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    logo firma gradinarit cultivare a unor plante ornamentale, company logo gardening cultivation of ornamental plants

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    I'm in need of a unique logo for my website The design should be appealing and representative of my brand, which is all about gardens and gardening. It needs to be simplistic, perhaps using green although I'm open to other ideas

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    I'm seeking a creative professional with experience in crafting engaging social media ads. The main goal is to increase the brand awareness for my lawn and gardening business within the residential homeowners' community. Key Responsibilities: - Design eye-catching digital advertisements for social media - Effectively represent the brand and seasonal offers - Generate leads for potential new clients Ideal Candidate: - Experience in creating social media ads - A knack for creating engaging content targeted at homeowners - Background in landscaping or gardening industry is a plus.

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    ...primary focus is on securing jobs and work permits for applicants in Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, and the UAE. - **Applicant Types**: The service should cater to both individual applicants and corporations. - **Key Sectors**: The work permits are for a range of employment sectors including healthcare, technology, construction, agriculture, driving, plumbing, tailoring, cleaning, gardening, teaching, engineering, and medicine etc **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Strong understanding of work permit regulations in the specified countries - Experience in dealing with various types of employment sectors - Prior success in obtaining work permits for both individuals and corporations - Excellent communication skills and the ability to guide clients through the process *...

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    I'm looking for skilled individuals to take over the search and contact process for TikTok influencers. These influencers will be approached with the opportunity to review our home accessories, laundry, and gardening product, , in exchange for affiliate commissions. The primary goal of this campaign is to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic, and subsequently increase product sales. Key Responsibilities: - Identify relevant TikTok influencers based on specific criteria. - Reach out to influencers with the proposal for reviews. - Coordinate the dispatch of free samples to approved influencers. - Monitor and track the performance of influencers. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in TikTok. - Previous experience in influencer marketing. - Excellent communication

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    I'm looking for an experienced designer to create a serene and cozy living area on my medium-sized, 800 square feet terrace. Key Requirements: - Terrace must accommodate relaxing and lounging activities, but also cater for gardening and planting. - The aesthetic I'm looking for is cozy and rustic. The design should evoke warmth and comfort, making it an inviting space for both relaxation and light gardening. Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in outdoor living area design, particularly in combining relaxation and gardening elements. - Strong portfolio showcasing similar projects with cozy and rustic aesthetic. - Proficiency in understanding and translating client's vision into functional and aesthetic designs. - Excellent communication skill...

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    I am seeking a skilled contractor or team to design and build a traditional greenhouse for personal gardening. Key Responsibilities: - Develop a design that includes all requested climate control features - Complete construction of the greenhouse Ideal Experience & Skills: - Previous work on traditional greenhouses - Knowledge of climate control feature installation - Experience with personal gardening projects Climate Control Features: - A ventilation system - Temperature and humidity controllers - Automated irrigation system The successful bidder must demonstrate an understanding of the unique needs of a personal gardening greenhouse, especially in relation to the required climate control features.

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    Project Description: I have an urgent need for an SEO and Google algorithm expert to address a critical deindexing issue on my website, The Problem: My site contains 13,000+ high-quality gardening articles. Initially, many articles are indexed by Google but they are later deindexed. Currently, only about 500 articles remain indexed. The Goal: Achieve a stable index of 10,000+ articles in Google search. Identify and address the root causes of the deindexing problem. Required Skills: Deep understanding of Google's search algorithms (especially core updates) Extensive experience in SEO for large websites Expertise in technical SEO, on-page optimization and content quality assessment Familiarity with content management systems and tools Delivera...

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    I have a 4,200-word draft on allotment gardening and I need an experienced ghostwriter to help me expand it into a 30,000-word ebook. Key Requirements: - My draft is partially completed, but the ghostwriter will need to review, revise and expand on the existing content. - I prefer a style that is informative and educational, focusing on the practical aspects of allotment gardening. - The successful candidate will have experience in writing on gardening topics or carry out the factual research to ensure accuracy and credibility. This project requires someone who can take my existing work and turn it into a comprehensive, engaging ebook. The ideal candidate is a skilled ghostwriter who can bring the subject to life in a way that is informative and accessible.

