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    Heyy, Actually I have A Website Which accepts pending friend requests in bulk. so basically i have options till 10k to accept requests.I am able to only accept 200 requests at a time instagram latest api allows to only accept 200 requests at a time but there is a site which functions same like my website and they can accept 10k requests in 20 seconds

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    Write a program that accepts 3 inputs: number, from_base, and to_base. Output the number expressed in base to_base. The value of the number 111 depends on the base it is expressed in. If the base is 10 (decimal) then it is one hundred and eleven, if it is binary, then the number is 7, and if it is base = 3, then the number is 1 + 1*3 + 1*32 = 13.

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    Hello, I need help with the Paypal API for adaptive payments. This is what I want to do on my service, example: Client A accepts to pay $100 if a work he wants is done is made before a deadline (a few days at best) so: - $100 hold is placed in his Paypal account. Few hours after a member B of our service accept to make this proposed job, so if our

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    ...Distributed File Search Engine (DFSE) that allows users to query files and directory structures on a distributed file system. Your tasks are (1) to implement the RMI server that accepts and executes queries from clients, and (2) write and deploy a message-driven middleware to the application server. Note: Bid only after reading attached pdf. Budget is fixed

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    ...requests from the user with all the requirements i.e., venue, type of event, estimated count of guests, food to be prepared etc., if the organizer is willing to do the event he accepts the proposal made by the user to do the event and schedules it accordingly. Block chain technology should be used to perform transactions....

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    Hello, for this project i need a freelancer to allow two users who are playing against each other ...users who are playing against each other to be in a chatroom with eachother. To connect to the chat i have a invite system, when user declines nothing happens. but when user accepts, i need both users to be able to message eachother in [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    Create a online store 2 ore left
    VERIFICAT handles the shipping of the product/s (shipping from USA to South America) and also the website manage the client accounts and payments (credit cards, debit cards, and paypal) and also they have 5 differents landing pages according to the country and currency, so I imagine that the company has an address on the USA (shipping address, like a warehouse)

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    We need a programmer S-a încheiat left

    ...the employee. The employee gets a notification of the new responsibility and has now the opportunity to directly chat with the delegator if there is any questions before he accepts the task. The owner will have constant updates on finished tasks and can enter his own criteria for confirmation of a finished task. (task finished = add photo/ get confirmation

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    I need a code snippet for a firebase notification. Ive got already a backend server with dat...the notification the app opens up. So the scope is: -helping me to set up firebase -showing me how to call firebase -creating a snippet code in nativescript (with JS) that accepts the notification from firebase and opens up the app when the user clicks on it

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    Hello, Our client, [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] ne...'London Locksmith' etc. I started the SEO myself but am inexperienced in the matter. The works would include research into good keywords for relevant business (the firm only accepts jobs in west london) and implementation of the SEO onto the site. If you do a good job we may have more work for you.

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    ...invitations for upcoming projects in the near future. - The winner gets 100.00 USD and also gets his/her signature featured as the creative designer on our product. - The winner accepts Ö Designs to have all copyrights and use his/her work exclusivly. In case we would like to use some other designs but the winners, for future products, you will have the opportunity

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    Build mobile app S-a încheiat left

    ...automatically transferring to the instructor account in PayPal based on the percentage in her/him account we submitted in his/her profile. - The app suitable for ISO and ANDROID serves phones in addition to Web development. - Main pages are: My account-My classes-Search- Home- Word - The payments accepts all online payments: Visa- Paybal- Mastercard- Apple

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    ...need a bluetooth beacon who transmits advertisment notifications around it. Who walks near of it, will receive a notification in its IOS or Android mobile. If this person accepts open the notification, he will be linked to an advertisment URL (Maybe text or an image could be opened). Most important is, this person no need to have any special App installed

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    webservice S-a încheiat left

    ...will request price and availability for products and will place an order at “B”. “B” will reflect every request to “C”. “C” is the final Merchant who knows the prices and who accepts the orders. Every request will be through “B” and everything will also be logged at “B”. Major Required Skills: • .NET • c#...

