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    ...COMMITMENT 5 days per week – Flexible - Remote/Hybrid WHO WE ARE The School of Disruption is a leading e-learning platform offering cutting-edge online courses in emerging and frontier topics. We identify, research and explore the opportunities and threats associated with innovations and technologies that have the potential to disrupt existing processes and produce a significant change in economic and social systems. With our programs and courses, both online and in presence, we help businesses, professionals, institutions and governments unleash their growth potential. Our Mission is Democratize access to innovation and empower the next generation of leaders, with a focus on inclusivity and positive global impact. WHAT YOU WILL DO Identify qualified leads Approach...

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    I am seeking an astute professional with expertise in Economic Modelling with Plexus, preferably knowledgeable in the Energy sector. In my project, we'll take a close look at the correlation between 'Supply and Demand' and 'Trade and Tariffs' in the energy industry. The ideal freelancer would be able to intake and process large sets of data including 'Historical Market Data' and 'Government Reports and Statistics'. Experience in handling and analyzing complex data is crucial for achieving precise, insightful results. Key Skills & Responsibilities: - Advanced Economic Modelling - Thorough understanding of the Energy sector - Fluent in Supply and Demand Analysis - Proficient in Trade and Tariffs Research - Ability to analyze H...

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    Dynamic Web Design S-a încheiat left

    I'm looking for a highly skilled web developer with a keen eye for bold and colorful designs to give my website a complete overhaul. My primary focus is on enhancing user experience through a seamless, responsive layout, infusing creativity into customizing templates, and ensuring the site is free from bugs and errors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in HTML and CSS with a portfolio showcasing dynamic, colorful web designs. - Experience in creating responsive web designs that adapt seamlessly to various devices and screens. - Expertise in diagnosing and fixing web design bugs and errors, ensuring smooth functionality across the site. - Capable of customizing existing templates to align with a bold and vibrant aesthetic, enhancing the visual appeal of the site. Tasks...

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    ...system simulation. This isn't just any simulation; we're aiming for the stars with a project that demands accuracy, performance optimization, and real-time capabilities. If you find excitement in challenging environments and share a passion for electrical systems, this could be the perfect collaboration. **Key Requirements:** - Model simulation expertise, specifically within electrical systems. - Proficiency in Matlab and Simulink for both code generation and data analysis. - A strong portfolio showcasing past electrical system simulations, with an emphasis on precision and efficiency. - Capability to incorporate real-time simulation features without compromising on performance or accuracy. - Excellent communication skills to ensure regular updates...

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    I complete requested article with required details

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    I have a single headshot in JPEG format with glare on the eyeglasses that I need professionally removed. I am able to provide a second, near-identical photo with slightly different glare if it is helpful to the photo editing process. The final image should maintain its natural look as much as possible, with special attention to retaining the eyes' realism behind the glasses. I require the edited version to be returned in JPEG format. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expertise in photo editing and retouching - Proficiency in using photo editing software like Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom - Experience in glare removal, particularly from eyeglasses in photographs - Attention to detail, ensuring a natural look post-edit **Project Requirements:** - Remove glare from eyeglasses in one JP...

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    I require a skilled freelancer adept at using Matlab and Simulink for a project focused on creating basic power system models. The models should include essential circuits and components pertinent to power systems. This task is foundational, aiming at a straightforward yet accurate representation of power system components without the complexity of renewable energy integration or grid simulation. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Matlab and Simulink, with a focus on power systems. - Knowledgeable in basic power system architecture and design. - Experience in building and testing Simulink models for accuracy and efficiency. - Ability to interpret and implement model requirements effectively. Project Scope: - Develop Simulink models that accurately represent basic power s...

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    Scopus Journal article S-a încheiat left

    Economic Implications of Somalia's Membership in the East African Community: A Comprehensive Analysis"

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    Project Overview: We are looking for a creative and experienced video producer to helm a unique project focused on political, cultural and economic themes. The video will explore themes of autonomy, cultural heritage, and economic resilience, set against a backdrop of historical and modern contexts. Project Themes: Autonomy and Governance: The video will touch on themes of self-governance and political independence. Cultural Heritage and Values: We aim to showcase the richness and diversity of a specific region's cultural heritage. Economic Resilience and Sustainability: The project will highlight the development of sustainable economies and self-reliance. Collaboration and Unity: A focus on regional cooperation and mutual support will be a key element. Targ...

