALL of these parts and that will actually make function when together. I will Test this before making any payment as to not waste my time. I wo...bright white light from the Flora Neopixel . Upon Completion you are to send: Instructions Python Code Wiring Diagram I am using 1 Flora Neopixel, but also have a Neopixel Ring if not bright enough Timeframe: open Attached are my EXACT parts as listed in post title: Need help with clear installing OS to Orange Pi Zero 2W as well Orange Pi Zero 2W PiSugar 3 Raspberry Pi Camera Module v1.3 github: PiSugar 3 Please do not say you can do this just to get the job, then not be able to actually not be able to understand the basics.

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    I'm in need of a talented JavaScript developer who's more than just a coder, but a true problem solver with a hacker spirit. The ...recognize talent or lack there-of. Example of a project: Integrate with Linear's API to build a bot automatically tweeting changes./ Your skills in Node.js will be crucial for creating these scripts and automations. I'm looking for someone who can not only write code, but also think outside the box and come up with creative solutions. Key requirements: - Proficient in JavaScript (please share your github) - Hacker spirit - Strong experience in Node.js - Known how to use AI to code faster - Ability to handle complex automations - Familiarity with building scripts If you can take on these complex tasks and deliver high-quality ...

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    I am in need of a developer well-versed in web development to guide me through deploying my GitHub project on Netlify. The project can be found here: These tech were used to make the software ⚛️ React JS - Frontend ? Apollo GraphQL Server v3 - Server API ? GraphQL Template By Mohit - Boilerplate for Apollo ? Prisma - ORM ? Any relational or non-relational database that Prisma supports ?️ Redux w/ Redux Toolkit - State management ? IP Registry - Free Geolocation lookups

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    I am in search of a proficient Odoo programmer capable of handling a variety of tasks such as custom module development, database migration, and ERP configuration. i have i am changed github project to new project i took backup for my data from old project and now trying upload this data on new project but i face some problems for example my old data not working so i need restore my old data on new project on Required Skills & Experience: - Highly skilled in Python, JavaScript, and XML - Extensive experience in custom module development and database migration - In-depth knowledge of Odoo's ERP system. Only those with a sound understanding of these requirements and necessary experience should apply.

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    I need help installing on my self-hosted Ubuntu server via SSH. The server has root access and the primary purpose of this installation is for online streaming services. Key requirements: - Proficient in Linux server administration - Experienced in installing software from GitHub repositories - Familiar with Ubuntu/Debian Linux distributions Please reach out if you have experience in this area and can help with a smooth installation.

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    Hello I have a Template for Laravel 10, requirments: - translate all to german and english -> multilanguage system with select button for choosing the language. - create login/sign up / password forgot routes that are functional with gates and middleware on laravel Just looking for qualifized developers, i will check the code self when it will be send. I have created within the github private project a docker container, please use that to develop. All round about the project should be done with Compliance with Laravel standards

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    Project 1 Run this code and get output. Show the output in a small video. The sample data is not downloadable. Find a way to download it or use any other sample data you have. Project 2 Anyone who know how to interface LPCXpresso Board for LPC11U68 and ad8232 heartrate sensor, ds18b20 temperature sensor.

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    I’m building a new app via: - VS Code + Github - AWS: Amplify, S3, DynamoDB, Cloudfront I don’t need someone to build, but to explain to me how I can build myself.

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    As the project owner, I'm encountering issues with continuous integration failure in my GitHub Actions workflow. • Specifically, the CI system is currently GitHub Actions. • The fundamental problem appears to be continuous integration failure that needs urgent resolving. • For scripting, the project leverages YAML. Thus, expertise in YAML is required. The ideal freelancer for this job would demonstrate a robust knowledge and extensive experience in GitHub Actions, Continuous Integration, and YAML. The successful completion of this project would entail debugging the current continuous integration failure and ensuring a seamless workflow in GitHub going forward.