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    I'm in need of a skilled game developer to design a top-down 2D game in Unreal Engine, with the premise being a unique Garden of the Undead. This game will be a mix between a zombie survival and a gardening simulator. Key Features and Requirements: - The main goal of the game is to grow a variety of plants and monsters in your Garden of the Undead, and use them to fight off incoming waves of enemies. - Plants include a selection of flowers, herbs, trees, bushes, and even mystical beings like Wolfsbane. - Monsters range from traditional zombies and skeletons to more elaborate creatures like mummies and ghosts. - Players will be able to interact with their garden by planting, harvesting, watering, and maintaining the different flora and fauna. - The game will involve breeding a...

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    I require a portfolio website to showcase my range of handyman and landscaping services. The website must allow me to present my services - including plumbing, carpentry, gardening, flooring, remodeling, porch and drywall tasks, as well as landscape maintenance. Potential freelancers should have: - Proven experience in web design, particularly portfolio websites - Good understanding of service-based businesses - Ability to present service information in a clear, compelling way - Knowledge in SEO for increased online visibility - Strong attention to detail to ensure information is accurate and up-to-date Ideally, candidates will be able to demonstrate previous projects with similar goals. The aim is to attract and inform potential clients about the services I offer, their quality, ...

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    I'm in need of a video producer who can create a series of short, engaging and informative videos...on the care and maintenance of Monstera plants. This includes but not limited to tips on watering, lighting, soil, and pest control. - Video Style: The videos should be informative and educational, aiming to help viewers in caring for their Monstera plants. Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Prior experience in producing engaging and informative gardening or plant care videos. - Knowledge and interest in indoor gardening, specifically different types of Monstera plants. - Strong video editing and production skills. - Ability to create short, visually appealing content without compromising on quality. - Understanding of how to present information in an access...

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    I'm in need of a skilled app developer who can create a gardening app for both Android and iOS platforms. This app will serve as a platform for gardening enthusiasts to buy, sell, and share plants and gardening tips. Key Features: - Plant Identification: Users should be able to identify different plants with the help of this app. - Buying and Selling Plants: The app should have a marketplace where users can buy and sell plants. - Sharing Gardening Tips and Advice: A social feature where gardeners can exchange tips and advice on plant care and gardening practices. - Seller & Gardening Service Provider: This app should allow users to also offer gardening services and items for sale. Ideal candidates for this project should have ex...

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    YuNisa Limited, a well-established landscaping and gardening business based in Auckland, New Zealand, with over 10 years of experience, is seeking a skilled video editor to collaborate on creating shorter marketing video clips. These clips will serve as promotional material for our services and will be distributed across social media platforms and our website. **Key Responsibilities:** - Create engaging video clips targeted specifically at young adults and parents, highlighting our landscaping and gardening services. - Utilize existing video content and tailor it to suit marketing objectives. - Ensure that the clips meet the technical requirements for sharing on various social media platforms and our website. **Requirements for Ideal Freelancer:** - A deep understanding o...

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    ...developer to create a professional and user-friendly website for my garden services business. Key Features: - Contact Form: The website should have a user-friendly contact form for potential clients to reach out and book services. - Service Descriptions: Clear and concise descriptions of the services offered should be prominently featured. - Blog Section: I'd like a blog section where I can share gardening tips and advice with visitors. This should be easy for me to update and manage. Booking Mechanism: - The primary method for users to book services should be through an online booking form. This form should be intuitive, easy to use, and seamlessly integrated into the website design. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress development, with a strong por...

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    ...of beer 10. Me carrying laundry in love heart sunglasses 11. Me hiding laundry in love heart sunglasses 12. Family dinner (there are six of us and this is so important to our family) us all laughing and eating together at the table - insert quotation "what was the best part of your day?" 13. My husband and I hugging/kissing whilst cooking/gardening/walking past each other (he is 6'1 and I am 5'2) 14. Me checking out my husband whilst he is gardening in love heart sunglasses 15. My husband bringing me coffee in bed at 5am (every morning!) with text "mornin' darlin'". I am wearing an eye mask and grinning because I cannot wait to see him" 16. Me smiling broadly looking at my kids playing hand ball together 17. Me smiling b...

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    I'm in need of a logo for my gardening company. I'd like the logo to primarily feature the white, green and brown. Key Points: - The logo should primarily feature the colours white, green and brown to represent the garden theme. - No specific imagery or symbols have been decided on, so you have creative freedom in this aspect. - The project completion deadline is within a month. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Graphic Design: Proficiency in creating high-quality logos with experience in color theory. - Creativity: Ability to come up with original and engaging visual concepts. - Time Management: Experience in delivering projects within set deadlines. Please feel free to share a brief portfolio or examples of your work. More details will be shared once the project has b...

