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    Buna ziua ! Avem nevoie de un proiect asemanator ca imaginea de mai jos numai ca alt model de casa si sa fie expuse elementele pentru acoperis. Multumesc!

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    We are seeking an experienced professional to design (reverse engineering and upgrading) metal enclosures for electrical applications. These enclosures will be both stationary and mobile and used in various settings. The designs must be created in 3D and include detailed material lists. We need the final project CAD files in DFX with all measurements for production/manufacturing start and a 1-minute 3D animation to showcase the product as realistically as possible. Mobile Unit Specifications: • Mobile unit on wheels with a tripod design to level the cabinet when positioned. The design must ensure that the retractable legs are neatly concealed under the metal enclosure and are easy to extend (practicality is key). The current design in the photos is aesthetically unappealing. &...

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    I have a 2D DWG file of a building's floor plan. I need someone to calculate the wall area in square meters. Key Requirements: - Convert DWG 2D file measurements to square meters. - Include the wall features, such as windows and doors. The final deliverable should be in a spreadsheet, preferably Excel or Google Sheets. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in AutoCAD and similar software for reading and interpreting DWG files. - Experience in architectural or construction areas for accurate wall area calculation. - Strong attention to detail to include wall features in the calculation. - Ability to present the calculations in a clear and organized manner in a spreadsheet.

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    I am currently in the process of planning a home renovation which includes altering the existing load-bearing walls and the roof of my house to add two dormers. I am seeking the expertise of a structural engineer who specializes in residential structures and has a detailed understanding of construction materials and building regulations. The engineer should be capable of assessing the feasibility of the changes and should be able to recommend the best methods to perform the modifications. Key Duties: - Conduct a detailed examination of existing architectural drawings to make changes of current load-bearing walls and roof - Propose modifications in compliance with local building codes - Provide professional guidance throughout the project Skills and Experience: - Proven ex...

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    ...simple one-room (plus bath) cabin. By "simple" I mean just a step above state park camping. Key features... 1. Fits on a flat area of 22' x 36' (within a 6-acre wooded property) 2. One open room large enough for a bed, a two-chair sitting area, small cooking space, and sleeping loft. (about 18' X 15')-- See example one-room layout I found online which is a little bigger than what I'm describing. 3. Roof line extends to create a covered eating/sitting area (about 18' X 12')-- See attached small scale example. I'm thinking this would be built with conventional lumber but open to looking at ideas for timber (or log) so we get a more rustic feel. One we engage, I would want to start with a collaborative discussion about the concept...

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    I am in need of an experienced interior architect to design a bathroom which I am remodelling. It will be a traditional design which follows the classical orders of architecture, and thus I need a trained architect and not only a 3D rendering expert. I will provide exact dimensions of the bathroom and describe t...looking for an architect to then provide the following: - 5 black and white sketches of different layout options - For 3 of these layouts of my choice, I will need full color, detailed designs which show a realistic image of the design from multiple angles - For 1 final design which I choose, I will need a full blue print that will allow my builder to know exactly how to build it, with full measurements and details about material types, locations of pipes and electrical ...

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    I'm looking for an experienced Fusion 360 user who can create a basic 3D model of a pipe support for me. - The model is for visualization purposes. - I'll provide sketches, along with most of the precise measurements - some dimensions will need your professional estimation. - The pipe support will be made of HSS and Angle steel sections. Ideally, I'd like this project to be completed as soon as possible. Skills & Experience: Proficiency in Fusion 360 is crucial, as well as a good understanding of steel construction and ability to make estimations on model dimensions. Experience with 3D modelling in construction or engineering would be a major advantage.

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    ...printed braille printer, but I need someone to enhance it by adding motors and specifying where to place the paper. Key Project Details: - Your primary task will be to improve the printer's functionality by adding motors and ensure that it can effectively print braille documents. - The level of detail required for the added components in the design is basic. You don't need to provide exact measurements or highly intricate specifications; the placement and shapes will be sufficient. - The ideal candidate for this job should be a quick thinker and a fast 3D designer, since I need this to be completed within 10 hours. Communication: - I prefer communication through email so updates and feedback can be documented. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in 3D des...