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    Group Project 5 zile left

    ## Requirements To successfully complete this project, you need to collect and process data, then train and evaluate at least two machine learning models an...This file should allow the user to install all necessary packages via the command: `pip install -r ` ## Structure - All project related code in a single Github repository - All code in the repository is only FINAL code - The repository structure is - main folder - data collection - data processing - database - models - model 1 - model 2 - model 3 (if required) - website - - - Each subfolder should be logically organized github repository

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    Do the following tasks as far as you can. Even if you get stuck anywhere, document the process in a way that you can present it to us afterwards. 1. Find the OWASP Juice Shop 2. Fork it to your GitHub Account 3. Run the application on your machine 4. Find the Score Board 5. Find any of the vulnerabilities and fix it directly in the app code 6. Open a pull request with this fix and a meaningful description in your repository 7. Enable dependabot updates for the frontend 8. Get a list of all PRs of your repository on the commandline

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to assist with the following tasks on my open source project hosted on GitHub. Check this: 1. Compile the code and fix bugs. 2. Modify the project. a. Create individual components. a. server b. client c. Frontend etc. and refactor. Simplify the code. 3. Test and release. - Compile the code and perform minor tweaks and optimizations to address any bugs that may arise. - After the initial debugging, the focus will shift to modifying the project. It involves breaking down the existing code into individual components such as server, client, frontend, etc. - In this modification phase, the main goal is to enhance the functionality of the project while simplifying the code structure. The final phase will encompass thorough

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    I am looking for someone skilled in Whaticket modifications. Your task will involve various changes to enhance its function...more organized look similar to whatsapp. So far I can send more than one image but they are not grouped together like they are on Whatsapp, one appears below the other in the conversation - Receive edited messages just like on Whatsapp Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in modifying Whaticket. These are simple adjustments so I would like someone who already knows the Whaticket code as it is on github, so the budget for this demand is low. the application is already running in production so the adjustments will be made directly on the vps there is no need to implement it locally, just make the adjustments do npm run build and restart the backend and front...

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    I need custom code to be provided: 1. Add feature to add user profile picture. 2. Add a new field to user profile called "User Type". IMPORTANT: - Latest code from Github to be used. - Provided code should be clean and should follow the same coding pattern as the original app (use classes, imports, etc.) More details to be shared with the selected freelancer.

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    I need custom code to be provided: 1. Add feature to add user profile picture. 2. Add a new field to user profile called "User Type". IMPORTANT: - Latest code from Github to be used. - Provided code should be clean and should follow the same coding pattern as the original app (use classes, imports, etc.) More details to be shared with the selected freelancer.

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    Advanced E-commerce Web App 4 zile left

    I'm looking for a skilled Web Application developer to create, update and maintain a sophisticated E-Commerce platform with advanced user interaction features. Key Requirements: - E-commerce ...Interaction: The site should incorporate advanced user interaction features such as live chat and personalized recommendations. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in developing e-commerce platforms, ideally with experience integrating payment systems. - Proficiency in web technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and backend languages like PHP, Laravel, Andriod Studio, Vue.Js, Git and Github, Front end Flutter development. . This project requires a developer who can balance the technical aspects of an e-commerce platform with the more interactive elements of a s...

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    ...when a user is in an ad category. All categories and filters will be shared later. 10. Finances: I must have the possibility to apply coupons and promotions (example: 20% off for Christmas etc). A detailed tech scope will be shared, but you have the main idea here: I need a classified ads website with regular features, and some custom features, but nothing too fancy. The code should be on my GitHub repo please, and database (if any) should be hosted with me. Best of luck!...

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    I am looking for someone skilled in Whaticket modifications. Your task will involve various changes to enhance its function...more organized look similar to whatsapp. So far I can send more than one image but they are not grouped together like they are on Whatsapp, one appears below the other in the conversation - Receive edited messages just like on Whatsapp Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in modifying Whaticket. These are simple adjustments so I would like someone who already knows the Whaticket code as it is on github, so the budget for this demand is low. the application is already running in production so the adjustments will be made directly on the vps there is no need to implement it locally, just make the adjustments do npm run build and restart the backend and front...