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    We're looking for talented actors to star in a series of short promotional products videos. - The videos are designed to showcase the usage of various products including Beauty & skincare items, Kitchen appliances, Home Decor and Gardening tools etc. - You will need to act out different scenarios to demonstrate the product's effectiveness and ease of use. - We are looking for actors that can convincingly portray Teenagers and Middle-aged adults. Ideal candidates for this job would have interests in acting. If you are passionate about acting and keen on showcasing products in a creative way, this project might be a great fit for you.

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    12 oferte downloader) and post them on my Instagram account. The videos I'm looking to post fall within the gardening and pet niche, so a familiarity with these topics is a plus. The videos should be copyright free and if you can voice over and change language to hindi thats a plus. Key Requirements: - Download TikTok videos using an online downloader. - Post these videos on my Instagram account. - The videos should be posted at specified times, so you'll need to have the capability to schedule these posts efficiently. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in using an online TikTok video downloader. - Must have prior experience in handling Instagram accounts. - Knowledge and interest in gardening and pets is a big plus. - Ability to schedule and plan content for soc...

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    I'm seeking a skilled individual to design and produce a garden sign for my grandmother's garden, with the text "Nana's Garden" creatively integrated with elements of flowers, vegetables, and gardening tools. Key Requirements: - Material: Metal, suitable for external weather conditions - Design: Incorporation of flowers, vegetables, and gardening tools - Size: Medium, between 12-24 inches in length Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in designing for CNC cutting - Experience in metalworking and knowledge of suitable metals for outdoor use - Creative flair for incorporating multiple design elements into a cohesive whole - Ability to balance both the text and the decorative aspects in an appealing way - Prior experience in designing and produ...

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    I am in need of a dedicated individual who can take care of my parents' gravesite at Mountainview Funeral Home. Your responsibilities would include: - Cleaning up the gravesites every other week: This entails removing dead plants and watering the area, ensuring the gravesite remains...send the artificial seasonal flowers to place and may need pickup of live flowers plants to use (will reimburse). As these change with the seasons, creativity and knowledge in this area is ideal. - Providing a completion update: After each visit, take a picture of the gravesite and email it to me. This will serve as confirmation that the work has been carried out. Skills and experience in gardening are beneficial. Attention to detail, reliability, and dedication are essential. Trustworthy ...

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    ...looking for. - Mobile-Responsive Design: The store must be compatible with mobile devices to cater to a wider audience. - Promotions and Coupons: The ability to offer discounts and promotions for marketing purposes. - Keyword Optimization: Proficiency in using keywords to enhance the store's visibility on search engines. Product Categories: - Cookware and Bakeware - Home Decor - Aroma Diffuser - Gardening tool Subjected to change Product Quantity: - I estimate less than 50 products to be listed initially. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Shopify store creation. - Experience in e-commerce and specifically the Home & Kitchen sector. - Knowledge in product photography for creating appealing product pictures. - Competence in online marketing, including keyword optimization ...

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    Trophy icon Medical Startup Logo Design S-a încheiat left

    ...Training Platform that can be used at scale and at limited cost. Mission: Isala designs and operates a Portable Haptics and Real Life Hyper Realistic Training Platform to train and certify nurses in the application of complex invasive techniques for patient care, pre-surgery preparation and post-surgery recovery. Ambition: Our ambition is to to bridge the gap between training on discretionary dummies and working on real patients and to roll-out this simulation and training solution worldwide in collaboration with medical professionals, medical device companies, health organizations NGO and hospitals. Values - Patient comfort and reduction of treatment anxiety first - Nurse centric training and certification second - Integrating both Male and Female Anatomy in everythin...

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    I'm looking to develop an eye-catching logo and business cards for my gardening business, Super Garden and Yard. I'd like • The dominant colors to be green and brown representing nature and earth. A color palette that is balanced and pleasing to the eye. • Logos that incorporate elements of trees and grass as well as a shovel and rake. These symbolize the core services of the business and must be creatively integrated into the design. • Business cards that match the logo, maintaining the theme and color scheme. Ideal candidates for this project should have extensive experience in graphic design, specifically in the development of logos and business cards. A portfolio showcasing similar projects would be advantageous. Insight into branding and marketing i...