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    I'm seeking someone who can create a 2D and 3D design for my restaurant kitchen. Key elements: - Open layout - Compliant with lo...my restaurant kitchen. Key elements: - Open layout - Compliant with local health codes Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficiency in 2D and 3D design software - Expertise in commercial kitchen design, especially open layouts - Previous experience designing kitchens for the restaurant industry Please include relevant samples from your portfolio in your application. I will provide kitchen measurements, exhaust hood details, floor drains, sinks etc. I will also provide equipment details and placement. The objective of this project is to quickly provide me a 2d kitchen plan for health department and city review, and a 3d visual for me for be...

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    I'm looking for guidance on colour and window design for the façade of my house for a 2nd storey renovation i am completing shortly. My exact preference in terms of style isn't set yet as I'm not sure what will work best. However, I know the impression I want to create is one of elegance and tradition. Key requirements: - best colours for roof tiles, windows, walls etc -work within bounds of our approved CDC The ideal candidate should: - Have a strong background in exterior residential design. - Be knowledgeable about different architectural styles. - Understand and respect client's taste and expectations.

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    I'm seeking a skilled engineer with a deep understanding of rooftop HVAC units to work on a commercial property. Specifically, I need report showing roof can handle the weight of the HVAC package unit or what support is needed Key qualifications and skills: * Knowledge of commercial-grade rooftop units * Understanding of weight-bearing considerations * Experience working on commercial properties Not only will you handle the rooftop unit's design and selection, you will also coordinate its installation to ensure everything is done to the highest standards.

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    I have the precise measurements of the spaces. Your experience in creating traditional-style CAD drawings is a must. I'd like to see examples of your past work primarily, so be sure to include those in your application. I will include the concept plan (see page 2). Please contact me before you start drawing becuase it needs to be changed a bit even from the concept drawing. Basically I need a CAD done so then I can submit it to interior designers to start working

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    I'm seeking an experienced SEO specialist to assist in my website's link building campaign. Key Responsibilities: - Execute a comprehensive link building strategy - Creating an assortment of backlinks and 2 guest posts - Implementing the use of blog posts, infographics, and case studies, among others Key Measurements of Success: - Improvement in search rankings Ideal candidates should have: - Proven experience in SEO and Link Building - A solid understanding of content marketing and its applications for link building - Proficiency in tracking and analyzing SEO metrics.

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    I am in need of an expert in AutoCAD technicalities, preferably with an extensive background in drafting mechanical parts. The aim of this project is to design a simple plastic segment , with precision in its configuration. The measurements will need to be exact which I will provide. Key Responsibilities: - The creation of a .STL file using any AutoCAD software. Required skills and expertise: - Advanced proficiency with AutoCAD. - Attention to detail and precision, as it does need to be exact. Note: This project does not require adherence to specific mechanical standards or regulations. Flexibility and creativity will be appreciated in problem-solving. However, maintaining professionalism and accuracy is essential.

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    ...clean lines and simplicity. - Symbolism: Each quarter should denote a different location as detailed below. - Text: Incorporate the words "METRO NORTH" in a clear and readable font. I intend to use this logo across both digital platforms and print materials so it needs to be versatile and easily scalable. Quarter 1: 'Little Ben', which is a clock outside London Victoria Station Quarter 2: the roof silhouette of London Bridge Station with The Shard in the background Quarter 3: the now-removed signal box that was above Epsom Station Quarter 4: a Class 377 electrostar train with a plane taking off or landing in the background I've attached some images for inspiration and also a very crude drawing of the kind of thing I'm looking for - the shape ...

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    I'm in need of a skilled architect to provide a set of detailed architectural drawings for a building project. The specific types of drawings required are: 1x Ground Floor Plan 1:50, including site context. 1x Upper Floor Plan / or / Site Plan / or / Roof Plan to scale agreed with Tutor. 1x Section ‘AA’ through short axis 1:50 1x Section ‘BB’ through long axis 1:50 2x Elevations 1:50 (North, South, East or West at your discretion) I will then need the following to be created. 2x Exterior Rendered Client Perspective (1x A3 Page each) 1x Interior Rendered Client Perspective (1x A3 Page) 1x 3D Model as a .skp Sketchup File. Unfortunately, I'm unable to provide information regarding the square footage of the building at this stage. However, I expec...

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    ...for a music bar I'm planning to open at 717 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn. The primary purpose of this assessment is to analyze the noise levels produced by the establishment, ensuring compliance with local government regulations, and understanding its impact on the neighboring area. Key Tasks: - Site visit to scope the area and understand its surroundings - Collecting data through both on-site measurements and simulation models - Calculate noise limits and assess compliance with EPA regulations - Model potential noise levels under different scenarios - Assess the impact of the establishment on the surrounding area - Produce a detailed report based on the findings and recommendations (noise levels internal / external) for the bar venue. Ideal Skills and Experience: - ...