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    our BID PRICE is FINAL. No LATER CHANGE is ALLOWED. I need an experienced person in JavaScript and Greensock Library or Vanilla JavaScript. The job is to take any free characters available from internet, upload it in browser and then define a path inside a box/canvas by mouse like right, left, up, down, curve, wave. zig zag, circle, box etc as well any points like from Point A to B to C and then character moves in that path. Can control need to implement the JavaScript should not got outside box.

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    Economic Costing S-a încheiat left

    I am looking for someone that has experience in economic costing to undertake some costing exercises. For each project you are required to do the following: Itemize each of the major cost activities of the project Assign a cost for each cost item The cost should be placed next to each item in a table format. The key requirement for this project are: 1) experience in economic costing. 2) knowledge about environmental economics and/ or agriculture economics.

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    ...combustion, and a detailed description of the algorithm and methodology used. The purpose is to not only create a functional program but also to ensure that the scientific basis and the programming logic are well understood. Ideal Skills and Experience: - A background in physics or engineering, with a specific focus on thermodynamics or combustion, is highly desirable. - Prior experience in creating simulation software, particularly with a focus on combustion or fluid dynamics. - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with a proven ability to work on complex scientific programming tasks. - Excellent written communication skills, for producing clear, comprehensive documentation. I am looking for a freelancer who is not just proficient in programming but also has a firm g...

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    In the screenshot the top photos and the model with yellow outlining are the existing model. I need the existing model to match the shape of the yellow outline. More form more depth more flow. Hopefully to implement cloth simulation. Apply only if this is something you can do

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    I'm looking for a engineer with expertise in simulation in AQUASIM, to conduct a comprehensive analysis focused on the product life cycles. **Key Project Needs:** - **Material Usage ** You will analyze the entire life cycle of a product. This involves understanding the raw material extraction, usage, and end-of-life stages. - **Comparative Analysis:** The final deliverable should include a comparative analysis with detailed report. **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in AQUASIM!! - Strong background in life cycle analysis, particularly focusing on material and water use. - Experience conducting comparative analyses and presenting findings in a clear, actionable manner. **Applicants should provide:** - Examples of previous life cycle analysis work, especial...

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    ...MANAGEMENT’S DISCUSSION AND ANALYSIS OF FINANCIAL RESULTS OF OPERATIONS inside SEC 10-K reports. Note: which questions are relevant for each company can be different; use the BS analysis to drive the Q&A process. 4- Ratio Analysis and Interpretation: Using the excel tabs Ratios-avg or Ratios-end, evaluate each of the ratios and explain whether/if/how each ratio affects your conclusion about your firm’s economic position. See the example of EXXON MOBILE XLS. 5- Conclusions: Summarize your primary conclusions here in this section. You should include a discussion of whether/if/how the strategic decisions made by the firm are evidenced in the financials. between 3- 5 pages single spaced. (no more than 5) ...

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    More details: What specific areas of power electronics do you need assistance with? HIGH frequency three port converter What simulation software do you prefer to use for the power electronics simulation? MATLAB/Simulink What is the primary goal of your simulation? Efficiency optimization

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    Roofing Market Analysis S-a încheiat left

    ... We wish to prioritize markets based on relevant data as it applies to roof replacement demand. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in market research methodologies - Experience in demographic analysis - Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret data effectively - Familiarity with the roofing industry, particularly asphalt shingles and metal roofing - Knowledge of economic factors affecting household purchasing decisions - Ability to effectively use research tools and databases for gathering city-level demographic information ### Project Requirements: - Gather and analyze data on household income levels within the specified city. - Determine the purchasing power for roofing replacement services among different income groups. - Analyze the market pot...

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    I'm aiming to build a platform that closely mimics the stock market to offer users an immersive and educational trading experience without the financial risk. Here’s what I envision for the site: **Core Features:** - Real-time stock prices integrated to provide up-to-the-minute market data. - An engaging trading simulation where users can practice trading stocks in a risk-free environment. - user and admin panel -real market data future and option segment - commodity live future data of gold,silver, copper, alluminum, crude oil, natural gas etc. - add virtual money to trade - market watchlist, profit and loss account, trade history **Target Securities:** - Initially, the site will focus on stocks. As we grow, there might be opportunities to expand to other secur...

