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    ...induce the idea of ​​movement / virtual reality / world wide / competition / play / trails Attached: 1. SmartRaces brand description (how it works, target, tone of voice etc) 2. Examples of logos that attract our attention through colors, elements used ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Brief description of the brand: 1. Background / Overview: ● Context In April 2020, following restrictions imposed by the authorities to prevent the spread of the Covid 19 virus, we identified the need for people to continue their sports activities even at home, to continue participating in running / cycling / swimming, etc., even in the virtual environment. Moreover, isolation has facilitated even greater familiarization of people wi...

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    Platforma Sportiv-Turistica Scopul platformei: Prezentarea de rute turistice catre persoane fizice si persoane juridice, cu disponibilitate rezervare prin formular. Platforma de baza: - WordPress Functiile principale: - adaugare DESTINATII - afisare fotografii - afisare Overview - editarea formularului de Booking - Desing Vouchers - Integrare uneltele de marketing google, facebook, instagram Etapele proiectului: 1. Pre-instalare si pre-configurare cms/framework 2. Adaugarea extensiilor si configurarea lor 3. Customizarea platformei si crearea identitatii vizuale 4. Importul de informatii initiale 5. Testare si debugging 6. Lansarea

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    ...dollar potential? Seeking an experienced Sales Manager to join a professional artist with 25 years of experience. With a portfolio boasting collaborations with icons like Michael Jordan, Sidney Crosby, and Bobby Orr, as well as partnerships with esteemed entities like the NBA, NHL, and Baseball America, this is an opportunity to be at the forefront of creativity and innovation in business. Company Overview: For more than two decades, Robb Scott’s journey has been marked by a relentless pursuit of creativity, pushing the boundaries of his art to new heights. His portfolio is a testament to this evolution, showcasing not only the dynamic energy of sports, but also the serenity of landscapes, the depth of human expression, and the resonance of social commentary. Each piece, ...

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    I'm in need of a freelancer who's proficient in both Excel and Word, and has a strong background in text analysis. My project involves working with a variety of text data sources, such as social media posts, customer reviews, and news articles. Key tasks include: - Sentiment Analysis: I require the sentiment of the texts to be analyzed. This...especially sentiment analysis, topic modeling, and keyword extraction - Ability to work with diverse text data sources such as social media posts, customer reviews, and news articles. - Strong analytical skills and attention to detail. - Excellent communication and reporting skills to present findings effectively. If you have the necessary skills and experience, please submit your bid with a brief overview of how you plan to ap...

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    ...client proposals to project showcases. Design Specifications: 1. Layout: * Size: Standard A4 (210mm x 297mm) * Orientation: Portrait and landscape options * Pages: Minimum of 6 pages, including front and back cover 2.- Style and Theme Similar as the webpage 3.- Content Structure: * Cover Page: Logo, company name, and a striking image of a flagship project * Introduction Page: Brief overview of the company and its philosophy * Services Page: Detailed descriptions of services offered, each accompanied by an illustrative project image * Project Showcase Pages: Feature recent and notable projects with descriptions, images, and key statistics * Client Testimonials Page: Highlight client feedback with photos and quotes * Contact Information Page: Easy-to-find contact details with an o...

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    I'm looking for a skilled website designer to bring my vision to life. My site will serve as a showcase for my work, and a platform to engage potential clients. Key Points: - The site should reflect a modern aesthetic, with clean lines and a polished look. - I want to have distinct sections for my Portfolio, Services, and a Testimon...websites for service-based industries. - A strong portfolio that demonstrates an understanding of modern design aesthetics. - Proficiency with platforms like WordPress or Squarespace (though not necessary, just an added advantage). - Excellent communication skills, as I will need to collaborate with you to ensure the site matches my vision. Please provide examples of your previous work and a brief overview of how you would approach this proje...

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    ... Required skills and experience: - Proven experience in ML and AI - Familiarity with a broad range of ML algorithms - Strong portfolio demonstrating past work in similar projects While applying, keep in mind: - Detailed project proposals - Demonstration of past work - Qualifications and experience in the sector PROVIDE SAMPLES OF LIVE COMPLETED WORK THAT IS SIMILAR TO THIS PROJECT. Overview We require the development of an application that uses machine learning for incoming invoices and receipts. Combining regression, classification, and clustering, the output is to establish a repository of purchases and create predictive analytics for future transactions. All invoices and receipts are received via email and the transactions need to be saved into the database. Scal...