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    ...YouTubers are then notified of new opportunities and if it’s something that makes sense for their channel they can send in a proposal to work with the brand. If the brand accepts the YouTuber, they are notified and then will be able to talk directly with the brand in the FameBit workroom. From there you can talk details with the brand and then film

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    March SEO for local SEO: Spokane Valley WA $165 [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] 1. 150+ T...chiropractors in spokane valley wa Chiropractor near me sciatic pain treatment spokane valley chiropractor that takes BCBS Chiropractor that take medicare chiropractor that accepts medicare chiropractor spokane valley back doctor spokane chiropractor near me

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    HTTP server with TCP S-a încheiat left

    The basic mechanism of this HTTP-like protocol is the same as that of HTTP 1.1. That is, when the server accepts a new TCP connection from a client, it reads the request headers and an optional request body sent by the client, and then sends valid response headers and optionally a response body. After such a request-response cycle, the connection is

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    We have a website we're developing ( [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL])...ntation-overview), we have two different gateways both integrated into the theme already. One only accepts ZAR ([conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) one is Paypal - which won't accept ZAR. Need someone to convert the set currency from ZAR to USD when it redirects to Paypal. ...

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    I am looking to get a program created (python) on a raspberry pi that does the following: 1) accepts inputs from 4x 5v digital sensors 2) accepts inputs from 2x 5v analogue sensors 3) upon signal changes, the program will send an output to our REST API (code provided) 4) needs to run in a loop on the pi We are using a Pimoroni Explorer HAT Pro for

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    A job portal of kinds where a job is scheduled and someone accepts the job

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    ...You can find these on google, searching forums, you get the idea. You then record the minimum cost, maximum cost, minimum reviews the website requires to submit, then if it accepts erotica. Then you include a link to the contact page, and promotion page. There are a LOT of websites out there for this, so I expect at least 100 different websites. Social

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    I need you to create english written technical proposal what techniques (with comments) you would use to build best custom They are people who do the work, they fill their details eg. calendar when they can do the work. The admins / managers would propose who would do and if the customers accepts it will be committed to system.

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    Problem Description: You are to write a c++ program which con...should be delivered as a stand alone ROS package called 'RomanNumerals' with an executable named 'numeral_converter'. The executable should expose a ros service call which accepts a string containing a roman numeral and converts it to an integer, returning the result and detailed errors.

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    ...existing Woo site accepts 4 currencies and we have 2 x payment gateways enabled. Paypal and Braintree. Braintree is working well and doesnt need any changes. Paypal is not working as well as it should if someone wants to use a payment plan, our customers cant checkout as a guest in Paypal and use a credit card. They need to have a paypal account setup

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    ...Website - Admin Panel with different user levels - Master Distributor, distributor, Retailer and End user - Mobile App - Android The application should be customizable and accepts multiple API's . We can use different api's and can also sell Api's Reporting,Billing and user management is also required. Complete Source code Can be .NET / PHP with SQL/MY

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    ...form's markup ( example attached ) which can be the reason why it's hard to launch them through a WordPress popup plugin. I found a WordPress plugin ( Popup Builder ) that accepts the HubSpot form's embed code, but the forms could use some formatting, especially on mobile devices ( useful link : [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]

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    ...developer can do it on his or her Desktop and obtain the anticipated result. I should be given TeamViewer password to preview his achievement first, before the programmer accepts the project. Please read the pre-requisite requirement above, before proceeding further. Exact Github Url will be sent only to the developers who bid. Please read the Pre-requisite

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    ...localbitcoins, [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]) 1) I just need that someone creates the script for me and let everything working well. 2) I also need a Cryptocurrency Exchange website that accepts: - my own coin / btc - btc/ my own coin - btc / LTC - LTC / btc - Ltc / my own coin - my own coin / ltc - xrp / btc - btc / xrp - xrp / my own coin - my own coin / xrp 3)

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    Lexical analyzer S-a încheiat left

    ...are interested! I can spend 35 dollars max! Utiizing EBNF categories and DFA to accept those tokens. The objective of this project is to implement a lexical analyzer that accepts the 26 token categories plus the following keywords, all in lowercase letters only: if, else, while, returnVal, new, print These keywords cannot be used as identifiers, but

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    Actually I have a script which accepts instagram requests in bulk.I want someone to fix it MY TERMS 1)NO MILESTONE OR ANY SORT OF PAYMENT BEFORE WORK COMPLETE 2)ALL THINGS WILL BE DONE ON MY SERVER ONLY(YOU CAN CHANGE PASSWORD WHILE YOU WORK)

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    ...COMPATIBLE, DOES NOT VIOLATE ToS I run an account with 28 thousand followers and receive hundreds of follower requests a day. I need a program that can be downloaded on mac which accepts all of my follower requests at once. I need this program for only myself and do not intend on selling or distributing it among the public. Must be easy to use, due to my lack

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    ...programmer can do it on his or her Desktop and obtain the anticipated result. I should be given TeamViewer password to preview his achievement first, before the R programmer accepts the project. Please read the pre-requisite requirement above, before proceeding further. Please read the Pre-requisite requirements above before placing bids. I would need

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    create a website S-a încheiat left

    ts root URL "/" should display a form that accepts three fields as input: "Name", "Favorite Color", "Cats or Dogs". This form should save the result in a relational database and ensure that "Name" is unique. You can use any technology for this (eg, it could be node.js and sqlite, or python and mysql, or golang and postgres - we don't ca...