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    I need services for designing an efficient and sturdy metal roof for a large (>20 feet) trailer. The roof will be made of aluminum and the trailer will be used as a mobile home. - Ideal Skills: Experience in autocad or similar software with 3D rendering capabilities is needed. A background in industrial design, specifically in mobile home or RV construction, would be beneficial. An understanding of weather conditions and their impact on mobile structures is required as well. - Job Details: You'll need to create a detailed draft with exact measurements for a metal roof fitting our large trailer. Please remember, we're opting for aluminum due to its lightweight and corrosion-resistant properties. We would appreciate a design that maximizes space ...

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    I need a CAD drawing done of 3 levels of an apartment complex. The file is a PDF. The levels are a rooftop, an apartment, and a parking garage. The requirements are below: 1. 2 sets of plans in 2 different measurements (Meters and feet) total four files, one set with current structure and one set removing most of the interior. 2. Both files need to be scale 3. Plans need to be exact as they are now 4. If you do not know what you are doing, DO NOT BID. 5. IF YOU ARE GOING TO TRY AND CHANGE YOUR BID, YOU WILL BE DISREGARDED AND REPORTED. 6. NO OUTSIDE DEALS The project is simple and easy, if you try and complicate it, you will be dropped.

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive design for an ATM booth with unique features and a waiting area. This project is urgent, and I need it completed ASAP. Key Components: - Incorporate solar panels on the roof of the ATM booth - Include a comfortable seating area in the waiting space - Ensure the design is accessible to all users - Provide space for advertisements - Integrate a small mechanical room Specifications: - The ideal size for the design would be a medium dimension - Deliverables should be in SketchUp file format Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in architectural design and urban planning - Knowledge of renewable energy integration - Experience in creating accessible and user-friendly spaces - Ability to work under tight deadlines If you're interested in working on this ...

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    We are seeking a talented Autocad 2D Designer to work on building and road design and Earth calculation projects. As a designer, you will be responsible for creating detailed 2D designs using Autocad software. Your main focus will be on building and road design, ensuring accurate measurements, and incorporating relevant regulations and guidelines. This is a great opportunity to showcase your design skills and contribute to impactful projects in the construction industry. Skills required: - Proficiency in Autocad 2D design - Earth calculation - Strong attention to detail - Ms office - Knowledge of building and road design regulations - Ability to interpret and implement project requirements - Excellent communication skills Size: Medium Duration: 1 to 3 months Expertise: Intermediat...

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    I have one project is RGB LED matrix with 4 status And each status is control active with switch 12 v So , when starting power on the board it will be Vacant , and in Arabic language If switch press will show on board Haired in Arabic also If switch 2 pressed and switch 1 not press it will show on call with Arabic also , And if switch 3 pr...each status is control active with switch 12 v So , when starting power on the board it will be Vacant , and in Arabic language If switch press will show on board Haired in Arabic also If switch 2 pressed and switch 1 not press it will show on call with Arabic also , And if switch 3 press the status will be out off service Also with Arabic language ,This project we will use on taxi cars Like top roof light The size of PCB for the led will be not...

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    ...is to calculate the roof area value of a building using Google satellite imagery, then create a repair estimate based on the area value, send it to the customer via email or PDF, and keep it as a record server. We will distribute this app to users for free. The name of the app that becomes the goal or benchmark is "Pitch Gauge", and you can reverse it or create a new one by slightly reducing the functionality. Currently, I have the Android APK decompiled. App Function required Check and review the Android app Pitchgauge to measure roof area and make reports with CRM functions. Explain and describe all functions of this app. Common features of roofing measurement and CRM apps: Roof Measurement: Satellite imagery integration for roof visualization T...

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    ...C language developer to create a software driver for 4 different IR matrix sensors. The driver should enable these sensors to carry out temperature measurements within a range of 0°C to 250°C, with an accuracy of ±1°C. The project entails writing an example code for an ARM Cortex M7 MCU and demonstrating it on a prototype board. Key aspects of the project include: - Developing a versatile C language software driver that can be used across 4 different IR matrix sensors. - Enabling the sensors to measure temperatures within a range of 0°C to 250°C, while maintaining an accuracy of ±1°C. - Should be able to complete all temperature data measurements and obtain the data in less than 0.1s - Writing an example code for an ARM Cortex M7 MCU t...