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    1. Overview Develop an Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) platform designed to allow users to customize attire according to their body types, select colors matching their skin tones, and visualize the final look on their real images. This platform will include functionalities for fabric selection, texture visualization, color matching, and incorporating various design elements. 2. Features and Functionalities 2.1 User Interface and Experience • Intuitive User Interface: Design a user-friendly interface that guides users through the customization process with ease. • Real-time Preview: Provide real-time AR and VR previews of the customized attire on the user’s real image. • User Profile Management: Allow users to create and manage profiles, including...

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    ...Optimization: The site should be optimized for speed, ensuring fast loading times across all pages to enhance user experience and SEO rankings. * Regulatory Compliance and Rich Static Content: Inclusion of necessary legal, about us, contact information pages, and more, adhering to Spanish and EU regulations. Site Structure (tentative, to confirm once UX is validated): - The Landing Page will provide an overview of the company in a very visual and attractive way. To return to the “home” page from any other page on the site, click on the logo. - A band at the top of the page that permanently includes access to “My Account” or “Register” (on the right side) as well as temporary messages such as offers, etc. This band will be above the menu band a...

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    ...for InfluxDB and MariaDB. Strong understanding of database integration and data transformation. Ability to create user-friendly and interactive dashboards. Timeline: 2-3 weeks from acceptance of the quote. Budget: Please provide a detailed quote including hourly rate and estimated hours or a fixed project fee. Fixed project fees will be favored. Interested freelancers should submit: A brief overview of relevant experience. Examples of previous Grafana projects. Proposed approach to this project. Estimated timeline and cost....

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    Project Title: Technological Innovations for Creditcore Finance Contact Information: Amit Kumar Nakka, Chief Technology Officer *Introduction* Company Overview: Creditcore Finance is a leading direct loan sales agent company in India, partnering with multiple banks to offer loan services. Our mission is to revolutionize the loan distribution industry by leveraging technology to empower 1 crore freelance agents from tier 1 and tier 2 cities in India. Project Background: To achieve our ambitious goal of becoming a Rs 3000 crore company by 2030, Creditcore Finance seeks to develop and implement cutting-edge technological solutions. These solutions will streamline agent recruitment, training, lead distribution, and customer relationship management, leveraging AI and social media for op...

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    PROJECT OVERVIEW - Perform a simple find and replace - Replace will target multiple values not just first find - For 1 single file - File appears to have an odd encoding which is causing the issue - When updating the file it must keep the current encoding - I am looking for either a batch script OR PowerShell solution only BACKGROUND Microsoft Windows Active Directory Group Policy Object allow an export of their policies () that can be transferred to a new domain controller, however there are Security Identifier (SID) contained within that file which reference custom user groups like 'Finance Team', because they are unique to each domain they will break and not reference anything on migration, so we need to find and replace with this script. THE TASK Find: S-1-5-...

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    ...Video * Feature a video showcasing a typical club meeting, highlighting the benefits and experiences. * Personal testimonials from members across different countries within the district. 10. Find a Club Link * A dedicated page with a searchable map and directory of all clubs in the district. * Integration with Google Maps to show club locations and meeting times. 11. Programme Overview * Detailed information on various Toastmasters programs such as Speechcraft, Youth Leadership, and how to start a club. 12. Social Media Feed/Links * Live feed of the district’s social media activity. * Example: 13. Testimonials * Written and video testimonials from members across the district. * Emphasize the diverse backgrounds and success

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    ...implementation. Please quote your price accordingly. Note: We are strictly not looking for off-page SEO optimization bids. Please review the issues listed in the document below and let us know what you can address: Questionnaire for On-Page SEO Optimization Project Company Information: you provide a brief overview of your company and your experience with on-page SEO optimization? you share any case studies or examples of previous work similar to our project? Team Expertise: 3. What are the qualifications and experience of the team members who will be working on our project? 4. Do you have experience working with websites developed in Laravel 8? Approach and Strategy: 5. What is your approach to keyword

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    I'm seeking a professional to link my Shopify account products with my YouTube store. The main goal is to significantly increase sales through this integration. Key Requirements: - The project involves featuring between 11-50 of my products on my YouTube store. - Real-time inventory upda...that stock levels on YouTube automatically reflect those on Shopify. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Extensive experience in e-commerce and digital marketing. - Proficiency in Shopify and YouTube platform integration. - Strong understanding of sales optimization strategies. - Proven track record in increasing sales through online store integration. Please provide a brief overview of your approach to this task and how you plan to maximize sales through the YouTube-Shopi...