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    I am seeking a skilled programming expert, proficient in either Ruby or Python, with intermediate-level ElasticSearch querying capabilities. The primary task involves intelligently executing aggregations and ne...JSON format, and then transposing it into Excel or CSV format. I'm open to whichever format you are more comfortable with, so long as it is either of the two mentioned. In addition to this, having familiarity with job automation via GitHub is critical for this project role. This background should include understanding how to automate and schedule tasks to regularly extract, convert, and save this data. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Ruby or Python - Intermediate level ElasticSearch querying - Experience with JSON to Excel/CSV conversion - Familiarity with GitHub...

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    ...continue building the app. I need someone to continue developing on top of the already existing project. You will be given the supabase token and the existing sourcecode Requirements: - Supabase - Sveltekit - Skeleton UI (Sveltekit UI library) - Midtrans Authentication: - Setup a login and register page using the supabase SDK that also allows users to register/login using third parties such as github, google, etc. - Prompt user to input billing info on register. Settings: - User page: - Design and create an intuitive page for users to edit their information - Tokens page: - Design a page for user to retrieve their API token - Billings page: - Create a backend using sveltekit to connect to the frontend. The billing page should include a list of invoices that have been...

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    Im looking to integrate free AI mixing and mastering tools into my web application. The primary function of this appli...primary function of this application is to allow users to combine tracks, mix and master with user controls to vary level of input (-10/ 0 /+10). It should incorporate AI controls optimized for all music genres. Skills and Experience: - Strong proficiency in AI programming and web application development - Ability to create a user-friendly interface suitable for beginners -Experience integrating github repositories - Experience optimizing AI for various music genres is advantageous for this project The end result should be an accessible platform for users to practice and improve their mixing and mastering skills, irrespective of their expertise level or prefer...

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    We are looking to sponsor someone implementing functionality into the Forgejo open source project (a fork of Gitea) that allows users to set a README on their personal or organization profile in a manner similar to GitHub. If, for a personal profile, a repository of the same name as the username exists in the user's account, it is public and contains a , the content of that file should be displayed in the user profile above the list of the user's repositories. For organizations, if a .forgejo repository exists in that organization, it is public and contains a profile/, the content of that file should be used. We encourage you to contribute your code to the Forgejo project under your own name.

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    I need an AI expert to help with the following: 1) Install an Open Source model from Github to Google Cloud and walk us through the process. 2) Fine tune the model for our purposes and walk us through the process (when we are ready). 3) Train the model on different datasets as needed. We will need your consulting skills for this effort. I have already established the necessary infrastructure for ML model deployment and hosting. The focus of this project is on installing and fine-tuning an existing model on Vertex AI. It is VERY IMPORTANT that you are able to walk us through the process of installation, fine-tuning and adding additional datasets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert understanding of Machine Learning concepts - Proven experience with Vertex AI - Solid understandin...

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    ...for a developer proficient in HTML to help create templates for a GitHub dashboard I am building. Key Project Requirements: - Creation of HTML templates: The primary task will be to design and implement the visual structure of our dashboard using HTML. - Integration with GitHub: These templates will be integrated into our GitHub project. Familiarity with the platform is a must. Functionality: - Data Visualization: The dashboard will need to display data in a clear, visually engaging way. - User Management: Different users will have different levels of access and control on the dashboard. Ideal Candidate: - Proficient in HTML: Strong knowledge of HTML is a must. - Experience with GitHub: Previous experience with GitHub or similar platforms is a pl...

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    ...updated. I'm also open to other suggestions on how I can have a restore my prod environment on a separate cloud server without it generating a licensing error issue. If this doesn't work then I will need you to put an instance of the prod database to the staging subdirectory folder on the production server that I already have as this is the only way to get around a licensing issue with the SaaS. GitHub will also need to be updated accordingly and direction on passwords that need to be changed. Ideal candidates should: - Have a strong background in setting up and managing staging servers, ideally for Laravel projects. - Understand the importance of replicating the live environment for accurate testing. - This project is a critical step in our development process ...