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    I'm looking for a TikTok influencer who can represent my Garden Gnome Outdoor Statue product. The ideal freelancer will have an active and engaged following on TikTok. Experience in promoting garden products or items targeted at adult and gardening enthusiast audiences will be advantageous. Tasks include: - Creation of engaging TikTok content featuring my Garden Gnome Outdoor Statue - Driving product awareness and generating interest among adults and gardening enthusiasts - Managing the TikTok promotion responsibly A knowledge of Instagram promotion is also desirable, although the primary focus will be on TikTok.

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    ...lead-generating individual to boost our customer base in the Gardening and Irrigation industry. - **Target Industries**: The primary focus will be on Gardening and Irrigation. - **Services Offered**: We offer a range of services including Garden design and installation, Sprinkler system installation, and Plant maintenance and care. - **Project Goals**: The main objective of this project is to Beautify outdoor spaces, Improve water efficiency, and Increase plant health and growth. The ideal candidate for this role should have prior experience in the Gardening and Irrigation industry. They should also have a proven track record in sales and lead generation, particularly within these industries. A strong understanding of the benefits of Gardening and Irrigat...

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    ...lead-generating individual to boost our customer base in the Gardening and Irrigation industry. - **Target Industries**: The primary focus will be on Gardening and Irrigation. - **Services Offered**: We offer a range of services including Garden design and installation, Sprinkler system installation, and Plant maintenance and care. - **Project Goals**: The main objective of this project is to Beautify outdoor spaces, Improve water efficiency, and Increase plant health and growth. The ideal candidate for this role should have prior experience in the Gardening and Irrigation industry. They should also have a proven track record in sales and lead generation, particularly within these industries. A strong understanding of the benefits of Gardening and Irrigat...

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    We're a landscape, irrigation, and gardening company looking for a skilled sales and marketing agent to help us reach new heights. Key Responsibilities: - Lead Generation: You'll be responsible for identifying and pursuing qualified leads to grow our customer base. - Social Media Marketing: You'll develop and implement a comprehensive social media strategy to increase our brand visibility and engagement. - Sales Strategy Development: You'll work closely with our team to refine our sales approach, ensuring it resonates with both residential and commercial customers. Target Audience: Your efforts will be focused on reaching out to: - Residential Homeowners - Commercial Businesses - Both Residential and Commercial Sectors Preferred Communication Channels: - Phon...

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    I'm seeking a proven and experienced freelancer to compile the content of some of my blogs into a friendly and enticing ebook on soils and gardening from the ground up! Key Responsibilities: - Compiling the content sequentially from a gardening perspective. Ideal Freelancer: - Exceptional writing skills. - Prior experience in authoring eBooks or comprehensive guides. - Knowledge about various gardening practices. - Ability to write for both beginner and experienced gardeners. All submissions should demonstrate a solid understanding of the project's requirements. Looking forward for a captivating content.

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive full cover packaging design for a new line of gardening tools. The packaging must be made of cardboard and the design should be modern in style. Key Requirements: - Full cover packaging design for a gardening tool - Cardboard material - Modern design style Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in creating full cover packaging designs - Proficient in working with cardboard material - Strong portfolio of modern design style - Understanding of the gardening tools market is a plus, but not required

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    I am looking for an experienced social media marketer who can conduct a series of advertising tests on Instagram to determine the level of interest in purchasing different packa...goal of the advertising tests is to identify the most popular package size among our target audience. - The target audience for this product is home gardeners. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in social media marketing, particularly on Instagram. - Experience in conducting advertising tests, measuring purchase intent, and identifying consumer preferences. - Familiarity with the home gardening sector would be a plus. The successful freelancer will need to design and execute a comprehensive advertising campaign, analyze the results, and provide actionable insights to inform our product packaging ...

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    ...primary goal of this platform is to serve as an informative hub, offering data on a wide range of tools. Users should be able to explore and understand different tools, their uses, and possibly their pros and cons, aiding them in making informed decisions. - **Tool Organization:** The tools featured on the site should be organized by categories. For instance, categories could include carpentry, gardening, automotive, and so on. The categorization should be intuitive and easy to navigate for users. **Requirements:** - **WordPress Expertise:** As the website will be built on the WordPress platform, I am looking for a freelancer with a strong background and experience in WordPress development. - **UI/UX Proficiency:** A good understanding of user interface and user experience des...