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    ...academic writer to deliver two scientific reports. The reports should be a balance of overview (general introduction and summary) and in-depth analysis and discussion. Key Project Requirements: - Academic Writing: I need both reports to be well-structured, with clear and concise language suitable for a scientific audience. - Subject Matter: The reports will be focused on Science, so a background in this area is desirable. - Depth of Analysis: The reports must be a mix of overview and in-depth analysis, providing a broad understanding as well as delving into specifics. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven academic writing expertise, ideally with a background in Science - Ability to combine a broad overview with detailed analysis - Strong research and analytical...

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    I'm looking to integrate a WhatsApp verified account on my website for customer support purposes. Here's an overview of the project requirements: - Direct Messaging: Customers should conveniently receive notifications through in-app messaging when support is needed. - Automated Responses: I am particularly interested in having a system that can handle common customer queries through automated responses. This will help in ensuring prompt and efficient responses to customers. Ideal skills and experience for this job: - Proficiency in integrating WhatsApp into websites - Familiarity with in-app messaging systems - Experience in setting up automated chatbot systems - Strong understanding of customer support processes and best practices.

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    Position: Freelance Videographer Location: Delhi Project Overview: We are seeking a skilled and experienced videographer to create a high-quality CGI video for one of our projects in Delhi. The ideal candidate will have their own equipment and a strong portfolio of similar work. Description: Shoot and produce a high-quality video showcasing the airport bus service. Collaborate with the project team to ensure the video aligns with the project goals and vision. Edit and finalize the video to deliver a polished CGI output. Ensure timely delivery of the final video by the 7th of June. Requirements: Proven experience as a videographer with a strong portfolio of similar projects. Owns professional video equipment suitable for high-quality video production. Proficiency in video ed...

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    ...groundbreaking video content I’ve been working on for months that's nowhere else to be found. (399 USD, INCLUDED!) ➡️ Numerous attachments with client conversation pipelines, strategies, tools and much more! (199 USD, INCLUDED!) ➡️ Dive into biweekly live streams with the masters, ask anything you want, and pick up secrets they don't just share with anyone. (100 USD per hour, INCLUDED!) ➡️ An overview with my thoughts of all newsletters I'm subscribed to in freelancing/AI/Digital, giving you the edge you need. (99 a month, INCLUDED!) ➡️ ️Personal guidance & mentoring from best freelancers (From 80-120 USD per hour, INCLUDED!) Worth THOUSANDS of dollars, it’s yours for only 129 USD a year.. Be quick, as the price can go up at any moment.. I&rsq...

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    I'm looking for a skilled freelancer to create a professional and nicely looking PDF file that will serve as an overview of my cybersecurity project. The intention behind this PDF is to share the project information with potential clients. The project is currently posted in a website form, here: Key Requirements: - The design should be clean, professional, and engaging, keeping the target audience in mind (potential clients in cybersecurity). Example: - You should use the font I provide for the titles. - You should use the exact red color provided in the website - Include as well the logo of my company called <resilient>defense in

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    I'm searching for seasoned full stack developers to work on my custom-built platform. Here's an overview of the project's requirements: - Proficiency in .Net, C#, Jquery, Entity Framework, MVC, and SQL is essential. Please ensure you're skilled in these technologies. - The project involves working with an existing platform. While you won't be responsible for the design, you'll need to ensure your development work is compatible with it. Ideal skills for this project include: - Proficiency in .Net, C#, Jquery, Entity Framework, MVC, and SQL - Experience working with custom-built platforms - Strong communication skills to collaborate effectively with the existing team