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    Description: For this assignment, you will create an optimized cities table and a weather forecast web application using React, TypeScript. Core Requirements: Display Cities in a table: Show all cities in a table format with infinite scroll (use this api to get the city data: the weather for the user's current location. Maintain history of viewed locations' weather. Provide options to switch between different units of measurement (e.g., Celsius/Fahrenheit, metric/imperial). Add a feature to save favorite locations for quick access. Deployment: Deploy your project with any hosting provider. Choose a hosting provider that best fits your needs: Netlify Vercel GitHub Pages AWS Amplify Firebase Hosting

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    I am in search of a skilled web3 developer to assist in the ongoing development of a decentralized finance (DeFi) project on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is currently in progress, and the ideal candidate will have a solid understanding and experience in Ethereum, EVM, and Dex technologies. The original developer has...preferred for the job include: - Proficiency in Ethereum and Solidity - Experience in developing DeFi projects - Familiarity with EVM and Dex - Understanding of the blockchain technology - Ability to work in a team and deliver high-quality code in a timely manner. If you have the mentioned expertise and are interested in contributing to a promising DeFi project, please reach out with your portfolio,github and relevant experience. Looking forward to your ...

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    Idea_ISIX 6 zile left

    Download two files from a website and sort them and get CSV output The project was uploaded to GitHub The project includes a 30-day warranty including changes and updates

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    ...caller,pre recorder or AI generated TTS) white label ready or not. KPI analysis The Goal of this research is to figure which or what is the best system/platform/Integration to use that gives the right combination so it result in cost effective, work effiency, best call per minute or per second tariff etc etc, feel free to do your own custom setup or integrations, for example : aws connect + github + retools (example setup) google cloud + dialogflow + etc etc (example setup) Twilio + this + that. you will have to compare at least 5 subject or combinations list all the pros and cons list details of the expenses (implementing cost, monthly cost,etc etc) Responsibilities: do research to find the best integration system in terms of cost and services Skills required: - project b...

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    website upgrade 3 zile left

    I am looking for a skilled website developer to upgrade our website. The specific improvements we need are in terms of functionality and user experience. The ideal candidate should have experience in: - Improving website functionality to enhance user ex... I want to interface with betfair or betdaq api to fetch prices add ability to vote for which horse is going to win add ability to add notes to horses and jockeys generate heatmaps from speed ratings Website is currently generated by a python script daily. Would have to be able to handle the data generated each day. If you are able to, can rework data generation. based off elommr from github currently. Ideas welcomed. Price negotiable Will not respond to general I have read your job post messages. I know you did not rea...

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    Building a Shopify App. 3 zile left

    ...freelancers to ultimately sign an NDA and IP agreement. There are several important elements we need built, though we are not yet fixed on a development stack. Basically we need functionality such as shopping cart management, order modifications, returns and exchanges, product information, FAQs, store policies, discounts, and upselling/cross-selling capabilities. Probably most or all is in some github repository, which we are fine with using as well as GPT-4, which, if you don't have an account, we'll get you one. It is important to only use MIT or similarly licensed code such that it is legal to use the code or derivations in a commercial software. Freelancers should mention which development stack they would use. There are lots of Shopify repositories here:

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    ...being added as expected, and address any issues related to the modifications made to the original extension. Technical Skills Required: Expertise in Laravel and Laravel Nova. Experience with the Maatwebsite Excel package. Familiarity with debugging and troubleshooting Laravel applications. Ability to work with modified third-party extensions. Collaboration Tools: Screen Sharing: Due to a private GitHub repository containing sensitive information, we prefer to work through screen sharing for code review and collaboration. We are open to using Teamviewer, Discord screen share, or similar tools where you can take control of the screen. Communication: Regular updates and communication via Freelancer messaging, email, or Discord. How to Apply: Please share your experience with simi...