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    ...module for our project. This module should simulate real camera behaviors and provide in-depth customization options for virtual productions. Requirements: - Create a customizable camera component - Implement advanced customization for camera lenses and sensor settings - Ensure the CameraComponent is tailored for software simulation and according to real camera specs that will be provided Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Unreal Engine development - Experience with camera simulation software - Strong understanding of virtual camera systems - Ability to implement advanced customization features I'm looking for a freelancer who can deliver a high-quality CameraComponent that significantly enhances the realism and flexibility of in-engine virtual scenarios. Collaboratio...

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    GaAs LNA Design 8-12GHz S-a încheiat left

    ...telecommunications applications - Utilize **Gallium Arsenide (GaAs)** technology, leveraging its benefits for high-frequency applications **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - **Proven track record** in RF design, especially with LNAs - **Expertise in GaAs technology**, including fabrication aspects - **Understanding of telecommunications applications** and their requirements - Ability to work with RF simulation software (e.g., ADS, Microwave Office) for design and optimization - Knowledge of LNA testing methodologies to validate performance against specifications This project is an exciting opportunity to contribute to the leading edge of telecommunications technology. If you have the skills and experience listed above, I'm eager to hear from you. Together, we can achieve a...

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    ...Ideal Skills: • Plenty of knowledge and high enthusiasm for Taylor Swift, her career and her music. • Strong knowledge and understanding of different historical eras including, but not limited to, Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt, biblical times, Renaissance, Elizabethan England, Victorian London, the roaring 20s, WW2, swinging 60s, and the freedom-loving 70s. Knowledge of political, social, and economic issues of each era is a must. • Proficient in speculative fan fiction writing and able to seamlessly blend real and fictional elements. • Exceptional creativity and innovative approach to storytelling, and a desire to entertain and not take yourself too seriously. You should also have a willingness to collaborate closely and incorporate feedback to ensure the pr...

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    I'm searching for a talented game developer who can create an engaging simulation game for mobile platforms. Key Aspects: - Game Type: This game will fall under the category of simulation games. It should provide immersive experiences that reflect aspects of real-world scenarios or narratives. - Platform: The game should be developed specifically for mobile platforms so knowing the specifics of mobile game development is key. - Graphics: I have a keen interest in a Retro Pixel Art graphical style that should be incorporated into the game to give it a unique, vintage feel. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Experience in Mobile Game Development. - Proficient in Simulation Game Development. - Strong understanding of Retro Pixel Art graphics. - Ability to optimi...

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    Project for Saleamlak A. S-a încheiat left

    CFD simulations with 4 different heat generations values without heat pipe and with cylindrical and star-shaped heat pipes including 2 chapter report, simulation methodology and result discussion 4 simulations for battery pack without heat pipe 30 45 60 80 W

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    Flow Visualization S-a încheiat left

    I am seeking an expert in ANSYS Fluent who can perform an in-depth simulation of incompressible flow around a cylindrical object for the purpose of flow visualization. This project aims to understand the flow dynamics and visualize the fluid flow patterns when it interacts with a cylinder. Key requirements and tasks include: - Setting up and solving the simulation of incompressible fluid flow in ANSYS Fluent - Focusing on accurately capturing the flow around the cylinder to visualize how the fluid behaves during interaction - Utilizing advanced visualization tools within Fluent to generate clear, informative, and visually appealing flow patterns. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in ANSYS Fluent, especially with simulations involving incompressible flows - Strong...

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    I'm currently looking for someone proficient in installing free SSL certificates on Drupal websites.

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    ...original tire, within the Indian market. Additionally, you will be tasked with assessing the profit potential of importing these tires from Canada and strategically distributing them in India. Key Responsibilities: Conduct thorough market research to establish wholesale and retail prices for Grade A tires in India, taking into account factors such as market demand, competitor pricing, and local economic conditions. Analyze the logistical aspects and associated costs of importing tires from Canada, with a focus on evaluating potential profit margins for the company within the Indian market. Evaluate the viability of recycling Grade A tires, exploring options such as producing rubber for the steel industry or generating fuel to alleviate fuel shortages in the expanding Indian m...