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    I'm in need of an experienced web developer to design and develop a company and portfolio website for my business. Requirements: - I'd like the website to be extensive, with more than 10 pages. - The design should be clean, professional and reflective of our company's bran...a developer who has: - Proven experience in designing, developing and deploying extensive company and portfolio websites. - Ability to create a clean, professional and user-friendly design. - Knowledge of SEO best practices to ensure the website is optimized for search engines. If you think you're the right person for this project, please reach out with examples of your previous work and an overview of how you would approach the development of my website. website similar to :-

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    ...and 30 days. Should be similar to the existing Starlink dashboard but largely read-only. I've included a snapshot of the existing dashboard with green boxes around the components that are needed and red X's through the portions that we don't wish to expose to the customer. This is the individual terminal dashboard. The consolidated dashboard would have links to the individual terminals and overview status similar to the attached snapshot. Administrators should be able to easily add or remove terminals from the individual user view. Ideal Skills: - Experience in dashboard development and user authentication. - Proficiency in real-time data handling and display. - Familiarity with implementing data filtering based on user and terminal set. - Previous expe...

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    I have a basic drawing that I would like to have converted into a high-level process flowchart. The flowchart should capture the key processes outlined in the drawing, providing a clear and concise overview of the sequence and relationships involved. Key Requirements: - Convert a basic drawing into a high-level process flowchart - Focus on key processes and their sequence - Ensure the flowchart is easy to understand and visually appealing Deliverables: - A high-quality, professional Process Flowchart - Final format should be a PDF The ideal candidate for this project will have: - Strong experience in creating process flowcharts - Excellent attention to detail - Proficiency in the tools required to create a flowchart - A good understanding of process mapping and visual representa...

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    ...groundbreaking video content I’ve been working on for months that's nowhere else to be found. (399 USD, INCLUDED!) ➡️ Numerous attachments with client conversation pipelines, strategies, tools and much more! (199 USD, INCLUDED!) ➡️ Dive into biweekly live streams with the masters, ask anything you want, and pick up secrets they don't just share with anyone. (100 USD per hour, INCLUDED!) ➡️ An overview with my thoughts of all newsletters I'm subscribed to in freelancing/AI/Digital, giving you the edge you need. (99 a month, INCLUDED!) ➡️ ️Personal guidance & mentoring from best freelancers (From 80-120 USD per hour, INCLUDED!) Worth THOUSANDS of dollars, it’s yours for only 129 USD a year.. Be quick, as the price can go up at any moment.. I&rsq...

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    Project Overview: We’re launching Modify, an e-commerce platform in Morocco for custom and pre-designed clothing (t-shirts, hoodies, bags) with print-on-demand integration. Requirements: 1. E-commerce Platform: User-friendly site for sellers to upload designs and customers to purchase products. 2. Print-on-Demand Integration: API integration with a print-on-demand service for printing and fulfillment. 3. Custom Design Tool: Tool for customers to create and customize designs. 4. Payment Gateway Integration: Secure payment options (PayPal, credit cards, local payments). 5. User Account Management: Registration, login, profile management, and order tracking. 6. Responsive Design: Fully responsive for desktops, tablets, and mobiles. 7. SEO and Performance: SEO optimized ...

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    As the owner of a 1.22-acre parcel of land located in Southwest Washington. I am seeking an experienced biologist or ecologist to conduct a habitat assessment required for the permitting process of my land. Site plan attached to provide basic overview of are requiring habitat assessment. Key Responsibilities: * Create a comprehensive habitat assessment as required by CCC 19.15.130, section C - Critical Areas Assessment (see link below for assessment requirements) !/CowlitzCounty19/%2319.15.130 Candidate Requirements: Biologist/wildlife biologist/stream ecologist/habitat ecologist who has a bachelor’s degree in biological, wildlife and/or stream ecology science from an accredited college or university and has at least

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    CentOS AWS EC2 Web Server Setup 6 zile left

    ### Freelance Opportunity: Build an IaaS Cloud Platform **Project Title**: Freelance IaaS Cloud Platform Development **Overview**: Our goal is to provide businesses with a robust, scalable, and secure Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platform to host websites, manage email services, store databases, and deploy applications efficiently. **Project Objective**: To develop a comprehensive IaaS cloud platform that supports website hosting, email services, database management, and application deployment. **Key Responsibilities**: - Design and implement a scalable IaaS architecture using industry-standard technologies. - Set up virtual servers for hosting websites and applications. - Integrate email services to manage corporate and customer communications. - Configure and manage data...