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    I am looking for a Kubernetes expert who can help me in setting up a GitHub Action Self Hosted Runner on my existing Kubernetes cluster.

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    Laravel Developer -- 2 3 zile left

    I seek a Laravel Developer to assist with a project migration and future requirements. This is an ongoing and long-term opportunity. - You need to have great experience in Laravel / PHP - Bilingual in English and Spanish Please send your GitHub profile when bidding. I will conduct Meet/Zoom interviews for this position, so please only bid if you are willing to have an interview.

    $2 - $8 / hr
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    $2 - $8 / hr
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    I'm seeking a freelancer with experience in OpenAI's embedding models and GPT4, PHP, and the Github openai-php client. I have pre-existing PHP and code base, our prompts and functions we use, this all works perfectly, we're not needing you to integrate this into our existing system, simply modifying our functions to make use of the correct embeddings, preparing embeddings, and how to store them. What we want done: We are an SEO agency that has different clients, we want to be able to upload content pages and blog articles the client has on their website and then use this for context and understanding of what our clients do and the way they write. We have all this information stored for each client already, we need to format it and prepare it in the correct format f...

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    I have a GitHub repo with a simple website, you will help me host the user website and admin panel Easy, hassle free task

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    Hi, I have a list of providers that I want to export the users from into a database file that can be used by Gathid (), exacting...implementation. I think Python would be good but also open to Java. I am not sure if you can or suggest to have multiple script that runs as a different process or you can build a Mono-Repo that can handle all of those providers under one process and can be easily scale to add more applications. Below is the list of Providers: Airflow AWS On-Prem AD Azure AD Control Money Data Lake Data Warehouse GitHub Jenkins Kyriba Loyalty Admin Loyalty API Mode MongoDB NetSuite Octopus Deploy OKTA Pricing Engine Reconart SQL Server SSRS Tableau TeamCity Workday Best of luck, I think it's better to have a Milestone for each one of those providers

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    ...streamline application development, testing, and deployment. • Coordinate deployment strategies from development to production environments. 4. API Architecture: • Design RESTful APIs and integrate external APIs to facilitate client-server communication. • Ensure efficient data exchange and API performance. 5. Continuous Integration and Delivery: • Develop CI/CD pipelines, leveraging tools like GitHub Actions to automate testing and deployment. • Maintain and improve continuous integration and deployment processes. 6. Kubernetes Orchestration (Nice to have): • Deploy and manage containerized applications with Kubernetes. • Configure auto-scaling and load balancing to enhance application reliability and availability. 7. Experience with large lang...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can effectively integrate an API from Github on my Wix site to communicate with my Metricwise CRM. This integration is critical to my business. The main functionality we require is the seamless sending of form fills from our website to the webleads section of our CRM. Key Requirements: - Extensive experience with Wix site development - Proficient knowledge of API integrations - Previous experience with Metricwise CRM specifically, and understanding its functionalities - Github experience This project is more than just integration, it's about optimizing my website function in line with my CRM. I value a proactive approach and recommendations to enhance the integration are very welcome.

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    ...need a skilled academic writer with a PhD in Computer Science to conduct thorough research and create a comprehensive paper on the topic of "Branch protection in merge queues in GitHub". Key Objectives: - Analyzing branch protection techniques in GitHub - Investigating merge queue strategies in GitHub - Evaluating the effectiveness of branch protection in reducing conflicts Word Count: More than 3000 words Citation Style: IEEE Ideal freelancer for this job needs to possess: - PhD in Computer Science - Strong academic research and writing skills - Proven experience in publishing academic papers - Knowledge of GitHub and version control systems - Familiarity with IEEE citation style I'm looking for a professional who can deliver a well-resea...

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    I am looking to hire a Laravel + Vue.js developer to my team. The candidate should have extensive experience in Laravel, Vue.js development and also Git, cPanel. This could be a short term project but we can think of a long term collaboration if you have React.js, Node.js and , development experience too. Send me your proposals with the most proud project you built and GitHub profiles. Thanks.

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