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    ...vue You can view and download the full repository here: The application will utilize Quasar/Vue.js with Pinia for state management, EmailJS for email sending, IndexedDB for local data persistence, and the API for capturing images on iPhones (local storage). The application will be used exclusively by employees of my gardening service company. It's not intended for use by the general public. 1. Project Overview: This application allows users to create estimates for garden spaces. Users can enter customer information, define garden space details (including capturing an image), and generate an estimate. The estimate can then be sent via email to the customer for their approval. 2. Technologies: Frontend: Vue.js 3

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    ...purchasing habits within the consumer market, specifically pertaining to gardening and pressure washing services. Here is what the job would entail: - Conduct comprehensive research on current consumer purchasing habits for gardening and pressure washing services. - I will provide target market locations and services I want to offer - Provide detailed reports and suggestions based on the findings, to help in business decision making process. The ideal freelancer for this job would have: - Prior experience in market research, particularly within the consumer market. - Understanding how to use Google maps for measuring area. - A background in studying consumer behavior, especially purchasing habits. - Understanding of the gardening and pressure washing service i...

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    Buenos días, Por favor, OMITIR OFERTAS aquellas personas que NO HABLAN ESPAÑOL y ...código de SAS () a python. El objetivo es realizar el cálculo del gini luego de realizar una regresión logística donde "default" es el target y el resto de variables son la features. La base de datos se llama "" y "df_train_filter_results" contiene los resultado del cálculo del gini para cada variable y "Gini - with missing" es el valor del cálculo. Además, la lista de dummies que se menciona en el código SAS es list_especial_values = [1111111111, -1111111111, 2222222222, -2222222222,3333333333, -3333333333, 4444444444, 5555555555, 6666666666, 7777777777, 3333333200] y debe agregarse al mi...

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    Hello, We are Peisagistic Stone Garden, a dynamic gardening company specializing in decorative plants and trees. We're seeking a creative and distinctive logo and brand identity that reflects our commitment to beauty, nature, and design. We invite talented graphic designers to participate in this contest to help us create a visual identity that communicates our passion for gardening and our dedication to providing exceptional decorative flora. Contest Details Objective: Design a compelling logo and complete brand identity that embodies the essence of Peisagistic Stone Garden. Your design should convey our focus on elegance, nature, and uniqueness. Deliverables: 1. Logo Design - A unique logo that represents our brand at a glance. 2. Color Palette - A harmonious co...

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    I'm seeking a seasoned business professional to craft a compelling business plan presentation for my lawn gardening and maintenance business. Through this project, my main goal is to attract potential investors. Key tasks include: - Creating a strategic, persuasive presentation outlining my business plan. - Conducting a brief analysis of the current lawn care and gardening market trends. - Showcasing an assessment of the financial performance of the business so far. Ideal Candidate: - Extensive experience in business planning and report writing. - Background in the lawn care, gardening, or a relevant industry. - Proven ability to create successful investor presentations. - Excellent understanding of financial analysis in a business setting. Your expertise wil...

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    I need a website to host my blog where I write about home appliances and the garden. The total number of pages or posts will initially range between 10 to 20. The key areas I want to focus on are: - Latest technological advancements in home appliances and gardening tools - Maintenance and repair guides for home appliances and garden equipment - Product reviews and recommendations related to home appliances and garden goods I'm particularly interested in freelancers who bring relevant technical background and strong writing abilities. Experience in SEO would be an added advantage, ensuring my posts reach my targeted audience optimally.

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    I am seeking a skilled 3D designer to create a virtual model of my landscaping ideas. The project will mainly focus on Softscape elements (plants, flowers) based on an Indian style. Key Elements: - The design will encompass an array of Indian plants and...landscaping ideas. The project will mainly focus on Softscape elements (plants, flowers) based on an Indian style. Key Elements: - The design will encompass an array of Indian plants and flowers. Therefore, the freelancer must be familiar with the variety of flora that can be found in India. - The design should showcase an authentic Indian landscaping style, incorporating traditional Indian gardening techniques and aesthetics. I will provide the 2d structure (house design) & 3d render with random softscape, I want it to be ...

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    ... including email and WhatsApp details, for relevant personnel such as Directors or Purchasers - Understand and document the market trends amongst these competitors Skills and experience: - Previous experience in market research and competitor analysis - Demonstrated ability to probe and identify key industry players - Excellent communication and report writing skills - Familiarity with the gardening industry, especially pots, would be advantageous - Ability to navigate foreign websites and potentially communicate in multiple languages will be considered a plus. The goal of this project is to help my company, a fiberclay pots manufacturer in China, gain a foothold in the European market. We are keen on understanding the landscape of pots sellers and pots importers. This analys...