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    ...optimization problem seeks an optimal configuration that maximizes wave energy conversion while satisfying these constraints. 2. **MATLAB Coding:** - Develop MATLAB code capable of solving the optimization problem. - The MATLAB code should produce: - Optimal power output values. - Graphical representations of wave power output. - Detailed analyses of the power balance. 3. **Simulation and Case Studies:** - Conduct simulations using wave data from 3 distinct wave stations to compare outputs. - Analyze the power balance under different wave conditions. 4. **Report:** - Develop a comprehensive report summarizing findings from the simulations and analyses. - The report should include: - Methodology used in simulations. - Comparison of pow...

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    ...compatibility conditions in advanced mechanics of materials. Your primary task will be tackling data import/export functionality. Key Features: - Ability to import and export data While not a requirement, familiarity with data formats (CSV, XML, JSON, etc.) is prefered. The deadline is crucial for this project, so I'm looking for someone who can work efficiently and promptly. Proficiency in simulation software and a background in mechanical engineering or related field will be advantageous. 2. A 150 x 250 mm rectangular thin plate QABC is deformed into the shape shown. All dimensions shown are in millimeters. Determine at point Q: a) the strain components ex, ey, xy; b) the principal strains and the direction of the principal axes; c) the change in the length of the dia...

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    7 oferte my conceptual design. My goal is to explore their capabilities within circuit design to enhance efficiency and functionality. To move forward with this project, I am seeking guidance in several areas: - **Circuit Simulation**: Assistance with simulating circuits that incorporate memristors to analyze their behavior, understand their interaction with other components, and optimize the design for desired objectives. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Strong background in electrical engineering, especially in circuit design and analysis. - Proficient with circuit simulation software tools (e.g., SPICE). - Familiarity with memristor technology and its applications in circuitry. - Creative thinking to conceptualize innovative circuit designs. - Ability to work collabora...

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    ...range for analog input. The device for which we need hardware options should serve a broad range of applications, from digital inputs to analog signal input from potentiometer or hall sensor. - **Input Support**: Must support 36 digital inputs, and 8 analog inputs, on separate inputs all simultaneously. - **Application**: The primary applications of this USB interface are intended for use with simulation and gaming. - **Skills and Experience**: - Experience with microcontrollers from all vendors, and good use of search tools. - Familiarity with analog and digital inputs from a variety of sensors. - Ability to choose options optimised for reliability, durability and cost. - **Project Outcome**: A spreadsheet document with several options, with reasons for the choices. T...

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    I'm looking for talented game developers with experience in Roblox to construct a role-playing game that mirrors real-life experience. This game is designed for a broad spectrum of age groups, including kids, teens and adults. Key Project Specifications: - Type of Game: Role-playing game that simulates real-world scenarios. - Target Demographics: Kids, Teens, and Adults. - Game Environment: Must align with real-life situations to offer an authentic role-playing experience. Ideal skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Roblox game development. - Profound understanding of real-world scenarios to integrate into the gaming storyline. - Ability to target and engage different age groups. This project is an opportunity to create an engaging and relatable gaming experience on th...

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    ...research - SEO knowledge to ensure the article ranks well on search engines - Ability to adhere to a tight deadline without compromising on quality Article Structure: 1. **Introduction**: Briefly introduce the rise of the cleaning industry, setting the stage for the importance of cleaning services. 2. **Importance of Maintaining a Clean Environment**: Dive into the health, psychological, and economic benefits of cleanliness. 3. **Types of Cleaning Services Offered**: Offer a detailed overview of various services, including residential, commercial, and specialized cleaning. 4. **Conclusion**: Summarize the key points and re-emphasize the critical role that the cleaning industry plays in everyday life. This article must be well-researched, fact-checked, and tailored for an audien...

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    I'm looking for an Hands-on engineer in Fluent who can help me perform a CFD for dynamic meshing simulation. Skills and Experience Required: - A strong understanding of different meshing processes, especially dynamic meshing.