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    I need to install a Starlink Satellite and I'm seeking professional support due to my beginner-level technical expertise in network installations. The project details are as follows: • Current Connect...to install a Starlink Satellite and I'm seeking professional support due to my beginner-level technical expertise in network installations. The project details are as follows: • Current Connection: I am currently have a starlink account and a working dish but ordered a 2nd dish for my warehouse and need help adding it to my account • Installation: The satellite dish should be installed on the roof of my house. Ideal Skills & Experience: • Past experience in installing Starlink satellites is strongly preferred. • Demonstrated ability to ...

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    I'm seeking a freelance designer experienced in 3D modeling who can create and render a CAD drawing for a new house entrance based on a supplied floor plan and photographs of existing structure. Required components include: - Basic modeling of the new gable roof to existing roof, entrance door opening, and exterior siding. - The framing will consist of standard, dimensional lumber. The freelancer for this project should have experience working in architectural 3D modeling software.

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    I require a sophisticated 3D rendering of an existing outdoor space. In the existing space I want to add a wood structure, that I have in mind, but needs to be better defined during this work. This structure, totally in wood, provide ...structure, that I have in mind, but needs to be better defined during this work. This structure, totally in wood, provide privacy from the neighbour' s windows, that has to be modelled as well to check how the structure screens from view and how will be the view from under the structure. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expertise in 3D designing,reflexting the real situation, through drawings, measurements and pictures provided by me. - skills to work together with me in team, to design the structure together. The structure size will be 5.7met...

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    ArchiCAD 3D Model of House 3 zile left

    ...project of costructions in PDF format that I need to be converted into a 3D model using ArchiCAD 25 or an older version. The 3D model should be of medium detail. This means it should accurately represent the shape and size of the house, including windows, doors, and other structural elements, but doesn't need to capture interior elements such as furniture. 2D drawing from views needed - plan, roof plan, facades, 2x sections. The ideal candidate for this job should have: - Proficiency in ArchiCAD, with experience working on 3D modeling projects - Ability to interpret 2D architectural drawings and convert them into 3D models. And create 2D views from 3D model. - Attention to detail and accuracy in representing the house structure - Ability to work independently and deliver...

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    I have one project is RGB LED matrix with 4 status And each status is control active with switch 12 v So , when starting power on the board it will be Vacant , and in Arabic language If switch press will show on board Haired in Arabic also If switch 2 pressed and switch 1 not press it will show on call with Arabic also , And if switch...status is control active with switch 12 v So , when starting power on the board it will be Vacant , and in Arabic language If switch press will show on board Haired in Arabic also If switch 2 pressed and switch 1 not press it will show on call with Arabic also , And if switch 3 press the status will be out off service Also with Arabic language ,This project we will use on taxi cars Like top roof light The size of PCB for the led will be not...

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    I'm looking for a proficient 3D designer who can help bring to life the modern and light & airy interior design I have in mind for two bathrooms. Key Requirements: - Proficient in 3D rendering and interior design - Strong understanding of the 'modern' style, with a preference for light & airy color schemes - Experience working with marble and glass materials Your resp...schemes - Ensuring that the use of marble and glass materials in the design is accurately reflected in the 3D renders It's crucial for me that the designer I work with has a portfolio that demonstrates a strong grasp of modern, minimalistic design, particularly within a bathroom setting. A good eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality work is a must. A 2D drawing is require...

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    Deck Plans with Roof 3 zile left

    I'm looking to build a composite deck that is 2-tier plus a roof over the first tier. The deck will be primarily used for entertainment purposes. Key project features: - Utilization of composite materials for both the deck - 2-tier deck design - No additional features such as fire pit or privacy screens are needed Skills required: - Proficiency in deck and roof construction - Experience working with composite materials - Understanding of design principles for entertainment-focused decks I will be doing all construction but I am struggling with proper plans to gain a permit. I can supply all neccessary measurements

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    I'm on the lookout for an excellent expert in roof truss design and installation. My requirements are quite specific: - The purpose of the roof truss is dual-faceted. It should be designed to support the roof structure effectively and also enhance the architectural design of the building. Your designed truss should elegantly blend functionality and aesthetics. - I prefer the Scissor design for the roof truss. It’s vital you have considerable experience and a proven track record installing scissor roof trusses. - Importantly, the roof truss should be made out of wood. Hence, I would appreciate it if you have extensive knowledge and practical experience with wooden structures and their safety measures. Expertise in architecture, carpen...