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    I am looking for a talented system integrator who can implement Vicidial (with a user friendly interface) or Goautodial v4 into our operations. Key Requirements: - This project demands to set up functionalities such as Call Recording, Predictive Dialing with webRTC, and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) for the Vicidial system. - Live cal...softphones for internal extension to extension calls (~50 extensions) Ideal Skills: - Previous experience with Vicidial and VoIP. - Capability to implement various functionalities within the Vicidial system. - Ability to plan and execute for larger scale (10-50 agents). In your proposal, please share a brief summary of your experience with Vicidial or goautodial or asterisk and VoIP, and provide an overview of how you'll approach tacklin...

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    I'm urgently seeking a legal expert with experience in the transportation industry to assist me in understanding the legal requirements for establishing a bike rental business in Tamil Nadu. Key Focus Areas: - **RTO Processing**: I require a comprehensive explanation of the RTO processing involved in this particular business. - **Insurance Require...project completed as soon as possible. Ideal Candidate: - Legal expertise in the transportation industry, preferably bike rentals. - Proficiency in the legal frameworks specific to Tamil Nadu. - Excellent communication skills to explain complex legal jargon in a simple and understandable manner. - Proven track record in providing timely and high-quality legal advice. Please provide a detailed overview of your relevant experienc...

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    Executive Summary • Overview: Provide a brief description of your onion ring manufacturing business, including the mission and vision statements. • Business Objectives: State your short-term and long-term goals. • Keys to Success: Highlight the factors that will contribute to your business's success, such as quality ingredients, unique recipes, efficient production processes, and strong marketing strategies. Company Description • Business Structure: Describe your business’s legal structure (e.g., LLC, Corporation). • Location: Mention the location of your manufacturing facility and why it is strategically chosen. • History: Provide a brief history of your business or your experience in the industry if it is a new venture. Market Analysis &bul...

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    SHOPIFY to SHEIN API Integration Developer and Experienced Expert. Hey Rusty is an online music merchandise SHOPIFY store with a catalogue of men’s and women’s fashion items. We integrate with a range of marketplaces and are now looking to integrate with the SHEIN marketplace. SHEIN does not have an integration app for Shopify. We need an API link cre...taught how to upload future products. Milestones: 1 – Build API Link between Hey Rusty and Shein marketplace. 25% 2 – Successfully integrate 2,000 products (10k SKU’s) onto Shein marketplace (all countries). 50% 3 – Teach Hey Rusty team how to manage API link thereafter. 25% Please read the full Shein Developer Brief in the link above before responding to this job. The attached PDF is simply an ...

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    Project Overview: We're seeking an expert freelancer with deep knowledge and experience in automated trading systems to develop for the first Phase of the project, an advanced integration between TradingView and a 3rd party middleware vendor and connecting it to a broker's trading platform, e.g., Ironbeam, Tradestation. The goal is to create a highly sophisticated automated trading system that leverages the capabilities of TradingView's indicator tools and the selected trading platform to execute trades intelligently and efficiently. Project Details: The freelancer will work closely with our team to help design and implement an optimized solution for seamless communication between a middleware vendor’s webhooks and TradingView's alerts or the option of r...

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    I'm looking for a comprehensive analysis on the how fashion works, how it is made, fashion trends, color palettes, and an overview of the fashion industry. The target audience for this report will be professionals in the fashion industry, so I expect the content to be detailed and insightful. Key aspects of the project include: - Detailed analysis of current color palettes used in fashion. - Investigation and thorough discussion of the latest trends in the industry. - A comprehensive overview of the fashion sector, including key players, market dynamics, and emerging trends. The level of detail expected for each topic is quite high, with the need for in-depth analysis and the inclusion of case studies where appropriate. The ideal candidate for this project shoul...