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    I'm in need of a professional with extensiv...has a solid background in Vitis HLS, as this is the platform we'll be using. Key Requirements: - Proficiency in Vitis HLS for FPGA programming - Ability to create and simulate test benches - Strong foundation in electrical engineering principles Skills and Experience: - Deep understanding of FPGA architectures, ideally Xilinx - Previous projects involving test bench creation - Experience with simulation tools Responsibilities: - Develop and simulate a test bench using Vitis HLS - Ensure functionality aligns with project goals - Optimize for performance and reliability This project will test your ability to work with FPGA programming at an intricate level. If you're confident in your skills and ready for a challenge, I ...

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    ...with a cartoonish art style. The game will embody fun engaging tasks that simulate balance beam and uneven bars. Key Requirements: - Aesthetic: The game's artistic style should be vibrant, engaging and cartoon-like to appeal to children, our target audience. - Difficulty Level: The game should be easy to play, ensuring children can understand and enjoy it with minimal frustration. - Reality Simulation: The game should simulate tasks involving balance beams and uneven bars effectively, providing an immersive experience for users. Ideal Skills: - Game Development: You must have a strong background in game development, especially in VR platforms like Oculus. - Art & Design: Talents in creating compelling and child-friendly aesthetics are necessary. - User Experienc...

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    I'm seeking an adept freelancer with a strong background in embedded system development, specifically with experience using MPLAB X IDE for Proteus simulation tasks. Here’s what I need from you: - Proficiency in MPLAB X IDE for Proteus - Ability to assist with Proteus simulation - Strong understanding of embedded systems **Responsibilities:** - Develop and simulate circuits using Proteus - Ensure accurate validation of the circuit’s functionality **Skills Required:** - Expertise in Proteus software - Proficient in embedded system simulation - Knowledgeable in MPLAB X IDE **Ideal Experience:** - Previous projects involving Proteus simulations - Background in electrical engineering or related field Your contribution will be crucial in helping valida...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer to create an innovative virtual saree try-on feature for my website on s...sketchfab models. Specifics include: - Enable customers to visualize sarees in a variety of customizable patterns and colors. - Integrate the feature smoothly into my existing website. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and web graphics (Using Sketchfab api). - Experience in building virtual try-on tools or fashion-related applications. - Strong understanding of fabric simulation and color customization. - Knowledge of web development and integration (react, JavaScript). Experience with eCommerce platforms and user interface design would be an advantage. Your mission is to bring my sarees to life online, providing customers a fun, engagi...

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    I am seeking a seasoned expert in reinforcement learning for my college project in the finance sector. Responsibilities: - Develop sector. Responsibilities: - Develop a reinforcement learning model for portfolio optimization that minimizes risk and maximizes rewards. - Develop a risk management mechanism that performs dynamic asset allocation daily based on volatility prediction. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficiency in reinforcement learning algorithms. - Experience with financial data analysis. - Knowledge of economic indicators' impact on market trends. - Strong coding skills in Python. - Prior success in financial portfolio optimization. Please include any relevant case studies or results of previous projects in your proposal to illustrate your capabilities ...

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    I know about placing a .htaccesss file in wordpress. that workd good sometimes. but for HTMP sites the file does not work. I need my server to work OK on any kind of site. no 404 errors. i have cyber panel installed. The websites in question have not been specified, but they are running on server technology. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in troubleshooting server issues - Familiarity with SPanel and LiteSpeed - Experience in website transfer The successful freelancer for this job should specifically highlight their direct experience in tackling similar issues.

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    Trophy icon Cookie baking instruction card S-a încheiat left

    ...AI, or PSD) Ideal Freelancer Attributes: - Experience in graphic design, particularly in food-related projects - Strong grasp of layout and typography - Proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite or similar design software - Understanding of the baking process, specifically for cookies - Portfolio showcasing previous work with recipe or instruction cards Extra notes: I appreciate creativity, so feel free to propose additional elements that might enhance the instructional card's appeal and usefulness. The goal is to create a simple yet comprehensive guide that will help bakers of all levels achieve the best baked cookies....