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    I'm in need of a detailed industrial map for site planning purposes. Key Points: - The map is specifically for an industrial site - It needs to be detailed with measurements The ideal candidate for this project should: - Have experience in designing maps for industrial use - Be capable of creating detailed plans with accurate measurements - Understand the importance of clear site layouts for efficient planning

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    The primary goal of this project is analyzing water quality, focusing on pH measurements. Here are my requirements: - Master the usage of a pH meter and understand the importance of pH values in assessing water quality. - Analyze and compare measured pH values against standard levels. - Prepare a comprehensive report presenting these comparisons. - Represent the comparison result in form of charts and graphs. -theory based Ideal candidates for this project should have a background in environmental science or a related field, with proven experience in water quality analysis and proficiency in graphical data representation. Familiarity with standard pH values for different water bodies would be a distinct advantage.

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    2D CAD Product Design Precision 3 zile left

    I'm seeking an experienced CAD specialist to develop meticulous, highly detailed 2D drawings for my product design. Key deliverables: - Full 2D CAD product design - Comprehensively detailed with measurements - Accurate to my detailed specifications Ideal freelancer should have: - Proven experience in similar projects - Strong attention to details - Excellent rating on prior 2D CAD work Only detailed-oriented freelancers should apply, as pinpoint precision is critical for this project's success.

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    Trophy icon Axopar 37 Sun Top Boat Wrap 10 zile left

    My goal is to bring life to my Axopar 37 sun top boat with an exquisite hull wrap t...graphics. - Graphics: Geometric shapes are my preferred style of graphic. - Fluro Orange Tip: This should be a prominent feature in the design. - The logo is to be "The Nomad" written up the side and blended into the design. everything is the design is to be quite soft to blend into the white boat hull. the design only needs to be on the side part above the waterline and the rim around the roof. Ideal candidates should have experience in graphic design, and specifically with designing boat wraps. Experience with Axopar designs and the specific color schemes mentioned would be preferential. Creativity and a keen attention to detail are necessary, as the design should be clean, inno...

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    I'm in need of a skilled PCB designer who can replicate the functionality of the PZEM004T, a popular energy monitoring solution, in a custom design. Key Features & Functionality: - The PCB should incorporate voltage, current, and power measurement capabilities, similar to the PZEM004T. - High accuracy is a critical requirement for this project. The measurements need to be highly precise. Primary Application: - The primary use case of this PCB and accompanying coil transformer will be for energy monitoring purposes. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in PCB design, particularly with energy monitoring systems. - Experience with high-accuracy voltage, current, and power measurement circuits. - Knowledge of coil transformer design and integration. - Understanding of ...

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    ...offerings by including roof racks in my portfolio. Here's what I am looking for: - Specializing in exterior accessories, specifically roof racks for automobiles. - These roof racks should be suitable and customizable for multiple types of vehicles - from sedans and SUVs to luxury vehicles. - I need someone who has experience in sales and can negotiate deals with suppliers, ensuring we get cost-effective, quality products. - This job requires a good knowledge of different car models and brands to ensure compatibility with different vehicle types. Ideally, the candidate will possess solid experience in automotive accessory sales. An understanding of vehicle structures will also be beneficial to this role, as it will aid in understanding the fitting necessitie...

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    ...experienced 3D modeller to create a high-detail, STL model suitable for 3D printing. This is a long-term project with no immediate deadline. Key Requirements: - Experience with 3D printing: Your work should be tailored for 3D printing, ensuring the model is both accurate and feasible for production. - High level of detail: I'm looking for a designer who can capture intricate details and precise measurements in the model. Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 3D modeling software like Blender, Fusion 360, or Solidworks. - Prior experience with 3D printing projects, with a portfolio showcasing your ability to deliver high-quality, detailed models. - Strong communication skills to ensure the project meets my requirements. If you have experience in 3D printing and can deli...

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    I'm looking for a skilled individual to construct an 18x12 deck with a shingled roof. The deck is intended for outdoor dining and entertaining. Key Tasks: - Design and Build: Construct a composite deck measuring 18 feet by 12 feet. - Roof Installation: Add a shingled roof to the deck for protection from the elements. Ideal Skills: - Experience in building composite decks and shingled roofs. - Familiarity with outdoor construction and design. - Ability to create a durable and visually appealing outdoor space.