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    ...CONSULTATION ONLY SPECIFIC TO GOOGLE MEET. I received a call from someone on Google Meet. It appeared as if I was calling them (I was not). Questions: 1) Is it possible for someone to spoof a Google Meet call where it looks like I'm calling them? 2) Is this a common way to record me via video and then use it to create in a deepfake video of me? 3) Please explain how this is done from a high-level overview. My purpose is not to engage in doing this but in understanding if it can be done and how to protect myself. This project is for educational purposes. I am looking to protect against being a deepfake victim. Key Points: - My primary goal is to understand the capabilities and limitations of existing deepfake technology, especially with Googpe Meet. - I'm par...

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    ...Shopify projects. - Knowledge of popular Shopify plugins and their effective implementation. - Experience in designing and implementing user engagement tools such as quizzes. Project Timeline: The project is expected to be completed within 3-7 days from the start date. A theme will be provided to assist in meeting this deadline. How to Apply: Please submit your proposal including: - A brief overview of your experience with Shopify development. - Examples of previous Shopify stores you have created. - Your approach to integrating payment gateways, Klaviyo, Shopify plugins, and interactive quizzes. - Your estimated timeline for completing the project within the 3-7 day timeframe. - Your rate for the project. We look forward to working with a skilled developer who can bring our...

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    Project Overview: We are looking for a talented and experienced graphic designer to create an engaging and informative poster/infographic for our new kids programme at the martial arts school. The goal of this poster/infographic is to visualise the children's progress on their ‘Dragon Quest’ and motivate them. Project goals: To create a visually appealing and professional poster/infographic in A3 landscape format. To present a clear and motivating progression system for children aged 4 to 9. To adhere to a child-orientated and imaginative design that incorporates dragons and space elements. Design specifications: Size: DIN A3 Landscape Resolution: At least 300 DPI for print quality Format: PDF and source files (e.g. AI, PSD) Content requirements: Title: Dragon-...

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    Landing Page Design for SAAS Project Overview: We are looking for a talented designer to create a modern, clean, and inviting landing page for CarRequest is a platform that helps users easily submit car buying requests and receive personalized offers from top dealers. The landing page should effectively communicate the value proposition and guide users through the process with a clear and engaging user experience. Logo: We will provide the logo to be used in the design. Sections of the Landing Page: Hero Section: Headline: A clear and concise message that explains what CarRequest does. Example: "Receive Personalized Car Offers from Top Dealers!" Subheadline: Briefly describe the value proposition. Example: "Easily submit your car buying request ...

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    Informational Website Design 5 zile left

    Project Requirement Document: VASTTU Website Design 1. Project Overview VASTTU aims to develop a cutting-edge, responsive, and SEO-friendly website to enhance its online presence and streamline property management operations. The website will feature comprehensive functionalities, including property listings, appointment scheduling, and dynamic content management. WordPress is considered the preferred CMS for this project. 2. Website Requirements ● Standard Pages ○ Home Page ■ HERO video/image prominently displayed ■ Navigation menu with links to all standard pages ■ Featured property listings ■ Call-to-action buttons (e.g., Book a FREE Appraisal, Sign Up for Newsletter) ○ About Us ■ Company history and mission ■ Team member profiles with images and bios ■ Contact information ○ Buy/...

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    Project Requirement Document: VASTTU Website Design 1. Project Overview VASTTU aims to develop a cutting-edge, responsive, and SEO-friendly website to enhance its online presence and streamline property management operations. The website will feature comprehensive functionalities, including property listings, appointment scheduling, and dynamic content management. WordPress is considered the preferred CMS for this project. 2. Website Requirements ● Standard Pages ○ Home Page ■ HERO video/image prominently displayed ■ Navigation menu with links to all standard pages ■ Featured property listings ■ Call-to-action buttons (e.g., Book a FREE Appraisal, Sign Up for Newsletter) ○ About Us ■ Company history and mission ■ Team member profiles with images and bios ■ Contact information ○ Buy/...

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    ...will be tasked with appealing to a broad audience, ranging from 18-44 years old. - Ideal Skills and Experience: I believe experience in advertising, social media, or content marketing is imperative for this project. The freelancer should also showcase a creative portfolio of written and video content and have a strong grasp on how to engage different demographics in an effective manner. - Task Overview: Create and deliver written and video content that effectively targets audiences of varying age groups (18-24, 25-34, 35-44) through our website and social media platforms. A comprehension of best practices for each medium (i.e., blogs, articles, posts, reels, short videos etc.) is preferred. Ultimately, the goal is to captivate our target audience, increase our reach and enga...