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    Trophy icon Weed Care Business Logo Design S-a încheiat left

    Looking for an inspired graphic designer to create a unique logo for our company, "WEED love to help". - The design should incorporate a pot leaf in the background with the name of our company prominently displayed. - Seeking a design primarily ...the name of our company prominently displayed. - Seeking a design primarily using the color green. - While no specific style is requested, it is important to note that our company is owned by two women, so I am open to the inclusion of feminine elements in the logo. - There is urgency in this task as we need the project completed as soon as possible. - Having experience in designing logos for gardening or similar business will be an added advantage. - Creativity, attention to detail, and quick turnaround time are an absolute mu...

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    Create a CHATGPT Prompt S-a încheiat left

    I need to create a prompt that replies to Reddit posts. The competition is already doing it. I want similar to what already exists. For example: REDDIT POST: Here a business idea: a metal-detecting brush cutter, so gardening becomes a treasure hunt (plus, it would clean the land of metals). REDDIT REPLY: Sounds practical. Combining metal detection with brush cutting could save time and prevent damage to the equipment. You'd need to integrate a detector that doesn't interfere with the cutter's function. Also, consider the added weight and how you'll balance it for ease of use. For the business side, you'll want a clear plan. I used Zonestart when I needed ideas for going solo. They focus on solopreneurs, might be worth looking into for structuring your ...

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    I require an adept sales freelancer with a track record in property sales to assist in selling my small farm land plots. The plots are less than 1 acre, and every detail about them has to be captured with particular focus on their compelling features. Key Features to Highlight: - Soil fertility: The land boasts rich and fertile soil that is perfect for farming and gardening. - View/Location: The plots are situated in a serene and picturesque location that adds to their appeal. - Water availability: Guaranteed water sources are available, eliminating the worry of water access. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Property marketing and sales experience, particularly of farm lands. - A creative mind to capture the unique selling points of the land. - Excellent communication skills to en...

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    I'm in search of an experienced Metaverse developer to design an engaging platform focused on teaching users about planting. Key Features - Room 1: Educational Video Centre where I will upload gardening instructional content. - Room 2: Experimental Space for users to apply their knowledge by planting virtual plants, participating in interactive gardening challenges, and answering quizzes related to the videos. - Room 3: Assessment Hub featuring hands-on simulations as a means of reinforcing the knowledge acquired. Skills and Experience - Extensive experience in metaverse development and virtual reality is essential. - Familiarity with educational platform design can be a plus. - Ability to integrate video content, interactive challenges and simulation assessments into...

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    Hello I need a Prestashop Gardening and Agriculture website based on a model that will be supplied via further discussions.

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    I'm looking to transform my long (10m) and narrow (1,5m) balcony into a multipurpose space which blends leisure, dining, work, and gardening elements together. The major problem with this balcony is it's exposed for neighbors and passers by on the street. While functionality is key, I envision the design to be reminiscent of an old, lush garden, crammed with greenery. This project requires a creative, space-optimizing approach. Ideal skills for the job include: - Architecture design skills, with an ability to find space where there seems to be none. - Proficiency in gardening. Ideally, someone who understands how to bring a natural green touch to urban settings. - Understanding of outdoor furniture suitable for working, dining, and leisure activities. - Students a...

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    Trophy icon Summer Camp Flyer Design S-a încheiat left

    ...Page Flyer on standard letter paper. Please leave room for the company logo. Here is the text: HERITAGE FARM FOUNDATION - SUMMER CAMPS $250/Week, Scholarships Available Nature Detectives Camp: Explore the wonders of nature with our Nature Detectives Camp! Children will delve into the secrets of the natural world, learning about plant and animal life, ecosystem dynamics, and sustainable gardening practices. Through hands-on activities, games, and guided exploration, campers hone their detective skills while uncovering new discoveries every day. Join us as we ignite curiosity and inspire the next generation of nature lovers! A Bug’s Life" Summer Camp: Dive into the enchanting world of insects at our Bug’s Life Summer Camp! Children will explore the fascinat...

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    I am in need of marketing specialists to specifically aid in the development of a website and an application. This is for a...with other team members to achieve our marketing goals. Your experience in the education sector will be advantageous. Please provide examples of similar projects you have worked on in your proposal. Our project is an app of services, We want to make an application that is to sell services, make people's lives easier, and provide work for many others. an app for services such as grooming, gardening, plumbing, car washing, barbering, babysitters, people who walk pets, etc. The app would earn money from ads, and a small percentage would be charged to the people who perform these services. We want to make it easier for people, whether they are a clie...

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