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    Project: Steel cladding on residential homes I am searching for an individual who can be given site measurements of the exterior of a building, convert measurements into 3D rendering. As well as layout steel cladding in required areas - exporting each part as a cut file and drawing.

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    Project: Steel cladding on residential homes I am searching for an individual who can be given site measurements of the exterior of a building, convert measurements into 3D rendering. As well as layout steel cladding in required areas - exporting each part as a cut file and drawing.

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    I am seeking a creative and experienced professional to overhaul the exterior colors and landscaping of my home to align with a modern farmhouse style. My home presently features neutral tones with a black roof, which I am hoping to revamp. Key Aspects of the Project: - Home Exterior Siding: I am interested in exploring new colors that will remain congruent with the modern farmhouse look. - Window Trim and Garage Color: I would like these areas to harmoniously bone with the chosen siding color and enhance the overall aesthetic of the facade. - Landscaping Ideas: I am also seeking innovative ideas on how to revamp my yard to complement my home's exterior design. The space is primarily used for relaxation purposes. The ideal candidate would possess expertise in landscape archit...

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    I'm currently in need of a skilled Mechanical Engineer who is proficient in AutoCAD to assist me in converting PDF drawings to CAD. Key Responsibilities: - Convert provided PDFs to detailed and accurate AutoCAD drawings. - Ensure all measurements, angles, and dimensions are accurately represented in the CAD drawings.

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    I'm looking for a talented and experienced SketchUp/AutoCAD professional to help me redesign pages 2 and 3 of my floor plan. Key Requirements: - I need these floor plan pages remade in AutoCAD or SketchUp. - I don't need a high level of detail, just a basic redesign with accurate measurements. - You should have a good portfolio of past work to demonstrate your experience in this domain. Please bid with your past work samples.

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    I am seeking a meticulous freelancer to create a techpack for gym workout bottoms. Detailed...is needed focussing on the following: - Fabric Information: Expertise in different fabric types related to sportswear is crucial. You'll need to advise and specify the most suitable fabric for gym workout bottoms. - Measurement Specifications: The project needs detailed measurement specifications to ensure the final product fits accurately. It's essential to have experience in sizing and measurements related to sportswear Proficiency in how to incorporate logo and label placements will further enhance your chance to win this project, although it's not strictly necessary. Do share your past work on creating techpacks for activewear specifically, if you have any. Looking f...

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    ...bedrooms and 1 suite (with expansion potential) House 4: 70m² with 3 bedrooms and 1 suite (with expansion potential) House 5: 75m² with 3 bedrooms and 2 suites (with expansion potential) Deliverables: For each house: Detailed BIM model in Revit: Accurate and dimensioned floor plans, sections, and elevations. Walls, doors, windows, furniture, and other elements modeled in 3D. (brazilian style) Metal roof frame Properties and materials assigned to the elements. Rendered images: A realistic photo of each room. A rendering of the front facade of the house. A rendering of the back of the house. Humanization of environments: 3D furniture and decoration compatible with the house's quality. Realistic lighting and materials with textures. Set design and details that make ...

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    I am seeking an experienced architectural drafter to create detailed shop drawings for Ada-compliant bathroom cabinets, focusing mainly on precise measurements. Knowledge and experience in Ada standards and bathroom cabinetry are crucial. The Project: - Creation of shop drawings for ADA bathroom cabinets. - Must accurately depict Measurements. - Should align aesthetics with ADA principles. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in architectural or engineering drafting - Proficiency in CAD software - Understanding of construction and cabinetry - Familiarity with ADA bathroom design standards

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    Hi, I'm in need of an experienced freelancer to create a comprehensive tech pack for my new women's activewear brand launch. Here's what I'm after: - Design sketches: I already have some initial designs I'd like to be finalised into professional sketches. - Measurements and specifications: We need to ensure these activewear pieces will fit our target demographic perfectly, so the measurements and specs need to be on point. - Materials and fabric information: Already have my material choices sorted, so do not require suggestions here. Ideal skills and experience needed would be a background in fashion design, a keen eye for detail and extensive experience creating tech packs for activewear. Please showcase any related past work in your bid.

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    I have built a roof system out of 31 2x4x12 pine and fastened it to a 2x6x12 header on both sides. The total roof dimensions are 24' L x 14' W. This is a room addition attached to an existing roof that is also 2x4. I need to know if this roof will withstand a 110lb snow load code.

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