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    ...repeatable queue system which clears orders at a maximum amount before moving on to the next order in the queue. Tokens are supplied at a 1:1 fiat ratio and the system only accepts BTC/ETH. The issuance system will have BTC/ETH data pushed from a private server. We also need a script which either records the cryptocurrency value in dollar terms as they

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    Build me a website S-a încheiat left

    A simple website where users can upload articles and interact with other users. Also accepts advertising which needs long term maintenance.

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    ...Customize website settings like logos 24. Admin - Customize banners on the website 25. Admin - Manage Payments 26. Manual for your users, admin 27. CCAvenues & Paypal payment gateway ready ( accepts manual payment or bank payments options ) 28. Wedding Directory 29. 1 Free unique Template 30. Bulk SMS gateway integration 31. Referral code attachment feature

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    Need a php tcp loop S-a încheiat left

    I need a php tcp loop which accepts data from an external program and display data in php it should also to the reverse thing

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    Telemarketer terrorizer S-a încheiat left

    I want to develop an app that accepts calls from telemarketer’s and assaults them audioly. A push button air horn, nails on a chalk board. An app with as many ear splitting tones as we can conjure up. An app that’ll make telemarketers nervous about their career choice.

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    Hello I'm looking for someone with your experience I wanted to have a Amazon flex script build is a android app which offers come out and they need...someone with your experience I wanted to have a Amazon flex script build is a android app which offers come out and they need to be accepted I wanted to have something made that accepts it automatically.

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    I need a api developer S-a încheiat left

    It accepts the image from camera and stores the image and send it to a opencv from where it give result hello world

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    ...reals any payment before complete the project 100% and tested. will not pay anything if the project does not build the way mentioned in the description. - work start after accepts the offer immediately no time losing. - this project for identity verified freelancers only, will not accept any unowned freelancer. Project options We need to build an advertising

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    UnderGSocial S-a încheiat left

    An app that encourages initially anonymous, but consensual dating. Users within a particular social area or gathering enable their bluetooth dev...that allows recognition by another user. Users initiate that they are available to be contacted, and give hints of who they are based on their icon. The other user either accepts or rejects the invitation.

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    ...businesses in bulk. Data sources: 1. Google local pack rankings 2. Google organic rankings 3. Google indexed page count 4. Data from 1 3rd-party API Requirements: - Online tool accepts CSV upload which contains data inputs (listed of local businesses with unique identifiers: Business name, Google places ID, phone number) - Tool scrapes data from Google and

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    Via Anydesk or TeamViewer, the selected C# programmer will Restore and Reinstate /...his or her Desktop and obtain the anticipated results. I should be given TeamViewer or Anydesk credentials to preview his achievement results first, before the programmer accepts the project. Please read the pre-requisite requirement above, before proceeding further.

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    It is very simple and I want this texts to be translated into arabic ...due to urgency, I want this to be translated in the next 10 minutes if you accepts this project Regards,

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    Build A Website S-a încheiat left

    Need to build a competition website where prizes would be won and also to have available slots which can be picked by users and also accepts money transactions to acquire a chosen slot

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    ...and on screen it over laps the content. We have a Javascript code that currently half works but we need to modify it so it can target 2 css classes AND it currently only accepts #anchorlink but we need it to take the full link eg [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL] Our current code is this jQuery('body').on('click', '', function() { ...

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    Xamarin VPN Library S-a încheiat left

    ...this to work. The general Flow - User clicks the start button - [conectează-te pentru a consulta linkul URL]() is invoked. - VPN starts using a local port. This means that there must a class that accepts the connection from the VPNService (talking android language here) so that no external server is needed. - VPNManager will then redirect the traffic on port 80 and 443 to a

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    Delivery iOS & Android app S-a încheiat left

    ...businesses, individuals and dispatch riders. In cities where Delivery operates, use your delivery app to request a pick up and delivery .When a nearby dispatch company accepts your request, your app displays an estimated time of arrival for the rider -partner heading to your pickup location. Your app notifies you when the rider is about to arrive

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