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    ...pages would be enough. Suppose a packet loss probability is 0.3: node.0 sends a Hello to node.3 at 100.2 seconds. node.3 receives a Hello from node.0 at 100.4 seconds. node.2 replies a Hello_Ack to node.1 at 100.5 seconds node.4 sends a Hello to node.3 at 110.5 seconds node.1 receives a Hello_Ack from node.2 at 110.6 seconds node.4 re-sends a Hello to node.3 at 112.5 seconds . • The simulation ends when the simulation time reaches at least 2,000 seconds. • Draw two result graphs in terms of the following performance metrics against the packet loss probabilities (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4, or 0.5). Average number of successful transmissions Average number of failed transmissions ...

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    Trophy icon Life Science IT Consulting Logo S-a încheiat left companies, I'm looking for an experienced graphic designer to develop a business logo with an immediate start. Here are my specific requirements: - Colors to be Used: The logo's main colors should revolve around blue, green, and black but this is not a requirement, I typically like dark, moody themes. - Symbol Inclusion: I do not have any pre-determined symbols or icons in mind. So, feel free to bring your creative ideas to the table. However, please make sure the design reflects the nature of both IT and life science sectors. The name of the company is MorseWire so maybe a creative use of a cable/cord. - Timeline: As it's of high priority, I'd appreciate it seriously if the project gets completed as soon as possible. Ideal Skills: Besides creativi...

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    ...involves writing a script for an adult simulation game, heavily focusing on amorous exploits in a realistic yet dark environment. Skills and experience desirable for the project include: * Proven experience in script writing, particularly for video games * A knack for crafting engaging, mature and dark narratives * Familiarity with simulation games and their story-telling mechanics The game's central theme revolves around adult relationships in a challenging, no-holds-barred environment. The narrative and dialogue should reflect this harsh reality, evoking intense emotions and high-stakes scenarios. Your creativity and originality should shine through in the thrilling storyline and character development. A strong understanding of the adult and simulation g...

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    Game Development Expert S-a încheiat left

    Don't bid if you are in Asia. I'm seeking a game developer, preferably from Europe or America, to help conceptualize and develop a new game. The precise genre of the game is yet to be determined, it could be an action, puzzle, or simulation game - I'm open to ideas. The platform for game development is also open, whether it be PC, mobile or console. The ideal freelancer should: - Have extensive game development experience. - Be highly creative and capable of contributing fresh ideas. - Have an adaptable skillset that allows them to work on diverse genres and platforms. - Be willing to provide a detailed project proposal outlining their approach to the project. Additionally, while not mandatory, showcasing past work could strengthen your application and provide me ...

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    ...Arabia. I want it tomorrow before 1 pm 05/02/2024 Saudi time +3 my university is Here's what I'm looking for in a freelancer: - Proficiency in Economic Theories: A deep understanding of both macro and microeconomic principles. - Research Skills: Ability to conduct thorough research using credible sources. - Analytical Abilities: Can analyze economic data and provide insights. - Writing Expertise: Strong writing skills with the ability to explain complex concepts clearly. - Timeliness: Must meet a tight deadline without compromising on quality. - Original Content: Must ensure the report is plagiarism-free. Successful completion could lead to future work on related projects. If you have a strong background in economics and the ability to deliver quickly...

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    ...for a tower lifespan of 20-25 years, with materials and construction methods chosen for longevity and low maintenance. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Structural engineering expertise, specifically with towers or tall structures. - Knowledge of environmental impact on structures. - Experience with designs that resist corrosion and high wind conditions. - Proficiency in CAD software and structural simulation tools. Deliverables: - Detailed design plans suitable for submission to a construction contractor. - A list of recommended materials and a brief explanation of their suitability for the project. - Estimates of maintenance requirements over the anticipated lifespan. Designs should meet all relevant safety and local building codes. Please provide examples of previous similar work ...

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    I'm looking for an expert in Comsol Multiphysics to conduct a detailed modeling and simulation of electrostatic speakers focusing on sound wave distribution. Your work will influence design decisions for audio clarity and precision. I'm aiming for a comprehensive frequency response analysis to ensure superior sound performance. Ideal Candidate Should Have: - Proficiency with Comsol Multiphysics - Background in acoustics and sound engineering - Experience in electrostatic speaker design - Strong analytical skills for frequency response analysis Responsibilities: - Create a simulation model of electrostatic speakers in Comsol - Analyze sound wave distribution patterns - Provide detailed reports on frequency response analysis - Offer insights for optimizi...

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