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    I'm in need of an experienced PowerPoint designer to create a dynamic business presentation targeting prospective clients. The presentation should capture our company's essence and offering effectively. Here are some aspects that are vital: - Incorporating an overview of our company. - Highlighting our product features. - Integrating our case studies to showcase our capabilities. The designer should have an understanding of corporate aesthetics and knowledge of best practices for creating engaging and professional presentations. Proficiency in information design and the ability to distill complex information into clear, concise slides are also critical. Creativity, attention to detail, and experience in designing presentations for business clients are key to impress and ...

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    ...platforms such as LearnDash, Moodle, or custom solutions. Proficiency in HTML, CSS, JavaScript (React.js or Angular), and backend technologies (Node.js, PHP, Python). Experience with responsive design principles. Familiarity with multi-language support and regional payment options. Excellent communication skills and attention to detail. Only reach out if you can send me the following: -A brief overview of your experience and relevant projects. -Examples of educational websites or similar projects you’ve developed. -Your approach to integrating secure payment systems and scheduling software. -Estimated timeline and budget closest to my request in this proposal. -Any questions or additional information you need from us. -We look forward to working with a talented developer ...

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    We are looking for someone to edit the video below for a showcase trailer. The trailer should include: -welcome shot saying "First paddock tour of Formula Circus" -overview of the paddock -music (copyright-free or licensed that is included in your freelance fee) -end shot with Formula Circus logo and Steam logo saying "wishlist now on Steam" -length 45-60 seconds -must showcase: Paddock, Podium, Motorhome, VIP area -everything else is up to Freelancer -color correction should be kept at a minimum -logo attached -should be done by FRIDAY 9:00 AM - we will reward someone by then Video link:

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    Role Overview: This position is one of the most important in our business and mission to help as many people as possible. You are a giver, you enjoy supporting people, and you are constantly trying to get them support, get to know them, and give them the resources they need from our community to succeed. You want to educate the public to empower them, and ultimately lead them to a solution of lifelong health by working with our team or taking courses with our team. Your goal is to drive more reach, engagement, and thus more discovery calls booked with QUALITY leads. We want to talk to people who are good candidates and fits for the program. You will be creating and posting to social media, generating conversation with, and helping our community. Responsible For: - Be online from...

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    I'm seeking an experienced SEO professional for improving the search engine rankings of our B2B crypto wallet. Specifically, I'm looking to focus on: - Enhancing our Google SEO rankings to improve our online presence worldwide. Here's an overview of the skills and experience you'd need to complete this task successfully: - Expertise in SEO best practices - Experience working with B2B businesses - Knowledge about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology Please note, the goal is to improve search rankings, thereby driving more organic traffic and generating leads globally. Prior experience in similar SEO projects would be beneficial. Your responsibilities would involve: - Analyzing our B2B crypto wallet's current Google search rankings - Identifying ke...

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    Documentation: Project Connect Project Overview Purpose Project Connect is a marketplace platform designed to connect influential individuals (agents) such as celebrities, influencers, and other key opinion leaders with high-end merchants like luxury restaurants, night clubs, and bars. The platform aims to facilitate mutually beneficial partnerships where agents can drive customer traffic to merchants, earn commissions, and provide merchants with increased visibility and sales. Scope The scope of Project Connect includes: Development of web app (mainly focus on mobile version) Refer Mockup: User registration and profile management for both agents and merchants. A searchable database of merchants and their offers. A booking system for agents to reserve tables

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    Project Title: Half-Page Advertisement Design for Luxury Balinese Styled Villa in Paje, Zanzibar Project Overview: Paje Emerald Escapes is launching a new luxury holiday rental villa located in Paje, Zanzibar. We are seeking an experienced graphic designer to create a visually stunning half-page advertisement that will appear in a premium travel magazine. The ad will target families and couples, highlighting the villa's unique features and exclusive launch offer. Ad Specifications: Size: 124mm (H) x 190mm (W) (no bleed) Orientation: Landscape Color Scheme: Tropical and luxurious (e.g., shades of blue, white, natural wood tones) Target Audience: Primary: Families and couples looking for a luxurious and spacious getaway Secondary: Solo travelers and adventure seekers interes...

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